Here at, we’ve been a bit obsessed with playing around with prints and patterns this season. We’ve been rocking the trend by mixing and matching floral separates, adding punchy accessories to simple outfits, and, on those casual office Fridays, throwing on a pair of effortlessly cool patterned jeans. And it looks like we’re not alone…

When we saw Linh L.’s adorable outfit, our eyes immediately focused in on her grey, leopard-patterned jeans. Let’s just say our first thought was that Linh is a girl after our own heart. Congratulations Lihn…not only are you a true printmaster, you’re our Chic of the Week!
Chic of the Week: Linh's Printed Pants
Our newest Chic’s outfit is fall perfection in several ways. For starters, we love that she chose an oxblood red shirt and clutch. This deep red color is the hottest hue of the season, and personally, we can’t get enough of it! Our Chic let her printed jeans do the statement making by choosing classic black pumps, and simple, sophisticated jewelry. And for the finishing touch, Linh pulled her hair back in a sleek and stylish bun. Could our Chic be anymore on-trend? We think not…

Congrats Linh!

Do you have a favorite pair of printed pants this season?

XO Team LC