Fashion Week is in full swing and since we’ve got a lot of fashion lovers on this site we think now is the perfect time to give you guys a lesson in proper fashion pronunciations! We cannot even begin to tell you how many times we hear Lanvin pronounced laan-ven or Dolce & Gabbana whispered as dole-say and gabbana…for the record, it’s dol-che. To avoid said slipups we’re going to teach you ladies to how say these names and terms the right way. (Note: All of these pronounciations are based on American English, so please keep that in mind if you are an international reader.) Here goes…

1. Lanvinlahn-vahn 

2. Haute Couture oat koo-toor


4.Louis Vuittonlou-ee vee-tonn




8.Proenza Schoulerpro-en-za skool-er

9.Yves Saint Laurenteve sanh la-rahn

10.Herve Legerair-vay lay-jay

And there you have it! Now you don’t have to slur your words when you’re unsure of how to say Christian Louboutin or Herve Leger…

Which often-mispronounced designer is your favorite?

XO Team LC

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