Tuesday Ten: Most Mispronounced Words in Fashion

Fashion Week is in full swing and since we’ve got a lot of fashion lovers on this site we think now is the perfect time to give you guys a lesson in proper fashion pronunciations! We cannot even begin to tell you how many times we hear Lanvin pronounced laan-ven or Dolce & Gabbana whispered as dole-say and gabbana…for the record, it’s dol-che. To avoid said slipups we’re going to teach you ladies to how say these names and terms the right way. (Note: All of these pronounciations are based on American English, so please keep that in mind if you are an international reader.) Here goes…

Tuesday Ten: Most Mispronounced Words in Fashion
1. Lanvinlahn-vahn 

Tuesday Ten: Most Mispronounced Words in Fashion
2. Haute Couture oat koo-toor

Tuesday Ten: Most Mispronounced Words in Fashion
Tuesday Ten: Most Mispronounced Words in Fashion
4.Louis Vuittonlou-ee vee-tonn

Tuesday Ten: Most Mispronounced Words in Fashion

Tuesday Ten: Most Mispronounced Words in Fashion

Tuesday Ten: Most Mispronounced Words in Fashion

Tuesday Ten: Most Mispronounced Words in Fashion
8.Proenza Schoulerpro-en-za skool-er

Tuesday Ten: Most Mispronounced Words in Fashion
9.Yves Saint Laurenteve sanh la-rahn

Tuesday Ten: Most Mispronounced Words in Fashion
10.Herve Legerair-vay lay-jay

And there you have it! Now you don’t have to slur your words when you’re unsure of how to say Christian Louboutin or Herve Leger…

Which often-mispronounced designer is your favorite?

XO Team LC

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Photo Credits: Cool to Wear, Foot Luxe, My Hell of a Life, Styleite, twenty2, Foot Luxe, twenty2, Fashion Magazine

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  • Deanne Castro

    Love this! Great idea!!!

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  • Leslie Freeman

    But where do you put the emphasis!? hahaha

  • Shannon Santoyo

    Thank you! I never wanted to say “”Christian Louboutin”” because I was sure I was saying it wrong! :)

  • Norma Shea

    Wow. I have been pronouncing all of these wrong. This is a very enlightening post.

  • Coraline Girard

    This is actually very funny. As a french fashion lover I am used to the correct pronunciation of all these terms. It’s quite funny and I love it. The way you guys say it is so cute.

  • Trish

    holyyyy cow i’ve been mispronouncing herve leger and givenchy!!! DAMNNN

  • Marvin C.

    LOL!!! LOVE this article… =D “”Haute Couture”” is my Fav – I-mean, really? “”Oat koo-toor?”” o.O LOL!!! =] …Have a Great day Lauren…X

  • Tiffani Stuart

    Ha ha!!! This is hilarious! But Thank YOU, LaurenConrad.com!! I knew all of them correctly, but just reading them & the phonetic spellings was fun! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people mispronounce the names! It’s ridiculous– ESPECIALLY if you CAN afford it! It’s such an injustice to fashion, for people with boats of this amazing couture fashion, but can’t even pronounce it proprerly! I was watching e-Drop Off (Reality Tv Show about an ebay business), and the lady kept misprouncing her “”Birkin Bags””!! She kept calling them “”Burkum Bags””. I wanted to rip every last one out of her closet, for that!

  • Jean Guerin

    How do you pronounce Balmain? I am never sure if the “”main”” part is pronounced like the english “”pain”” or like “”man”” as in the the french word “”main”” for hand? Can someone clarify?

  • Cinthia Gonzalez

    @Jean Guerin – I would say it as in the french word “”main””.

    I said them almost all correctly, but the Proenza Schouler, which I thought was a “”Sh”” sound as opposed to the “”Sk”” sound.

    Fun to read all the phonetics too 😀 Thanks Lauren!

  • Coraalie G .

    Thats’s funny because I’m french and we definitely do not pronounce these names like this. I love how you pronounce it, it is so cute and funny. (I have nothing bad to say because there’s a lot of things that i can’t pronounce right in english)

  • Emily k.

    This is great! A couple of these did come as a bit of a surprise!!!




  • Lane Hunt

    I agree with Coraalie. Some of the French ones are incorrect.

  • Dannii Hungry Healthy Happy

    Haha, how funny!

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  • Alicia k

    Thank you so much for this!!! I am from the midwest and A LOT of people here pronounce these wrong. I try to correct them and they tell me differently so now I have proof of how they need to say them :)

  • Aylin Carolina Rivers


  • Lili

    hahahaha this post totally craked me up!! (i’m French) I can totally undestand this could be hard to prononce but it’s just so funny to me how the words are totally butchered :)))

  • Carol S
  • Cassidy Short

    Haha, thanks for the tips!




  • Maria Ezquivera

    Niceee! & thanks for the info :) !

  • Martin M

    Proenza was probably the hardest for me as I started as editor. Sometimes its pretty hard to pronaunce the labels correct :)



  • Melissa Panici

    Thank you! I really needed this because I never know how to say those names!

  • Jacqueline Chan

    Hi Lauren,

    This is absolutely fantastic. I actually know many of these pronunciations, but I have my friends and family that pronounce these terms in a different fashion.



  • Liesl

    Oooh, I love this! I’ve always wondered about the pronunciations of these famous brands. Thanks for sharing!

    Here’s my TOP 10 TUESDAY: Summr Lovin’ Snapshots 2012


    Liesl xxx

  • Parisbluepizza

    This is very helpful! Thanks Lauren :)

  • Kara Ingram

    whoops! definitely was pronouncing YSL and Herve Leger wrong. you don’t even wanna know how I was saying that last one. 8/10 ain’t too bad, though. :) thanks team LC!

  • Taylor Anderson

    I can’t find the link.

  • Maellis

    Whooo!!! I’m from France and I can assure you most of those words are not pronounced this way. For instance, it’s a “”S”” at the end of Hermès not a “”Z”” and Givenchy start with a “”G”” not a “”Z”” (more like jaw than zero). And usually the “”N”” at the end is not pronounced either (in Louboutin or Saint Laurent). You’ll have to go to to Paris fashion week to improve this! 😉

  • Barefoot Duchess

    this is hilarious!!!

  • tizzchen tiz

    haha most of these are really funny, although still a bit misleading sometimes. just one little correction or maybe more of a hint…versace is not pronounced with an ee sound like in…jubilee, but more like a short e like in, penny. even though english speaking people often pronounce italian brands with an accent, it sounds more professional in the correct, italian pronounciation :)

    but i’ve definitely mispronounced proenza schouler the whole time hahaha

  • Kelby Peachey

    Wow! There were some that I didn’t know how to say. Thanks!



  • HistoryBeauty

    This is so helpful! Thanks!

    Check out my blog and Youtube channel



  • Meghan Conard

    These made me giggle! Thanks for sharing! I work at BCBG and you woldn’t believe how many employees mispronounce Herve Leger, we just call it HL!

    Check out my new post http://mc2squared.blogspot.com


  • Suburban Glam

    This is hilarious I love it!

    Suburban Glam, mysuburbanglam.blogspot.com
    Find me on Twitter: @MySuburbanGlam

  • Hannah Hazdovac

    This reminds me of the episode from The Hills when you and Whitney mispronounced Givenchy :) haha

  • TheEnchantingLife.com

    I love this post! It cracks me up when I hear people mispronounce fashion words when they are trying to sound like a pro 😉

    Check out my new posts, I have a few about French fashion and decor and my newest post is a yummy recipe for crepes and what to put in them. Super easy! Check it out at: TheEnchantingLife.com

    Have an enchanting day,


  • ElEhYouAreEh

    I love this post, hahaha.

    As a fashion lover, I knew most of them but Vuitton gets me every time 😉

  • Becca narcissista.me

    Cute post, but you missed two major ones:

    Prabal Gurung (sounds like either a bacterial infection or a thai noodle dish)

    Olivier Theyskens

  • Vanessa R

    Interesting post! A few I knew.. and I few I was clueless on! ha

  • Crystal Rainville

    Luckily I tend to just not say words that I’m not sure how to pronounce! I was surprised with a couple of them though, thanks Lauren, as always making awesome things accessible to common folks :-) I checked out the Enchanting Life blog Natalie posted from, love it, I have subscribed!

  • Cesie Alvarez

    This is so great! I’m really glad I have yet to mispronounce a name– then again I don’t really talk about these designers with anyone :))


  • Nathalia

    Like Hannah I also remembered that moment in Paris. I know that this is the American pronounciation, but wouldn’t it be even chicer to pronounce french labels the french way, and italian labels the italian way and so on, or would that be pretentious?

  • Katherine S

    Knowing a bit of french goes a long way when it comes to fashion

  • Dana Sinclair

    Check out my etsy shop for high waisted shorts! http://www.etsy.com/shop/DasYouth?ref=si_shop

  • fiorela vorpsi

    omg i’ve been pronouncing half of these rong..i love yves saint laurent

  • Linh Ly

    cute post! some i knew some i didn’t!



  • Lilly Cao

    As I’m reading the pronounciations I’m trying to say them with in a foreign accent, makes it’s sound less awkward in American English! Lol.

  • Lilly Cao

    *with a foreign accent.

  • spkLA

    OK, the lifesaver for me in trying to pronounce foreign words… http://www.forvo.com
    Native speakers record themselves pronouncing the words and you can listen to them pronounced with one click. So much easier than trying to figure out phonetics! (Maybe new post with links to the pronunciations on Forvo?)

  • D


    Pls correct #5 as you have it WRONG. It is NOT pronounced Ver-sah-CHEE. The Italian pronunciation for the letter “”e”” is like the “”e”” in “”Edward””. The word Spaghetti ends in “”I”” and Versace ends in “”e”” so they would not have the same sound as they are different letters. It is pronounced Ver-sah-ceh (keeping in mind the sound of the E in Edward). PLEASE CORRECT THIS. Any Italian teacher or someone fluent can attest to this. I am fluent and ppl in the media should not be saying it wrong.

    • CBix

      It says in the first paragraph that this is said in American English. Calm your misplaced guido jets.

      • Missy JoJo

        Would rather have it be a proper pronunciation rather than how americans pronounce the names.

      • sandy

        The article also says that she’s teaching us the “right way” in the first paragraph. Instead of teaching how the brands are pronounced in “American English”, why can’t she write a factual article on how these words or phrases are ACTUALLY pronounced?

        It’s embarrassing to correct someone when you can’t even pronounce a word correctly (or, more accurately, spell out a word phonetically) yourself. It just comes of as pretentious.

  • Katie Albury

    This is interesting and useful…!

    Katie x


  • M.L

    I do have to say that number 10 is ridicously wrong, number 9 Laurent as well, number 4 Vuitton, number 3 Hermes, and I don’t want to even start with number 5, so I just want to say that is very important to first educate ourselves in order to teach or guide others…… As an American English, Spanish, French and Italian fluent speaking person please correct this huge mistakes. 😉

  • D.A.M

    I’m over 50(barely) and just becoming a fashionista I could have used this listen before going to Vegas last week where all of these stores are located in the same mall. Really good lesson for us beginners.

  • erpiu

    much of the pronunciation advise here is wrong, e.g.,

    couture it’s not “kootoor” but rather “koot*u*re” (with the second (the first really) “u” being a “u” tat must sound acute, almost as in demure but w/o the “e” in “m-ew-r”; “ou” and “u” in words are distinguished like that in spoken french).

    same for Givenchy – zhee-von-she

    it’s “gee vA~n she” with a nasal “a”…

    but but at least the advise in this page will help give away to the french who among the uneducated USA newly rich (j.kerry supposedly speaks french) is trying to come across as sophisticated w/o ever having learned the basics of french, which in itself is a great service (of sorts) to humanity. 😉

    • GB

      Advice, not advise. Your last paragraph is a mess. I’m guessing English isn’t your first language, or you just suck at writing.


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