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A lady’s purse is her sanctuary. It’s a place where all of her knickknacks and daily deeds are stored away from the world. And if you ask me, the contents of one’s bag can tell you a lot about its owner. Since I’ve had a lot of people request a What’s in My Bag? blog I’ve decided to finally clear out the crumpled receipts, stow away the spare change, and show you guys what’s actually in my bag:


  1. Almonds. To prevent a case of the hangries.
  2. Concealer. I never leave home without my Cle’ de Peau.
  3. Car keys. I live in LA, it’s kind of a given…
  4. Lipstick. I like to keep a tube of red lipstick in my purse. Never know when you might need to add a little color to your pout during an impromptu outing.
  5. Lip gloss. I love Dior Addict Ultra Gloss. It leaves my lips with a subtle, non-sticky shine and the color is close to my natural shade, which I like.
  6. Lip balm. Is there anything worse than finding yourself with chapped lips and nothing to salvage the situation? I always have some form of lip conditioner with me at all times.
  7. Wallet. Another essential.
  8. Perfume. Chanel Chance is a year-round favorite for me when it comes to perfumes. I keep a bottle with me since I tend to reapply when the course of my day changes (such as post-work drinks or a surprise dinner date). For tips on picking the right perfume for you and making it last, click here.
  9. Sunglasses. The bigger the better.
  10. Pen. I feel like it’s more hygienic to use your own pen, plus I like how this one writes. I’m not a germaphobe, I just think it’s a good idea…
  11. Hair goodies. I always keep a bunch of bobby pins tied together with a hair tie. I cannot even begin tell you how many times this little bundle has saved me from serious hair hang-ups.
  12. SPF. You guys know how I strongly I feel about the importance of wearing sunscreen. It’s the key to smooth skin and a (somewhat) wrinkle-free future.
  13. Compact mirror. Another must.
  14. Gum. I always like to keep a pack in my bag.

I suppose the contents of my purse would reveal that I am a beauty loving health nut :-) Literally.

Now it’s your turn to show off the contents of your purse. Snap a photo and upload the image to your profile page and leave the image link in the comments below for a chance to be featured on the site.

What do the goodies inside your bag say about you?

XO Lauren

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  • Katjusha Bricman

    The best lip balm I ever tried is this one:

    And thanks for the after shave tip… Shea butter works perfectly for that!

  • Valeria Alvarez

    I love your wallet :)


    <3 Val

  • Melissa Panici

    So cool! Thanks for sharing Lauren! I will snap a photo later on today and show you what’s in my bag:)

  • Liesl

    I love this type of post! I’m so nosy 😉

    I posted WHAT’S IN MY BAG? on my blog a while back, check it out!

    Liesl xxx

  • Mariana M

    Hi, Lauren! What version of Chanel Chance are you using? It’s the EDT, eau fraiche or eau tendre?

  • Petra Zeller

    Love this post. I waitig for this post a long time :) I hope you also share sometimes a post about “”What’s in my closet”” it would be fantastic. I really love your Chanel bag. It’s my absolutely dream bag and I save some money for next year and then I can buy one too :) I like what you have in your bag. My goodies in the bag are a little the same. I upload tomorrow a pick of my bag 😉
    Have a lovely day, Lauren.
    xo, Petra

    Take a look on my new Outfit post “”The Perfect Dress””

  • Amy Breckenridge

    i hope to someday have a chanel bag and wallet! :) swoon… i guess if i wanted to trade in my two louis vuitton bags and my marc jacobs bag, i might be able to afford one! haha!

    new recipe:

  • Deanne Castro

    I love the bag! That’s my next big purchase!!!

    For more fashion and beauty advice, please visit my blog:


    Follow My Fash Avenue on:

    Twitter: @myfashavenue





  • Rachel Moltz

    I love this post! But how do you protect your perfume bottle so that it doesn’t break inside your bag? I’m super careful about putting liquids in my purse – too many mishaps!

  • Smart Momma

    here’s what’s in my bag :)



  • Tiffani Stuart

    I’m so doing this, later!! I love that you don’t overload your bag. I, too, don’t like a lot of “”Things”” in my bag. For one, I hate clutter & two, I find it more difficult to switch bags, when you’ve got tons of stuff in it that you don’t need. I’m going to have to sample that Chanel! I’ve been dying for another designer perfume; especially since the only kind I have come from my Ex-boyfriend. Those are part of the things I kept, after our relationships dissolved. LOVE YOU, girl!

  • Rachael Yanta

    Love the sneak peak into your bag! Beautiful purse and wallet. And smart to keep a little snack in your purse. I hate when I’m out and about and find myself hungry!

  • Ashley Rizzardo

    Basically the inside of my bag. Lol!

  • Meghan Conard

    Thanks for sharing! Love the wallet!

    Check out my new post


  • Rachel Trampel

    LOVE this post! I love finding out what other people have in their purses! Perfume is also a definite must in my bag, you never know when you need to freshen up! I think my planner shows how I like to be organized and have a good idea about what’s going on!

  • Ashley Spa

    I need to have SPF in my purse! I was outside this weekend and I thought.. Oh man I could use some sunscreen right about now :) Thank you L!

  • Deanne Castro

    I can’t wait to purchase my first Chanel bag!!!

    For more fashion and beauty advice, please visit my blog:


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    Twitter: @myfashavenue





  • Deanne Castro

    I love seeing what people put in their bags!

  • Marielisa Gomez

    That is exactly what I carry on my bag! Plus a makeup bag, hair comb and a bottle of water :)

    Learn how to do the 4 strand braid here on my blog :)

    Marielisa – Primp & Wear

  • Kelby Peachey

    That was a lot of fun! I’m so glad I took a quick photo of what’s in my bag! Check it out:


  • Cesie Alvarez

    What a cute bag! Mine right now is stuffed with my huge LSAT books and practice tests. So heavy and they leave no room for beauty products. Soon it will all be done though!
    (Click for some Monday Inspiration!)

  • shonda smith

    great post.

    Do you refresh your sunscreen all over throughout the day or just on your face?

  • Elle Pearson

    I love these posts! I just did my own “”What’s in my bad?”” with my Sam Edelman x

  • Hailey Anderson

    I love this post! It’s always so interesting to see what people really have inside.

    xo, Hailey

  • My Style Diary

    Love this post! I always like to see what others carry around with them.


  • Kate Noto

    I have a hair brush, clip, make up bag, cell phone holder, a tinkerbell wallet, gum, face wipes for acne, tissues, and stress stones, and sometimes spray and hand sanitizer.

  • Beauty to Sparkle

    Five things you will always find in my purse: black pencil eyeliner, rosey pink lipgloss, hand sanitizer, compact mirror, and gum!

    Please check out my blog to find out what is my simple tip for applying eyeliner on your waterline! Here is the link:

    Thanks, Dina

    P.S. If you like what you see, please don’t forget to follow :)

  • Giselle Escamilla

    Well What’s in my Bag? I always carry my sunglasses of course, wallet, lipstick and lip blam, altoids, some trail mix, and mirror!

    not to much but thats an everyday what I have in my bag, but during fall and winter I would always carry an extra scarf or a sweater if I get cold!:)

  • Cassidy Short

    Heck yes to the SPF & NARS lipstick! My fave neutral shade is “”Sexual Healing”” – goes great from day to night!



  • LaTisha

    Awesome post!! Click here for my picture.

    Here’s what I keep in my bag:

    1. BB Business Card

    2. Mirror

    3. Headphones

    4. Pashima scarf (for those cool places)

    5. Fiber Bar

    6. iPad

    7. Archie Grand Notebook (For jotting quick notes)

    8. Sunglasses (The bigger, the better)

    9. Hand sani

    10. Perfume

    11. Gloss

    12. Balm

    13. Phone

    14. Lotion

    Here is the original post. :)



  • Emily k.

    I love your purse! Fun spin on the classic. My purse is pretty similar with contents! I love “”Chance.”” SO good. My best friend used it leading up to and during her wedding, so it makes me think of that! I have most of the same types of things. I also love Dior lipgloss. I get “”hangry”” too! hehe



  • k2spitfire

    minimalist: cash, phone, id, keys only if i’m driving (door keypad otherwise)

  • Stephanie McDonnell

    I’m anxious to try some of your beauty products. I love that you are a Chanel girl. I, myself, am not, however, you can never go wrong with classics!

    Check out what’s in my bag this morning:

  • Lauren Zabroske

    my wallet, my iphone, my glass

  • Leanne

    Gorgeous bag!!!

    Love from South Africa

  • Carol S

    Love this post!! A few month ago I have posted this one on my website


  • Susie Leckie

    that’s funny that you just did this post because on the radio today they were talking about the “”40 most common items in a women’s purse”” one of them was toilet paper? serious?? but i LOVE your matching chanel bag & wallet. beautiful!

    X x susie

  • Kym Ducharme

    i love reading posts like this. I completely agree, a purse is like a sanctuary.

    I also decided to a what’s in my bag post. you can read it here:

  • Kimberly Reed

    Wallet, keys, manicure set, Longchamp wallet, lipsticks, contact solution, makeup, hankies,…passport, a good book!

  • Emilie

    Pretty normal purse – Sigghhhhh I hope one day my purse is Chanel :)

    xo Emilie @

  • Melissa Panici

    Hey Lauren! Here is what is in my bag:)

  • Paige Kounnas

    I keep everything in my purse! I usually have my make-up, phone charger, pen, wallet, earrings and bobby pins.. i love your bag! xo

  • Sarah Chase

    Mine is crazy…

    I have a Coach diaper bag. I LOVE IT! it was a gift from my mom. Besides the womanly essencials- I have baby essencials as well! <3


  • christina jackson

    this is what is in my bag everything i need!

  • candyheyn

    Here are the best and worst BB creams on the market!

  • Kate Noto

    Here is what is in my bag
    1) pills for any upset stomach
    2) a makeup bag with blush etc
    3) one a day women’s
    4) tissues
    5) cell phone holder
    6) a tinker bell wallet
    7) a brush
    8) gum
    9) my work badge
    10) stress stones

  • Amy

    I have some similar things in my bag. I uploaded a picture of it here’s the link

    And I posted it to my blog also

  • HistoryBeauty
  • Linh Ly

    i love your chanel bag and wallet! amazing!

  • Jordan Gibson

    I have always wanted a chanel bag! Hopefully one day lol! I like to keep a small umbrella, I mean hey you never know when it might rain. I also keep my car keys, gum, my wallet, and a few bobby pens myself. Besides those things I keep a leopard bag full of my favorite lip stick, lip gloss, and chapstick. Oh and mace! Gotta be safe, when you are out and about:)

  • May Sanchez

    Just love your chanel bag!

  • Michelle Barron

    haha Lauren, the contents of your purse are very similiar to mine except one must have,Midol!!;D

  • amber bree

    i love your chanel bag. essential are wallet, car key, perfum, lipstick and sun glasses. and my phone.

  • Kimberly Bautista
  • TamSim

    Hi LC :)

    First let me say that my daughter Allie and I both love you. We are two of your biggest fans. Believe it or not, your sense of style has been my own for as long as I can remember. I am a dinosar… lol! I have given that gift to my daughter – although she obviously has her own style… she too has a lot of yours as well.

    Although I am older than most here, I would like to agree with Michelle B. I have the same contents but with Advil and a few of the Centrum Performance vitamins. Nice to know, I am still with the in-crowd.

    (LC – I am trying to located the “”Peplum”” and “”Cocoon”” coats you posted. I love them both just as they are on the models, and not too fond of the “”shop the look”” suggestions. Not to mention, I cannot seem to find them anywhere! HELP!

    Hope all is well for you LC in all you set out to accomplish!

    Ladies on the site – have a wonderful week.

    Kind regards,

    Tammy Lee

  • Dee
  • HILA1998

    Love (ADORE!!) your Chanel bag and wallet! Chanel is absolutely one of my dream bags! Hopefully one day it will be mine :)

  • Lisa G.

    good idea, I should probably go through my purse again…

  • samantha lee

    what lip balm is that?! it looks like a black stick or even a pen or something with a silver ring around it… never seen that before! i’m curious…!

  • Emily

    What size is your bag? Is it the jumbo or the medium??? Thanks!

  • aidasyazwani


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