Why Not… Host a Gift Exchange

The December holidays will be here before you know it, so why not get ahead of the game while you can? Since the holidays tend to be a time when wallets are stretched to the max, a simple way to cut down on costs is by limiting the sheer volume of gifts you need to purchase. Enter: The Secret Santa Gift Exchange. Instead of buying each of your friends a gift, host a gift exchange where each person gives only one gift within a given price range.

Here’s how a Secret Santa Gift Exchange works:

  1. Confirm who will be involved in the gift exchange.
  2. Then randomly assign each person to whom they must anonymously give a gift. (This is easiest if you have everyone draw names from a hat.)
  3. Decide on a price range.
  4. Plan a get together where each person shows up with his or her assigned gift.
  5. Exchange gifts, eat, drink and be merry!

Aside from the fact that this is a great budget-conscious option to consider for the holidays, it’s also just plain fun. It’s a great reason to get together with friends over the holidays and you avoid the awkward question of who you should give gifts to.

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Have you hosted a gift exchange? Or participated in one before? If you have any helpful tips, share them below!

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XO Lauren