Nail Files: My Fall Polish Picks

Nail Files: My Fall Polish Picks
I’ve got my eye on three hues when it comes to nail polish for fall: navy, dark green, and metallic shades such as gold and gunmetal.

I noticed navy while I was on my book tour. From matte midnights to shimmery sapphires, the unofficial polish du jour was clearly navy. Here are a few of my favorite twilight-inspired polishes: OPI Russian Navy (has a touch of shimmer), Yves Saint Lauren Bleu Cobalt (a lovely flat blue), and RGB Cobalt.

Dark Green
I wore this shade on my nails throughout Fashion Week earlier this fall and I cannot seem to get enough of it. I personally love American Apparel’s Hunter Nail Lacquer, but Butter London British Racing Green is a really great option too (if you want to splurge).

I like to think of metallic shades such as gold and graphite as dressed up neutrals for fall. They go with practically everything and I like the touch of glimmer they offer. My favorite metallic polishes include Chanel Diwali, Deborah Lippmann Believe, and Essie No Place Like Chrome.

What are your 3 favorite nail polish colors for fall?

XO Lauren

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  • Melissa Panici

    Love these colrs! After reading your Beauty book (which I just finished today) I learned that I need to go find some really good nail polish. I’m really wanting something from OPI so I might try the Russian Navy! Thanks for your tips Lauren!

  • Lily P.

    Great options for nail polishes Lauren!
    My favorite for fall are deep purple,nude and navy!

    xo Lily

  • Ambi s

    I love navy nails – they’re so chic!

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    Thanks :-) x

  • Amy Breckenridge

    i think metallics are #1 for me! my fave right now is deborah lippmann’s ‘glamorous life.’ i also really like essie’s ‘merino cool’ which isn’t metallic but a grey with a purple tint to it. it’s very unique and i get lots of compliments on it!

  • Helene Sula

    Yes Love these!!“”>Helene in Between

  • Giselle Escamilla

    i love the dark green polish!! I actually have that on right now:)

  • Kelby Peachey

    I love gray, orange, and red. Completely unexpected but so much fun. :)

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  • Andie Sims

    Ohhh I purchased a gold metallic last week. I am figuring out what to layer on top for the perfect “”Fall”” nail look.

  • Megan R.

    I am a huge fan of Essie nail polishes and my 3 go-to colors right now are Sand Tropez (as you can’t tell when it starts to chip-amazing!), midnight cami and need a vacation.


  • Valeria Alvarez

    I waiting for a gold one i purchase to arrive on the mail!!

    <3 Val

  • Ashley Rizzardo

    My favorite colors for the season are dark green, gold, and a deep red color.

  • Lynn W

    LOVE the hunter green. I’ve also been going for a lot of deep berry reds and rich browns this fall.

  • Angela Celio

    I am in love with a clay inspired color that is somewhere between purple and gray. I always like to add just a tad of sparkle too. Here’s the link to my favorite combo right now. Killer nail combo: Don’t Touch My Trust Fund. :)


  • Carly Bodolus

    i love painting my nails!
    It is one of the best ways to get your mind off of something bothering you.

  • Cesie Alvarez

    Metallic gold is one of my personal favorites since my skin is a bit darker. I love adding glitter to it for fun!

    For my favorite fall accessories click below

  • Deanne Castro

    I love teh dark green! For more fashion and beauty advice, please check out my blog: Follow me on Twitter: @MyFashAvenue. Today’s post: olive + piper… xo Deanne My Fash Avenue

  • Carol S

    Im totally into deep wine colours at the moment. Loving the green though!

  • Vivien Harmat

    Hmm.. great choices. Mines are Chanel Blue Satin, OPI On her majey’s secret service, OPI Nein! Nein! Nein! OK fine and Sally Hansen Cafe au lait.

  • daniella

    Russian Navy is by far my fav OPI color :)

  • Emily

    Love the combination of these colors! Got the idea from covergirl. :)

  • Pilar Carrasco
  • Yesenia Hernandez

    I like wearing the deep red colors, but I think I might try a navy one soon.

  • My Style Diary

    I love dark reds and purples :)

  • Nathalie Maxey

    Love those colors! Perfect for Fall!

  • Shoegal Out In The World

    Love the nail polish colors I use them since last year & they are my favorite…

    xo, Violeta

  • Laura Jewison

    I am a huge Essie Fan! My favorites are Dont Sweater it, a great neutral to go with everything. Big Spender, a fun bright purple to transition from late summer to fall. I also love School of Hard Rocks, which is a greenish/blue.

    On a budget, I like Ulta Femme Fatale.

  • Kylie Miller

    Agreed! I like wearing darker colors in the fall.
    Check out my blog:

  • in style of LC

    Dark green…yes, yes, yes! :-)

  • Taanjaa

    They are really beautiful for different things!

  • Amanda Nicole

    Grey & blue glitter nails! In total love with them!!

  • Maria Ion

    i think that grey is really nice! my personal favorite colour is dark red! absolutely love it especially during the Christmas periode! i also find France manicure very classic!

  • Linh Ly

    i love the metallics for fall!

  • Megan Elliott
  • karly goins
  • Marianne Jarvis

    My favourite Fall Manicures are:

    Dark Green: I love the colour Dark Green especially No7 Stay Perfect Totally Teal colour. I normally wouldn’t wear this colour and was skeptical at first but discover that I love wearing it. It also means I can match it to my outfits as well! :)

    Dark Red: I know Dark Red is a common colour but I love how it can associate itself with warmth and in particular matches Christmas coming up soon. Plus, it brightens up a dull outfit with a splash of colour. Plus, I can match the Dark Green and Dark Red at Christmas.

    Light Green Pastel: I chose this for fall because even though metallics are popular, I wanted a different twist on my nails. I don’t usually wear pastels on my nails at all, I tend to wear dark colours. Also, since England has cold wet and windy weather, I tend to wear summer clothes in winter and use a lot of layering to keep me warm. This shade reminds me of the summer days in winter, bright and fresh and it brightens up my day.

    Check out my fall Nail Manicures in the link below:
    In th album called ‘My nail art plus other things’ :)

  • Amy

    I have been seeing a lot of dark colors like the navy and dark green too, and a lot of darker colors in general. I did my nails in a dark purple color here

  • Chastity Martin

    I never thought I could pull it off, but I absolutely love OPI’s Russian Navy.

    I have tried just about every color of Shellac my manicurist has and I probably have to go with browns for fall, with a little glitter.

  • Hark
  • alex jones

    I like navy and dark green too but this will be nice for my wife.

  • Lena Ameri

    Loving all three of these colors! I never get sick of OPI Lincoln Park After Dark, the perfect dark purple color. Also loving glitter gradient nails for the holidays!



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