Member Spotlight: Your Adopted Pets

When I blogged about the adoption story of my new pup Fitz, I had no idea how many of you guys would have incredible rescue stories and photos of your own. If I could have included every touching story, this would be the longest blog post ever! But my team helped me whittle it down to 10 sweet stories about your adorable pets…
Member Spotlight: Your Adopted Pets

I was incredibly lucky to adopt Daisy a year ago from my local humane society. She may be a mutt, but I’m convinced cocker-goldens will be the next designer dog. She is incredibly loyal, well behaved, and too darn cute for words. –Whitney Ladzick 

Member Spotlight: Your Adopted Pets
About a month ago my husband and I adopted a 4-month-old puppy from a shelter about 2 hours from our home. We always said we wanted a puppy and she was older than we had expected but she was beyond scared to walk or play or even eat! We got her home and she wouldn’t come near us for a few days, then suddenly, she opened up and began playing and eating and running! –Chelsea Beck

Member Spotlight: Your Adopted PetsI “adopted” my cat a little over a year ago now. She was found under a porch as a 13-week-old kitten and if she hadn’t been found when she was, she wouldn’t have made it much longer.
Jessica Anderson  
Member Spotlight: Your Adopted Pets
I love my rescue pug, Ruby! She was my surprise Christmas present from my husband last year. She and her brother were rescued from a puppy mill in Spokane and brought to Seattle. They were the only surviving pups from a litter of 10. Whitney Opfar
Member Spotlight: Your Adopted Pets
I adopted both of my kitties from shelter adoption days at local pet stores. I’d be a mess without these cuddly fur balls! Rebecca H
Member Spotlight: Your Adopted Pets
I adopted my dog Luke over a year ago. Originally I had gone in looking for a puppy but I couldn’t ignore the connection I made with Luke. Since I brought him home, he hasn’t left my side. We’ve truly saved each other. Hilary Turnbull
Member Spotlight: Your Adopted Pets
I adopted my pup from the SPCA, and she has been the love of my life! When I went to the shelter I saw her and I fell in love. She was a stray (so sad to imagine her live before!) and was tiny with matted fur, but she had a terrific personality. Quite a few people wanted to adopt her, and so they put our names into a hat, and my name was drawn. I was so surprised! It was truly meant to be.
Monika Lissman
Member Spotlight: Your Adopted Pets
When I decided to get my own pet this year, I went immediately to the pound. As a college senior who doesn’t have a job yet, I couldn’t get a dog yet. But, I ended up with two adorable guinea pigs.
Member Spotlight: Your Adopted Pets I adopted my little guy [Teddy] three years ago and he’s the sweetest thing ever! Shelter dogs are (in my opinion) better-behaved animals.ejos

Member Spotlight: Your Adopted Pets

After we had to put our first dog to sleep after 13 years with him, we decided to adopt again and get a cute puppy. We instantly fell in love with Rosie; we were told she is a mix between a Shepard and a collie! She is so sweet and loves to play with the whole family!!Carly

Thank you to everyone who opened up and shared photos and stories of your furry friends. You guys are truly amazing and I am so touched by all of your sweet adoption and rescue stories.

How many pets do you have?

Also, keep uploading your pet photos to your profiles. I have way too much fun checking them out with my team.

XO Lauren


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  • Rachael Olear

    An Amazing Article! It is such an inspiration! By far one of my favorite stories to look at!:) <3

  • Agata Kalinowska

    I love it that you spread this idea of adopting. I have 5 cats and they are all rescued. They were homeless and now they live like royals 😀

  • Rachel Trampel

    Awwww all of these pets are SO CUTE! I loved reading through these :) Thanks for sharing!

  • Melissa Panici

    These stories are so touching. All of these animals are so lucky to have found great owners! I have one pet and she is a beagle. Here is a photo of her:
    She is great with the whole family and very protective of us!

  • Monica of TG Bears

    OH, I love Daisy. There is just something about a spaniel and it seems like she sure has enough spaniel in her :-)

  • Brenna Gray

    This is one of my all-time favorite blogs by LC. I have been adopting from shelters my whole life and I even volunteered at one. One thing I learned from volunteering at a shelter is that most people go in wanting a baby animal or a pure bred. Seeing all the adult animals broke my heart and I always hoped they would get adopted first. I was so happy to see that some people who shared their stories on here adopted an adult animal. They deserve homes just as much instead of staying in shelters their whole lives or being “”put down””. I also believe that “”mutts”” are the best animals out there and there is beauty in every animal not just the pure breds :). Non purebreds tend to live longer too! Thanks for getting animal adoption awareness out there Lauren. P.S. your dogs are adorable!

  • alex jones

    I have three pet dogs and they are all rescued. you shared nice ideas of adopting the pets.


  • Erin Campbell

    We rescued our kitten, Merida, in August. A co-worker of my fiance found her and asked Jason if we would like her. She was only about four weeks old and she was completely infested with fleas. It took us several months to get rid of them for good. But we love our kitty. She makes us laugh everyday.

  • All Things Adorable

    Love these! My husband and I are picking up our new puppy Callaway in a week and a half! I am so excited! I just wanted to let you know that your blog has always been so inspiring to me! So much so, that have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! To accept this award, check out the rules on my blog:

    Happy Blogging xo

  • daniella

    LOVE everything about pets, especially pups. They really are our best friends. I have a 2 year old frosten (Boston terrier, frenchie mix). she was gifted to me so I can’t say that I rescued her from a shelter, but pups from the store need love too. I don’t mean to condone pet stores & puppy mills, but what happens to the pups that are there whether you adopt or not? Anyway, enough about that. Here’s some pics of my coco :) She truley is my bestie & partner in crime <3

  • EjoS

    AWW! My Ted’ster made it to the blog! He thanks you!
    Thanks LC and Team LC!!

  • Amber Striegel

    @daniella matias, when you buy from a pet store, you create demand, which is why puppy mills exist. When those dogs don’t sell, guess where they go? Shelters. When we adopt from shelters and stop shopping, there’s no need to keep the supply at pet stores

  • Kelby Peachey

    CUTE STORIES!! I am a sucker for a cute face. That’s probably why I have 3 cats and 3 black labs!!



  • Tiffany

    I have two cats. One cat I got from my friend who could not keep her anymore. She is orange and white. I decided to keep her name, Kitty. The other cat was rescued by my sister who almost ran her over. She was just a very skinny kitten with tons of flees but with time, she has grown into a beautiful calico. We named her Abi. Abi just recently had four kittens who are now 7 weeks old. They are all different from each other. Her is a video of them:

    So, my house is just full of cats!!

  • Ambi s

    This is so lovely! Such cute animals!

    My bunny, Bella, passed away last week and we’re looking to adopt a bunny friend for her sister Donna. It’s so nice to be able to offer a home to a little furry friend in need.

    I’ve written all about my little bunny on my blog, but also write about beauty, fashion & lifestyle. I think LC fans will love it as it was inspired by this blog, along with a couple of others!

  • Amanda Gongleski

    Ohh my word! SO adorable! That Daisy is seriously so precious!

    I adopted my own little furbaby who just turned 2 last month! First dog I’ve ever owned and I’ve never loved anything more! Such a great decision!!

    He is a shiba inu mixed with a corgi… so he is basically just a short shiba! Here is his happy face here:

  • Carly

    Aww thanks Lauren for putting my picture of my dog Rosie up there!!! xoxo

  • Allison G

    great timing on the story! my husband and I went to the local shelter just yesterday and picked out a kitty! we get to take him home on Friday — this is our first pet and I am so excited!

  • Allison G

    The picture didn’t work, sorry! I forgot to mention his name is Ace.

    Here is the picture from the petfinder listing:

    And here he is with my husband when we met him yesterday:

  • Lily P.

    Unfortunately I don’t have a pet but I would die for one little doggie!
    These are all so cute :)
    xo Lily

  • Megan Dodero

    Ah these pictures are way too adorable!
    I’ve only got one pet. Her name is Trixie, and she’s almost 3 years old now. We rescued her over winter break when I was a Junior in high school. When we got her, she was only 2 weeks old! A lady had found a garbage bag full of 14 puppies. There were two different litters in the bag, one litter was bout 4 weeks old and the other litter was about 2 weeks. We don’t really know what kind of dog she is, but she is insanely smart! She’s become my best friend and I’m so glad we adopted her :)

  • Carol S

    Awe bless…I’ve got a rescue collie cross . Rescue pets are amazing and deserve a second chance in life.

  • Ale Oken

    The foto of the story is wrong I’ve ment to post this one:

    but this is my adoption story! 😀

  • My Style Diary
  • Katie

    I loved this post! I volunteer at my local Humane Society and have a rescue cat of my own ( I can’t imagine things without my little muted calico named Lola. The Humane Society (and all their volunteers!) do amazing work for amazing animals. Thanks for highlighting some of these great pets!

  • Kylie Miller

    Absolutely adorable!! Check out my blog:

  • Taanjaa
  • Hark

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  • Ila Red

    On January 15th my boyfriend and I went to a pound for cats not so far from Malpensa airport because I had the intention of adopting a kitty to feed with cures, cuddles and love.

    I will always remember how shy, still and scared she was in her cage, but even if she was so afraid, she seemed the only one who looked a bit interested in us, when all the other cats were so unmoved and uninterested.
    So she conquered me, -my bf was already conquered by her smashed face and unexisting nose-, I signed the paper, payed 50€ for the adoption and 20€ for the cat carrier and in 30min we were all home together.

    As the veterinary suggested, we finally brought the thiny MissMango to remove all the horrible and painful knots that she had in her hair.
    Some knots were so thick that the girls at the toelette shop had to clip the thiny Mango for 2hours while she was shacking between my hands. Even if she was afraid she was so sweet, so patient and so obedient that we were all pretty suprised.

    All of this happened because the peolpe who used to have got (and pay attention that I’m intentionally writing have got instead of take care) her before I adopted her from the pound of cats, they had never brushed or combed her hair, they had never cut her nails or simply let her walk and scratch her claws, because they -bastards- kept her into a cage for 1year, I mean ALL HER LIFE.

    So the clipping was the last part of her recovery plan; we cured her infected pads with medications, creams and antibiotic for 10days, we cured her tough pink eye with a specific ophtalmic cream for 7days, and we avoided her to get bronchitis thanks to the heat in my house and the nice and warm sweater that I bought her.

    What really moved me was to realize how small and thiny she really was without all that knotted hair; she’s actually smaller than the standards for a 1-year-old Persian cat and she was so skinny.

    At firs we was very shy, but I didn’t take that much before she starded showing us all her love and gratitude: MissMango is so sweet, so nice, so coddle, she’s becaming confident day after day, now her paws were better, the veterinary removed the bandaging after 4days and she started walking and jumping a lot more.

    Now 1 year it’s almost passed, she’s way better, running, playing a lot, sleeping next to me and following me everywhere, she’s my shadow [while I’m writing she’s here on my womb, sleeping and purring ♥].

    Adopting her (and saving her life) was definitely the best thing I’ve ever done.

  • Valeria Alvarez

    They are all so beautiful!! I adopted almost all my babies (some of them born at home :) ) and they are the best thing ever, they bring us joy and love every day!

    <3 Val (1st giveaway is on!)

  • akomouse

    So touching to see all these stories and so nice to know there are responsible pet owners out there. My landlord rescued his first cat, Grohl (female), from a house he was selling at the time; the previous owners having just left her there. He kept going back for four days until he managed to catch her in a cat box. He thought she was a he and named her Grohl until ‘he’ had kittens. Now he has four cats; Grohl, Reg, Winnie and One-Eye (who has two eyes so don’t worry).

  • Nathalie Maxey

    Aw! So Cute!

    XO Nat

  • Cesie Alvarez

    Awww the first dog just made my heart melt!

    Check out why Forever21 is one of my fave sites

  • Liz Ashbaugh

    Aw, LOVE this post! My fiance and I adopted two kittens in October, and we could not be happier! To be honest with you, adopting these wonderful balls of love was one of the best decisions my fiance and I have ever made! They bring joy to our lives every single day. Watching them play and seeing them grow and learn is so fulfilling. I can’t even explain how happy they make us! You can check out my blog post about Bella and Chester at:



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