DIY Gift Guide: Wine Charms

DIY Gift Guide: Wine Charms
There is a fine line between giving someone a lovely homemade gift and giving someone something that looks like a disastrous school project. While the former can be thoughtful, it’s important that DIY presents have some level of practicality to them…and they shouldn’t look too homemade, if you know what I mean. Ideally, you want to make something that the recipient would otherwise buy himself or herself. In light of these parameters, I thought today’s DIY gift would be the perfect project to share: homemade wine charms.
DIY Gift Guide: Wine Charms
I love this idea because you can really tailor it to your recipient’s personality and tastes, and because they are very practical. (If you’re unfamiliar with wine charms, they are basically little drink tags that you affix to the stem of a wine glass so people can keep track of which drink is theirs.) Plus they are very quick and easy to put together, making them excellent last minute gifts. Without further ado, here’s how you can make your own gift set of wine charms…

What You Will Need

  • thin, malleable wire
  • wire cutters
  • beads
  • needle nose pliers

Quick Tip: The beads are a great opportunity to really personalize your gift. Pick shapes and colors that are reflective of the person’s aesthetic.
DIY Gift Guide: Wine Charms


  1. First decide how many charms you want to make. I would recommend a set of six, eight, or ten.
  2. Cut your wire into 3-inch pieces.
  3. Shape each wire piece into a semi-circle.
  4. String beads onto wire piece.
  5. Using needle nose pliers, bend both ends of the wire piece so you create a little hook. Finally, hook the ends together and you’ve got yourself a wine charm!

One of my favorite ways to present these charms is by stringing them onto a ribbon and tying the ribbon onto a nice bottle of wine or bubbly. Otherwise, you can box them up or simply tie them with ribbon, too.

What do you think? Are you going to give this DIY a try?

Also, if you have a great DIY gift idea, be sure to share it in the comments below.

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Happy crafting!

XO Lauren

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  • The Fashion Careerist

    Adorable, love how this little touch adds so much to the overall look!

  • Sarah Heckle

    Such a cute DIY gift idea! And I agree about handmade gifts – they have to be practical and not look like a school kid’s project!
    Sarah – festive outfit post

  • Ashley Rizzardo

    Love this! Done right, handmade gifts are just the best aren’t they?

  • Melissa Panici

    This is a good idea!! Thanks Lauren!

  • alex jones

    Really this is such a cute DIY gift idea! That is great Lauren you have to keep it up.

  • York Designs Gal

    I love making these as hostess gifts and tying in the theme of the party – cute gift for all different occasions! Thanks for sharing :)

  • Rachel Trampel

    Wow, that’s such a cut idea! I LOVE IT!

  • HistoryBeauty

    SO cute and easy!!!

    Check out my beauty channel and blog!!

  • Alli Marx

    These are PERFECT! I’m getting wine for my inlaws, this would be a great touch. So thoughtful too!

  • My Style Diary

    I love wine charms! They are really cute and make a great gift :)

  • Katie

    I absolutely love this idea! I think it’s my favorite DIY gift i’ve seen. Thank you Lauren! xo

  • Deanne Castro

    Love these!
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  • Megan R.

    I made these last year and instead of charms I printed some of my favorite patterns out on paper and then used a puncher to cut out the “”charm”” for each glass.

    You can also check out the holiday crafts that I made for my christmas party tonight. Everything is made with empty wine bottles. Very budget and eco friendly!

    Megan – The Preppy Planner

  • Yesenia Hernandez
  • Louminous

    I love this idea!
    So simple and cute :)

  • Ann Gerard

    Loved this idea! I made them for my mom this year! Thanks Lauren!

    Here is a picture of the ones I made.

  • Megan
  • Janqjin

    I’m a bit confused, so how exactly do you tie these around the glass stem? You don’t have to peel the wires back every time do you?

  • window covering

    Thank you for sharing. It is looking great and very cool. I think it is perfect as a gift.

  • Bobbi Jo Belger

    Could you tell me what size beads I should use?



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