Speak Up: We Want Your Feedback!

2jhTlSk0xKp4LpEWD49nnlKj.jpeg:Amazon:photoSpeak Up: We Want Your Feedback!
While we love to talk fashion and beauty, what we’re really most concerned with here at LaurenConrad.com is YOU. We want this site to be your favorite place to stop in every single day so we thought we’d put together this little survey to get a better idea of things you do and do not like… Leave your feedback in the comments below!

Also, Team LC has an official Instagram! Follow LaurenConrad_com for all the latest updates, behind-the-scenes photos, and exclusive chic peeks!

XO Team LC

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  • Melissa Panici

    Thanks for the survey!! Nice to know you care what we think:) Anyway I LOVE the new site but I do miss having a profile that said how long we were members and we got to tell all of our favorite things in life (hobbies, tv shows etc.). Maybe there is a spot for this and I just missed it? If not, I would LOVE to have that back! I will always be a LC.Com member though:) Love you all!

    P.S. In the survey, I couldn’t select more than one option on some of them. For example, the one where we could choose 3. I could only choose 1:)

  • Brooke McGinness

    I am a new subscriber to laurenconrad.com and I think it is nothing less than perfect! It is hard to perfect perfection. Wouldn’t change a thing! <3

  • Diamenrose

    You meant 2013 right? :-)

    I wish we can have more space for our stories (we have just max 500 words for our stories).Else i love this website.

    #you could do an online chat where Lauren can respond to her fans :-) (similiar to iamonmtv.com).she would get speech bubbles (messages from her fans) which are visible to everyone. and could respond to them whenever she has time.

    Happy weekend Laurenconrad.com

  • paola nvr

    I like to receive an e-mail for each post cause is easier to me to have a control of what I read, and I like more than one topic I like fashion, beauty and Lauren news the survey only let me choose one option :)

  • Taniko

    The e-mails for each post is a bit overload for me, especially if I miss checking my e-mail for the day one a day is enough for me. And since I follow you on FB I can see the posts there. Also it only let me vote once, I couldn’t choose 3 but I like the decor, food, and health and fitness.

  • Rachel Moltz

    I love the website and blog posts! I also love getting emails when new blogs are posted. To be honest, I liked the layout of the old website better..this new one is hard to get use to!

  • Cami Ferrer

    Hi!!! i’m a huge fan of this page and i wanted to do a lil suggestion.
    I live in Lima, Peru and here on the other hemisphere its spring and summer next month, i tried to look at spring/summer blogs to see what be cool for spring/summer but i cant find any so my suggestion was a. maybe do 1 blog a month or something for your fans on the southern hemisphere or maybe tell us how we can acces the spring/summer blogs,
    Thank you!!!

    I really enjoy this blog!

  • Valera Ved

    Love your site and you. My favourite topics are advices, self improvment and news about you sweetie :))) xo

  • Melissa Panici

    I liked the layout of the old website better as well:) Still like this one but the old one is hard to replace:) It was PERFECT!

  • Ashley Rizzardo

    One email with link to all of that day’s blogs would be ideal :)


  • Katy Allaire

    I’d love to see a Lauren Conrad app for my iPhone! That way I can get see all the blogs right from my phone. :)

  • Yoana Cisneros

    I think having an app for LaurenConrad.com would be so much easier!

    XO Yoana

  • Rachel Trampel

    I agree with Katy on creating an app for mobile use! I am on my mobile a lot and having an app I could go into would make it a lot easier.

    Also I think it would be helpful to do more citing or sourcing of the images you use. For example, the top ten Fall looks were not sourced and it would be nice to go to the original source to see more photos of that outfit for inspiration and to see where some of the clothing items came from so that people can go buy them if they want to! I know it can be really difficult to find the original source, especially through Pinterest because nobody seems to care about it on there, but it really is helpful!

  • Julieta Felix

    Website: I think the website is super busy. Ribbons everywhere, text everywhere. One doesn’t know intuitevely where to go or what to look for. Simplify, feature one thing at a time. Less is more.
    E-mails: Maybe make html emails so I get a preview of the blog post instead of a plain text link. Invest on an html/graphic designer if you wanna take the next step in your business.

  • Marilyn E.

    Making an app friendly site or version of the site would be ideal. It’d be great for cooking because I use my phone apps to view them(and currently the recipes pinned on Pinterest).

    Thanks for doing this! It shows you really care! :)


  • Christine Sidhu

    I would love a LaurenConrad.com app for iPhone!

  • Christine Sidhu

    I also agree with Julieta Felix to simplify.

  • PeaceLoveNutrition

    I wish you email were more creative and html coded — I would like better/more up to date emails not just a link to direct me to the blog

  • Gretchen Jarvis

    What would be really nice is, instead of having a link to the website, having the post right in the e-mail. I know having the link gets more traffic on the website but it would be more convenient to have the posts in the e-mail.

  • Chelsea Heintschel

    An iPhone app would be awesome … So much more convient to keep up with the website

  • Lily P.

    Not everyone has an iphone so I suggest you do that for Androids also!
    I would like more posts about Lauren’s travel experiences,such as Chiara Ferragni does on The Blonde Salad!

    And last but not least,it would be awesome if Lauren could pick up her favorite blog every week or month,featured as the blog of the week/month!

    xo Lily


  • Kate Noto

    I would love an Ipad app that way I can check my messages on my boyfriends Ipad. Plus I would like to sign up for the book club but I keep getting an error message so please fix that

  • Lindsey Gerstlauer

    Voted! :)

  • Melissa Panici

    @Kate Noto You technically don’t have to “”sign up”” for the book club. Just join in on the day she says the book chat is:) I think it says sign up for people who aren’t members yet:)

  • Karie Obremski

    I think a LaurenConrad.com iphone app would be marvelous! I love hearing advice from Lauren about boys, clothes, food, etc. She gives great advice about EVERYTHING!!!
    Fashion is always perfect and the new trends are great to learn about from the spectacular fashion guru her self.

  • mara sofia

    Well, well, what a difficult task to answer Team LC! I mean, not in the bad way, but obviously in the better. I love Laurenconrad.com so much, and i’ve seen it grow and getting even more easy to read, inform, search, little by little, that when you guys say that want us to feel that here is our best stop of the day, i agree immediatly. I feel such a great pleasure everytime i get my moment to come here, everyday, yes, EVERYDAY! I think laurenconrad.com already give us so much, and it makes us all feel so special with such great words, posts, tips, it is so complete, that i really don’t know what to say or let you guys know a ‘new idea’ to the site. But, thinking better, maybe there’s something that i would like to read more here, since i’m a Fashion Design student and i’m start getting my way to define my kind of style, and what i want to do when i get it finished, i propose you more tips or advices about Get into fashion’s world, i mean, what people can do to make it real in their own way, what phases we should through in, what can happen if we decide to make our own brand, what kind of people we’ll find and how to have some ‘formality’ with them, things that can help us more in our ideas and ways of see life. I don’t know if i’ve been clearer in what i said, but if not, i give you all my best excuses.
    Anyway, i love it here, it’s my ‘corner’ of inspiration, i love the team work, and every single theme.
    Lots of kisses and hugs,

    a fan named, Mara Sofia.

  • Jaclyn Last name

    I agree with the other ladies that an iPhone app would be wonderful!

  • Jacquelyn Bastion

    I’m a very visual person so I am always underwhelmed every time I get and email from laurenconrad.com. I know that plain text emails are less likely to get blocked and have a much lower bounce back rate…. but I am more likely to click though to something if it has something that is visually enticing to me.

  • Julia Kovalchuk

    This is a wonderful website. Thank you Lauren and the team behind this website!! I’m new and want to know, if I have a question, should I message Lauren or laurenconrad.com?

  • pita

    voted!!!! 😀
    i agree with the iphone app :)))) <3
    i swear that im obsessed with Lauren Conrad.com but
    not dangerously hahaha 😀

    I love you Lauren <3 and all of your team of your blog
    and thebeautydepartment team 😀

  • Teri Charles

    Love your website! I enjoy seeing the outfit ideas and seasonal trends, but it would help if there were more affordable options of what’s in style.

  • Lourdes Montoya

    I’m a big fan of Lauren and I will support her always!I love the new design of the page besides pink is my favorite color 😀 Thanks for taking your time to ask us what do we think of the page and you guys have done a wonderful job!Love this page xoxo

  • Lourdes Montoya

    Ps. please do more giveaways for international fans :)

  • Jennifer T

    I use google reader and would love to see a link for this site’s RSS feed back up. I used to subscribe to laurenconrad.com but it stopped updating on my RSS feed about a month ago.

  • Amanda Chan

    I love this site! Lauren is one of my style icons. I love reading her posts and I always get a lot of inspiration from them :)

  • Reanne Wang

    I love this site! I would like to see more giveaways and styling tips!

  • Kayla Iso

    Lauren, I love you but your site sends off too many emails daily! I prefer the ones that sum up everything in one. The new site is lovely. x


  • Hannah Kinney

    Completely agree with kayla iso. Love you, but waaaaay too much contact. 1 email/day please.

  • Key-Ara Northey

    I bought one of Lauren’s books today “”Beauty””, amazing btw. I love this site but I would love to see more give aways and makeup product preferations from Lauren :)

  • Whisper & Shout

    I love this website and all your focuses! Although I really would like to see review on affordable brands because wven though I’d like to buy the facial cleansers and make up you reccome d, i don’t have the money for it so i would appreciate it i you could write on drugstore brands too!

  • Brittany Corpuz

    I would like more:
    -Advice about friendships, avoiding negativity, following our dreams
    -Beauty: Nude-natural make up. How to TRULY make your eye color pop.
    -Simple/Classy site that isn’t like the other sites(keep the site as is. Keep your creativity Lo!!)
    -More give away’s? (maybe meets & greets. Like have lunch with you or a webcam session talking about craft ideas or something. Doesn’t have to be clothes or a gift card give away)

  • Winterkate

    I love your website and I am so thankful for all the giveaway opportunities you provide us with. I was wondering who won the giveaway: Win a Gift Basket Filled With All My Favorite Beauty Products. I never saw any updates and was curious to know if winners were chosen. Thanks!

  • Marianne Jarvis

    I do love all the entry on this website. I adore the Fashion and Beauty advice as well as receiving Lauren News and new recipes. Also, the advice is amazing to read.

    I do follow Lauren on most of the social networking websites apart from Instagram cos I don’t have it but I would if I did!

    The only downside is that being from England (United Kingdom) or being International , I cannot enter the competitions entries which sometimes I want to enter. I know this may not be a fixable thing but it would be nice to have the option of being involved.

    Hope that helps! Marianne :) Xx

  • My Style Diary

    I love the site and I check in every day. :) The only downside to me is that some posts are only relevant to people in the US. I also love fashion posts and posts about Laurens life. Maybe you could do more of them?


  • Kayla Iso

    Can you delete spam comments as well please? They are so annoying!

  • Andrea Spence

    Would love to see more things on fashion that are more affordable!!!

  • samantha lee

    i love the advice as far as makeup, recipes, and fashion! it is always a refreshing pick-me-up to check in at the end of the day after work.

    One thing that would be nice to see is what information/posts are actually coming from Lauren and what is coming from the team/website etc. Knowing what info is from Lauren herself would be interesting to know!

  • Claire Coppersmith

    I really like seeing Chic of the Week and other outfit ideas!

  • Anna Kidd

    I don’t generally leave comments because I hate all the crappy irrelevant spam that gets put in. I know it would be a lot of work, but you guys need to figure out some sort of filter for it! I hate scrolling through comments and reading what are pretty much ADs! :(
    Other than that I adore LaurenConrad.com – it is a beautifully put together site and I visit it several times a day. Keep up the hard work, its appreciated! :)

  • Amanda PeQueen

    I would love to see an app for the site! I do everything from my smartphone and would love to be able to upload photos on the go. Or if that was an option on the website, that would be great too.

  • Linh Ly

    I agree with the above regarding all the spam comments. there should be something to block that. you guys shouldn’t allow people to post irrelevant stuff like that. if people don’t want to read the comments how are we going to communicate with each other and hear each others thoughts.


  • Kylie Miller

    I love that you want our feedback. Your blog is awesome!
    Check out my blog: http://thechicstreetblog.blogspot.com/

  • Wingheart

    I concure about the APP! I would LOVE one for my phone! If you consider it, please consider the ANDROID! We always get screwed out of apps! =(

    As for the website! I love it. It’s easy to navigate. I would maybe like to see under each catagorie, have subcatagories. For example:

    Under primp, you could have nails, hair, eyes, etc.
    It would be much more organized and we wouldn’t have to scroll through a million pages!

    That’s my only suggestions!


  • Courtney Miranda

    I love the idea of an APP I check my iphone more often then my actual laptop!! Also maybe more ideas for short hair! Because I recently donated 10 inches to locks of love so … I don’t exactly know what do with it..

  • Nalani Penelope

    Keep doing the etiquette posts!

  • Melissa Panici

    I also agree with the spam on here. I’m sure there is a way to deactivate their accounts since they don’t even participate in anything on here besides advertising themselves.

  • These Peach Roses

    Also, more book club! I noticed the book posts have become more sporadic. We need a good sit-by-the-fireplace read.

  • Abigail Warren

    I love, love, love all things Lauren Conrad…and I’m kind of an old woman (37 chronologically, but my soul is that of a 21-24 year-old most days). 2 things that I wish you could change about the site: 1) There is sooooo much spam in the comments. Especially from people who don’t even comment on what you’ve posted…they just put their own blogposts and information up. I understand that your intention was to make this another social forum for people to get their ideas out there to share…but I feel like some people aren’t being altruistic with their postings. 2) Please, please, please update the book club information more often. I know you’re a busy woman but those of us who enjoy reading and discussing it with others could use even a bi-monthly update or something so that we are aware of the hot new reads. On a personal note, do you think you would ever consider adding some plus sizes to your Kohl’s line? I love the looks you’ve created, but as a larger woman I don’t fit into anything besides your jewelry and shoes…which I love…but I would love to enjoy some of your other styles too. Just a thought. Thanks so much Lauren!!! Keep up the great work!!! xxoo

  • Kelby Peachey

    I’d really like to see more book club posts and more home decor advice. :)


  • Stacie

    I agree with Melissa about the old profiles – it was nice to be able to look and see what someone’s interests were, and where they went to college and everything. I don’t understand why that was taken away.
    I also agree with wingheart about the subcategories.. that would really help.
    AND THE SPAM!!! It’s so frustrating, especially in the forums. Maybe you could do a etiquette post about how it’s not cool for a user to post about their blog/reviews/mermaids in four different places in the forum. I think it’s why so few people use the blog, and it’s a real shame.
    I also talked to another user once about how it would be cool to be able to respond directly to another user in the comments with a “”Comment-tree”” if that makes sense.
    And I think the new site is really pretty!

  • Shelby Stallsmith

    This is a great website and it has truly taught me a lot. I don’t ever stop talking about this website. It’s a huge hit. Oh, and I follow lauren/laurenconrad.com on ever socail media available but you can only select three.

  • Jantje Jensen

    I truely enjoy every part of the site, except in the forum area I wish there was a place to flag posts from people advertizing their own sites. It really disrupts the ‘conversation’ part of the forum.

  • Hanny R

    One thing that needs to be fix could be the link how to use the gallery, it just keeps you on the gallery instead of either sending you to a pop window or another page with the instructions. How do we know if our photos have been sent to the gallery and are being reviewed? I haven’t seen new photos on the gallery so far.



  • Kellie Norton

    I love how I’ve been able to connect with so many girls just like me on the site. I’ve made some great friends that I talk to off of the site now :-) I never am able to check the website until the end of the day though, because my job is just so busy. I really do love everything about this website! I wish there was a way where I could stay logged in though :/

  • sadgerw

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  • saffy bt

    This site was so great and cool.It helps alot for my personalities offcourse.I learn alot and get some cool ideas.Having more friends and knowing someone far away land was so really feel good.Thanks for your wonderfull site Lauren.And all your good ideas and advice especially in fashion and foods i got in tack in my personal favorite book.Hope u have more wonderfull and great ideas to share with us.Love ur site and keep touching with u,even though sometimes my network here became crazy,still im going to read ad open ur site.Good luck @ have a lovely day.

  • grefhf
  • Brittany Ann Kilpatrick

    I would like there to be more Crafty Creations videos. I personally love making crafts especially when it comes to something I can use in my room. I would also love more relationship advice articles ,and recipes for fruity cocktails both alcoholic and non alcoholic. I love this site and I hope it continues to grow. I enjoy going on here more then any other site. I love the ideas that are posted on here. I really want there to be an instant messaging feature. It would be great to connect with fellow members more quickly and know when they are online.

    I also believe there should be sections for ideas to do with your girlfriends for a girls night out and a girls night in.

  • Brittany Ann Kilpatrick

    I wish there was a Laurenconrad.com application.

  • AnselSf

    I really wouldn’t like to get all the notifications in just one e-mail, because sometimes I only have like, five minutes to spare and open smething that catches my eye. If it’s all packed-up, I’m not sure I’ll open the humongous e-mail and check one-by-one, what I’m most interested in!

    Maybe there could be a way in which everyone updates their preferences. I also wish there was an app, just like Brittany, up there.


  • tiffany newman

    i think they should be more new updates ow and then since summer is coming and i want to know how i can get into top shoe for the beach

  • Janet West

    Y’all are amazing! The only feedback I have: bring diversity to LaurenConrad.com 😊


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