Chic Peek: My New Holiday Collection

It’s been a big week for me! Both Lauren Conrad Beauty and Starstruck are on sale, I’m on my book tour, and my Allure cover was just released. As if that wasn’t enough, I am sharing another exciting update: Today I’m rolling out my new Holiday 2012 collection from my LC Lauren Conrad line and I am excited for all of you to see it. Scroll down the page and let me know what you think in the comments below…

Chic Peek: My New Holiday Collection
Chic Peek: My New Holiday Collection
Chic Peek: My New Holiday Collection
Chic Peek: My New Holiday Collection
Chic Peek: My New Holiday Collection
Chic Peek: My New Holiday Collection
Chic Peek: My New Holiday Collection
Chic Peek: My New Holiday Collection
Chic Peek: My New Holiday Collection
Chic Peek: My New Holiday Collection
Which look is your favorite? And where would you wear it?

Also, be sure to check out the Fall collection of my LC Lauren Conrad line too!

XO Lauren

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  • hannah taylor

    the top sparkly dress is so gorgeous!!! where can i get that?? xxxx

  • Hatcher

    So georgeous! great xmassy colours, love the pastel pink dress.

  • Sarah Heckle

    I love it all – Especially the first too looks! I’lm looking forward to reading Starstruck! – my little white dress

  • stavroula vitsilaki

    great collection

  • Melissa Panici

    Wow these are all so gorgeous! Geez, it’s hard to pick a favorite. I would say the 4th one and I would wear that to a Christmas party! Can’t wait for this collection Lauren!

  • Mary Lauren

    Oh my gosh I want every single piece of this collection!! haha. Does it come out today??

  • Malene Vassli

    It is to bad that Kohls doesn’t shipp to Norway or has international shipping anyways. Would really like some of the clothes!

  • Alexandra Howell

    Great collection and stunning photos! x

  • Deanne Castro

    I am loving the sequins! It’s FAB-U-LOUS!!!

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  • Amy Breckenridge

    when does this line hit kohls? i can’t wait to buy all of the sequin pieces!! :)


  • Deanne Castro

    I can’t believe chrsitmas is almost here!

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    Today’s post: Favourite Celebrity Outfit Of The Week: Emma Stone


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  • Eva-Maria Schmalzl

    Oh! – my! – gosh!
    It’s stunning!! Would love to wear all this stuff!! :)

    xo Eva

  • Anisa Mohammed

    love love love love love love loveeeee

  • Bethany Pulchinski

    I love all the pieces! They are amazing! I am a sucker for sequins and sparkle! Perfect for the holidays! Thanks LC!

  • raphael fox

    wish i could get these in the uk, love all the outfit, LC you look stunning xxx

  • Tiffani Stuart

    OMG! I would wear all of these looks. I can barely pick a favorite! But of these my favorites are all the dresses, especially the champagne colored dress! I also loved the blush sparkle skirt, the heather gray tank top, and the hot pink 3-qtr length blazer outfit! You’ve outdone yourself, Lauren! Each season is better & better!

  • Tiffani Stuart

    Oh- and congratulations & good luck with your boyfriend! I was so glad to hear that last night on Watch What Happens Live!

  • RareChelly

    I’m in love! The red blazer and silver dress are my favs!

  • Sara Pelham

    Black/white top with leggings and heels!! Its dainty, I would wear it to work or out to dinner!

  • Emmylou


  • jmums

    LOVE!!! Can’t wait to go shopping!

  • Heidi Scholl

    I love, love, love the sequin looks, black skinny jeans, the red blazer and gray tank top…..but some of your other new looks to me look plain “”old”” like the flower / lace sholder black shirt and the burgundy beaded v-neck. I want to look young and not like a grandma.

  • Zuleando

    Like always they are cute and classic, but I wish some of them were more fun.

  • Lola

    The first dress and the black top with pink flowers are both amazing! I always love what you design! When will these be available in stores?

  • Rachelle

    Such cute looks, I have to stop by Kohls this weekend. I am in love with the black top with the lace. I cannot wait to pair it with with short or a lace skirt. I will add it to my photos when I blog about it.



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  • Paulina Novaro

    i love the hearts sweater!!! and the sequin dress, as always love your hair style and makeup!!!

    Lauren can you tell us which nail polish are you wearing???

    Hugs from Mexico City!!!

  • Lily P.

    I like most of them,I adore the way that you combine a simple and girlie-chic look for every woman of every age!Good job Lauren :)

  • Elizabeth Bailey Surrett

    Love! Is it all at Kohls already?

  • Alba Cuci

    I love them all!

  • Shannon Fitzgerald

    Hi Lauren,

    I love your kohls collection! I love all the looks and I already have some of the pieces! i can’t wait for the sequin dress to be available. I think your line is always very dependable, which is a great thing! there are always a few pieces in there that are new and fresh. love the new holiday collection, great job, lauren :)

  • Courtney Wagner

    LOVE the heart sweater! So adorable. When will these pieces be available??

  • Amanda Kretchmer

    I love the gold dress (which i already bought!) and the silver. Both are amazing for holiday parties. The red embellished sweater is also great for chic weekend wear around town. Maybe to go grab a coffee with friends or to go shopping for the upcoming holiday.

  • Nina Sanderhoff Hansen

    At times like ths I hare living in Denmark. I love the knits, the sparkly skirt and the black top with white lace overlay – sigh.

  • Augusta Falletta

    This is perfect.

  • Taylor Alyce Hamm


  • Liz

    OMG i love it all! esp the pink blazer and silver dress!

  • Lauren Hoydar

    Love everything..but I’m especially excited to buy one of the dresses for my husband’s holiday party in December! (Most likely the top sequin dress) Eeeek!! SO excited!!

  • Lana Aeles

    I love all the knitted sweaters (so cosy!) and the dress in pink/champagne!!

  • Ashley Rizzardo

    Love it! I work at Kohl’s and I am going back during the holidays. Thank you for giving me something amazing to look at from my register :) I love the sweaters.

  • Karie Obremski

    I am in LOVE with the very first silver sparkle dress! Every year a family friend holds an EXTRAVAGANT Christmas Eve party and that is where I would wear it too!! Also, the heart sweater and green velvet pants would be perfect for a Christmas dinner!

    I am in love with the Holiday collection. (:

    xo. Karie

  • Jennie Turbeville

    I always LOVE all of your clothing!!! Your dresses for this season are amazing for parties or when you just want to look great!!! I love all of your sweaters and how you match them with your black pumps which I own. <3 I also like how you included a tank because it is perfect with a cute sweater or cover up and you can take it off when it gets hot! Because, after all, that does happen when you are in a room full of people or decorating for the holidays!

  • Elizabeth L

    what a lovely collection! I could picture myself wearing many of the pieces, can’t wait for them to be in stores!

  • Valpal

    OMG I love it all. I am in need of some new hoilday clothing. Im excited!!

  • Allison Schlumper

    I love it all!! When will it be in stores??

  • Caitgriff

    Love the blush colored dress! When and where can we find it??

  • Amanda Gongleski

    Ohh my gosh, that floral/lace top is beautiful! I can’t wait!! And that Fit and Flare dress is screaming at me to buy it for New Years!!!!

  • Loren Melo

    I love all this collection. Congrats, I hope some day you can bring it to Colombia :)

  • Cassie Hayes

    omg i’m seriously in love with EVERY SINGLE THING!!

  • Sami Zarallo

    This entire holida collection is beautiful! I could see myself wearing everything, especillay the party dresses! Perfect for Christmas parties and New Years :)

  • Lexi Chioda

    so pretty!! you always keep things simple, classy, sophisticated, and fun! love it

  • blessed2

    LOVE IT ALL! Cant wait to buy it all :)

  • Kelby Peachey

    What a cute collection!! I really love the sequins and that LBD is fabulous!!


  • Anna Martin

    How am I suppsoed to decide on a favorite when they’re all so fabulous?? Absolutely LOVE the sequined dress! I’ll have to go to Kohls soon! :)

  • Ivonne Badillo

    It looks wonderful!!!…I love that sparkly mini….Everything looks great!!…

  • Jessie H

    Love the velvet-looking turquoise pants and warm sweater look! The little light pink dress is adorable and looks great too!

  • Lulu_xo

    LOVE ALL OF THEM! You’re absolutely beautiful Lauren! you’re stunning <3 xo

  • Rebecca Frolova

    I love all of them, especially the one with the heart sweater and also the one with the dog. You’re gorgeous!

  • Michelle Elford

    Can you show us how to do your braided hair style? Its soo pretty!!

  • Ambi s

    It’s all lovely, especially the sequined dress, perfect for parties! Your line should be made available to us Brits in the UK :-(

    Bombay Rose: A Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog.

  • Petra Zeller

    Oh wow amazing. Love everything special the sweater with the pretty heart.
    xo, Petra

    I have an amazing new Outfit post . Please take a look

  • Alicia Hounsley

    I love it all, just like all of your other collections.
    Gotta go back to Kohls now (:

  • Alicia Trelles

    I love everything! The sequined dress, the sweater with the hearts, the shimmery dress with the belt at the waist, and the button up with the lace at the shoulders!! I want it all 😀

  • Kimberlea Kelly

    I would love to see a hair tutorial on some of these!

  • Melissa Tovar

    Absolutely beautiful! To say I love it all would be an understatement.

  • Pamela Wessel

    I love everything!! And I absolutely love your hair!! It’s gorgeous!

  • mimurmaid

    Wow, the sparkly dress is stunning! I love love love the red blazer.. and the shoes on the pic w/ the little doggy are so dreamy! Congrats LC on your success xoxo

  • Rachael Olear

    I love anything! It is soo beautiful!<3

  • Eider Urkijo

    I love all of them!!! but the pailletes dress and the little black dress are gorgeous!!!!

  • casey

    Just bought the heart sweater in black and white from Kohl’s – it was on sale – it’s so sweet!!! I bought it bigger than I normally wear because it looks like you are wearing it a little more loose in the pic.

  • Samantha Curtis

    I LOVE ALL OF IT! When do they come out in stores?!

  • Haley Anderson

    I love ALL of these pieces!! I’m a teacher, and no joke, I wear something LC Lauren Conrad every day to school! Your dresses, blazers, sweaters, and cardigans are amazingly stylish and easy to mix & match, plus your heals are some of the most comfortable shoes I own! I get so many compliments whenever I wear your outfits, so thank you for my teacher wardrobe. haha

  • Diamenrose


    i would wear actually all of them. i really love the cuts the prints (floral one) and lace you used for your clothes. OMG and i love the glitter dress (fist one) and the red blazer …i love everything.

    I would wear your clothes to a dinner party, to a meeting, to a big event, on a birthday, to a meeting with friends …and to a date….for my birthday oooh for every occasion :-)

  • Brittany Kulakowski

    I love all of those! I need that heart sweater right meow!

  • Marielisa Gomez

    Love all of the dresses and the lace top!! But the entire collection is beautiful! Congrats! :)

    I just blogged about 5 bad beauty habits that we should break! Hope you like it!


    Marielisa – Primp & Wear

  • Crista Caruso

    I love everything! That sparkly dress would be perfect for a New Years party!

  • Christina Mallozzi

    I love the sequin dress and the white sweater with the gold skirt! i hope those are avaiable in store soon! would love to buy them!

  • Nina Hilden

    I like the second look and I would wear it while putting Christmas decorations around the house and baking ginger bread cookies with my boyfriend. Must say that the blouse with lace and flower is brilliant way to mix things. Lovely clothes.

  • Jessica Mullersman

    ALL OF IT!!! I see what I’m going to be spending my christmas money on!!

  • Jordan Miroballi

    I love all of it! The sequin dress is my dream New Years Eve dress. I also can’t get enough of that sweater/sequin skirt/metallic shoes combination. I know what my Christmas list will look like this year..

  • Catalina Roa

    I adored every single one!! The pictures are fabulous.. If I could I would buy all of them!!

  • Michelle Lopes

    Love the collection – can’t wait to see the lace and floral print top in person!!

  • Selina Mata

    i love ALL of it….

  • Dy Shiny

    compliments Lauren!!! all is so beautiful!!!! I love the shoes!!! :)

  • Chelsea McFarland

    Love them all! The metallic shoes are perfect for the Holidays. Can’t wait to see the collection in stores!

  • HistoryBeauty

    I love them SO much! I really love the cranberry color! Very festive.

    Check out my beauty channel and blog!

  • Lizzie

    Wow I think the sequin dress may be my NYE dress this year! I also love the white lace/black top, the red blazer, and the silver pumps! Can’t wait for it to roll out and be at Kohls!

  • chantel wasyluk

    Love all the looks! Hopefully there will be a holiday party for me to purchase one of your dresses!

  • Sam Marie Jackson

    I’ll get a dog and walk it if I was wearing things like THAT.

  • Lindsey Gerstlauer

    My favorites are the heart patterned sweater, the sequin skirt and the flower blouse top!

    I think the blouse and sweater would be nice for work and the skirt for an outing with the girls!

  • Rebecca Whitson

    Love! Favorites are the heart sweater, the sweet little dress, the lace tank, and the black top with lace detail.

  • JoEllen Workman

    Love it!! Such a fun collection.

  • Chanel Hason

    All are super cute looks but the first one in the sparkly dress takes the win for me!

  • Millie HomeFile

    I love the last picture with the gorgeous raspberry jumper and classic suitcases but the sparkling dress is also pretty amazing…

    check out my new(ish) blog at

  • Lauren Ranallo

    Love it all!!! My favs are the walking the dog outfit(love those heels!), the lace top in the decorating the tree pic, the red blazer outfit and the cranberry and pink sweaters! Perfect for a dinner date or family gathering!

  • Tif

    I LOVE your sequin dress! That would be perfect for New Years! And I love the heart sweater, it’s so cute! You have such cute clothes!! :)

  • Laurie Craft

    I LOVE the glittery skirt and the gold dress…i want both for holiday parties! So cute!! <3

  • Abby Hepworth

    i’m so in love with sequins this season!! that first dress is perfect for christmas or new years. it’s subtly sexy and right on point =)

  • Debra Callicott

    I love all of it, will it be available in the UK?

  • ginezee

    Each look is the best!!! :)

    I love it! I love that style!

    Can’t wait to Christmas :)

  • Catherine Gan

    All the looks are pretty much winners! Super cute! The dressy outfits are really beautiful, but it’s the casual looks that got me.

  • Lieke

    It looks lovely! <3

  • Cassie McCary

    I LOVE them all!! My fave though is the sparkly dress and skirt! Where the skirt during the day and slip on the dress for night!! I also love the outfit you’re wearing walking the dog!! So cute!! I wish I could have every piece!!

  • Leanne

    Love the heart sweater!!!

    From South Africa

  • Dina Karivalis

    Your stuff for Kohl’s is great, besides good bath towels it’s pretty much my main and only reason to go to Kohl’s. I have a lot of your Fall stuff and LOVE these winter things. When will it be available?

    xo Dina

  • Giulia De Luca

    Oh Lauren, I love your collections. Why don’t you release them also in Italy or create a shop online also for Italy?! Please!!!

  • Jennifer VG

    Like your collection! My favourite is your glitter grey dress.

    Your pictures are so great :)

    Xo Jenn,

  • Bev

    my geeze!! I’m lovin’ all the sparkles with sequins you got goin’ on in the Holiday collection!! You go goooorl!!

    xo, Bev

    Featured you on my bloggy blog today in celebration of your BIG day yesterday :)

  • Lora Angelova

    I love all the looks, amazing job :)))

    XO, Lora

  • tori reid

    love it all! but i MUST have the sweater with hearts!!

  • Nathalie Maxey

    Super adorable pieces!

  • Cassidy Short

    I am obsessed with ALL OF THIS!



  • Chelsea Owens

    I absolutely love the grey, glittered dress! I will probably get to wear for my holiday 21st birthday!

  • Sabah Williams

    Love the blouses with the lace detail. I think that I am going to have to have both! I also love the sequinned pieces…sequins always add some sparkle to the holidays! Lastly every girl/ woman needs a good red sweater for the Christmas! Another job well done Lauren!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lacey Regis

    I love them all!!

  • Analisa

    where is the silver metallic dress from? love it but don’t see it in the collection – is there another place to buy?

  • Leahkirsten1

    So in love with the first dark pink detailed sweater :) So cute!! Would totally wear it during a family get-together during Christmas.

  • Stephanie Ceron

    Love it! I really like the red sweater.

  • Taylor Thomas

    Can you do a tutorial on how you curled your hair in the last picture?!?!?

  • Lauren Nesbitt

    Love it all! Especially sparkles! I would love to see more sequins in the collection!

    Any ideas when it will be in stores? I will definitely be picking up the skirt, a top or two and maybe the silver sequin dress for new years!


  • Little Urban Sweetheart

    Totally in love with all of it. Can’t wait to make some purchases.

  • Pamela Thomas

    I love this clothes line, it looks so beautiful. I wish i lived somewhere i could purshase them :(

  • Ashleigh B

    I love the first look LC and the pink blazor! Blazors are my favourite piece of clothing it makes any outfit look stylish!


  • Lizzy

    In love with everything! It’s all so cute and flirty. If I had to pick, the heart sweater and the black top with the lace detailing would probably be my favorites because they are the closest to my everyday style, but I love all of the sparkely pieces! <3

  • christina jackson

    I am in love with number 4!! I want it so bad!!

  • Emilie

    I want all of it – Love the white dress and the lace black top!

    xo Emilie @

  • Jessica Garcia

    I loooove all of it!! I’m definitely waiting for it to hit stores!! :)

  • Kellie Norton

    OMG! Love that sequin dress!!! Buying that and wearing it for New Year’s!!! Thanks Lauren :-)

  • Casey G.

    I want that silver dress.You are absolutely STUNNING.

  • Amy Naylor

    Love it!! All of it! There’s at least one item I want from each photo, if not the whole outfit!! I honestly think this is your best collection yet for Kohls! Can’t wait!

  • Laura Barnes

    I absoulty love it all, but absoulty hate that Khol’s doesn’t ship to Canada; they’re loosing out on a major market here. I would buy all of the clothes in a heartbeat, it’s exactly what I’m looking for for price range, and style. Really hope they start shipping to Canada soon :(

  • Winterkate

    Love love love it!!

  • kimberly shigeno

    I love the first glitter dress but when you click on the link to the line I cannot find it? Does that mean its sold out online? Is it still available in stores? Or is it just not available yet?

  • Ellie Cervantes

    Extraordinary! Very clean, crisp, and ladylike. Loving the simplicity with attention to detail. I know what to put on my wish list! 😉

  • Audra Downing

    Stunning! Motivates me to do a few styled photo shoots for the Holidays!

  • Marvin C.

    I like looks 3, 5, 7 & 11, but my Absolute Fav, is look 9… 8] Firstly, I LOVE look 9’s hairstyle, the colors of your outfit, & Of Course, how well it fits Your Beautiful body – You look Soo Gorgeous, & Sexy, it makes me WISH, that I was taking a walk with You that day(man, Every Day) – Have Great days lauren…XO

  • Kimberly Reed

    I love the outfit with the sleevless silver top and black pants…I would wear it on a boat dinner/lunch boat cruise:

  • Jaimee Rindy

    I love all of it Lauren! You’re my favorite! That sparkly dress is to die for!

  • Kate Noto

    I love all the outifts.

  • Jessica Todiwala

    I have that heart top i bought it yesterday 😀

    tried the black dress on and the black silk top with the white lace its so nice!

    Love Your Line Lauren xxx

  • Amelia Rose

    The shirt is number 8 is too pretty! Oh my goodness. I hope I can wear it in the sizes that will be carried. :)

  • vivian

    I really like how you made your outfit really fun and flirty. I’m a causal type of girl and I would totally wear the heart sweater outfit. I would wear it to a girls night out or to a holiday dinner.

    Will have to do a quick purchase over the weekend.

  • Ellie

    All of these outfits are absolutely stunning! And you look so gorgeous in all of them as usual! My favorite looks are 2, 5, and 6. I would wear 2 on just a regular day out or even if I was staying in. Same with 5 though! And I would definitely wear 6 out to a party or any special occasion :)

  • debora f

    wooow amazing dresses !!

  • Miss Diana

    Lovely outfits! <3

  • Annette Falt

    Gonna order NOW!! Love the sparkeling dress and sweater with hearts <3 <3 <3

  • Christina Young

    Love All The Outfits <3 !

  • Stephanie A

    love lauren’s hair in th 9th photo!

    i like seeing her wearing her hair up.


  • Trude

    Do you ship to Europe (Norway)?

  • Audrey Mcmullen

    I love everything, it’s hard to pick one! I’d love to have that heart sweater for the cold winters here in Canada, but would love to have everything else to attend all those Christmas parties ;-)!

  • Miriam Corral Mayo

    I love this collection! I love outfits 1, 2, 4 and 6. The sequin dress one I love …I want to have it!

    Do you ship to Spain?

    Loveeeee from Spain.

    Miriam Corral

  • Jennifer Slaughter

    Why can’t I find the silver sequin dress online at Kohls? I want to get it for New Years!

  • Rachel Trampel

    SOOO beautiful! Love the sequin dress and heart sweater :)

    Rachel’s Lookbook

  • Linh Ly

    i love everything Lauren!!! would definitely wear all these items! my favorites are the heart sweater, purple v-neck sweater w/ the embellishments, and the black top w/ the white lace!! sooo gorgeous!

  • Michelle K

    I love this collection, but please allow us Canadians to buy it! Kohls wont ship to Canada! :(

  • Sarah Medley

    LOVE the black top with lace, so chic and simple.

  • Kristen Moreno

    just ordered a BUNCH of stuff. So incredibly cute…

    And im enjoying your book. Thanks Lauren! <3

  • Kristen Smith

    LOVE this whole collection!! Definitely heading to Kohls for my next shopping trip :)

  • Jessica Anderson

    I’m having the same problem finding the sequin dress. Does it have a delayed launch or did it sell out that fast? I’ve looked at other sites at other sequin dresses and just about all of them are sold out.

  • My Style Diary

    Love the clothes! Definitely going to check out the dresses for a birthday dress :)

  • Jewellynne Weinmann

    I LOVE the heart sweater!!!!!!! The dresses also! Lauren, you are so beautiful!

  • Sonja

    Hallo Lauren, last year I have bought your book “”Lauren Conrad Style”” to find some fresh ideas and I must say you have really a great style and some nice counsels. So, I have become a huge fan of you. Today, reading your webside, I discovert the sequin dress of your holiday collection… very very nice dress. Where can I buy this dress in France ? Thanks Sonja

  • Brittany Bennett

    I literally love EVERY single outfit.. I can’t even select one of my favorite pieces because they all are!

  • C Hayes

    I love everything!!! I especially love the first dress! So cute!

    ~Chymere Anais

  • Rachael Yanta

    I literally love EVERYTHING in this collection! I can’t wait to go to Kohl’s to check it all out!

  • Liliana Parra

    Love, love, love every single item!! However, I am unable to wear most of your stuff because of my size. In the past, I’ve been lucky enough to fit into a few things…but not that many! :( Any plans on expanding your line to include your curvier fans (like myself)?

  • Cesie Alvarez

    I love everything in this collection!!! So cute! I need to find somewhere to buy some pieces.

  • Wil Littel

    Aaaahh, I’m in love with the sequin dress. Anyone know when this one is released? I don’t see it up on the site yet!

  • Marie Fournier

    Seriously, I love each outfit. I’ll buy all your clothes. But the first dresses is my favorite with the t-shirt black & white. Love everything ! It’s always beautiful and perfect !

  • Helene Sula

    I have my Kohl’s coupon ready to go! Really do love everything!“”>Do Dallas Cheap

  • Celine

    Does anyone know when/how I can buy any of LCs lines in Australia?

    Would literally buy every piece! = )

  • candyheyn

    I absolutely love the beige dress… It’s simply stunning. I would wear it to a new years eve or even a christmas party!

  • Courtney Tayon

    she is so beautiful and stylish. keep it LC im loving the collections


  • FashionPlus

    Lauren…it’s time for a plus size collection!!! Lets collab and hook something up real special. [email protected]. But I love the 1st look I’d style some1 in that for a x mas party. And the 3rd look I’d go shopping, on a date, or out to eat in it. Love it. Love you and the looks just wish you’d come out with a plus size collection. XoXo See ya tomorrow in the A. Can’t belive you came to the South l0l XoXo

  • Nicola Munro

    Please tell me that the LC Lauren Conrad line will come to the UK someday!!

  • Claire McAndrew

    Love the gold jaquard dress, it looks totally different on kohls website… Is the same one that Lauren has on here?

  • Cynthia Stutsman

    Is the first sparkly dress online yet? i love it!!! When i look online i dont see it though. Love your outfits….Stunning

  • Julie Nguyen

    I love everything about this new Holiday collection from head to toe! I will visiting Kohls very soon! thank you for being an inspiration, not only in the fashion world, but just in everything you do :)

  • McCall Phillips

    those dresses are amazing! I have to get the first one!

  • Jessica Talarek

    Absolutely LOVE them All!!!!! I don’t see the silver sparkle dress online yet.. When does that comeout?? I MUST have it!!

  • Kiana Hammington

    I love the pink blazer because it is versatile. It can be both formal and casual! Both day and night!

  • Amy Chatwin

    I love the sequinned skirt! I would wear it with a great tank top or t-shirt and a chunky pearl necklace. Just a shame that Kohls doesn’t ship to Australia yet because the pink version of the skirt would be perfect for summer holiday soirees :)

  • Kate

    Must have the red blazer and the sequin dress! So fabulous.

  • amber bree

    amazing looks. i love this web. i love your style. i love your dresses. so cute.

  • Caryn Hodgson

    im dying to know where the first dress is from its gorg ?

  • Dani

    I don’t usually shop at Kohl’s but I love the Lauren Conrad clothing line so I ordered the gold cocktail dress with the bow belt (pic above). This dress is even more adorable than it looks online, I love it! The size 2 was a little big but the bow belt was easy to add new hooks to tighten it without it looking odd.

  • Jennifer Ingimundson

    he 1st look is my favorit! My paretns are going down to the staes in afew weeks and I am asking her to pick me up the Sequin Sheath Dress!!! LOVE

  • Kate Noto

    I find the you can pair a tank top with almost anything and it will look good.

  • Tiffany

    I don’t usually like celebrity clothing lines but I have one word for yours: L-O-V-E!!!!!!

  • Caitlin Farewell

    I absolutely LOVE EVERYTHING in stores!!! You make such a wonderful collection! Everything is so flattering and exquisite! Keep up the amazing work!! <3


    Absolutley beautiful, I can’t pick a favorite! Love the way the photos are styled too!

    For more fashion, interior design, and recipes that are all budget friendly, visit my blog, Lots of French decor, affordable designer inspired clothing, and easy but yummy recipes! Also, last minute clever DIY costumes! Plus I promise lots of pictures of my cubby English Bulldogs 😉

    Have an enchanting day,


  • Patty Rivera

    I love all the looks! I’ve already bought the sweater with the hearts and ill probably wear it to work on chilly day!

  • Candis

    I really love the first one, the silver dress. I am in ministry and missionary work so when I get to dress up for a Christmas part it is really pretty!

  • Daydreamer

    Oh my goodness – you look amazing in all of them ….. It’s so hard to choose, , but my top 3 are…… The gorgeous sequin skirt and cream soft knit: the sparkly silver sequin dress: and the stunning little cream coloured cocktail dress – simply beautiful – I’d love all 3 outfits! You are so inspiring to your fans and followers….. I live in the UK and have just come back from a holiday in The Californian Hills…. I love the Cali life and dream of living in the sun, with the surf and soft sands….. I am such a sunshine girl! With love, Katie xxx

  • Bridgette
  • LSee

    IM in LOVE with the sparkle dress at the top and the LBD with the adorbale back detail!! im thinking holiday parties for sure!

  • Mabel

    I love all the outfits! My favorite would be the white dress.

  • Setareh M

    Love these. I wish you carried a size 0, a size 2 is just a bit too big on me..otherwise I would buy everything!

  • Abby Lorene

    I have the heart sweater, but wear the red corduroys with it and they look great together. (:

  • Heather Castile

    I have the heart sweater and I love it! I want to get the black one too.

  • Melissa Best

    Is there anyway to buy your clothes in Canada?

  • Jaimee Rindy

    I cannot tell you how in love I am with this collection! The full glitter dress is to die for, and the sequin skirt/knit sweater combo is one of my favorite looks EVER!

  • Jenn Phillpis

    I cannot find the black shirt with the white lace on the top on the website…sad day. But the sweater with the key holes in the back with little bows is so cute! Love that and on my wish list!

  • Gretchen Jarvis

    Hey there!
    I LOVE your new Kohls collection! I was looking on the Kohls webpage and I saw the picture of you in the lace top (black and white) with the adorable dog and couldn’t find it on the website to buy! Is there a link to a page where it might be? Please help!

  • Kimrav1988

    I really loved the light pinkish dress you were wearing with the silver heels! It’s so cute and feminine. It would be great to wear for a 21st birthday party or for just going out clubbing with friends.

  • Elizabeth Volner

    I love that red blazer that outfit would be perfect to wear on christmas with the family…but I love all the clothes..its hard to choose which one is my fav.!

  • Malinda

    I love the first dress with all the sparkles! Where can I get it?? I don’t see it on the Kohl’s website and would love to have it for the holidays!

  • Hannah Larkham

    I love the sequin dress!! But it’s not on kohls. Did it already sell out? I think it would be a good dress for New Years!!!

  • Morgan Alger

    Literally in love with the sparkly dress! It’s so pretty & like everyone else has already said, it would be perfect for New Years! I might just have to get my hands on it :)



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