Chic of the Week: Deanne Styles 1 Dress 3 Ways

Here at, we consider the ability to style one single dress several different ways an art form. It takes creativity, versatility, and open-mindedness—all of which are traits of a true fashionista. While this styling skill may not be for everyone, it is definitely our latest style bug’s cup of tea.

Congrats to Deanne C., our newest COTW!

Chic of the Week: Deanne Styles 1 Dress 3 Ways
Deanne took a striped sweater dress and gave it three different (but eqally cute!) makeovers. Her first look incorporates a slouchy sweater and black flats—perfect for a winter weekend of decking the halls and holiday shopping. Next she paired her dress with a bright blue blazer and red Mary Jane heels to create a bold holiday party look. Deanne’s final outfit is polished and preppy with a layered button-down, a sparkly belt, and black pumps. Deanne, you are a closet chameleon!

A big congrats to our newest Chic of the Week!

How would you style one item three ways?

XO Team

Photo: Deanne C.
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  • Melissa Panici

    Congrats Deanne!! I like styling the little black dress different ways. So many ideas!

  • Ashley Ward

    Congrats Deanne! Your outfits look great. I love how you changed up the colors with the purple sweater overlaying the dress.

  • prey pray

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  • AnselSf

    She styled it three ways, and every single one of them was awesome! Congrats, Deanne!

  • Cesie Alvarez

    I love finding new ways to style pieces. It really makes an item go a long way!

    TGI Casual Friday!

  • Lily P.

    Congrats Deanne!
    Cool ideas with that dress!
    xo Lily

  • Deanne Castro

    Thank you for adding me to your blog!

    Check out my blog @


  • Taanjaa
  • My Style Diary
  • Nathalie Maxey

    All look great! Awesome dress :)

    XO Nat


    I love the dress that is styled 3 ways. I like the big sunglasses. I also like the pink makeup that is on her lips. And her hair is styled nice. The shoes that I like the best are the pink shoes. My favorite color is pink. In like both clutches that she is using in the pictures as well. The one clutch with the strap can be used when you are shopping and the clutch without the strap can be used when you are like going out for dinner at a a fancy restaurant. And in the one picture you can wear a sweater over the dress like in the fall or spring when it is chilly outside.

  • Kylie Miller

    Adorable! Love all 3 looks. Check out my blog:

  • Rachel Trampel

    So cute! What a great way to style this dress three ways!



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