Edible Obsession: My 2 Ingredient Party Appetizer

Edible Obsession: My 2 Ingredient Party Appetizer
There’s no fighting it—the holidays are here. Soon your calendar will be filled with festive gatherings and you’ll be wondering what you can bring to each party that won’t keep you locked up in the kitchen for hours on end (when you could be crossing things off your holiday shopping list).

Whenever I go to a holiday party, I like to bring a simple side dish or appetizer, like these bacon wrapped dates. I really love this app since it’s insanely easy to make, and it’s a downright crowd pleaser. Men are especially fond of it… I mean, when there’s bacon involved you just can’t go wrong!

Bacon Wrapped Dates

Simply wrap freshly pitted dates with your favorite type of bacon and bake in the oven at 400-degrees for 15 minutes (rotating rolled pieces so each side browns and gets crispy).

Edible Obsession: My 2 Ingredient Party Appetizer

If you’re bringing them to a party, cook them first, and then reheat them in the oven for a few minutes or pop them in the microwave once you arrive. Either is fine!

To add a little extra flair to your dates, stuff them with goat cheese or blue cheese before wrapping them in bacon… Can you say decadent? Wow. But oh-so-good.

Do you have a simple side dish or favorite appetizer that you like to whip up for the holidays?

If so, share your dish in the Recipe Gallery for a chance to be featured on the website. Click here to learn how to submit your recipe.

Happy cooking!

XO Lauren

P.S. If you are vegetarian, this can be made with soy bacon, too!

Photos:Christopher Patey for LaurenConrad.com
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  • Melissa Panici

    Wow these look really good! Thanks for sharing Lauren!

  • Lily P.

    Yummy it looks really good!Nice idea Lauren!
    When I go to a holiday party I like to bring sweets most of all such as cupcakes which are perfect for christmas holidays!
    Have a beautiful day!
    xo Lily


  • Sarah Heckle

    I’m really not a dates fan, but bacon makes anything delicious, right? :)



  • Lailka

    i love bacon wrapped dates. they are my favourite spanish tapa.
    lots of love. lavinka

  • Carol S

    That looks lovely…


  • Jessica | My Style vita

    These look perfect for a party! I also love that they are paleo too.

    xoxo Jessica

  • Kellie Norton

    These look so delicious!! Perfect for a NYC gal on a budget :-) Thanks Lauren!


  • Amy Breckenridge

    one of my friends makes these too and she stuffs the dates with ricotta cheese! i’m a vegetarian so i won’t eat them but if they didn’t have bacon i’d love them :)

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  • hooleywithaz

    this is great! another good combo is prosciutto and figs, but those can be served cold.

  • Michelle V

    Bacon anything is yum. I make these Greek Hummus Rounds: http://theworldaccordingtoeggface.blogspot.com/2010/12/greek-hummus-rounds.html a lot.

  • Rachelle

    oh looks yummy

  • Ashley Rizzardo

    I have never actually had dates before. But I do know that, so far, anything wrapped in bacon is yummy. Might give this a try :)


  • Megan R.

    I would have to agree that anything bacon is always a hit at holiday parties. My favorite holiday “”side”” that I like to bring is this holiday bark. It is so simple to make ahead of time and all you have to do is put some in a cute holiday tin and you are ready to go!


    Megan – The Preppy Planner

  • Paulina Mo

    Looks yummy and looks like such a quick and great idea!!

    see my latest outfit on my fashion blog: http://www.lilbitsofchic.com

  • Naomi Duprey

    I’ve had something similar at a tapas restaurant here in DC, but they add blue cheese and they’re absolutely amazing! Might be worth it to take it from a 2-Ingredient to a 3-Ingredient recipe! :)

  • Stephanie Miroddi

    bacon wrapped sweet potato tater tots are really yummy as well!

  • alex jones

    `Really looks yummy dish.That would be great idea for this holiday season.
    I love to travel and eat.


  • alex jones

    `Really looks yummy dish.That would be great idea for this holiday season.
    I love to travel and eat.


  • Deanne Castro

    Great idea! Never thought of this!
    For more fashion and beauty advice, please check out my blog: myfashavenue.blogspot.ca
    Today’s post: Favourite Celebrity Outfit Of The Week: Amy Adams


  • My Style Diary

    Great idea! Looks delicious. :)


  • Taanjaa

    It’s always a good idea with small food at dinner parties, thanks for sharing :)


  • Cesie Alvarez

    Looks soooo good! Reminds me of these bacon wrapped tater tots I had this weekend! Probably just as easy to make (but not as classy as dates)

    Click for some Monday Inspiration

  • Kelby Peachey

    I personally like to bring a nice soup that was made from scratch. :)

    This is genius and exactly what I was looking for. Something quick and easy. Those ‘sparklers’ are adorable. :)


  • michvandy

    I make these for Christmas too but I stick a walnut inside the date! They are like candy, yum.


  • Kasia Rymar

    Yum! These look SO delicious!


  • Victoria Budosh

    Hey Lauren! I made these last night! I stuffed my dates with blue cheese before wrapping them with bacon. That makes them even more savory! They were a big hit around the Sunday football TV! Xoxo, Victoria


  • Yesenia Hernandez

    I love bacon! Want to try this


  • Emily k.

    Oh my gosh, these are to DIE for! Tried these for our wedding caterer tasting, but the fi preferred something else.. Boo! I’ll be sure to try this one at home!


  • Kylie Miller

    YUM!! Check out my blog: http://thechicstreetblog.blogspot.com/

  • JRO

    A similar recipe that is AMAZING is prosciutto wrapped dates but you also put peppercorn (or plain) goat cheese in with the date also! These you dip in a little olive oil and pop into a 400 degree oven only for a few minutes (keep an eye on them). They are so good, especially with the peppercorn goat cheese. Love them!

  • Maylin

    You can find them in Germany super markets already prepare.

  • Patti

    To make this app outstanding, stuff the date with blue cheese!

  • Tania Hernandez

    This looks so good…

  • http://www.simplyfairbyalisonjeanine.com Alison Jeanine

    Just made these for my first holiday gathering I attended this year — always a hit! :) Xo, Alison



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