2013: My New Year’s Resolutions

2013: My New Year's Resolutions

If you’ve been following my blog here on LaurenConrad.com then you might already know that I like to pick a few things to work on throughout the year to come… Well, I looked back at my resolutions from 2012 and I feel pretty satisfied with how I did. Now I’m ready for a new set of challenges for 2013.

My New Year’s Resolutions for 2013

1. Be more punctual!
2. Get organized.
3. Drink more water.

As you will see, I decided to write my resolutions down on a pretty piece of paper, frame them, and place them at my bedside. This way I will be constantly reminded of the resolutions I’ve made, which will make it more likely that I will actually stick to them… Because let’s be honest, most of us forget our list by the time Valentine’s Day rolls around. If you want some extra pointers on making your resolutions last, check out my list of quick tips that are as painless as they are effective.

What are your resolutions for 2013?

XO Lauren

Photo: Christopher Patey for LaurenConrad.com