Ask Lauren: How Do I Meet Mr. Right?

Today’s question comes from an anonymous member who sent me a private message. I think that a lot of you single ladies will be able to relate and I hope you find my advice in today’s Ask Lauren post helpful. Here goes…

I am having a hard time meeting new guys. I work a full time job Monday thru Friday, 9-5 and don’t have a lot of time to go out during the week. On the weekends I usually end up going out to the bars… and am starting to feel like it’s not really the best environment to meet my next potential boyfriend. Everyone (including myself) is pretty drunk and not really looking for a long term connection with someone rather more along the lines of a one night connection. Since you know LA pretty well, I was wondering if you could give me some advice on where to go to meet nice, smart, attractive guys with good jobs.

I was just having this conversation this morning over breakfast with some girlfriends. So many smart, beautiful girls with full time jobs struggle with where to meet a great guy. I think the best way to meet someone you are compatible with is doing something you really enjoy.

Now, when I say something that you enjoy I don’t mean shopping, visiting a farmers market or taking a cooking class. These are things that men do for women, but don’t necessarily enjoy doing by themselves. (Yes there are exceptions, but for the most part dudes aren’t waking up early on┬áSunday morning to pick up some organic kale chips and a juice.) Instead, try out activities that you enjoy and think a guy would like too. If you enjoy watching sports (you don’t have to be a fanatic) try a sports bar with a couple friends. If you enjoy music, a low-key show is a great place to meet a guy. If you like art then try finding local art shows to attend. The bottom line is, don’t drag yourself to places just to meet a guy. Do things that you love and hopefully you will find someone who can enjoy them with you. If nothing else you’ll have a great time until you find Mr. Right.

Do you have any suggestions for today’s question? Sound off in the comments below.

XO Lauren

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