Ask Lauren: What Should I Expect at Your Book Signing?

Ask Lauren: What Should I Expect at Your Book Signing?

Since I’m officially on my book tour for Lauren Conrad Beauty and Starstruck, I thought those of you who will be coming to one of my signings would find today’s Ask Lauren post helpful. Today’s question comes from member EjoS. Here’s her question:

I will be at the San Francisco book signing and I’m excited to meet you and get my books signed. Would it be possible to have a blog about what to expect, how to act and is it a good idea to bring all your books to have them signed? This would be my first book signing and my first time meeting you, so I would love for all the books to be signed…I just don’t know if that’s tacky or not?!

I am so glad that you will be attending the signing! I am already having so much fun on my book tour and love the opportunity to get to meet all the wonderful people who have supported me. Every signing I do is unique to the location so it’s hard to say exactly what to expect, but overall they are pretty similar. I will sign as many books as you bring. If you brought it, I’ll sign it. Also, feel free to ask me any questions that you may have. I often get asked about the fashion industry or how to get an internship, but I am open to pretty much whatever is on your mind. Hope that helps! See you in San Fran!

Find out if I’m coming to a town near you by checking my book tour schedule.

Are you coming to one of my signings?

Or if you already came to one, upload a photo to your profile page and share the image link in the comments below. I’ll do a post-tour roundup of your photographs!

XO Lauren

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  • Jennifer Espino

    I had a question too. I’m going to your LA book signing in Santa Monica. Is it possible to take a picture with you after you sign my book?

  • Melissa Panici

    This is an EXCELLENT question to post at this time of your book tour!! I’m so glad we can bring as many books as we want! I am bringing ALL of the books I don’t have signed by you! Thanks for also saying we can ask you a question. When I went to your signing in Lexington, KY this past April, I felt rushed (not by you) and so nervous because I didn’t know what we could and couldn’t do. Anyway, I will be seeing you in Georgia on Saturday! Driving all the way from Indiana but you are worth it Lauren:) Can’t wait to see you!!

    P.S. It would be AWESOME if on one of your signings we could get a pic with you!! I was wondering the same question as Jennifer Espino. Picture PLEASE??

  • Deanne Castro

    Great question!


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  • Tiffani Stuart

    I’m sad I won’t be able to make it this time around, but I did go to your Lexington, KY signing & it was awesome! You’re every bit a sweetheart in person & I was so proud to meet you! I think at future signings, it would be nice for you to read an excerpt out of your book. I was hoping for that– but I guess that was b/c that’s how I’ve seen it on tv, lol. But thanks for being so gracious, as always! <3 U, Lauren!

  • Claire Coppersmith

    I went to one last year and it was really cool, but I also didn’t know what to expect, so this is a really helpful post! I wish you came to Chicago or somewhere in Illinois or Missouri this time too.

  • Jennifer VG

    You’re so lovely, love your make-up!

    Have a nice book tour :)

    Xo Jenn,

  • shonda emmert


    Why can’t you come to dallas? my daughter and I love You! We just got your new books and love them. I just would like to go to ne of your signings!

  • Kelby Peachey

    Great question!! I’ve been to several book signings, albeit not any of Lauren’s, but be sure to take a post-it note and stick it where you want Lauren to sign (usually the title page). This not only speeds up the line, but also ensures she signs the right page.


  • Petra Zeller

    I would love to come but I’m living in europe :( its really a dream to meet you some day. I hope it so much.
    xo, Petra

  • Julia H

    Hi Lauren! I wish I could meet you someday :) I live in Spain and I’m a huge fan of you! I discovered you on fashion blogs, and since then I’ve been following your work:) Last xmas I bought online ‘Style’ cause in my country I cannot find those books, and on August this year, I bought the first novel book you wrote ‘L.A. Candy’ in NYC! Cannot wait to start reading it.. I would love to go to one of those signing books, american girls should feel very lucky;)x


  • Anna Italiano

    I will be coming to see you in Atlanta this Saturday! I am so beyond excited. You have been someone I’ve looked up to since the 8th grade when Laguna Beach came out. Now that I’m a junior in college, this has been long awaited! Haha. Can’t wait to meet you, Lauren! :)

  • Arelis Nelms

    Yes my sister and I will be at the signing in Alpharetta, GA this Saturday. See you then.

  • Kylie Moore

    hey Lauren you should really come to Chicago because me and my friends are huge fans of you and it would be great if we could meet you

  • EjoS

    OMG! This is my email…THANK YOU SO MUCH for making a blog about this and THANK YOU so much for giving me the OK to bring all of my books! :-) I just got my ticket today and I can’t wait.

    I love all your work and can’t wait to thank you in person.

    Enjoli Scott


  • Simone F

    Wow…Lauren you got to be the most down to earth ‘celeb’ i know….You are so beautiful insight and out…keep up the good work, and you will do amazing things! <3

  • Dulce Tovar

    Hello Lauren!

    Thanks for this post. I’ll be sure to bring my books to SF! However, are we allowed to take a picture with you? I’d love to post a picture of us on my blog.

    See you soon!


  • Little Urban Sweetheart
  • Emilie

    You should do an Australian tour!

    xo Emilie @

  • Leslie Marcum

    I’m coming this weekend to Alpharetta from KY. I’m so excited!

  • Jessica Todiwala

    I went to her book signing yesterday in New York,

    Lauren Cornad is soooo nice and sweet if she reads this i hope she remebers me because i was the one that came with my boyfriend from England and we bought like 9 books to her to sign and she was so nice and friendly, it was like a dream come true to meet her and Lauren you should deffo come to england!!!

    xoxo Jessica oxox

  • Courtney Wagner
  • Kimberly Reed

    Andersons Bookstore, Naperville, Illinois 2009

  • Anna-Kingsleigh

    Just had both my Lauren Conrad books beauty, style signed last night seriously a dream come true to meet Lauren!!

  • Amelia Rose

    Will you take pictures with your guest? :) I’d love to actually meet you and get a picture. I know some places are picky, though. When I met some of The Hunger Game cast, they didn’t allow pictures. :(

  • debora f

    it would be amazing to come to meet you! I ordered your book online Beauty
    I am so excited I hope I’ll get you soon!

    kisss from italy 😉

  • Hiba Ismail

    Aww Lauren, why can’t you have a book signing in London? :(

  • Emmylou

    Come to England Lauren!

  • Eider Urkijo
  • Deanne Castro

    Great question!


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  • Linh Ly

    Lauren! why are you not coming to Houston or at least Austin?!! Not fair we want to see you over here too! Ohh love that red nail polish!

  • Nina Hilden

    Too bad I can’t come to see you since you don’t do international book touring

  • Liz

    I wanted to come to your book signing soooo bad! Unfortunately I have a wedding to go to. Hope you enjoy your visit to ATL and come again soon!

  • Karie Obremski

    PLEEEEEEEEEEASE COME TO PITTSBURGH SOME TIME!!!!!!!! :( Man that would be the best…. So jealous I can’t make it to any other book signings…. :(


  • Constanza Galleguillos

    I met you at your last book tour at Boston and I gave you a bracelet from my country! I was sooo nervous and didn’t know what to say, you were so pretty and nice and I was like : “”hi, this for you its from my country….thanks…!!”” and I got out of there as soon as possible haha. I’m a huge fan and I think you are a great inspiration to all of us.

    Hugs from Chile =)

  • Katy Walter

    Met you last night in the Philadelphia area for your book signing. You are everything I thought you would be in person and more! It was a pleasure to meet you and I look forward to your future success…you deserve all of it!

  • Kate Noto

    I hope you come to Clearwater, FL. I have read two of your books and I love them. I can’t wait to read more of them.

  • Janice Kostellic

    Lauren wish you were coming to the Raleigh/Durham area of N. Carolina on your tour. i luv your books!!!

  • Marissa Discordia

    I met you tonight in Miami, I was so nervous to meet you I forgot to tell you thank you for all your inspirational quotes and lessons from past experiences because they have really helped me through some rough times in my life. Hope to meet you again some time :)

  • Leann Kass

    Wish you could do a book signing in Denver Colorado! I own all your books, but you haven’t come close enough to my state to get them signed :( Love your books and beauty tips!

  • Luana Monopoli

    Hi Lauren, thanks for your post! Now I want to come to a book signing even more! :-) Is there any chance that you will be doing a book tour in Europe? Love all your books!

  • Dafne N


    I went to tbe the signing in Bal Harbour yesterday and was so incredibly disappointed with the regulations of the store :( I understand how many people attend the signings and that everyone deserves a chance but they wouldn’t even allow for us to take a photo in passing while you were signing books. It was simply not what I expected my experience to be, very disheartening. This is in no way a dig at you Lauren, you were as genuine and sweet as anyone can possibly be and if possible much more beautiful than you appear on television or in print.

    Even though my experience didn’t go as I had hoped thank you for visiting Miami and taking the time to meet your followers.

    xxoo Dafne

  • ashley mondschein

    so great meeting you in philadelphia!

  • Christine Francillo

    aww.. I am from Spain and I just bought your new book Beauty through Amazon I can’t wait to read it.. I wish there is a way for us who lives outside US to have our book autographed too :/

  • angie mufalli

    Went to the signing at Barnes and Nobles in Fairless Hills PA. Had a great time meeting LAuren and all the other girls that came!!!

  • Evelyn butuk

    Hi Lauren! I was at your The Fame Game boon signing in Portland, I was so excited I meet you that I kinda froze when you were signing my book! Hopefully next time I’ll be able to say more besides “”Hi.”” It was really nice meeting you!! :)

  • Evelyn butuk

    Also, Here’s the link for one of my photos from The Fame Game book signing:)

  • Arelis Nelms

    Hi Lauren. We just met you today at your book signing at the B&N in Alpharetta. Thanks for coming to Alpharetta. It was great meeting you. You are a sweet and lovely lady. Below is link to photos from today.

  • Mayte Menchaca

    Lauren you need to come to Kansas!! :-}

  • Roselaine Bien-Aime

    It was great meeting you at Bal Harbor, Florida!

  • Lori Williams

    it was great to meet you in atlanta yesterday!! thanks for coming :) here’s the blog post with pictures:


  • Whitney Parker

    It was wonderful meeting you in Alpharetta. I’m glad you liked my friendship bracelet I made you and thanks for wearing it! :) Here’s a picture collage of you wearing it and also of my bracelet. Thanks for everything and hope to see you again one day!

  • amber bree

    i want to buy your new book. amazing.

  • Erika Romero

    It was great meeting you in Miami. Thank you so much for being interested in the shorts I brought you. You’re so sweet! I really hope they fit and you love them. Here’s the link to the pictures.

  • Lou Cass

    hey LC….looking fwd to meeting U tonight in SF….! cool ! my name is LOU CASS or also….LC….see u soon

  • Lindsey Yo

    Can’t wait for tonight’s signing — I know I’ll be Starstruck by your Beauty LC :)

  • Kelsey Estrella

    I read your first book like two summers ago! & I bought your third book but keep forgetting to buy the second book! wait for me to catch up before you keep make more!:( lol

  • Lizzie

    Lauren it was so great meeting you on Tuesday in San Francisco! You are so beautiful and sweet. And shout out to Alex who you introduced me to who runs the website!

  • Robin

    Lauren, I wasn’t able to make it to NYC because I live too far away, I live in upstate NY (Syracuse). I just went to B&N and bought Lauren Conrad Beauty and I can’t wait to get started. Here’s a pic I uploaded of me and the new book! Thanks!!


  • Azeen Afshar

    Lauren, it was an honor to meet you.You are my role model and I think you are one of the classiest people that I can look up to.Im so happy I finally met you!!! xoxoxo Heres the picture me and my friend took! Thank you for coming to Alpharetta! :)


  • thesassylife thesassylife

    It was great meeting you in SF, Lauren! Hope you get to come up to the bay again! Beauty is such a great book–I’m proud to have it on my bookshelf.


    Wish I could have made it out to meet you!

    For more fashion, interior design, and recipes that are all budget friendly, visit my blog, Lots of French decor, affordable designer inspired clothing, and easy but yummy recipes! Also, last minute clever DIY costumes! Plus I promise lots of pictures of my cubby English Bulldogs 😉

    Have an enchanting day,


  • she lisheng
  • alex jones

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  • Alexis Bell

    Ms. Lauren it would be a great honor for me to meet you since I am such a fan of and the reality shows you were in. (“”Laguna Beach”” & “”The Hills””)
    So I was wondering when will you come down to Dallas, Texas for one of your book signings?

  • bell

    hi :} my name is isabella people call me bella my nickname is bell but to the point you are one of my biggest role models you gracie dzienny andn melissa ordway i know you hear this alot but i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove you

  • FashionistaDiva

    Hi my name is Diva and I will be attending the Los Angeles signing. I just want to say that you a great inspiration to young girls like myself. :-)

  • Amy O’Donovan

    Hey lauren please come to the uk and do a book signing we would love it!!! Thanx lovvvveeeee yoouuu xxxxxx

  • Kaitlin

    I will see you in Milwaukee :) Not only will this be my first time meeting you, but it will also be my first time attending a book signing!

  • Aisha

    can we get a picture with you?!

  • Aisha

    do you get to take a picture with her?

  • thesassylife thesassylife

    We didn’t get to during our book signing. You probably won’t be able to take a photo with her :/

  • Aribalice

    did you get to take a picture with her?

  • tg55

    I was really excited to meet you in Milwaukee, but even after reading this article it was not what i’d expected. I wish you would have included that there are no photos or any sight of you until right when you’re about to get your book signed. While it was really great to meet you, I was disappointed in the book signing and do not think I’d recommend it to someone.

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  • kid

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