Since I’m officially on my book tour for Lauren Conrad Beauty and Starstruck, I thought those of you who will be coming to one of my signings would find today’s Ask Lauren post helpful. Today’s question comes from member EjoS. Here’s her question:

I will be at the San Francisco book signing and I’m excited to meet you and get my books signed. Would it be possible to have a blog about what to expect, how to act and is it a good idea to bring all your books to have them signed? This would be my first book signing and my first time meeting you, so I would love for all the books to be signed…I just don’t know if that’s tacky or not?!

I am so glad that you will be attending the signing! I am already having so much fun on my book tour and love the opportunity to get to meet all the wonderful people who have supported me. Every signing I do is unique to the location so it’s hard to say exactly what to expect, but overall they are pretty similar. I will sign as many books as you bring. If you brought it, I’ll sign it. Also, feel free to ask me any questions that you may have. I often get asked about the fashion industry or how to get an internship, but I am open to pretty much whatever is on your mind. Hope that helps! See you in San Fran!

Find out if I’m coming to a town near you by checking my book tour schedule.

Are you coming to one of my signings?

Or if you already came to one, upload a photo to your profile page and share the image link in the comments below. I’ll do a post-tour roundup of your photographs!

XO Lauren

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