Here & There: 24 Hours with Lauren Conrad + Signed Book Giveaway

Hi guys! This is Alex–one of the “mysterious” members of Team LC. If you didn’t get the chance to go to one of Lauren’s book signings, we thought it would be fun to bring the experience to you (and give you the chance to win signed copies too)! Today we are sharing a super exclusive video we put together with Lauren while we were on the road for the very last signing of her Lauren Conrad Beauty and Starstruck book tour in San Francisco! Check out the video below and get ready to spend a very quick 24-hours with Miss Lauren herself:

UPDATE: We have a winner!! Congrats to member Jenny Alexander!
Didn’t get a book signed?
Simply comment below for a chance to win signed copies of Lauren Conrad Beauty and Starstruck! We will announce the winner on Friday, November 9th!

Team LC

P.S. Have you picked up your copies of Lauren Conrad Beauty and Starstruck yet? Also to see an interview I did before the signing, click here!

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  • Winners will be contacted via private message to their inbox and by email. If our team does not hear back within 24 hours, a new winner will be selected in your place. 
  • Limit one comment per entry. Multiple comment entries will not be considered. 
  • This giveaway ends at midnight PST on Nov 8th 2012. 
  • This is not a sponsored giveaway in any way.

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  • Paige Marie

    Love the video! Thanks for sharing! I would LOVE to win a signed copy of Lauren Conrad Beauty or Starstruck. I love Lauren Conrad’s books!!! I’ve read almost all of them lol. :)

  • Melissa Panici

    I already have my books signed so I’m not entering the contest! Just commenting on the video and how lovely it was! Thank you Lauren, for all you do for us. You are truly a blessing and we appreciate you taking the time to sign books and meet your fans. Can’t wait for your next signing!! I’m definately going to see you again:)

  • Coco chanel09

    This was such an awesome video. I would have loved to go to a book signing. I would love to win the books.

  • kasia swierzewska

    Great video!!! Thank you for sharing! I already have to book ‘Beauty’ which i absolutely love it. But I would like to win a singed copy too of your book :)

  • Cassie Lynne

    I wanted to make it to the Georgia signing, as I’m only hour away, but unfortunately I had to work that day :( I would love to win these books to make up for it!

  • Lailka

    fantastic video and idea to share a day of your book tour! I would love to win a signed copy of Lauren Conrad Beauty / Starstruck! Lots of love from Germany!

  • Leslie Diaz

    I loved the video! It kind of sort of a little Bit made up for the fact that I couldn’t attend your book signing in Georgia. I am very upset especially since I’ve been a fan since my older sister and I used to watch Laguna Beach. I love all your books but alas I only own LA Candy & Sugar & Spice. I can’t wait to get my hands on those pleather pants that I’ve saved up from Kohl’s! Either way I’ll definitely be looking forward to the next time you come to Georgia; I just hope it’s closer to Atlanta next time! Crossing my fingers to be the winner! (Hey doesn’t that rhyme?)

  • Meghan Conard

    Love seeing the behind-the-scenes video! I wish I could have made it to your signing in LA! Can’t wait to read Lauren Conrad Beauty!


  • JoJo Beauty

    Love the 24 hr with LC in almost 3 1/2 mins haha. Lauren is so beautiful. I didn’t get a chance to go to the book signing :( I am trying my luck here :)

  • Megan M

    Loved the video and so wish you would come to Chicago or Milwaukee (I live directly between the two right near the border of WI in IL). I still need to get Style but I did get Starstruck and I’m so excited to read it!

  • Karen Torres

    You look beautiful as always in the video!

    I didn’t get a book signed because I live in Monterrey, Mexico. Hopefully the giveaways is for international fans too!


    Karen Torres

  • Mary Lauren

    I would love to see you on the East Coast some day! I own your other 4 books so having these two would be perfect. (Style is actually sitting on my coffee table right now bc i think it’s such a pretty book). Both books are on my birthday list which is in a couple of weeks so it would be just so so amazing to win them signed!! :). Have a great weekend Team LC!

  • Stacie

    I wasn’t able to make it to a signing, since Lauren didn’t come anywhere near Texas. But I really enjoyed the Style book, and would love a signed copy of Beauty!!

  • Chrissy Myers

    I love this opportunity! Especially for those of us who lived too far away from where any of the tour stops were (Chambersburg, PA, represeeeent! haha!) Thanks for doing this, Lauren. :) Love the video, by the way! Always so stunning <3

  • Sarah Trentacoste

    Want the Beauty book so bad! Wish you had been in San Fran when I was a there 2 months ago, definitely would have been a dream come true to meet you Lauren!

  • Angie

    Loved the video and can’t wait to read Starstruck :)

  • tt2020

    I didn’t get a chance to make it out to a book signing this time =(, but I enjoyed the behind-the-scenes video! And I would love a signed copy of Starstruck! =)

  • Deanne Castro

    Great video!

    For more on fashion and beauty advice, please visit my blog:

    Today’s post: Mixing Prints



  • Rebecca Porter

    I’m a student at the CIA in Hyde Park, NY. I was so bummed I couldn’t make it to your NYC signing last Tuesday! Looks like an amazing time :)

  • Breezy Svacina

    That. Looks. Exhausting. Way to be a trooper Lauren! I hope you come to San Diego some day soon!

  • Celia Cordon

    is the book giveaway international? I would love to have your books signed, but I live in the UK!

  • tmd636

    That looks fun!

  • Lo M

    Great video Lauren! I wish I could’ve made it to one of your signings. My busy school and work schedule this semester didn’t allow me to find time. I also live in Michigan which is a definite plane ride away! Congrats on the book and completing the tour, your persistence to grow is truly inspiring! I would love nothing more than to proudly own one of your copies (:

    xo, Lauren M.

  • Hatcher

    Lauren you are a SuperSTAR!!! so sad I oculdnt make it, had a midterm :(

  • JoEllen Workman

    I’m so excited to read your book Starstruck! I loved the LA Candy Novels, they were so addicting :) Wish I could have made a signing, but I live in Indianapolis, IN and you weren’t near here. Loved the video, thanks for sharing!

  • Hannah Teater

    Hey Lauren! I live in North Carolina so I wasn’t able to attend one of the signings but I would have loved to have been able to! I own your Style book and absolutely love it and refer to it all the time. It would be so amazing to own your Beauty book and to have it signed as well :). I’ve been a long time fan ever since your Laguna Beach days and all through out the Hills.

  • Sarah-Kim dufour

    Thank you for the video it is really nice !!! I wasn’t able to go to any signing since i am living in Canada, so I would like to win so much :) Thank You

  • Lauren Mayet

    Hey all,

    I really want the Lauren Conrad Beauty book and it is already on my Chritmas list. I already have the Style book and it is practically my bible. I wish I could have made to a book signing. It would be a dream come true to my Ms. Conrad. I have watched since her first episode of Laguna Beach. I have looked up to her ever since; she holds herself gracefully and has amazing style. The video is great and it looks exhausting. Have a blessed day.

  • Ashley Biggerstaff

    Lauren, you’re such an inspiration! Thank you for sharing this video! We all know how busy you can get so sharing this was so great so thank you! :)

  • Samantha Town

    I live in Minnesota and would love a copy of your book!!! It’s on my Christmas list!

  • Lourdes Montoya

    Hey Lauren thanks for this amazing opportunity 😀 congratulations on your new book! I have read all your books,I love them and they are my favorite books. I’m praying to God that you pick me as your winner and it would be an honor to win the books of Lauren Conrad Beauty and Starstruck. I have been a big fan of you for years and I hope someday to meet you :) Thanks for being an inspiration and my role model.God bless you always and I wish you the best xoxo

  • Karie Obremski

    I tried my HARDEST to get a signed book by my idol, Lauren!!! I couldn’t make it to a signing because I live in Pittsburgh, PA and I had surgery causing me to be immobile. :/ DARN!

    It seems as though your tour was AWESOME, Lauren, and I am sure you had fun meeting all of your fans. You are wonderful; my idol!!!

    Hope I win! (:

    xo. Karie

  • Jennifer Belanger

    cool :) I’d like to have one ofthose books

  • Linh Ly

    Lauren! I’m still sad that you did not come to Texas for your book signing, but I still love you! = ) Your day looks so busy! You should have a contest where someone can win and spend the day with you going through your regular busy day! That would be so much fun!


  • Kaitlin Hubbard

    I would LOVE to win signed copies of Beauty and Starstruck!!! I got to meet Lauren earlier this year at a book signing for her book The Fame Game, but unfortunately couldn’t make any of her recent signings, since I live in Missouri and she didn’t come anywhere close to here this time around haha. Lauren is such a role model for me, and a true inspiration! Love her, love this site, love her books! Thanks for this amazing giveaway!! :)

  • Ryan Kahle

    Good morning LC,

    Such a cute video! I’m so upset I missed your book signing in New York, but I had a three hour psychology class I couldn’t miss; totally a buzz kill. Anyway I hope your book tour was everything you wanted it to be and more. Can’t wait to read the book


    Ryan xoxo.

  • Ali Prost


    You’re amazing and such an inspiration to young females! The book tour looked unreal and I was so upset to find out that I was travelling/visiting NYC only a couple days before your New York book tour stop – so I just missed out on the opportunity to meet you & have you sign my book. Keep up the awesome work! I definitely relate to you in SO many ways! Loved the video girl.

    Ali from Canada!

  • Yujin Chung

    I’m so bummed I didn’t get to see you when you came to Atlanta! I had to study for my pharmacy school prep exam…and haven’t seen daylight in months!

  • Kelly Lynne


    So sad to have missed you in PA. I hope you come back for your next book tour! You are wonderful and truly inspiring. xoxo – K. <3

  • Brooke Kutter

    Lauren, I would love to have one of your books! Its been amazing & inspiring to watch your journey. Thanks for letting us all be a part of it!



  • Megan McGown

    I would L-O-V-E a signed copy of your book!

  • Ashley Parks

    I would absolutely love to get a signed copy of your books! Your blog is amazing and I love reading all of the articles.

  • Maeghan Gould

    Ah, I’d LOVE a signed copy! You’re such a fantastic role model!

  • Seth Leno

    I live in North Dakota, so I did not have an opportunity to see you at any of your book signings.. My town is quaint and I think you would love to come here just to get a sense of how it is! Your style is amazing and helps me so much at my job! So many girls like to dress similar to you, so it’s nice to know your input on the whole thing! I’ve watched you since Laguna Beach, all through the Hills and I love all your books. I’d be Starstruck, but happy if you came to see me :)

  • Selina Thacker

    Hi Lauren,

    Just to let you know I went to your book signing in Dallas, TX when the Fame Game came out. I purchased your beauty book day it came out and it is wondefful there is so much great information that i know i will use. I also went shopping at Kohls and purchased some great pieces from your fall and holiday collection. I would love to own a signed book of your new book star struck and the beauty book since you were unable to come back to Texas. I am looking forward to your other books and clothing. You have been a big inspiration when it comes to your style and also for your humblness. Thank you and God Bless.

  • Catherine Rodriguez

    Can’t wait for you to visit Charlotte, NC!

  • Deborah Hudson

    Had so much fun at one of your book signings in LEX for your last tour, I hope you come back again!! (or somewhere close)

  • Michelle Yarnell

    Lauren is such an inspiration and a wonderful role model for women! I would love for her to come to Pittsburgh, PA for a chance to meet her on her next book tour!

  • ashley

    Pick me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me. Too far? Please pick me. :) Early Christmas. xoxo.

  • Ivonne Badillo

    Looks Like you had a great time. Hopefully I can go to one of your book signings next time. Thank you for the video, its nice of you to share your experience. :)

  • Bruna

    You know what would be unexpected? A visit in London…. London have a lot of people awho admires you so think of a visit here… you would love it and would want to come back again.

    Me personally never had one of your books before, so would love to have one. I like your personality, fantasy on creating, so I am interested to read about your stories on your books.

    And if you ever come on a tour to London, I’ll make sure not to miss it :)

    Cheers :)

  • Shannon T

    I would LOVE a signed copy of either book! I already bought Lauren Conrad Beauty because I LOVED her style book. I wish you guys had come to Boston!!

    xoxox Shannon

  • Michelle Bell

    I pre-ordered my copy of Beauty through The Exchange (Army & Air Force Exchange) of course! I would love to own a signed copy though. I only wish that I still lived in California because I would have totally been at Lauren’s signing. But alas, I am here in Texas, maybe next time Dallas will be on the list. :-)

  • Kenia Ramirez

    Please pick me! I couldn’t go to the New York one because I had college class :( next time…hopefully! 😀

  • Chukina C. Lartigue


    Hope Lauren came to San Diego, very soon.

    She is a great role model, thanks to her i`ve learn how to comb my hair, make up even how to dress. Suddenly i’ve realized how pretty I am. It’s all just easy right now. Thanks!

    And again, pleaseeeee come to San Diego, CA.

  • Bianca C

    I would love to get a signed copy of either book! I’ve read Lauren Conrad’s Style book and I’ve been meaning to get the Beauty one because I loved it so much! There wasn’t a book signing near me, so if I was able get a signed copy that would be amazing <3

  • EjoS

    Thank you Alex! It was so nice to meet a member of the LC Team! :)

    Enjoli Scott

  • Kristen Williams

    Lauren Conrad is such a wonderful role model for women everywhere. She is absolutely someone I have always looked up to and will continue to do so. It would mean the world to me to have signed copies of her books! I wish she would come to Charlotte NC sometime soon so I could also meet her in person!

    Kristen Wililams

  • Alyson Banks

    Lauren, thank you for always being such a positive and sweet role model for girls like me to look up to. All of your books have helped inspire me to keep reaching for my dreams. Keep up the wonderful work :)

  • iamjhaninay

    what about a shout out for the Philippines :)

  • Mikenna Shae

    Wish I could have gone to one of the book signings! I already have the Lauren Conrad’s Style book and I love it! And I would love to the others too 😉

  • stavroula vitsilaki

    !please come to Athens!

  • Cassandra von der Burg

    I’m away at college so I live about 3 hours away from Alpharetta (without a car). I found out about Lauren’s book tour 2 days before she went. I begged and begged my mom (who lives in Atlanta) to go to the book signing for me. She went but by the time she got there they had run out of passes. :(
    So I would love to get a signed copy! But I will for sure be at Lauren’s next book signing! :)
    So pleaseee come back to GA on your next tour!

  • Ashley White

    AAAAH! I love Lauren’s AND your hair, Alex! It’s got that perfect blonde-brown balance going on 😀

  • Alli Macmann

    I love Lauren’s books! I hope I can get another, especially a signed one because she is my fashion icon!

    Alli McMannequin

  • Olivia Marie

    Loved the behind the scenes video! I wasn’t able to make it to a signing, so fingers crossed I win!!

    xo Olivia
    go for the glam

  • Sarah Osman

    lauren you are an amazing are such an inspiration to us all.. I love everything you do .. and I can still remember the very first day I got LA candy I was on cloud 9 and I can still feel like that every time I get one of your amazing books .. oh my god I can’t even imagine getting a singned book of yours … I live in the middle east :(

  • Kathleen Collins

    Love Lauren and all she does! Would love to get her new books!

  • Lindsey Gerstlauer

    Thank you for sharing that cool video!!

    I wanted to come to the signing in PA, but could not make it! I’m a huge fan of Lauren’s and this amazing blog that her and the LC team put together! I sincerely hope you consider choosing me for the signed copy! :-)

  • alyssa kanenaga

    YAY! i hope i win. i cant wait to do the hair tutorials and make up :)

    God bless!

  • Carlee Schepeler

    Pick me!

  • Mellonie Lilly

    I would love to win a book im stuck in college during this semester and this would be the best stress reliever. Thanks

  • Cassie Bananas

    would love a book!

  • Nathalie Bangoy

    Great idea but I would love to see even more! Maybe do it every month, i’d love to see a day in the paper crown office, kohls, an event lauren goes to or else. I didn’t get my copy yet ’cause I live in France so i’ll have to order it through amazon but can’t wait to read it. “”Style”” really helped me so i guess beauty will be as interesting and full of helpful tips!!

  • Haifah Yamani

    well those ladies getting thier books signed are very lucky, I just wish that one day I’ll get to meet Lauren and get all my books signed and take a picture with her, that’s my birthday wish today <3

    Haifa – Saudi Arabia #1 Lauren’s fan <3

  • Claire Coppersmith

    I loved all your dresses on the book tour from the pictures I’ve seen and hopefullyI can go to a stop on your next tour! You’re such a fashion aspiration. Thanks for the opportunity to still be semi a part of the tour!

  • Ashley Sousa

    Hey Lauren! The video was awesome, I’m glad you posted to give us a behind the scenes look! I was supposed to come to the SF signing, but I got sick! I was even going to bring my copy of L.A. Candy for you to sign! =( My friend Jon went, and said you told him you liked his frames! I am so jealous, so hopefully you’ll hook me up with the signed copy of Lauren Conrad Beauty and Starstruck that I missed out on!

  • Morgan Knight

    Would love to win!! :)

  • Alicia k

    Hey Lauren! Looks like your tour was amazing. Wish I could have gone :( Usually you come to KC and I always go to your signings but this time since you didn’t come I was all set to go on a road trip to Georgia with my sister. Last minute, plans fell through and we couldnt go. I was soooo sad. I would love to have Starstruck and Beauty signed. I have all my other Lauren Conrad books signed and those are the only two I don’thave signed, so it would definitely complete my collection. Hope you are enjoying being back home with Chloe and Fitz (so adorable!!!)

  • Nicola Merkle

    Hey, OMG i LOVE Lauren I think she is a great inspiration and role model!! And to win one of her books would just make my day. It would mean so much to me to just have a piece of her in a book to take with me.


  • Amber Phelps

    Lauren, you are my biggest inspiration. I would love to have a signed book by you!

  • elisabeth

    I am such a fan of your books! Thank you for the opportunity to win a signed one! :)

  • Bev

    yayyyyy what a great snippet of your behind the scenes on your last leg of the book tour!! You rock goooorl!

    xo, Bev

    P.S. Love the shot you captured in the dark at the butt crack of dawn! Genius!

  • Sarah Medley

    Wish I could’ve made it to one of your book signings, they looked like a ton of fun! Hopefully I’ll be able to win of your signed books, you obviously spent a lot of time signing them!

  • Petra Zeller

    Amazing video. I really love to watch it and get a sneek peek in your book signing tour. I wish I can come maybe someday to a book signing. I really would love to see/meet you some day. You are a really inspiration for many girls. I’m looking up to you. You are amazing.
    Wish you a fabulous weekend.
    xo, Petra

  • Tiffani Stuart

    I absoultely loved this!! Thank you so much for listening to us & giving us more in the life of Lauren! I would love to win both signed books! I wasn’t able to make it to this book signing, but I went to the one last Spring in Lexington, KY- with my sisters, and we were all so impressed with Lauren. Watching The Hills was what my sisters & I did for our weekly “”sister night””, at the time- so it was awesome to be able to meet her for Fame Game. It would be awesome if I could continue signed Book collection w/Starstruck. Beauty is also one that I’m excited for, b/c I’m a little obsessed with Style! Thanks, Lauren for this opportunity & for signing so many books! You must have really strong hands, lol!

  • Hanny R

    I wish your book tour would had came to Michigan!!! Look like it was all fun!!! My boyfriend was going to get me your book but couldn’t find it!!! I really enjoyed your Style book so much and my mother loved it as well :)


  • LC843

    Wish the book signing tour would come to SC!

  • Yesenia Hernandez

    Wish I could’ve gone to one of the book signings! And thanks for giving back to your fans! We love you 😀

  • Tracy Scotto Rinaldi

    I’ve never been to a book signing before. Thanks for sharing the experience with us and allowig us a chance to win a copy of one of your books! ~ Tracy

  • Nicole Dotey

    Love this video!! I came to that book signing that evening, dragging along my bf, and all day I kept telling him, “”I wonder what Lauren is doing right now? I wonder what hotel she’s staying at? Or maybe she is going home right after?”” This video answers it all! I loved meeting you Tuesday night! And thanks for signing all of my books and magazine!

  • Alyssa Chan

    i want a copy of starstruck! i love lauren she is like my idol! i wish i went to the signing but i was in sana clara for work! i hope you had a great time in sf!!

  • Michelle Lopes

    Great to watch, considering I had every intention of going to the SF book signing, but couldn’t at the very last minute… Anyway, great idea as a giveaway!!

  • Rebecca Zipf

    Great video! How fun to be able to connect with your fans! Chicago would love a signed book :)

  • Amanda DeWitt

    Nope, still havn’t made it to a book signing. :( Maybe come somewhere close to NW Florida next time :)

  • Rebecca H

    I would have loved if the book tour stopped in the DC Metro area! Just saw Lauren Conrad Beauty on the shelves at the Barnes and Noble in Tysons Corner!

    I would love a signed book to add to my collection =)

  • Lindsey Yo

    Hey Alex — Any chance you can put the pics that didn’t make the cut somewhere? You took a pic of me but it’s no where in sight :(

  • Jessika Dahlenburg

    I am from New Zealand and won’t be able to get a signed book, could you please pick me? I simply adore LC and this website!

  • Karmen McDivitt

    Great video! On your next book signing you should make your way up to Canada!

  • C.C. CH

    Hi, I’m in Texas and would love to win these signed copies!! Thanks :))

  • CB

    I loved getting to see what the day looked like. Hopefully I will make it to a book signing one day. This past time I was at a wedding during the book signing in Atlanta. Maybe next time. I can’t wait to read the two new books!

  • Daniel Torrez

    I love that you did a video of my home city and once yours SAN FRANCISCO <3 It was a pleasure meeting you even for the few seconds I did! xoxo Daniel

  • Rachael

    I would have loved to have gone to a book signing, but there were none in my area. Looks like Lauren had fun. I’d love to win her book though!

  • Sydney Mayer

    I would love these signed books! I’m such a huge fan, and it would be so amazing! Thank you!

  • Dy Shiny

    why the contest is not open for international fans??? for me (I’m Italian) the only way to have a signed copy is win it….. :(

  • Jasmine Torres

    i LOVE Lauren!!!! I am a new makeup artist and im still open to learning new things about the beauty industry and learn new tricks. Winning Laurens Beauty Book would be amazing!!!! as well as starstruck to add to my COLLECTION OF LAUREN CONRAD BOOKS 😀

  • Diamenrose

    I’ve bought LC’s beauty book :) however i have it not signed. This post is awesome! There should be more behind the scenes videos of Lauren :-)

  • Alyssa Nielsen

    It would be awesome if I won these books because you’re my fashion and beauty inspiration Lauren!

  • Maitha AlGaizi

    I would kill for a signed LC book :'( I live in dubai which makes the chances of meeting lauren one in a million… Got my hands on her latest book beauty the day they went on sale which was 17th of october!

  • paig_ed

    I so wish you came to Chicago or Denver, but this video was awesome, it was great to see how a book signing actually runs! I can’t wait to read your newest books! :)

  • Katelynn Fisher

    it would be an aweome early 18th birthday gift and i would never forget it! Lauren, you are my all time fav fashion inspiration

  • Aunie Rowe

    I would love to win a copy of your book. I wish wish wish to meet you in person someday! Thanks for being an inspiration, Lauren!

  • keeley marie

    I was blessed to get to go to a book signing for the first L.A. Candy book in Nashville and had an amazing time! Im thankful that you are able to travel everywhere, but I also know that means not always getting to come back to the same cities. Glad you enjoyed the book tour and head back south when you get a chance!

  • Carol S

    Im living in the wrong city….


  • Candrews

    I am a huge Lauren Conrad fan. I would love to win one of these books!!! Lauren, you are an inspiration!

  • Candrews

    Would love to win one of these books! Huge lauren conrad fan!

  • Emily Wunderlich

    I would love to win one of the books! I am a huge Lauran Conrad fan and sad that you did not come to Minnesota. but I do hope to still meet you in the future!

  • My Style Diary

    Wow, I would have loved to go to a book signing! Too bad I live in Europe.. I’m a huge fan! :)

  • Jared Kholos

    LC, I have followed your career since your Laguna days and I love how you have been a mature role model in the fashion world and just how you have lived your life! So many people in your world have been arrested and other serious drama but it is refreshing to see you maintain your class! I would love a signed copy of your book if at all possible! Thanks for being the person you are!

  • Brittany Salazar

    I would love to win! I was so sad that you didn’t come to Texas since I missed the previous book signings you had here. I was ready to drive 5.5 hours away to Austin or 7 hours away to Houston just to meet you. I still love you and all the work you do. Hopefully you will come for the next book of yours =)

  • Jordan Goodnight

    I loved your LA Candy series and I was so glad you came out with the spin off Fame Game series. I wish I could have gone to one of your signings, but living in Oklahoma I wasn’t close to any of the locations… I am looking forward to starting Starstruck and all of your future book! :)

  • Cole

    I have read all of Lauren’s previous books and am SO looking forward to reading these 2! I am a huge fan and would love copies of my own! (I usually get them from the library…)

  • Catherine Gan

    Would have loved to see you stop by in Toronto….location suggestion for next time? :)

  • Michelle Pappageorge

    Lauren, you truely are my idol! I spent hours and days reading through every entire thing you wrote in your first book Style. I am so excited to get my fingers on Beauty!! Your creativeness has sparked something in me that i didn’t know i even had! You have helped me dress better & feel better as a person! Thanks for always giving the greatest advice! :)

    P.S I would really love to win a signed copy of your book!

  • Sara Spencer

    Forget the Hollywood Hills, I am from the Welsh Hills, funky, cool and fashionable, just no-one knows it yet, please send me a book x

  • Erin Circo

    I think I checked out Lauren Conrad Beauty from the library once. I was so sad to return it. It helped me out a lot with finding my style and fashion. I would love to win a book that I can keep! Hopefully I can :)

  • Joyce Rodriguez

    You’re awesome! I totally think your parents raised you right! You are a great inspiration to so many women, young and old! Keep up the great attitude and your beautiful smile and you’ll go farther than you imagined! Luv you!! xoxo


  • mary1024

    Hi Alex! I would love to win Lauren Conrad Beauty and Starstruck!! I so wish I was able to see Lauren. She is amazing, but I have been quite busy with school and couldn’t make it! I hope to win!!!

  • Ashley Pinkham

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    For more fashion, interior design, and recipes that are all budget friendly, visit my blog, Lots of French decor, affordable designer inspired clothing, and easy but yummy recipes! Also, last minute clever DIY costumes! Plus I promise lots of pictures of my cubby English Bulldgos 😉

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    you are a role model to me, and I know that everyone who commented feel the same way. You are awesome, God Bless You <3

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    I have have the Lauren Conrad Style & Sweet Little Lies & would love to pick up another great seller :)

    From Canada !

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    I would love to win a signed copy of any of your books! Unfortunately, I haven’t had extra $ to purchase a book so this would mean so much to me. I have been a fan since Laguna Beach and always will be:)

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    Lauren Conrad,

    You have been such an inspiration of mine. I have loved all of your novels and I loved watching you on both Laguna Beach and The Hills. I’m a hugee fan! Winning either on of these books would mean a lot to me. Whether I win or not, I will still follow up on your website and continue to support you ll the wayy!

    Much love, Kayla Malecki<333

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    And for the answer to for the giveaway questions….

    Why do I love fall so much…

    The reason I love fall so much is because it’s the time of year they you get to unwind a bit from all the running on the summer months and the perfect time to catch up with the family. The cooler temperatures are refreshing! The color changes of the leaves are breath taking. It’s in my opinion the best time of the year! Did I mention good food??? The perfect time to indulge and not feel guilty until spring rolls around! It’s the most soothing and relaxing time of year. Things begin to slow down and you get to catch a breath of fresh air! And all those holiday candles are simply delightful! Warm and comforting! I love it! Have a blessed day!

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    xoxo from Montreal!

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    xoxo Thalya

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    I read the L.A. Candy series and I loved it. It was the perfect summer read. I have been meaning to read The Fame Game series as well as Style, but, being in college, I hardly have time to even go out and buy the books! I even had plans to attend the book signing at Barnes and Noble in NY on October 16 but I had an exam that day :( It would mean so much to me to win a signed copy of any of these books!!

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  • Pooja Patel

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    I know your books are very popular because I work at the library and they are always checked out or on hold.
    i would love to get my own copy to read because I have heard it is a very good book and something that i would enjoy reading!

  • leashy Occhipinti

    I would love to go to one of your book signings, but I can’t because I live in Australia. It would mean so much to me if I won one of these signed books, I’ve been a huge fan of yours for years. All of your books are amazing!! love you xx

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  • Gabriella Minicozzi

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  • Susan Ho

    I would love to win Lauren’s new books! She is such an inspiration and carries herself with such grace!

  • Chlo

    I loved your first Style book and was going to ask for Beauty for xmas! If I won I would love reading Lauren’s fab style and beauty tips! 😀

  • Mackenzie

    I love this book! I’m doing a project on Cosmetology for school, and I’m using it as a guideline for note taking. Thanks Lauren, for being so gr8! You are my inspiration!

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