Helping Hand: Adopt a Pet

If you are in the market for a new pup I’d suggest bringing your search to your local pound. There is nothing greater than rescuing an animal…
Helping Hand: Adopt a Pet
I adopted my first dog, Chloe, just about 4-years ago. We’ve had a lot of fun together but now that I am working more than ever, I thought it would be nice to get Chloe a little companion to keep her company. Enter: Fitz! (By the way, Fitz is short for Fitzgerald, in honor of the author of my favorite book, The Great Gatsby.)

I adopted Fitz (breed unknown) from a high-kill shelter just outside of Los Angeles. I mean, look at this face…
Helping Hand: Adopt a Pet
I obviously couldn’t resist him and adopted him right there on the spot (even though I was in the midst of my book tour for Lauren Conrad Beauty and Starstruck). The first few days while I was finishing my book tour ended up being a bit of a scramble, but Fitz was well worth the stress. He is a wonderful, well-mannered, sweet little guy and Chloe has already warmed up to him.

Here is their first meeting… Chloe isn’t so sure.
Helping Hand: Adopt a Pet
And now they are besties!
Helping Hand: Adopt a PetHelping Hand: Adopt a Pet
Although Chloe does like her space from time to time… Look at that lean!
Helping Hand: Adopt a Pet
Since I don’t know exactly what Fitz’s breed is, it will be a surprise to see how big he grows. I was told he will be 30 pounds max, but we will see about that. When I got Chloe, the pound said she would be 40 pounds max…and now she is pushing 70!
Helping Hand: Adopt a Pet
I am really excited about my newest addition and encourage all of you to consider checking out your local shelter (or researching a local high-kill facility) when you decide to welcome a pet into your life. I’ve found that the best animals come from these places and it is also very satisfying to know that I have in essence saved a little life from being taken too soon.

Why You Should Adopt from a Shelter

I think a lot of people have misconceptions about shelter dogs (and cats). Many think they are sickly, really old, have loads of behavioral issues, or that they are all mutts. This couldn’t be further from the truth. While a handful of animals may fit those stereotypes, most of them are just little loves who are down on their luck. (Fun Fact: According to the Humane Society, most shelters are made up of 25-30% of purebreds!)

Adopting is so important because there is a massive overpopulation of sweet, adoptable animals in shelters that desperately need homes. Sadly these great prospective pets are euthanized so shelters can make more room for new homeless animals. And this cycle continues… On average, 3 to 4 MILLION cats and dogs are euthanized in shelters every year. So sad. And sick. So when the time comes, I really urge you to check out a few shelters. It might take a few stops, but I promise it will be well worth the time.

If you are looking for a shelter near you, check out the ASPCA’s Shelter Finder to get your search started.

Have you ever adopted a pet?

If so, share a photo of your furry friend and leave the image link below with a comment about your favorite story about your pet for a chance to be featured in a Member Spotlight post.

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XO Lauren

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  • Deanne Castro

    I totally agree! I adopted my cat from a shelter too!

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  • Melissa Panici

    I’m so glad you saved Fitz from being euthanized! That is so sad that this happens just because they don’t have a home:( It looks like Chloe warmed up to him quite nicely and real quick! Good for you Lauren for doing this:) I have never adopted yet but this is so encouraging!

  • Logan Dillon

    We adopted our (now) 8 month-old pit mix from a shelter and he is the sweetest puppy of all time. His favorite things are kids and CUDDLING!

  • Logan Dillon
  • Christina

    So cute!!! And their Halloween costumes!!! OMG PRECIOUS!!!

  • Elisabeth Bender

    Thank you so much for highlighting this Lauren, it’s so important!! Unfortunately, seven years ago when I got my dogs, I was very uneducated on the subject. I didn’t even know what a puppy mill was!! But going forward, I will always adopt. I know now what happens in those shelters….and I LOVE dogs!! It breaks my heart every day knowing the fate of many shelter dogs and cats. Thank you so much for adopting! And one day I will have my shelter dog (when I get more room!). PS – Those are the Halloween costumes I was going to buy for my boys!! Haha! You’re kids are too cute!

  • Amy Breckenridge

    awww, so so cute! i adopted my cat phoebe from a shelter too. she was 6 years old and her previous owners had left her behind in their locked, empty apartment when they moved. :( no one wanted to adopt her because she wasn’t a kitten. but now she’s my cuddle buddy! i hope to someday get a dog when i have a bigger apartment! :)

    here is phoebe in the DIY pet bed i made her!


  • Rachel Moltz

    Chloe and Fitz are TOO cute together! Two years ago our family lost our beloved black lab of 14 yrs. After some time my mom was ready for another dog. My sister adopted a mixed breed puppy from a local shelter for her. My mom named him Rhett after her favorite movie (Gone with the Wind). He’s a mix of a husky, jack russell and schnauzer. And he’s just about the cutest and sweetest thing ever! Shelters are the way to go!

  • Rachel Trampel

    FINALLY! I have been waiting to hear about Fitz on here haha :) He’s such a cutie and so glad they get along! Eventually I would like to adopt another dog to be friends with my puppy Emma. We did not adopt her… but it is not that simple as walking in and adopting on the spot in Minneapolis. I sent in several applications for dogs in the area to multiple shelters for dogs of breeds that would be no bigger than 25 lbs (That’s the weight limit where I live) and got rejected from all of those. I would have loved to adopt, but found a puppy through a breeder that fit our needs. My dog growing up was adopted through our local shelter though and he was so amazing! I hope that once we move to somewhere bigger or to a house I can easily adopt another dog and not have to worry about the weight!

    And they are seriously too cute together! Love their Halloween costumes!

  • jodij1103

    Good girl, Lauren. We adopted our now nearly 10 year old dog from a shelter when he was 4 months old. He is absolutely the best dog a family could hope for. While he is not a designer dog, he is beautiful, big, healthy and hilarious. He has given us so much more than he has ever asked in return. Rescue’s are the only way to go.

  • Brenna Gray

    Thank you Lauren! I volunteered at my local animal shelter and it is really sad that some animals go unwanted. I have always adopted non-purebreds from shelters and they are the best companions. Purebreds don’t live as long on average btw as mutts. I’m so happy that you promote pet adoption this way :). Your dogs are adorable!


  • Alba Cuci

    I am soooo glad you talked about this Lauren! Fitz is super cute. I adopted my cat Blazie from the shelter and she is the best cat in the world! ( this coming from someone who was not a cat person at all) My boyfriend and I got her because she was 7 or 8 years old (the shelter didn’t know for sure) and no one wanted her. She has the best personality and loves being close to us. Shelters are totally the way to go!

    BTW – so glad I can log in now :) :)

  • Rachael Yanta

    3-4 MILLION???? I had no idea the number was that high. That absolutely breaks my heart. I am a HUGE animal lover and would rescue them all if I could. I’m so glad you wrote this post… it brings such awareness to something that isn’t talked about that often. I have 2 kitties at the moment so I am not in the market for a dog but will almost certainly adopt if I decide to get one in the future. Fitz is absolutely adorable. Congrats on adding a new member to your family!!!

  • Carly

    I definitely agree with you about adopting!! After we had to put our first dog to sleep after 13 years with him, we decided to adopt again and get a cute puppy. We instantly fell in love with Rosie, we were told she is a mix between a shepard and a collie! She is so sweet and loves to play with the whole family!!


  • Julieta Felix

    This is great! I’m so happy for you. On that note, maybe you should do a little research on how other animals get killed. You know, like cows, chicken and turkey. They get mistreated badly and go through unimaginable pain while they are still alive that would be illegal if it were done to a dog. I really see no difference between a doggie and a piggy. Do you? Just something to think about :)

  • Dani English

    Like you I adopted my first fur baby Bella about 4 years ago, she was found in an abandoned home. When I first saw her I feel in love! Recently, my boyfriend and I decided that she needed a friend. We adopted a puppy from a local shelter. He was adorable, and had a paw missing. A few days before we were supposed to pick him up he contracted parvovirus. He passed away three days later. He had five siblings and only one survived. We brought the survivor puppy home this past Saturday and we are head over heals for him! We named him Ditka, due to his awesome strength! Bella now has an annoying little brother, who will become get bff in no time at all.

  • Brenna Gray

    Oh ya so here is a picture of my cat playing with his favorite toy, Polar Bear <3 He may be big, but he acts like a kitten everyday. When we adopted him from the shelter, the people there told us he ""likes to eat."" We didn't think anything of it, but come to find out they were right. We have to watch his diet, but his cute kitten face stays the same. We love him so much and his unique personality.


  • Rebecca H

    I adopted both of my kitties from shelter adoption days at local pet stores. I’d be a mess without these cuddly furballs!

  • Bev

    I love how Chloe shares her bed… my pup.. not so much when we brought home his sister :(

    We adopted our first doggy, Marley (aka Marls) from a shelter 3 years ago. I saw him outside of PetSmart when the shelter was advertising the pups, and couldn’t stop thinking of this caramel good lookin’ dog. I asked my hubs if we can get him, and he said (like all men do) “”let’s think about it”” but I knew the pup didn’t have “”think about time”” So we went home and were doing yard work, and I kept talking about the pup… talk talk talk… wahh wahh wahhhhh… then BOOM!! He said OKKKK LET’S GO BACK… and voila! The pup was still there waiting for us to swoop him up! Best day ever!!!

  • Adrienne Scott-Trask

    These two are the cutest!! I love them!
    All of our family pets through the years have been from a shelter…it’s the best way to go!
    -Adrienne. xo

  • Whitney Opfar

    I love my rescue pug! Her name is Ruby and she was my surprise Christmas present from my husband last year. She and her brother were rescued from a puppy mill in Spokane and brought to Seattle. They were the only surviving pups from a litter of 10. Although I like to think she is my pug, she is most certainly a daddy’s girl. She likes to snuggle directly on my husband’s head every night. She even uses her paw to move his face around to make herself more comfortable. :) Thanks for the great post!

  • Shawna Blackwood

    Above is a picture of my sister and our cat, Speckles. She’s a female tortoise shell (fun fact: Only females can be tri-coloured tortoise shells) and she adopted us about 8 years ago. My sister and I were shooting a basketball in our driveway when all of a sudden a kitten probably half the size of the basketball tried to tackle it as it rolled toward her. She continued attempting to ambush the ball as we continued to play and after that show of spunk and sassiness, we just had to take her in. It’s been 8 years since she found us and we all love her to bits!

  • Haley Barr Jones

    I rescued this little cutie, Marley!

  • Dina Karivalis

    I can’t take how cute the pictures are. I’m looking to adopt a pet soon and can not wait! Will definitely be looking in shelters.
    xo Dina

  • Britt Chamberlin
  • EjoS

    I adopted my little guy three years ago and he’s the sweetest thing ever! Shelter dogs are (in my opinion) better behaved animals. Meet Teddy:

  • Jo Taylor

    Generally I’m not an animal lover but your new pup is sooooo cute! And what a great idea getting him from a shelter too!! Look forward to seeing more pics as he gets comfortable

  • Kathleen Collins

    Your dogs are so cute! I love that you love pets! Fitz looks a lot like my dog who is a pug-beagle mix.

  • Cesie Alvarez

    Such a cute little pup! I am in love with dogs and visit the shelter as much as I can. I plan on adopting one as soon as I get my own place or find an apartment that allows dogs.
    (Business Casual looks for less!)

  • Melanie Zamora

    Awww Fitz is so freakin’ cute! I love that you are helping to encourage people to adopt from shelters. We all need to do the same to help these animals find their forever home. Thanks LC!

  • Sara Pelham

    I found Tasha as a stray, living under a tractor-trailor in an apartment complex parking lot. Tenants told me she had been there for at least 2 weeks in July summer heat. There was no id on her collar and no ads or flyers in our local newspaper,craigslist, etc looking for her. The owener had clearly given up on the search(or possibly dropped her off to fend for herself alone). She limped to me from tall grass around the trailor and i luckily i had a cold bottle of water on-hand. She came home with me that night..still to this day no word from the owner. So she is mine now. Much love to my baby-Tasha dog-daughter!!

  • Jessica Anderson

    I “”adopted”” my cat a little over a year ago now. She was found under a porch as a 13 wk old kitten and if she hadn’t been found when she was, she wouldn’t have made it much longer.

  • ash

    That’s presh (: I adopted my Bella about 3 years ago. She is so cute and my absolute bestfriend! I think adoption should be promoted a lot more than it is, all those little angels deserve homes and plenty of love ��❤

  • Lindsey Gerstlauer

    Yes! I completely agree, that one should adopt from a shelter! One of our cats, was found roaming the streets of Washington, DC. We have given him a wonderful home as well as our 2 other cats <3

    Your dogs are adorable, Lauren!!

  • Franci Gire

    Aweeee, they look like they are two peas in a pod! So sweet. I have two cats that were from the same litter, and I’m glad I took both of them. I can’t imagine where’d they be now if I didn’t take them. If you can afford to give them a loving home, then don’t hesitate! Thanks for sharing Lauren.

  • Laura Marshall

    These are my babies!! Funny that I have a Chloe too. And I would agree with you that most shelter dogs are the best. I like to think it because they have seen what it’s like out there and they know when they got it good. And trust me these two have it good.

  • Jennifer Holleman

    I got Reese about a year and a half ago, which was right before I started college. She has been a good study buddy :)

  • Lacie Blake

    I have never adopted an animal, but we have rescued many and my best friend adopted one this past year!!
    When I get out of school I definitely plan on adopting my own :)

  • Megan Anderson

    I adopted this little cutie in December 2011. He was running the streets of Downey, California before the rescue organization picked him up from the Downey shelter. He is the love of my life! I can’t wait to rescue another pound puppy.

  • Alyssa Perez

    These are my two little loves! They love to run and play and especially CUDDLE! They are the sweetest dogs ever and I never would have had them in my life if it wasn’t for adoption!

  • Kayla K

    I adopted my first cat, D’Artagnan, 2 1/2 years ago from the local animal shelter when I got my first apartment. He was found under a car with his mother and was only a month old. He was super timid at first but soon found comfort in his new home. A year later, my boyfriend found an abandoned cat near his work. She hadn’t had food in weeks and had been left out in the rain. We quickly took the sick kitten to the vet and found that her owners had moved and left her behind. We immediately took her in and formally adopted her. After antibiotics and several vet visits, Mahala was finally feeling much better and on her feet within a few weeks. Although they love to fight, D’Artagnan and Mahala are best friends and can’t stand to be apart.

  • Luca Havranek

    one day i adopt the doggy :) i have got one dog, it’s honey. I love him with all my heart. ♥
    and yours doggies are cute too! ♥

  • Whitney Ladzick

    I was incredibly lucky to adopt Daisy a year ago from my local humane society. She may be a mutt, but I’m convinced cocker-goldens will be the next designer dog. She is incredibly local, well behaved, and too darn cute for words.

  • Luca Havranek
  • My Style Diary

    Your dogs are so cute!

  • Hilary Turnbull

    i adopted my dog luke over a year ago. he was 6 years old at the time. originally i had gone in looking for a puppy but i couldn’t ignore the connection i made with luke. since i brought him home, he hasn’t left my side. we’ve truly saved each other.

  • Lex

    Awww! I adopted a dog that we found on vacation and she was in horrible condition but we took her in and she’s the best <3 She became besties with my other dog and brought up his spirits and I'm pretty sure she gave him a few more years of life into him!

  • Amanda Matthews
  • the blooming muse

    I love this post and I love the pics you posted with Chloe and Fitz!
    I agree with you because there are so many homeless cuties outside in this less comfortable and lovable shelters. Me and my mum adopted a dog a few years ago and I made the experience that they’re so damn thankful for keeping them alive and spending them a space in your heart and a lovely home, a family.
    As we arrived at the foster home, we looked for another dog because of an advertisement in the newspaper. But then suddenly a fluffy cutie little thing rushed downstairs to us, directly in our hearts!
    I think that it’s not like we choose the dogs but they choose us. I am in love with her since then and I think there could be no better present than a happy looking puppy face and their gratitude!

  • Sarah Jane

    My husband and I traveled to the Turks and Caicos islands in the Caribbean back in March. On most of the caribbean islands (not just T&C), stray dogs roam and it’s become quite a problem. Although they’re not positive of the types of breeds that make up the dogs, they have a general idea. Much like you, Lauren, we wanted a friend for our 4-year old black lab/collie Chloe, and researched adopting/rescuing from the islands. The boys were the only two of the litter that were found, literally underneath a bush, and it was love at first tail wiggle. We adopted them through the SPCA down there, and since they had had all their shots and were medically cleared to leave the islands, we flew home with the boys at the end of our vacation! The boys are aptly named Turk and Caico. All three dogs get along great, and we couldn’t be happier!

  • Kimberly

    Fitz is just so cute!!
    You have beautiful dogs! XO

  • Liz

    love the matching costumes and the dogs are so cute!! i can’t wait until i have my own place so i can adopt a puppy or 2!

  • Amanda Matthews

    I adopted my kitty Mei(said like May)from the Humane Society and love her to death! I did adopt another kitty as well, but she died of feline leukemia in just three short months. However I do not regret adopting her because she was so sweet and gave me a lot of great memories. Mei now has feline leukemia as well, but it’s dormant and shes doing great! I wouldn’t trade her in for the world!

  • Monika Lissmann

    I adopted my pup from the SPCA, and she has been the love of my life! When I went to the shelter, I was actually looking to adopt a cat! But when I saw her, I fell in love. She was a stray (so sad to imagine her live before!) and was tiny with matted fur, but she had a terrific personality. Quite a few people wanted to adopt her, and so they put our names into a hat, and my name was drawn. I was so surprised! It was truly meant to be. She is a member of the family. She has been with me for ten years now, and still has the vibrance and energy of a puppy. There’s nothing like the love that you receive from a shelter animal. They truly appreciate that you hand picked them, for the sole purpose of bringing them into your home and caring for them. I encourage everyone to adopt from a shelter, because it is so rewarding.

  • SaraRosie

    I didn’t adopt my kitties from a shelter i feel like they found us by fate. My boyfriend was living with friends when he found a stray cat that was beat up a little but had a collar with no tags. They took him in and took him to a vet. Just when they named him after my boyfriends Pops who was dying he found a sign on the street for a missing pet which was him. He was upset, but returned the cat to the owners. Shortly after that his aunt who is a vet tech told him that a cat in their office name Valentino needed to be adopted, he was a black cat and super friendly. He took him in and after a few incidents including him knocking over balsamic vinegar and drinking it, Valentino is just about the most laid back friendly cat there is. I have never met a cat you could literally pick up like a baby and he just does not care.

    A little over a year ago when we moved in together i was sad my cat had died suddenly from heart issues. When one of my boyfriends friends found a tiny cat on the side of the road. He wanted to take her in so we told them to bring her over. Well she came over and she was so little, she couldn’t even jump up one stair, she must have weighed 3 pounds. Valentino is so friendly he loved her right away and would groom her and watch over her. She was so hungry she would eat all her food as if she wouldn’t get more. I ended up naming her Baby because she was so little compared to Valentino who was now a giant black cat, she looked so little. But now i can say to her nobody puts Baby in a corner. :)

  • Kimmie

    Agree 100%. Why buy an a pet when you could save a life and adopt? I would love to see more posts about your pets. How’s your Cat Ashes?

  • Julie Haugan

    What kind of breed is Chloe?? I think both Chloe and Fitz looks a lot like my dog Maro. He is a 6 month old Rodeshian Ridgeback and I can for sure see som similarities 😀

  • Jessica Coleman

    This article could not be more timely! I just adopted a cat from the Animal Rescue League here in Boston this past Sunday. Her name is Diamond, a little over a year old, and was found as a stray. No one wanted to take her home with them because she was too calm and not playful enough – perfect for me and my stressful life. She and I have already build a strong relationship, and I am so happy that I was able to take her home with me. Here she is sleeping (per usual) next to me on the couch:

  • Katja Anni

    Love this article! Thanks so much Lauren for spreading the work! Always adopt, never buy! I myself can’t have pets at the moment but later on I defo want to adopt cats or dogs. It’s such a good and rewarding thing to do! Thanks to everybody who adopts animals in need of a loving home!!!


  • Amanda Kretchmer

    My family and I adopted Chelsea when she was six months old back in 1997. She was recused from a burning house and taken into a shelter. I had always wanted a cat and begged my parents for years to get one. Thank goodness we found Chelsea, she has been my best friend for all of these years. She loves to lay ontop of people and sleep. We call this “”snug bugging.”” She also has her “”crazy”” time at exactly the same time every night,8:30pm. She loves to run around and be frisky for about five minutes and then it’s back to snug bugging.

  • Meg V

    We have two male cats. The first was a surprise gift to me from my husband. He is a very social cat and was so full of energy that we decided to adopt a second. Both were from shelters, and we have never had issues with either of them. They are awesome companions and mini space heaters for our laps when it gets cold at night. :)

    It is great to know that we could provide a loving home for these animals, but sad to know that not all of them get to be so lucky.

  • Catherine

    I have four rescue animals – two cats and two dogs – who all have Shakespeare names. But the one that gets the most attention is Horatio, my 145-lb. St. Bernard. He was adopted from a shelter two hours away – and on the car ride home in my tiny Corolla (with my beagle cowering in the front seat), I found out he gets carsick. He threw up during the entire two-hour drive home. He drools constantly, sheds all over the house and ends up spilling half his food everywhere when he eats, and I still can’t get enough of him – or any of my animals. It’s really true what they say about rescue animals – they end up rescuing us!

  • Megan A

    We rescued an orphaned puppy just two years ago. Her mom was a purebred beagle that was in a puppy mill, and was forced to breed until she was 13 years old. Can you imagine? How horrible is that?! When they learned that this beagle bred with another non-beagle dog, the puppy mill got rid of her and she ended up dying two weeks after our dog’s litter was born. The whole story broke my heart. I’m so glad we went to a puppy orphanage to adopt our dog! We named her Nellie. She’s now 2 years old and 35 pounds. Love her to death.

  • Amanda Beth

    Here is our sweet little rescue cat, Paulie! She is so loved and she has really made our home complete.

  • Courtney Saari

    adopting a pet is the best way to get one!

    My husband and I adopted our dog Cobi a year and half ago. He was a skinny little pug-mix when we got him. We warmed up to us instantly and has been a very happy dog. He was about 2 years old when we got him, he was already fully house-trained. The shelter said his previous owner turned him in. I don’t know how someone could turn away this adorable face!

  • Emilie

    That is the cutest puppy and adopting from a shelter is such a good thing to do!

    xo Emilie @

  • Sabah Williams

    I think this might be my favorite post of yours EVER!!!!!!!! I was thrilled when you adopted Chole, becuase she is just gorgeous and reminds me of my dog Luke whom we rescued about 6 years ago! We also have a cat Kylie whom we rescued about 3 years ago! Animals give so much love, and life is so much better with them! Congrats Lauren… Chole and Fitz look like a match made in heaven!!!!!! Actually while Fitz is so little he looks like he could be Chole’s puppy! LOL

  • Claire Coppersmith

    When my brother was in 1st grade, he said he either wanted a big brother or a dog, so we went to the shelter and got Shiloh. They found her abandoned in a park, but don’t know her specific bread either. They assumed she was abused, but she is the sweetest dog, and if we hadn’t rescued her then, the shelter would of had to put her down.

  • Nina Sanderhoff Hansen

    If only animals were allowed where I live… sigh. I’d love a pet.

  • Linley Freeman

    I adopted a puppy about 3 years ago and she is the sweetest dog ever. She’s even made cat lovers turn into dog lovers. I was scared that we just got lucky with her but we adopted another dog a few months ago and turns out she is just as sweet. We love our babies so much. Our 3 yr old is named Chloe and our 5 month old is named Delilah but we call her Lyla.

  • Cluny Grey

    Good for you, Lauren! If only more celebrities would do this! I think you’ll always have a lot of love waiting for you at home.

  • Leticia31

    Although I’m always reading your blog I’ve never posted anything mostly because english isn’t my first language. Today I LOVED getting to know more about Chloe & Fitz, and also how you feel about adopting pets.
    Being from a third world country I’ve seen this same problem in a huge scale and it is as you said extremely sad. I’m engaged now and live near San Francisco with my fianc

  • Martin M

    Lauren you have such a huge heart! Thank you so much for helping animals all the time. I have a dog I found as a puppy as well and he is my best friend!! XOXO

  • Andrea Jarvis

    My family adopted Sadie when I was 8 years old in the spring of 1996. We were told she was about a year old and that in her short little life she had made at least 2 trips to the shelter and had already been adopted out twice. She was rambunctious and sweet and loving and we just had to give her a home. My mom always says that “”she found us, we didn’t find her””.

    My parents divorced a few years later and she went back and forth with me between my parents’ homes. As an only child it was a blessing to have her by my side and I affectionately referred to her as my “”furry sister””. When I got an apartment of my own she came with me and for the first time I, alone, was responsible for her in every way. I would joke that we were two “”single girls on our own”” but over time she became more like my child. In her old age she got sick, first with kidney disease then she developed a seizure disorder. I took care of her better than I take care of myself, buying her prescription dog food and taking her to the vet. Her doctor said that although she was sick she was not in any pain and we could keep her happy and comfortable.

    In February she took a turn for the worst and I could not make her go through discomfort to prolong my time with her. So after 16 years together I had to put her to sleep. I cried, my parents cried, her doctor cried, we were all a mess but I would rather have all of us experience that pain than for her to feel any. Sadie was my best friend and the closest thing I had to a sibling and a child. I loved her so much and look forward to adopting another shelter animal to love.

  • britta

    Fletch is my 18 month old adoption dog. His mum was found abandoned and pregnant on a mountain in Australia and was taken to Animal Aid where she had her eight puppies. He’s such a beautiful and cheeky dog. I would definitely consider adoption again!

  • NatalieBear

    When I knew I was ready to start looking I stopped at a pet store first. I thought I’d found the “”one,”” but wanted to check out the shelters before paying a pretty penny for a pup. Once you visit a shelter it’s nearly impossible to not want to take all those sad faces home. I couldn’t be happier with my decision, and I think Stella would have to agree! She’s my best friend! We do mostly everything together…here she is at my weekly boot camp class.

  • chopsueybrandy

    I come from a family that has always adopted dogs from the pound. So naturally, when I decided to get my own pet this year, I went immediately to the pound. Unfortunately, as a college senior who doesn’t have a job yet, I couldn’t get a dog yet. But, I ended up with two adorable guinea pigs. If you are thinking about getting a guinea pig, please, please, please go to a shelter or rescue before you go to a pet shop.

    Here are my pictures: (The red one is Mo and the sandy one is Alfie)

    And a YouTube video:

  • Nicole Fusco

    We first got roscoe a now 5 yr old 65# pit mix from a charlotte animal control whe. We was just 3 months old… He laid his head on top of his food bowl and whined as i walked by….and who could resist that. ( we found out his owner turned him in bc he kept him crated 24/7 and ended up with an anxiety disorder… Then a yr later we got bentley a now 35# chihuahua mis (we think) froma rescue in florence sc where he was found as new borns on the side od the road in a box… My hsband picked him up and bentley wouldnt stop kissing him so we knew he was ours…. Now they look like twins and everyone always ask if they are related… They are soo great with each other and cant be apart…. Good luck with both of your “”babies”” … Hopefully they will be bffs like mine are!!!

  • alex mcvety

    This is my dog Odie, I adopted her at the end of August. The vet guesses her to be around 3 years old. I have no idea what breeds she’s a mix of.

  • Valerie Lynn

    Hi Lauren! This is my favorite post yet! I have always rescued my animals from shelters! I have three kitties which were all strays, and now two dogs too. They are all the loves of my life, and I just wouldn’t be the same without them! I hope everyone can see the benefits of adoption, and help out when they can. I uploaded some pics, my two dogs are Riley and Jordy. The three kitties are Leda, Felix, and Cyrus.

    I hope you have a lovely holiday season coming up, and thank you, thank you for spreading the word! Animals are the best friends we need. <3



  • Valerie Lynn
    Sorry…here are my three kitties. My first pics didn’t quite work :-) Felix, Leda and Cyrus


  • Blair Arms

    I rescued Rory from the pound. Her former owners abused her and she only had 1 more week until they were going to put her down because of over population. The first time I met Rory, the people at the pound told me to be careful because she has been abused and because of that, she is a little skittish around new people. I knelt down to her level and opened her crate door. She came up to me and put her head on my shoulder. I stood up and she went up on her hind legs and put her paws on me and her head on my stomach. From then I knew that we were a match! I’ve had Rory for 3 years now and am so glad I made the decision to adopt her.

  • Tawny Theresa

    This is Bane. He is a husky/ridgeback and is a wiggling ball of furry love. My boyfriend and I were tossing around the idea of getting a dog, and one day we decided to go to our local humane society and take a look at some of the dogs there (huge mistake). We walked into the puppies section, and when I saw those goofy ears… I knew I was done and wouldn’t be able to lead without him. Sure enough, a few hours later, we were walking out with him prancing in front of us. He is rowdy, stubborn, energetic, and loves to run laps around our apartment (I feel bad for the people who live below us). But I wouldn’t have it any other way. He loves giving kisses and snuggling on our laps, which mind you he is 45 pounds light at 5 months, and is great at entertaining my boyfriend and I and himself. He is the love of my life.

  • meganadoralee

    I adopted my kitty, Roxy about 7 years ago. She was the runt of the entire litter and she was unwanted by the mother. She is my pride and joy! I love her so much!

  • Ashley R

    My family and I were fostering dogs for a while after our first beloved dog passed away. Although we loved fostering and watching them find a loving family, we new it was time to adopt our own. Sadly Bo and Harley we both abused. We knew they needed a new home, so we brought them both into our family and we couldn’t be any happier! The past year Harley got sick, he’s had many seizures and became partly blind. But with the love and support of our family he doing great and still loves playing with his brother Bo!!!!

  • enchanted13

    I grew up around dogs by whole life and 4 out of the 7 were shelter dogs. when I move out on my own I want to adopt a dog from a shelter but for now my parents didn’t want another shelter dog because 3 of our previous dogs we had to get rid if because of behavior issues (not that that disappears with breeder dogs). For a year I volunteered at my a shelter 20 minutes from my house called The Berea Animal Rescue Fund (ARF for short) and they really cared about their animals. They would even take dogs from kill shelters even when the place was packed, they would still find room. I’ve met a lot if adorable friendly dogs and u couldn’t believe that their owners neglected them or abused them. these dogs wouldn’t hurt a fly.

    And Fisk and Chloe are so adorable!

  • Cait

    This is Zeus and Dallas, my lovely babies. We adopted them both this year. Dallas may be a pitbull but she is the most cuddly couch potato. Zeus on the other hand is a little brat. He is still a baby but is full of attitude. My family will also be helping out a pitbull rescue group by fostering puppies till they get forever homes.

  • I20

    Mechas is my rescue dog! Read her story here:

  • I20

    Mechas lived in the streets of my country, Costa Rica, where we have a huge problem with abandoned animals most of them are born in the streets and live there their entire life. I really appreciate you writing about the adoption of animals, my passion has always been animals and I fight constantly in my country to change things for them.

  • Abby Lorene

    Fitz is absolutely adorable. Looks like him and Chloe are getting along great. (: Please put up more pictures of your precious pets, Lauren!

  • Abby Beuerlein

    I adopted Bella right before Christmas 2011. I went to the local shelter merely to look, but fell in love with her adorable little ears and sweet eyes. She was the only dog that didn’t get up and bark at me as I walked by. Instead, she stared at me with her big, sad brown eyes and my heart melted. They told me Bella is a Rottweiler/Lab mix, but I just tell people she’s all angel. Sure she can be stubborn and sometimes a bit of a diva (have you SEEN the picture below?!), but she is the sweetest dog I have ever met. She smiles more than any dog I’ve ever seen and would be completely content if her belly was being rubbed all day long. Bella loves everyone she meets. Absolutely everyone. Among her other list of “”likes”” are: snuggling, lounging upside down on her back, chasing rabbits, acting like a cat and going on long walks. To top it all off? When she tries to whine/bark she sounds more like Chewbacca from Star Wars. Seriously, she’s perfect.

  • kristy Sanchez

    We have two purebread labs that we had to have because having a dog was new to our family. Well two weeks ago we adopted our first puppy. There is no better feeling than adopting a helpless pet that has no home. Our shelter dog is so lovable and loves having a home to live in. From now on I will always adopt.

  • Hayley Reeves

    I absolutely LOVE animals! Throughout the years, my family has always taken in stray animals. Especially growing up in a small rural area where there are many homeless and wandering animals. We even experienced people “”dropping off”” unwanted pets near our home and my family always welcomed them with open arms. I have had my share of cats and dogs! And I have loved every minute of it. Now that I am out on my own, I can’t wait to live in an apartment/house that allows pets so that I too can rescue a precious life! Thank you for expressing your voice and opinion on this matter! I love to see people caring about animals as much as I do :]

    Here are some pictures of me and my pets:

  • Karla V

    Lauren Conrad, everything you do is amazing-your clothing lines, blog, books; and with this post, you just became even MORE incredible in my book. THANK YOU for promoting adopting a shelter pet. It is such an important thing, and people do need to realize that shelter animals need (and want so badly) love too!
    I adopted a dog (an adorable mutt mixed breed) from the SPCA almost 4 years ago; she had been tied outside to a doggy igloo and abandoned. Who could’ve done that, I have NO idea. She is the sweetest girl I could have ever asked for – her name is Riley and she is my everything!
    There is very little more rewarding than rescuing a pet. Thank you again for this post and the encouragement to adopt. Congrats on your new little puppy addition – he is adorable! <3

  • Stephanie A

    Fitz is soo cute! I can understand why you took him(?) home.
    I hope that, when i have my own place, i can adopt a dog aswell.

  • Meghan Conard

    He is so adorable!!! Thank you for sharing your story and spreading the word about adopting pets! I’m adopting a kitten for Christmas!
    Check out my new post

  • Abbie Cox
  • Brittany Salazar

    This is such an awesome post Lauren! I wish more people thought like you did. I am so sick of seeing people selling purebred pups (and kitties) for hundreds of dollars when there are so many innocent loves being put down in shelters everyday.

  • Mariella

    I’ve adopted a pup this year and I’m sooo happy!! She brings happiness to my life 😉
    Here are some photos!

  • Chelsea Beck

    This post could not be more applicable to my life at this moment. About a month ago my husband and I adopted a 4 month old puppy from a shelter about 2 hours from our home. We always said we wanted a puppy and she was older than we had expected but she was beyond scared to walk or play or even eat! We got her home and she wouldn’t come near us for a few days, then suddenly, she opened up and began playing and eating and running!

    At this moment she is laying on my lap, as she seems to think that she is chiwawa sized. I’m starting to think that there is actually a human infant trapped inside her adorable little puppy body! Such a wonderful addition to our new little family!

    Photos on my blog:
    Photos here:

  • Larissa Wilhelm

    Oh my goodness! Chloe and Fitz are so adorable together!! I wish my 2 dogs got along. I will definitely be adopting a dog when I’m out of college.

  • Chelsea Beck

    This post could not be more applicable to my life at this moment. About a month ago my husband and I adopted a 4 month old puppy from a shelter about 2 hours from our home. We always said we wanted a puppy and she was older than we had expected but she was beyond scared to walk or play or even eat! We got her home and she wouldn’t come near us for a few days, then suddenly, she opened up and began playing and eating and running!

    At this moment she is laying on my lap, as she seems to think that she is chiwawa sized. I’m starting to think that there is actually a human infant trapped inside her adorable little puppy body! Such a wonderful addition to our new little family! We named Rooney after Rooney Mara (the girl with the dragon tattoo) as they have a serious amount in common, dark, reserved at first but now completely out of her shell and trusting us to take good care of her!

    Photos on my blog:
    Photos here:

  • Kylie Miller

    Your puppy is soo cute!! My dog is adopted. I want to get another one but my dog doesn’t get along with other dogs well.
    Check out my blog:

  • Ananda de Oliveira

    Such a great idea! Thanks for spreading the words about animals adoptions. They all need so much love and care, and end up abandoned :(

  • Megan

    The two family dogs that I have had have both been shelter-rescues, and they were/are two of the best dogs I have ever encountered. My first one, Fred, passed away when I was in high school, and our current dog, Bo, is like my best friend and companion. There’s an album of him here!

  • Lauren Paltrow

    Fitz and Chloe are adorable. I already have a dog (named Gatsby… we share the same favorite author) and am thinking of adopting another one. Fitz is one lucky dog!

  • Sophia

    Fitz and Chloe are so cute! I adopted my puppy 2 years ago. He’s a handful but I love him.

  • Chaysen tula

    While I didn’t rescue my cat Tiger Lily from a shelter I truly believe that I saved her from a bad environment. Tiger Lily originally belonged to a friend of mine. The friend was going to move out of state and couldn’t take Tiger Lily with her so she gave her to me. Things didn’t work out and my friend ended up moving back. I was scared she would want to take Tiger Lily back but she never did. I was so relieved. If Tiger Lily had stayed with my friend I am not sure what condition she would have been in by now. Three years have passed since Tiger Lily entered my life and I can not imagine what my life would be like without her to come home to everyday.

  • Nathalia

    I adopted my cat Shaolin from a shelter six years ago, and we had a rough start, because he did in fact have some issues, and bit me a lot. Turns out the problem was that he was accustomed to rambling around outside, and staying stuck in my apartment made him aggressive. Once I let him out, he calmed down and we are a heart and a soul now and he also gets a long well with my fiance. We call him “”grandpa”” a lot, because he is 16, which is pretty old for a cat and he also does grandpa-ish things.

  • Sarah Albert

    Balou is a happy-go-lucky pup. Although puppy is not really the right word for him anymore.
    At his current 10 months old, he weighs 65 pounds.. and I don’t think he is quite done with growing yet. But hey, there’s just more of him to love.

    Balou loves everybody, people and animals alike. I couldn’t imagine my life without him anymore.
    But he seems to have some issues with being alone every now and then. (I am usually at home with him). One day my boyfriend and I had to go buy furniture for our new house and afterwards to a dinner party. When we came home I saw some odd colored fluff lying scattered over the floor… I knew he did something he shouldn’t have. And he sure did… we found him in the midst of a mountain off fluff in the living room.. They where the remnants of his pillow… His look was so priceless and cute at the same time we just couldn’t be too angry with him.

  • Jessica Ciesla

    Here’s my puppy story! Enjoy:)

  • emma brady

    Just adopted a puppy named Ringo from the RSCPA in Australia. My boyfriends parents vowed they’d never get a dog but now are upset if there ever far from him.

  • Amy

    I technically didn’t adopt Rocky from a shelter but a woman’s dog in my town had puppies and parents brought home Rocky for me as a graduation present from college. If we hadn’t have gotten him when we did he could of wound up at a shelter. He is the love of my life, and I often bring him into work with me and he runs around my store and plays with all my co-workers he stands on his back legs and tries to paw them and it looks like he is boxing.

  • Kelby Peachey

    AWWWW!! Because of cute faces like Fitz, that’s how I ended up with my three black labs!! Story here:

    I’m hosting a GIVEAWAY on my blog today: THREE Pilot Pen’s Dr. Grip Center of Gravity and 3 handmade Holiday Cards made by yours truly.


  • Margaret Sherbourne

    I’ve had these adorable little brothers since this summer, they can be a handful but when Melvin(the little one)curls up next to me at night I couldn’t care less. Mufasa(the “”fluff””) tries to be a big man most of the time but tonight he had to hide behind mom when it was stormy out. Every time I think I’m going to lose it on them they do the most loveable cute things, what can I say I’m smitten!

  • Margaret Sherbourne
  • Aimee Major

    twos company xx
    last year my family lost our first dog buster he was a very old cavalier king Charles and his death took a toll on my family ours dogs are our family we were hysterical.
    Our four year old cavalier was heartbroken he lost his brother as an epileptic dog we always worried that we wouldnt have him for long but lucky for us a year later his heart is mended and his epilepsy is under control.
    While out looking for a new car to buy my parents stumbled across pets first our local dog pound in our town of enniscorthy, ireland i dont think they expected to come across a beautiful but very hyper and lovable 3 month springer jumping up at my mother. We adopted abbey ( full name abbey road after the famous Beatles album cover) at just 3 months she was abused and starved her ribs were visible she was weak and afraid just three months on shes a very healthy and beautifully strong puppy full of love once i have my own place il be adopting my own dog. although we bought bailey adopting abbey was the best decision she didnt replace buster we merely opened our heart to her. if she wasnt adopted after two weeks she would of been put down :( adopting a dog saves the poor animals lives and fulfills your own … sorry for the rant your new puppy is beautiful lauren! x


    I always wanted a dog but my parents don’t want any animals what so ever

  • Audacious Autumn

    I adopted Samson this summer from our local Pound Buddies. He is a five year old boxer mix. He is the best dog I could’ve brought home. I just love him. The funniest story is that my friends have a huge cardboard cut out of Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom from Pirates of the Caribbean for their pirate themed wedding. Samson and I were at their house, sitting in the living room, and after about ten minutes, all of a sudden Samson leaps off the couch and goes over to the cutouts and starts barking at them. It took him ten minutes to notice them, but once he did, he just kept barking at them, waiting for them to move. It was hilarious. He’s a great guard dog, a personal heater (80lb lap dog) and my sanity. I just love him and can’t imagine my life now without him. Adopting is truly the best.

  • Lotte

    Orh that is so cute! I would LOVE do adopt a dog someday! My boyfriend and I love dogs, but right now isn’t the right time. But someday, we will have our own, and i can’t wait!

    Your dogs are SO cute. <3

  • Mindee Krymer

    This is Scooter, who we adopted from the Helen Woodward Society in San Diego a couple of years ago. She was (approx.) a year old when we got her, had just had a littler of puppies (such a young mama!), and was very skinny and malnourished. However, we fell in love with her sweet personality and her soft ears! Within weeks her fur coat had become thick and glossy and she was fattening up a little bit. Now she is the love of my family – she is so well-behaved (we have never heard her bark!) and loving. We couldn’t ask for a better dog, and she came right at the best time to heal all of our hearts from the loss of our previous puppy to a blood disease at only 5 years old. Adopting a pet is the best thing you can do – I don’t foresee ever getting an animal that is not a rescue.

    P.S. The hot dog pic of Fitz and Chloe makes me die of cuteness.

  • Nicole Pedro

    Hey Lauren, Fitz is half weenier dog and half chiquaqua. I have the same exact dog and their pictures are so identical its insane. I think Im looking at pictures of my dog Kiwi!

    Anyways, hope this helps! Love your blog, keep doing what your doing, and I’ll keep reading :)

    Best, Nicole

  • Court.Erin

    I definitely think adoption is key. I have 2 kitty rescues from the streets & they are the absolute best! I urge everyone to think about how many lives are senselessly lost because people are selfish and breed without caring what ends up happening to millions of animals every year. ADOPT!! RESCUE!! :)

  • Beautysleep


    I have rescued two cats so far (I would love to have a dog as cute as Chloe or Fitz! So maybe one day soon…) I got Milo (the orange cat) from the ASPCA when I was in college. He was all alone in his cage and was left to be euthanized because he was the runt of the litter and nobody wanted him. Every time I passed his cage, he stuck his paw out at me, like he was waving for me to save him! So I did! And I got Little Kitty (the black cat) when I worked for a short time at an animal hospital. Someone brought her in because they couldn’t keep her. Nobody could foster her, so I volunteered. She was only supposed to spend a weekend at my house, but I kept her. I am so happy to have these two kitties in my life and glad to know that I saved them =) Thanks Lauren for your inspiration on practically everything! I am a huge fan of your writing, fashion and style … and I hope to be successful like you someday <3


  • Jenna Hayes

    I actually just adopted my first dog this Sunday and I pick her up today. I am so excited! I named her Buffy because she is strong, blonde, and a survivor. She has recently given birth and was thrown out of a car and bullied by the neighborhood feral cats. But she is the sweetest thing and just wants affection. I felt a connection with her and when I walked away she would just stare at me like “”don’t leave!”” So I thought about it for a week and when I had decided I wanted her, there was a sale at the shelter for the superbowl! 49% off all adoption fees! They are a really great shelter too. They nueter/spay the animals, chip them, register them, give them meds and help them socially interact with the others, and evern give you a collar, leash and name tag for them; all inclusive! There were so many I wanted to adopt, it’s so hard to see them and not be able to rescue them all. But for now I can’t wait to bring my Buffy home! =)


  • Jenna Hayes

    You can also do a DNA test on the dog to see what all she is mixed with, we would like to do that with Buffy because all we know is she is Am Staff mix.

  • spaghetti

    I had a dog named buick who was a Staffordshire bull terrier he wasn’t from the shelter he was from a farm and when we first got him his ribs were visible but he quickly gained weight when we had him he lived a long and happy life with us

  • Kayla Bird

    I LOVE that you are encouraging people to rescue and adopt these innocent, lovable pets! I rescued little Walter Jose almost a year ago and we think he is a Corgi/Pomeranian mix. He is the cutest little pup! He does get temperamental at times, but when you adopt a pet, you never know what they have been through. He is definitely teaching me patience =). My favorite moments with him are when we are driving in the car and he is sitting on my lap, so excited and happy as can be. His little tongue sticks out and curls up and it is the cutest thing! He just gets so excited to be on a drive! Probably not the safest way to drive, but it’s quite adorable. Everyone should save a pets life and rescue an animal!

  • Rebecca Rentz

    Great post! Congrats on the new addition!

  • Elizabeth

    Rescuing is the only way I would ever get a pet. My baby Cricket had been through so much before I got him. He had an owner that fed him only scraps of what she was eating and he ended up weighing roughly twice what he should. She also kicked and abused him. When she eventually got sick and gave him up, unfortunately things only got worse for him. When he was in foster care from the shelter one of the foster’s other dogs attacked him and he lost his eye. He was turned down for adoption repeatedly because he was so aloof and scared because of everything he had been through. I’ve had him for almost a year now and he has made a complete 180. It took a long time to get him to trust me but he is just the best and I couldn’t imagine my life without him.

  • Kyla Feeney

    Lucy and Linus are the best of friends. We recently adopted Linus from the Humane Society on Black Friday, where their special was- FREE CAT FRIDAY! Not only was Linus free but we saved him from being put in their Barn Cat program- where they felt he was not suited to be a house cat. Boy were they wrong! Linus is they most loving and attention hogging cat this side of the Mississippi has ever seen! I’m glad we rescued him when we did.

  • Beatrice Rattfeldt

    This wednesday i adopted a little Powder Puff dog called Candy! It’s my first dog and he seems to like his new home very much! Candy and my 13 year old cat has just became close and well what can I say? Success!

    I saw a photo of candy at my facebook wall last week and immediately got a feeling in my stommach that just felt right and said “”just go for it””. So i texted my dad a picture and a message and asked him to call for Candy and he acutally did! When we arrived he immediately fell asleep just because i was stroking his back.

    I’m so glad to finally have a dog (been waiting all my life for this moment). A few days ago i heard that his former owner was an sort of alkoholic and didn’t feed him well. He didn’t really care about him at all. In my opinion “”Why get a dog if you won’t take care of it?””. It gets me really upset because Candy is so small and skinny, like its just bones. I’m go glad that me and my family got him, I really hope that he’ll get more chubby!

  • Audacious Autumn

    I have one dog and three cats. I adopted Samson, my 80lb Boxer mix lap dog, from Pound Buddies this past summer. He is four, and was surrendered by his family. He is the best dog I could’ve asked for. Daisy and Oscar were both from local rescues, and they are the sweetest, cutest kitties ever. My old man kitty, Gidgy, I brought home when he was just a few weeks old. He was taken from a friend who was going to bring him to a shelter, so technically he is my only non-shelter pet.

    Thank you so much for highlighting how great shelter pets are.

  • Lindsey Rosendale

    Earlier today I saw a bumpersticker on a car of a paw-print that read “”Who Saved Who””. This is so true of me and my cat, Shiloh. My family and I got him from a local shelter about four years ago. He had been placed in their lost and found, so we knew nothing about him, not even his age. Now, I can’t imagine our lives without him. He has appointed himself guard cat- staking out the front door and growling whenever the doorbell rings. He LOVES butter and avocados, and is happiest running around outside or watching birds out the windows. He’s a lover, and can always be counted on to be on your lap the second you sit down. His poor play mice don’t stand a chance when he’s on the hunt either! He’s the greatest gift I’ve ever received, and the fact that he was rescued makes him that much more special to me.

    • Kelley Kovich

      Lindsey avocados can be lethal to dogs. Just wanted to warn you.:)


    Ok.. I remember my lil bird “”i was calling him KoKo”” when i was five.. at that time i had to leave him away at some relatives because we found out that my my lil brother had asthma allergy..
    As i remember very well i was silent at the moment of leaving!.. I realy loved my bird but i also loved my brother and i couldnt see him suffer from asthma anymore! So.. My reaction as a 5years old kid was silence! Now i’m 24 years and i’m able to bring any pet i like but still never do that! I’m right now studying at medicine college which doesnt leave much of time to care of a pet.. I dont think it’s fair to hold a pet if u r too busy, or may be cuz i’m afraid to b in a situation that force to leave what i love.. Any way! I always like to look for ur topics abt pets and i think u lauren did a great job with chloe and fitz! They r so cute.. lol

  • anthrob

    Love, love, LOVE this post. Kudos LC! We have 3 rescues. Our last, Hope, is a tabby cat we adopted from a kill shelter… on Valentine’s Day. I figured, you know… We have lots of love to give. Why not share that love to someone who needs a “furever” home. Hope is the absolute sweetest and has the most adorable meow. She was abandoned at an apartment complex. She’s very very small for her age. Our other two rescues Gidi (bombay cat) and Captain (jack russell terrier mystery mix) adopted her right into the family. :)

  • Donna

    Thank you for sharing how wonderful it is to adopt a pet rather than buy. Although, my beloved Boston Terrier was bought, we volunteer monthly at a local non profit (Wonder Dog in San Francisco) which fosters, rehabilitates and adopts small dogs. I always encourage people to adopt but if you insist to buy be sure to do your research!


  • Michelle

    Me and my boyfriend adopted our puppy from a shelter in Maine. We instantly feel in love and named him Chevy! He was a healthy 3 month old boxer/hound mix who was full of kisses. The shelters gave him a free micro chip, a free vet visit and a new collar to come home with. Adopting Chevy proved to a lot of people you can get adorable puppies from a shelter, there is no way I could have gotten one that cute from a breeder. There is nothing wrong with shelter dogs and I agree it’s the way to go!!

  • Katie Davidson

    This is Mosby (from How I Met Your Mother’s Ted Mosby) I rescued him in September from an amazing organization, San Antonio Pets Alive, that goes out and rescues dogs/cats who are about to be euthanized. He is an amazing little guy and I love coming home to him every day!

  • Kirsty

    Love this post! You should check out Suzies Senior Dogs on facebook, focusing on adopting seniors, it is heartbreaking and heartwarming all at once!! xx

  • Kelley Kovich

    When my husband and I were first moving in together I could not imagine not having a dog around so I went on Petfinder to find a puppy that needed to be rescued. I showed my bf at the time a dozen pictures until he said “that’s a cool dog”. I took that as a yes and so we drove 3 hours to the shelter to pick her up. When we got there I also fell in love with her sister so without hesitation my bf said “we’ll take them both.” It has been so much fun raising sisters together. We got their DNA tested and they are both a mixture of roughly 6 different breeds and don’t look much alike. The vet says the more breeds they have the better it usually is for their health.:) They are best friends and we are so glad they didn’t have to be seperated. Along with getting married was the best decision we ever made!

  • Rosie C.

    Chloe looks like my rescue which is supposedly a mastiff pit mix. My dog weighs 75-80 lbs and is 5 years old now. I was browsing on here wondering if you knew what your Chloe was since she looks similar to my dog.

  • BFS
  • Carly

    Lauren where is your cat Ashes? I know you had him before Chloe. I hope that he is alright! How does having a cat fit into life with the dogs? Please reply.

  • Mag

    I have a similar story but with cats. I adopted Mocha at the Van Nuys animal shelter and she quickly became my bestie. But I started working a lot and because she’s an indoor cat I found it sad to leave her alone so much. Therefore, I convinced my boyfriend to add a little fluffy friend to our family. It wasn’t easy convincing him but when I found Chai at a downey shelter I immedialtely felt in love. Now these two are inseparable! I think adopting a pet is an amazing experience and I wish everyone would consider adopting from shelters because there are so many animals being put down everyday because the shelters don’t have space for them. It makes me so sad thinking about all the great pets that are dumped at animal shelters and euthanized after a few days because no one adopted them. Please adopt don’t shop and spay and neuter your pets. (This is the main reason why animal shelters are overflowing!)

  • Anna Morweiser

    We got our first dog seven, almost eight, years ago. Espania is a German shepard from a breeder with a pedigree. Since Espania was our first dog and we haven’t had any experience with dogs at that time, we thought it would be better to have a dog with a good ‘social’ background. Especially in Germany people are really wary when it comes to German shepards. But Espania is such a lovely baby, she is so sweet and couldn’t ever harm anyone. When Espania was four we decided to adopt our second dog – ChaCha. ChaCha is a stray dog from Mallorca that was found with four of her siblings and her father and was brought to a shelter that is led by a German animal rescue organization. Since she was only four month old she had a very good chance of being adopted and so she was brought to Germany to a foster home. In Germany shelter animals are not euthanized, they stay at the shelter until they are adopted. Because of that many organizations try to rescue dogs from other European countries in which they would be euthanized. The foster home ChaCha was brought to was my boyfriend’s cousin. When we saw ChaCha for the first time, we immediately fell in love with this baby, that was so emaciated and scared. It took a long time to raise her to a happy and confident dog, but it was worth all the time. And we got so much help from Espania who is a great big sister. In the end we are so happy with our decision. Espania got a little sister and the two are best friends. Sometimes adopting means investing more time in the upbringing of the dog, but not necessarily! And in the end you get so much love that it is all worth it. And since there are so many lovely animals waiting in shelters I would always decide for an adoption in the end.
    In March some of my friends an I are going to visit the animal rescue shelter in Mallorca ChaCha was brought to. We are going to bring some donations such as leashes and other things they really need. I’m really excited to go on this trip but also a bit scared because I know we can’t take all these dogs home with us to Germany.

    Here is a picture of our family :)

    • Anna Morweiser

      Something went wrong, but here is the picture :)

  • Caitlin

    My husband and I adopted Winnie (a terrier mix) almost three years ago from a rescue here in Southern California. She was so scared of everything when we first brought her home, but she has opened up so much and is the sweetest little pup. We love her so much! I am definitely tempted to get another ones but that might take some talking into for my husband. :) #adoptdontshop

  • stephanie

    love this story adoption is the way to go when expanding your pet family! Don’t forget to spay and neuter to help control this packed shelters

  • Maria Scott

    Better post. You post truly carry a social message. The shelter less animals are under threat and anyone opts for rescuing them it will be great for the poor creatures. Most of the people think that they are not being treated as pets, but this is not true. When I was eager to adopt a pet, GlamourDoodles had assisted me with some valuable tips and now I am happy with my pet. Thanks to GlamourDoodles…



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