Beauty Note: How Exercise Makes You Pretty

It’s a new year, making now the perfect opportunity to carpe diem and start getting into tip-top shape for the year to come. It’s no secret that exercise “does a body good.” But did you know that working out can do your “beauty” good as well? According to a fantastic article on Livestrong, exercise can have a very positive effect on your overall attractiveness… Here’s a breakdown of the 5 major takeaways from their findings:

  1. Healthy is beautiful. This is one trait we can all agree on: Healthy people are beautiful. According to the article, “moderate exercise contributes to a youthful (read: more attractive) appearance.” So kick up the cardio, ladies!
  2. Sweating is good for your skin (and your hair)! Since sweat is released through your pores, it cleans out the dirt and oils that were trapped inside of them. Who knew? Additionally, perspiration also contains a “natural antibiotic” that helps fight acne—however, you need to rinse your entire body right after you workout to reap these skin-clearing benefits (or else your pores will get extra clogged). As for your tresses, increased blood circulation to your scalp from working out can promote growth. Sweet!
  3. Increased circulation = improved skin tone. Improved circulation “floods our skin with oxygen and nutrient-rich blood cells.” This results in a prettier, clearer complexion. In layman’s terms, it’s like a post-workout glow.
  4. Reduced bloat and puffiness. Now this is never a bad thing: When you workout you get your lymphatic system flowing, which “can help to reduce water retention in our bodies and improve under eye puffiness and dark circles.” Bye-bye puffy eyes!
  5. Exercise wards off wrinkles. Based on a recent study, “prolonged exercise stimulates collagen and elastin production and improved skin thickness.” Enough said!

Beyond the above benefits of hitting the gym, working out boosts your mood and your confidence—both of which define beauty in our book.

What exercises are you planning to commit to this year to “do your beauty good”?

Xx Alex
Team LC

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  • Melissa Panici

    Thanks for this post! I love running on my treadmill. I always feel much better when I exercise! I plan on doing Lauren’s plan she just posted today. Can’t wait to start!

  • Ashley Rizzardo

    I didn’t know that exercise would help prevent wrinkles! I usually just do the treadmill and stationary bike.

  • kasia swierzewska

    Great post! Thanks :)

  • kasia swierzewska

    I will defo try the 30-Minute Indoor Workout!

  • Rachel Trampel

    Ahhh yes! The benefits of working out, I’m so glad I’m getting back into the routine! I feel better today than I’ve felt in the past few months where I have only made to the gym once or twice per month! My goal starting out is 3-4 times per week and some of your exercises on my days off that I can just do at home!

  • Amy Breckenridge

    this is all so true! when you workout, you feel better about yourself, and when you feel better about yourself you exude more confidence which is beautiful! :)

  • My Style Diary

    So true! I love working out :)

  • Celina

    I’ve been working out everyday for the last 5 weeks and along with eating healthy i’ve lost around 20 pounds! so happy!

  • Emily

    I can definitely attest to working out making you look and feel better – I feel so blegh if I don’t some type of exercise every day!

    xo Emily @ Hungry Delights

  • Mariella

    wowwww! I didn

  • Deanne Castro

    Great post!

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  • hooleywithaz

    i have noticed my skin getting better as i’ve made my workouts more regular…taking the makeup off before, no matter how naked it makes you feel, is a big help too!

  • Taanjaa

    I don’t know about the better skin, sometimes my skin got worse from the sweat :(

  • Rachel Cooksey

    I want to take my makeup off before I work-out. I worry that the wipes will break me out. Anyone know any good wipes that are sensitive to acne prone skin?

  • Tanya Frey

    I know this a late response to your question but I hope seeing this can help. Something to try out would be YESto tomatoes acne control towelettes, of course I am not sure how sensitive your skin is. If you are unable to find towelettes suitable for your skin you could go for cleansing bars. Try Indie Lee’s carrot soap or Nubian black soap. Another option would be oil cleansing, mixing equal parts jojoba and and castor oil is a good option ( gently rub into skin and use a warm/hot towel to remove, without rubbing-just hold/pat on skin and repeat till you have the oil and dead skin cleansed away). Sorry if this response is a bit long for, just some options too consider that you may be able to fit into your schedule.

  • Aaz924

    Facial wipes usually gross me out because I feel like they leave a film on my skin. I tried the YESto Cucumber ones and wasn’t a fan. I just bought some by Simple though that I actually love! They’re gentle, don’t leave my skin feeling sticky, and even take off my long-wear mascara!

  • Dr. Floras

    Implausible post! Great beauty and health tips together… I’ll surely try this. Stay us learned like this. Thanks for post.

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  • Marijan Dukic

    Lauren when at whe gonna meet for all times mean someting like that or are we just scared of eachouter

  • LaserCap

    Nice overview! I really get much more information to this post and feel obligated to leave a comment. Will bookmark this post and visit regularly to get more. Great job, Congrats!!

  • Solbari

    We agree… healthy is beautiful and exercising helps you stay healthy :)



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