Giveaway: Win My XO(eco) Lunch Set

Giveaway: Win My XO(eco) Lunch Set

UPDATE: We have our winners! Congrats to LC member Anokhi Shah, Katie W, and Kristie Hurman! And for those of you who didn’t win this giveaway, stay tuned becuase I have another VERY exciting giveaway coming soon. Also, if you want to order one of these sweet Lunch Kits, click here!

Whether you’re working, interning, or going to school, having a chic way to pack your lunch is a must. Enter: My XO(eco) Lunch Kit from my BlueAvocado line of eco-friendly products.

Since eating out isn’t usually the healthiest option, I like to pack a lunch to bring with me when I am working in my office. That way I know exactly what’s going into my body and I can make healthier choices when lunchtime rolls around.

When I partnered up with BlueAvocado I was excited about the idea of designing a lunchbox for grownups. (No “My Little Pony” boxes here!) I was determined to create something that wouldn’t be embarrassing to carrying into the lunchroom at the office…and I think we achieved just that with the Lunch Kits in my XO(eco) line. They’re practical (insulated, washable, durable), eco friendly (reusable and partially made from recycled water bottles), and (if you ask me) they’re pretty cute.

Today I am giving away 3 Lunch Kits (along with a set of Re-Zip reusable baggies) to 3 lucky members!

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Sign Up! If you haven’t already, become a registered member of my website. Click here to join now.
  2. Comment. Leave one comment below telling me about your favorite brown bag lunch to pack.
  3. Wait. I will announce the winners on Tuesday, October 2nd.

Good luck everyone!

Also, if you’re in the market for a lunch bag that you can throw over your shoulder, be sure to check out the Cafe Tote Kit–it’s a larger lunch tote that comes with (eco)zips for storing snacks, fruits and veggies.

XO Lauren

P.S. Can’t wait to get your hands on one of my Lunch Kits? Click here to shop now!

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  • Melissa Panici

    This is AMAZING!! I have been ITCHING to get your lunch set! I always pack my lunch for work too because I’m eating healthier as well. My favorite lunch to pack is, my “”Smart Ones”” meal (these are delicious and very healthy!), bottle of water, and a healthy snack. (Almonds, grapes, and sometimes a pudding snack for dessert) Thanks so much for this opportunity Lauren!

  • Jennifer King

    Hey Lauren! Love the super chic eco friendly lunch bag, and cup! When I pack my lunch for work I usually pack a grilled chicken breast, tomatoes, grapes, cottage cheese, carrots and almonds. I like to graze through the day and have healthy options! I would love to carry these options in one of your super cute bags!

  • Rachel Elliott

    My favorite brown lunch is a light salad with cucumber and hummus on the side and a pink grapefruit spritzer!


  • Tricia Castellano

    I bring my lunch to work almost everyday! My go to meal is a grilled chicken salad and a side of homemade hummus with pita chips. Thanks Lauren!

  • Nataliah Romayor

    My fav lunch to pack is lentil soup and a baguette!!! As long as you have access to a microwave this lunch is so tasty, and filling!!! :)

  • Erika Natale

    I bring salad and grilled chicken with a seasonal, light dressing, with almonds and fruit for snacks. Yum!

  • Codi Reyes

    I am all about the salads, wraps, hummus, veggies, fruit, sparkling water, and chocolate! Easy, yummy and healthy. Thanks for the opportunity! SO EXCITED!



  • Deanne Castro

    I’m all about eating healthy! For breakfast I bring my Glowing Green Smoothie, and for lunch I bring salads with chicken, greek yogurt ,sometimes I switch up my salads for quinoa! It’s great for protein! For snack I treat myself to a handful of almonds, celery and carrot sticks! AS A TREAT I like to make myself a latt (warm almond milk with a cinnimon stick). It’s a great coffee replacement!

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  • casey knepshield

    I like to pack yogurt, fruit and some nuts or an egg sandwich!

  • Anastacia Vazhenin

    Hi Lauren! Thanks for this opportunity! My favorite brown bag is a turkey and cheese flat out wrap with carrots and fruit. I also like to drink unsweet tea with that meal. Healthy and rich in fiber and vitamins :)

  • Chic-lette

    My favorite brown-bag lunch is a peanut butter banana sandwich! I love the protein punch I get from the peanut butter, and the potassium, and fiber I get from the banana (on whole wheat bread of course).

  • Megan Anderson

    My fav packed lunch is an avocado chicken salad wrap, where the avocado is used instead of the mayonnaise. I bring this with sparkling water, some hummus and sliced fresh fruit. The result is that I don’t crave office cafeteria food at all! Thanks for the opportunity! Love your BlueAvocado series!

  • redheadrachel

    I’m a sucker for a good wrap! I would pack a wrap with turkey, lettuce, tomato, and a little mayo. And I’d add a bag of Baked Lays. Yum!

  • Delta88

    I love packing some crackers, with a selection of meat and soft cheese, it’s like a little picnic and you get a different tast each time!

  • Jammy Benter

    I love how you designed your products. I would love to win since I’m starting clinicals in nursing school soon and will need to bring my lunch with me on those long 12 hr shifts.

    My favorite lunch to pack is a simple salad and sandwich combo. I also throw in some snap peas and an orange so that I have healthy snacks throughout the day.

    *crosses fingers*

  • Jennifer Battista

    I usually bring a spinach salad with broccoli, mushrooms, carrots, celery, onions, cucumbers (and any other veggie in the kitchen) along with garbanzo beans topped with an olive oil, lemon pepper & rice vinegar dressing. On the side is an apple & a pack of raisins!

  • Arika Mullis

    I love to bring light, healthy lunches to work. My go-tos are usually wraps, sandwiches, salads with lots and lots of fruits and veggies. I tend to get a sweet tooth in the afternoon, so I also pack some organic fruit snacks to curb that craving.

  • Amanda English

    I love making a sandwich the husband and I made up. We call it the Pisammi. It’s white mountain bread, mozerlla and buttered! thankfully I have a toaster oven at work and whip that bad boy in there! Dip in pizza sauce. There you have the pisammi! lol

  • Gia Pecoraro

    You can’t go wrong with the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich! My favorite since grade school!

  • Justyna Jezierski

    Lauren! Your products are so great! This would be perfect for me because I hate spending money on lunches/they’re so unhealthy! I’d love to pack an apple and some carrot sticks for a snack and some hummus and pita and some goat cheese with veggies. Sometimes a sandwich with turkey, lettuce, tomato and spicy mustard. I hope I win this, it would make packing lunch super easy!

  • Carolyn

    I like to pack some leftovers from dinner or a salad, and a side of mixed fruits for snacking later!

  • Amy Breckenridge

    i would love to win this! my favorite lunch to pack is a hummus, taboule and goat cheese spinach wrap! i also bring a greek yogurt for breakfast and fruit for a snack.


  • Kate Brink

    I am a vegetarian, and have two meatless go-to lunch faves: for some Mexican flair, I mix brown rice with spicy salsa, then add black beans beans mixed with garlic and onion and topped with some shredded cheddar. Or if I’m craving Middle Eastern flavors, I love to mix quinoa, lentils and/or soy crumbles, lemon juice, allspice and toasted pine nuts. The grains and legumes provide tons of energy and help prevent any 2:30 crash at my desk!

  • Hilary

    My favourite brown bag lunch is definitely a salad or pasta. I would love to win this stylish lunch set :) Currently my lunch bag is not very chic.

    xo Hilary

  • samara jimenez

    i normally bring a salad and some snacks

  • Jacquelyn Estrada

    I’m someone who loves to snack throughout the day. I’ve always got a yogurt, apple with some pb and granola, a small salad, and usually some wheat thins and hummus tag along for the ride. I’ve been wanting to get a lunchbox and these are adorable. I’d love to be walking into work with a part of the BlueAvocado line in hand!

  • Heather Gage

    My favorite brown bag lunch is half a turkey sandwich, a small salad and a yogurt! I love your new lunch box designs, they are adorable!


  • Lindsay Advincula

    My usual lunch consists of a salad and some fruit or fish and veggies. I like to keep it healthy when it comes to packing my lunch.

  • Megan R.

    I love this lunch tote!!! I have my own that I bring my lunch in each day to work, but it is getting a little old. My favorite lunch to pack consists of a variety of “”snack”” items such as almonds, a cup of Stonyfield yogurt, 1 or 2 fruits and some pretzles or crackers. This way I can choose from my lunch variety depending on what I want. And when 4pm rolls around and I want a snack I normally leave 1 item leftover to satisfy my craving.


  • esther rothman

    My favorite brown bag lunch is a whole wheat bread sandwich with 2 slices of turkey deli, avocado, tomato, spinach leaves, and banana pepper rings. Baby carrots and hummus as a side snack.

  • Bethany Kreiter

    I love making chicken salad on a tortilla with veggies for a snack!

  • Miss Ci

    My favorite brown bag lunch is leftovers from the night before. Especially soup. It gives the flavors time to meld and it is oh-so-delicious the next day! This lunch set is adorable! Crossing my fingers!

  • Terry Nguyen

    My favorite lunch would have to be a mixed greens salad with strawberries, blue cheese, slices almonds, onions and balsamic vinaigrette. And, hummus with raw veggies for a snack. SO DELISH! …unfortunately, my lunch gets thrown around my back seat on my way into work because I don’t have a lunch bag, haha.

  • Julia Renkert

    I love this eco chic line! I bring my lunch to work most days to save money and be healthier so it would be great to do it in style! I love bringing cheese & crackers in my lunch, healthy and delicious!

    I sooo hope I win!! I would love to feature it on my blog :)


  • ally trudell

    Goodness, I could use a great lunch box! I’m a teacher, and with only about 20 minutes to eat lunch each day, I always pack my own.

    My favorite lunch to pack is a taco salad. I used mixed greens, corn, bell peppers, onions, salsa, avocado, and I heat up seasoned lean ground beef. Delicious, especially with a Southwestern Ranch dressing. :)

  • Brittany Gingras

    It’s always time consuming to pack a lunch. Expecially since I found out I have Celiac disease. Now it makes it even harder to pack a heathy lunch. everything must be fresh but it is hard to keep it fresh until lunch. In the morning I always have a breakfast shake that I can bring to work as mornings are always hecktic. For lunch I usually have a spinach salad with chicken (which I am forced to buy on my lunch to be sure it is fresh) or a veggie wrap with rice paper. snacks are always an assortment of nuts and fruits! :)

  • Puja

    My favorite lunch to pack includes: a vegetarian sandwich (lettuce, onions, tomatoes, cheese, and any other veggies I can find), Townhouse Flatbread crisps, almonds, and fruit! Yum :)

  • Hannah Weiss

    My faovite brown bag lunch would be either a ceaser salad or veggies like carrots, celery sticks, cherry tomatos and water.

  • ncreese

    My go to lunch is any batch of soup. I make the night before and can have ready for the week. Throw in a salad and I am set!

  • cmay

    I like to bring a PB&J, an apple, and some pretzels!

  • Alexandra Arreola

    My favorite brown bag lunch is leftover home made lasagna. I’m a big fan of loads of zucchini and any other vegetables with some whole wheat noodles. I substitute ricotta cheese with greek yogurt and low fat cottage cheese.

  • Kathryn Kincanon

    Favortie Brown Bag lunch: Hands down, a strawberry poppyseed chicken salad with peach yogurt and iced tea. It brings a little sunshine to my long day in classes and working.

  • Elaine

    I love bringing leftovers from the night before. Sometimes food is better once it sits overnight, so I particularly enjoy those lunches!

  • Jen Burns

    Hi Lauren! My favorite lunch to pack is a Turkey Sandwich on Wheat with celery sticks and penut butter for a snack. Sometimes when I get creative I bring a wedge of laughing cow cheese to spead on an apple for my morning snack.

  • Lola

    I normally make some quinoa with corn and some spanish spices (like recaito cilantro and/or sazon). Then I add some of my Morning Star “”chicken”” strips. Sometimes I also add a little Tony’s Creole seasoning (a Louisiana staple) if I want it to be a bit spicy. It’s the best lunch! :)

  • Karie Obremski

    I work at a Daycare, so just about a month or two ago I needed a new lunch bag because I ALWAYS bring my lunch to work. I went out and I bought a Disney Princess lunch bag because I am in love with the Princesses, and of course my kiddies enjoyed it. (: BUT, I am getting into the ‘big girl’ workplace soon, so I need to up my maturity!!!

    My ABSOLUTELY FAVORITE lunch that I pack for myself is this:

    Spinach Salad with mango, strawberries, grapes, and almonds with homemade vinegar and olive oil dressing with salt, pepper, and basil. YUM!!! I usually add some cheese, broth soup, and/or sugar free jell-o for extra energy later on.

    My favorite lunch bag in your BlueAvocado line is the Sage Birds – absolutely ADORABLE!

    Thanks for the offer, Lauren. Hope I can be a winner! (: ~Have a great day.

    xoxo. Karie Ann>3

  • Alex Aleshin-Guendel

    My favorite lunch to pack is a chicken salad sandwich, chips and a fruit or vegetable. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • Meaghan Laughlin

    good old peanut butter and jelly and carrot sticks!

  • Kortni

    My favorite lunch to pack is an avocado, a container of salsa, and 6 shrimp. I cut the avocado and take the pit out then fill the void with salsa and mash it up in the peel. Soooo delish! The shrimp I like to eat with nothing on them. It’s a clean and healthy lunch :-)

  • Nicole Getzelman

    Spinach salad with avocadom tomatoes, and chickpeas with a lemon vinagrette! mmm

  • Anyla Katanolli

    Last night’s leftover pizza!!! Which I’m sure I will have loads of since my brothers birthday is on the 2nd October !!

  • Elizabeth Taveras de Guzman

    Lastnight leftovers are always a favorite but also LOVE mamas lasagna!!! <3

  • Ashley S Wilson

    Oh My Gosh! I am so so SO excited about this giveaway! I have been dying to get one of your new lunch bags since you announced them! My husband told me I have to wait until my old one finally breaks… I take my lunch to work every day and I love to pack a lot of small healthy snacky foods instead of a big entree sort of lunch. i find that i tend to stay fuller that way and i dont get that 2pm lull. Some of my favorites include string cheese, grapes, almonds, a cup of yogurt, carrot or celery sticks, to go peanut butter, granola bars and any fruit that is in season. I probably have about 8 different things in my lunch on a daily basis.

  • Brittany M

    My favorite brown bag lunch would be a turkey sandwich, fruit of some sort, and a strawberry mango smoothie. All of those would fit perfectly in what you are giving away. =)

  • Holistic healer

    my favorite lunch is classic PB and J, sometimes with banana, carrot sticks and piece of fruit.

  • Alex A

    I love bringing salad for lunch. It fills me up without giving me that food coma feeling in the afternoon! I usually toss mixed greens or spinach with chic peas, fresh diced tomatoes, cucumbers, green onions, watermelon and a little bit of feta and fresh squeezed lemon for a fresh meal! For fall though, I’m excited to start making a more seasonally approapriate salad: spinach with leftover turkey or salmon, dried cranberries, dates, and walnuts with a tablespoon of champagne vinegrette!

  • Elizabeth garcia

    I’m always on the go so this would be so perfect ! I don’t like to eat out so I do Pack a lunch almost every day ! My lunch consist of some Greek yogurt , fruits and veggies forsure and may e a some salad and a bottled water or tea . I would love love love this !
    God bless !:)

  • Emily Geaman

    Adorable!! My favorite brown bag lunch right now is a turkey, hummus, and spinach wrap :-)

  • Meredith Brown

    I love a tasty salad with veggies and feta on top, “”fruit cup,”” snack bars, and something sweet :-) Your give away is toooooo cute, and it would be perfect for my lunch!

  • Andrea Roiniotis

    My favorite lunch is a turkey sandwich with lettuce and lite mayo, wheat thins, and carrots.

  • Erin Zimmerly

    My favorite lunch to pack when I’m going to be at nursing school all day is an open faced chicken salad sandwhich with a caprese salad and green tea.

  • tmd636

    I like to pack a salad w/ dressing on the side and a little pack of roasted almonds for a mid-day snack.

  • Katie Reidenauer

    As a middle school teacher, I usually only have about 20 minutes eat. My favorite lunch to pack is usually a greek yogurt, some sort of granola bar, baby carrots, a piece of fruit and 2 dark chocolate hershey kiss (to satisfy my sweet-tooth and give me a small boost of anti-oxidants)! Thanks for the contest :)

  • Alexandra Franco

    My favorite brown bag lunch to pack is a turkey and havarti sandwich with sliced apples.

  • Lori Lankford

    Brown Bag Lunch…Healthy!

    Two rolls of thin sliced chicken with lettuce and light mayo. Side of mixed fruit (Strawberries, Grapes, Pinapple and Apples). Whole wheat crackers with sliced chedder cheese. For a mini sweet treat…a couple of bite size Dove Dark Chocolate :)

  • karly goins

    As a 19 year old putting herself through school this would be amazing to win! I loved doing your “”“”>7 Days to Skinny Jeans“” plan, and I still love to make the“”>Zucchini Pasta. But its not always easy to plan taking leftovers to school when my lunch box options aren’t very cute. I would love to win one of these lunch box sets because it wouldn’t only be practical and eco-friendly, but I would still feel like a fashionista carrying the little sage birds around CSULB :)

  • Zuleando

    I love to bring school a whole wheat bread tuna salad sandwich with spinach, carrots and cheese. I enjoy eating it with some whole wheat croutons and water. I just can’t stop having this for lunch.

  • Kaitlin Hubbard

    My favorite lunch to pack is a turkey and cheese wrap with spicy chips and fruit on the side, and an iced tea to drink! It’s quick AND delicious!! :)

  • Sam Evans

    My absolute favorite brown bag lunch is taking a piece of fruit with a chicken salad sandwich and ceaser salad along with any kind of tea.

  • Taylor

    My favorite brown bag lunch is turkey/lettuce/green pepper/cheese wraps with pop chips and yogurt (with granola and fresh blueberries).

  • Aparna Bankston

    Most days I pack a lunch to work! My go-to lunch is making a delicious salad of mixed greens, veggies and light dressing. Alongside that, either greek yogurt with fresh fruit, or a honeycrisp apple!

  • Tiffany Tam

    I pack my lunchbox with leftovers from the night before! :)

  • Vanillabean

    I would like to pack some a health lunch with good sources of carb and good proportion of protein. Maybe a green apple, Hummie and Celeries, Lean meat and some whole wheat crackers. Oh, maybe some brown rice ball is good options, too! Plus some green veggies woud be perfect :)

  • Melody Holmes

    Love! My current favorite brown bag lunch is chicken teriyaki lettuce wraps!

  • Carey N

    I love a kale, parmesan, and tomato wrap with a little caesar dressing, and an apple and carrot salad with olive oil, honey and lemon juice dressing. So good! Now I’m hungry!

  • Samantha Morelli

    My favorite brown bag lunch are black bean lettuce wraps. I mash up some canned black beans to top romaine hearts. I add some fresh salsa/pico, guacamole, and part skin shredded cheese. A piece of fruit or handful of pistachios go along usually go on the side. This keeps me full until dinner and is so quick and easy!

  • MmeSarah127

    I love just a plain ole peanut butter and jelly. I’ve amped it up in recent years to white chocolate peanut butter and delicious mountain strawberry jelly! So, so good!

  • Lora Gallagher

    I like to brown bag lunch to work and school as well–much easier to keep things healthy!

    My favorite combination: Homemade chicken salad (I use greek yogurt instead of mayo, and add walnuts and dried cranberries!), an apple, and a BeKind granola bar just in case I need something sweet!

    Love you eco-friendly lunch boxes! So cute!

  • Erin Brennan

    I didn’t realize how difficult it can be to bring a lunch to work until I started riding the metro and had to somehow carry 4 bags. So I like to keep it simple. I pack a string cheese and apple for a snack. I love to bring oatmeal on cold days. On warmer days I usually bring a turkey wrap. This lunch set is adorable and would definitely be nice to have for easy carrying on the metro!

  • Peaches

    My favorite lunch to bring would be chunk light tuna on cucumber slices, a few whole wheat crackers, carrots with hummus, and some grapes. Also, can’t forget my bottle of water!

  • Amanda Gongleski

    After working a busy year where fast food was the easiest option for lunch (and sometimes dinner for late nights)… my mind and body begged for a change!

    My favorite brown bag lunch now is definitely a homemade turkey, mozzarella and basil wheat wrap with Chef Tim’s sweet balsamic vinaigrette (a local treasure!!). I also have been bringing fresh sliced apples from all the farmer’s markets around this time of year with fall goodies!

    I always bring a dannon oikos greek yogurt for mid-morning snack and pistacchios for a late-afternoon snack. SO GOOD!

    I’m also excited because thanks to you I signed up for the NatureBox starting in October so I will have some new healthy snack options to pack for lunch as well! :):)

  • Meghan Deasy

    My favorite brown bag lunch is the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich (my mom makes them the best) with a handful of almonds :)

  • Miguel Angel Argueta

    I love rye bread with turkey breast, cream cheese, apple slices and nuts all rarely upset, mmm delicious … and to top and infusion of jamaica, sublime! Envy Me!

  • Bekah S

    My lunch is usually left overs from the night before or 1/2 sandwhich and 1/2 soup or sald (depending on the weather and mood).

  • Megan Malarkey

    My favorite lunch to bring to work is a big salad FULL of veggies, fruit, nuts – whatever I have on-hand at the moment! I love arugula with carrots, peas, corn, tomato, jicama and avocado! Can’t forget the protein – a little grilled chicken, some nuts or tuna are always good. Trader Joe’s balsamic vinegarette is the best :) Now I’m hungry…

  • Kjorgie

    I would love to win this as I pack my lunch every day for work & usually use the plain plastic tupperware which is not so cute! My favorite lunch to pack is a healthy mixed green salad with vegetables and hummus as a snack!

  • Tori Carlton

    I love watermelon and a peanut butter and peach jam. MMmmmm..

  • Jessica McManus

    I love to switch it up! Healthy sanwhiches on pita with chickpeas or big salads with spinach and goat cheese. Healthy doesn’t have to be boring!

  • CC

    My favorite brown bag lunch to pack is a small salad w/cucumbers to snack on mid morning and string cheese. Easy packed lunches works best for me. Have a wonderful day everyone.

  • Danica

    I bring my lunch to work every day! Since this is my first job out of college, it definitely helps on the financial side of things!

    My favorite lunch to bring is a homemade salad full of vegetables and nuts (sunflower seeds, almonds, etc.). Sometimes I like to add some chicken in so I get my protein in for the day. I also sometimes change it up and put in some fruits — There’s nothing like a good salad!

    For my drink, I like either seltzer, water, or Diet Snapple.

  • Amanda Kahle

    Cheese & Crackers, salad and greek yougurt! Maybe this cute lunch kit will spice up my lunch :).

  • Ann Flaherty

    I am one of the only people in my office who does not order out/go out to lunch every day…I pack my lunch 99% of the time and it always include my water bottle, sugar free 10 calorie jello and I try to make a nice salad or have a piece of lean meat with some veggies!

  • Khopec

    My favorite lunch at the moment is a pita pocket stuffed with hummus, spinach, cucumber and red onion. Trying to make the change to vegan so otherwise I would add some feta. :)

  • AJ Sanducci

    I would pack a pomogranite, yogurt with pomogranite in it and some pomogranite juice.

    Have you noticed? I love pomogranites :)

    Oh and a cute small stuffed penguin toy- just because they put a smile on my face :)

  • Kayra Velez

    I always make sure to pack some greek yogurt with me to keep me full during the first half of my day. My favorite thing to brown bag is my [Puerto Rican] take on a Cuban sandwich. Cuban bread, ham, salami, swiss, and I’ll stick it on the panini press at my office. SO yummy!

  • Thiravigah Thiraviarajah

    Healthy sandwiches! 😛 <3<3<3

  • andi23

    My favorite packed lunch is a turkey sandwich with munster cheese, tomato, lettuce and little bit of italian dressing! very light yet filling

  • Jennifer T

    my favorite brown bag lunch is a sandwich (chicken, sun dried tomatoes, and mozzarella), a fruit salad and some baby carrots with ranch for dipping!

  • VeVe

    I need to be better at packing my own lunch. If I had an adorable lunch kit like yours it would be more prone to do so. When I do get a chance, I usually load up on veggies and crackers:)

  • Amanda Lehrke

    My favorite brown bag lunch to pack is a turkey sandwich and fruit!

  • Kinsley Kelley

    I bring my lunch everyday to work and I would love to do it in style with your XO(eco) Lunch Kit! I’m such a fan of this line. I can’t wait to purchase your cosmetic and travel accessories when they’re released on

    My favorite brown bag lunches include leftovers from dinners that I make the night before. For example, my famous spaghetti squash. For dinner I will top the shredded squash with roasted peppers, onions, mushroom and a sprinkle of low-fat shredded cheese and it is great to bring to work the next day since I can warm it up in the microwave! I almost always bring a side of carrots and some type of fruit to round out the meal.

  • Lauren Pinchin

    I’m loving making my own soups and bringing them to work this fall. Today is a spicy black bean soup, tomorrow is cream of carrot! With a few crackers or slice of toasted baguette, it’s the perfect nutritious, light and warm lunch. Yum!

  • Erin Thorpe

    My favorite lunch is just a peanut butter sandwich on fiber one honey wheat bread (must be over 3 grams of fiber a serving) and a yoplait 100 calorie greek yogurt. Perfect portion and keeps me satisfied.

  • michelle soares

    I’m a flight attendant and can be stuck on a plane for up to 16 hours a day, so it is super important for me to bring at least one meal with me and tons of snacks to avoid eating the sodium packed plane food. I usually bring foods that need to be eaten cold, my staple is a grilled vegetable cous cous salad and hummus with pita chips. For snacks, I tend to bring natural almonds and fruit.

  • Kristie Hurman

    Lauren, I must say, I used to buy a lunch at my work every day, spending over $50 dollars a week!!! It was until recently that I started packing a lunch so I could save to buy my first house in Baltimore, MD. My brown bag lunches now consist of leftovers from the night before ;), hummus and pretzels, lite yogurt, and a bottle of water . Sounds pathetic, but I’m saving money and eating healthy at the same time. Usually my “”leftovers”” are some type of pasta. Cheap for a city girl and not your ideal “”lunch”” but it will all be worth it when I’m living in my own row house in Baltimore. <3 I love being independent! :)

  • Amanda Kretchmer

    My favorite lunch is a spinach, brocolli, and kale salad sprinkled with some parmasean cheese. As a side I’ll bring some berries and an apple.

  • Lynn Edwards

    A favorite is turkey sandwich, yogurt, fruit and a little dark chocolate!

  • Hollyruns

    My fav lunch to pack is a big salad with tons of fresh chopped veggies like cucumbers, jicama, peppers, and tomatoes with a BIG dollop of hummus or guacamole!

  • Fatima Hassan

    I love the new XO eco line, so chic.
    I’m big on granola and trail mixes, so for lunch I usually make my own granola at night on a stove top, mixing all sorts of nuts and oats, and then bake them to get the crunch, and toss them into ziplock bags (I need reusable ones:)) with dried fruit and chocolate chips.
    I also pack a variety of chopped veggies that I later mix in to make a salad, and lightly dress it.
    In the morning I brew tea and ice it for later, adding a spritz of lemon and a drop of honey.
    Also in the morning I add some chia seeds to some yogurt so that by lunchtime the seeds are soaked and ready to eat.

    I have long days so my lunch always needs to be satisfying :)


  • Turi Ashley

    My favorite lunch to pack would have to be fruit & yogurt & maybe some smoked gouda & rosemary & olive oil triscuits :)

  • Carly Ash

    My ideal lunch is usaully leftovers or soup!

  • Felicia Taylor

    My favorite thing to pack for lunch is leftover food from the night before! I think food is always better the second time around!

  • Christine

    I love bringing my favorite pasta salad with me for lunch — or some crockpot salsa chicken over a salad. My boss always comments how I have delicious looking lunches! My secret? Leftovers!

    For a snack, I bring almonds and always have a stash of green tea on hand.

  • Fatema Dossajee

    My favorite packed lunch: pita bread sandwich with hummus, cucumbers, salad, bell peppers, and turkey deli slices. Iced tea and a healthy dessert! Yumm, I’m already hungry!

  • Marissa Benary

    I. Love. Leftovers. They are a must for lunch!

  • Allyson Nicole

    I love packing salads full with veggies and raspberry vinaigrette with some granola on top, lots of water and as a little dessert, i mix a little cool whip with some low fat vanilla pudding so I can dip some fruit in. So refreshing!

  • Brittany Hayes

    I love Mediterranean type lunches! Cheese, fresh veggies (tomoteos, etc) with crackers or who wheat bread. Yum!

  • Rosie

    favorite lunch is a salad, raw veggies, string cheese and an apple!! love these products :)

  • Taylor Roberts

    My go-to lunch always consists of hummus with pretzels or wheat thins. From there it is a mixture of almonds, cheeses, chopped salads, veggie sandwiches, leftover pastas from the night before, etc. With either water or a Diet Coke. :)

  • Kellyn

    Homemade Turkey, Bacon, Avacado Sandwhich on Wheat with lettuce, tomato, and a little bit of light mayo! with some chocoalte covered pretzels!

  • Jessica Franks

    I love an apple, homemade kale chips, and sandwich with whole wheat bread, sprouts, cucumber, avocado, tomato, and vegenaise

  • Jaime Silverstein

    I’m a vegetarian so sometimes lunch is difficult! But my absolute favorite lunch to pack is a Morningstar Farm Veggie Chicken patty. I have to pack this separately from the whole wheat toast so nothing gets soggy! I accompany this with a bag of lays baked sour cream and onion potato chips and a diet dr. pepper (I don’t drink coffee, so it gives me the bost of caffine I desperately need by lunch time!) :)

  • Alayna

    The XO(eco) Lunch set is so cute! I would love to use that when I go nanny or when I bring my lunch to class! My favorite brown bag lunch would be, Homemade soup (fire roasted red pepper bisque), half a sandwich (turkey, provolone, salami, and mustard), and some celery with peanut butter, and a baggie of veggies. For my drink, I’d go with Diet Coke!! :)

  • Malia Cramer

    I look forward to lunch all morning so packing something exciting is a must if I want to stick to my plan of eating out just once a week. I like to bring fresh salads with tasty lite dressings when it’s warm out, sammies or wraps with soups in the fall and really delicious hearty and healthy hot lunches in the winter. Food is fuel but it’s also a great time to relax and regroup during the busy workday! A cute way to bring it to the office is added inspiration and your bag is adorable!

  • Lauren R Hassell

    I love lunch boxes! I’ve always just used a grocery bag (so un-chic :/) but I love the prints of these lunch boxes and those cups are my favorite! Actually, those are the only kind of cups I drink out of because I have to drink with a straw!

    My favorite lunch to take to school is a turkey, hummus, and feta wrap. Along with that I usually pack an apple or banana and some veggies to munch on! And I always bring cold tea with me wherever I go!

  • Teryn Robinson

    My favorite packed lunch is salad in a jar. I bring along my favorite toppings like craisins, feta cheese, almond slivers and then some salad dressing :)

  • Madeline Breen

    SO cute! I usually pack a salad with chicken and lots of various veggies on top. I find when I got to the trouble of assembling my lunch, I look forward to eating it all morning!

  • Lindsey Renn

    Tuna with a small amount of mayonaisse, a piece of wheat bread, tomato slices, red onion slices, avocado and any favorite slice of cheese. Throw it all in the toaster over….tuna melt!!

  • Leslie Holbert

    Let me see… It has to be rice. Any kind of rice with meat or chicken.. And hot sauce. Latin girls love their hot sauce and fruit. Mangos and kiwis and watermelon, oh my! And a bottle of water or iced tea.

  • Jasmine Davis

    My fovorite brown bag lunch is a deli sandwhich(turkey) with a side of pretzels and cheese & a bottle of water. I’m a student and an intern. The XO(eco) Lunch Set would be perfect for me. Its so cute.

  • Kaoru Yamamoto

    I bring my lunch to work almost every day, so variety is key! My favorite is a mixed salad using whatever vegetables I have, or a pasta dish!

  • Maggie Reeves

    I love the classic PB&J on wheat bread and an apple.

  • CassieV

    Right now my favorite is barley, black beans, and green pepper. It takes good and it keeps me full until the day is over which is NOT easy to do!

  • StephR

    My favorite lunch is turkey sandwich on wheat and pop chips along with some grapes.. I love fruit..

  • Brenna Gray

    My favorite brown bag lunch to pack and bring to work is a chicken salad sandwich, water and some kind of fruit. I like strawberries, raspberries and grapes. Sometimes I might even treat myself and throw in a lindt white chocolate truffle 😉

  • Taylor Byrd

    My favorite packed lunch is turkey on honey wheat with tomato, avocado, and colby cheese! Add a granny smith apple and two bottles of water (reusable of course) and you are good to go!

  • marie-claire massolin

    These are so cute! I love to bring homemade banana muffins and turkey wraps for lunch! :)

  • Melissa Rivas

    I love to pack alot of healthy snacks to eat throughout the day. Celery, apples, grapes, granola bars…. For actual lunch though- sandwiches/salads are always good.

  • Melanie W

    Since it’s fall, my go to lunch is a bowl of homemade soup with a piece of whole wheat toast. Sometimes some grapes or other small serving of fruit to accompany the soup. Yum!

  • k2spitfire

    i work from my home studio/office, but leftovers are my favorite since they’re already made

  • Christina Graci

    My favorite lunch to take for work is probably some type of salad, lately its kale, roasted red peppers, 3 bean medley, and goat cheese. For a snack, I make my own trail mix…my favorite blend is pistachios, tropical dried fruit, and coconut chips. SO GOOD. And tons of water all day long!

  • Michelle G

    I bring my lunch to work every day too, and my favorite thing to pack is LEFTOVERS!!! Easy and you know it was good the first time! I’ll add a bit of salad or fruit to make it lunch-able. :)

  • Hannah Sligh

    My favorite is leftovers! Or a turkey/pepper jack sandwich is always a go-to.

    these are so cute!

  • Alexa M

    My favourite lunch to pack is pretty easy but still delicious. Usually I use leftover grilled chicken but any kind of leftover meat is fine. So two toasts made from wholewheat bread is the base. You put mayo or mustard on the bread, then top the chicken, add salad, tomato, pickles and just a little bit of pepper AND honey…belive me it is amazing and filling as well.

  • Maygan Lanier

    These lunch boxes are so cute! I love creating different kinds of wraps to take to lunch for work!

  • Hannah White

    The Right Lunch for the Write Girl: My favorite brown bag lunch is a new twist on the classic PB&J. Instead of peanut butter I put dried cranberries and raisins! You still ge the sweetness of Jelly, but not the extra calories. I pair this with some low fat yogurt and almond milk and it keeps me full all day so I can do interviews, write stories, and edit the afternoon away!

  • Emily Kearnan

    Big fan of Turkey/Spinach/Feta in a pita pocket. I also take celery and PB (or hummus) for an afternoon snack. I also made these nuts just in case I want a little something more!

  • jampbp

    I don’t know if this happens to anyone else, but I go through lunch phases where I pack relatively the same thing for a few weeks before moving on to something else. My current go to lunch is a can of light soup (I like the Campbell’s Select Harvest line) with some baby carrots and greek yogurt. I always bring a snack for the afternoon too, usually a piece of fruit or some nuts. Right now I’m using a plastic grocery bag (ugh, i know) so this would really perk up my lunch!

  • Jackellyn

    I usually bring a salad of mixed greens, cucumber, cheese (meunster), and carrots with Italian croutons and a cookie for some sweetness and that makes a good lunch for me.

  • Jeanine Perez

    obsessed with hummus <3

  • Rosalva Salcido Flores

    Right now, probably a delicious salad, some rice and meat or chicken!

    but today, yakimeshi, my hubby made it for me yesterday and it is delicious!!

  • Leah Traylor

    I LOVE bringing leftovers for lunch or homemade chicken salad and fruit!! :)

  • Kayla Queen

    I love packing an apple with peanut or almond butter, some baby carrots and hummus, and either some soup or a big salad. And sometimes, there’s nothing better than a good old PB&J!

  • Catherine

    My go-to lunch is organicpeanut butter, banana and honey on gluten free sandwich bread, apple slices or baby carrots and water. I never ever get tired of it!

  • Amanda Hess

    I pack my lunch everyday for work and its healthier and more afordable. I love packing fresh veggies: cucumber, cherry tomatoes, red peppers with the yogurt dip from Trader Joes.

  • Marisa Bisaccia

    These are so cute!!! I have been looking for a more chic style lunch box opposed to just bringing in a brown bag. I love how it is eco friendly too!!! My lunches usually consists of a ham and cheese sandwich or a salad and I love to pack snacks too! Healthy ones of course though!! Have to stay fit and healthy!!! :)

  • Joyce Chang

    My all time favorite sandwich is anything Caprese- tomatos, fresh mozarella and basil on whole wheat bread! I love to pair it off with tuscan white bean and spinach soup! On the side I like to have crackers or fruit and of course water! :)

  • Jacinda Carlisle

    I’ve recently decided to start bringing in my lunch, so that I do make healthier choices when lunch time rolls around. My favorite thing to bring in is grilled chicken, quinoa a small salad and a slice of avocado toast. :)

  • Ellen Coyle

    At the moment, I’m a big sucker for any kind of soup, since the cold winter weather has decided to come early this year, soup and a nice hot flask of tea or hot chocolate is my favourite lunch for now!:)

  • Kate Young

    I used to have this lunch bag when I was little that had frogs all over it! I can’t find it anywhere but it reminds me of the bird lunch bag! I absolutly love this lunch set because of my nostalgia for my childhood!

  • krisss

    My favorite lunch to pack is chicken with brown rice, cucumbers and sesame seeds :)

  • Alexandra Howell

    My fave is salmon and cream chese on a bagel for a treat :) x

  • Amanda Rubenstein

    I love to pack a spinach wrap filled with turkey, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mustard. I also usually pack some sort of fruit like an apple or some grapes! To drink I always have either water or tea. So delicious :)

  • Logan Francisco

    My favorite brown bag lunch is Supremely spicy hummus with broccoli and cauliflower. Add a black cherry greek yogurt for dessert and you are all set!!

  • Brittany Poulsen

    I try to find healthy options for my new husband and I to take to work, it helps us save money and keep our bodies healthy! I grew up with my parents Deli so sandwiches are my go to! I love inventing and creating new things to put between 2 pieces of bread! but the go to Brown bag is Turkey and fresh sliced avocado! it is so smooth and delicious with a little vinegar and garden tomato…its heaven! Love the blueavocado collection!

  • Brianne Allison

    My favorite lunch is veggies (usually peppers, carrots, or celery) with hummus, and the Chicken Wrap With Mango, Basil, and Mint from the Bikini Bootcamp recipes!

  • Chelsea Leger

    I’m a vegetarian/vegan so I pack my lunch all the time! And I love to munch on snacks during the day so I normally pack one big meal, like a vegetable sandwich on wheat or vegetarian chili or even cereal and milk in a thermos, and for snacks I always have grapes, pretzels and hummus, and fruit snacks. I also bring two wild cherry Caprisun’s and I carry water or a Crystal Light drink in my CamelBak bottle.

  • Marcela Garcia

    My favorite brown bag lunch is Chinese food! I love it and it makes me happy when I have completely forgotten that’s what I brought for lunch, it’s always a nice surprise. Oh, and fruit salad for lunch, keeping it healthy :)

  • Stephanie Bisaccia

    I LOVE this! I have a lunch box I have been using but it broke :(

    One of my favorite lunches to bring is what I brought today: tuna mixed with balsamic dressing and onion, 1 slice of cheese on multigrain english muffin. I brought a side of edamame!

  • Karine Ricard

    I like to pack a veggie protein packed lunch like quinoa mixed with greens and beans, along with a kombucha & some black chocolate to satisfy my sweet tooth!

  • Melina Kunze

    My go to lunch is either a delicious salad, preferably ceasar or…cheese and crackers! I know, weird. But I love it!

    This is such a cute lunch kit!!

  • Abigail Warren

    On Sundays I take the time to cook both a dish that I can use for lunches during the week and dishes I can use for dinner. This way I don’t have to spend time thinking about what I’ll be packing for lunch or what I’ll be having for dinner. I always make sure to stock lots of fruit and cups of yogurt to round out whatever protein and starch I’ve cooked. This week lunch is chicken fried rice and dinner has been a beef roast with lots of veggies and a yummy tomato gravy.

  • Christina

    I pack my lunch for work everyday. My favorite is salad with lots of veggies and soup or a sandwich

  • Blagan

    I like to do the spinach swap for lunch. I satuee the spinach with a mix of veggies, garlic, sea salt and pepper for a few minutes. I top it with grilled or baked chicken. It heats up really well and I also like to bring a simple snack with me. Such as a pear and string cheese or an apple with peanut butter, and it’s either water with lemon or green tea to drink. Now I’m hungry :)

  • Victoria Itskov

    My favorite brown paper bag lunch would have to be peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat bread. I know it’s a typical brown paper bag lunch but it always reminds me of my childhood. And childhood memories = happy memories (at least most of them!)

  • rel

    My favorite brown bag lunch is leftovers from the night before! Whether it’s homemade mac n’ cheese, homemade pizza or steak salad. Yum!

  • Susie Leckie

    oh i could definately use one of these as i work in an area where fast food is all around me! i pack a lunch everyday for health reasons and money! being a vegetarian can be a bit difficult come lunch time, but my rotating items are usually hummus and veggies, pb & toast or this great pasta i found that is enriched with extra fiber and i either put some pesto or marinara sauce on it! i also always make sure i have grapes, banana or apple with me as well! :) oh i hope i can win one of these beauties! thank you lauren :)

  • Kristen Hewitt

    My favorite lunch is this amazing rosemary and olive oil bread from our local food store with turkey and lettuce, all the flavor is in the bread! My sides consist of a mixture of honey wheat pretzels, almonds, carrots, celery, cucumber, apple, berries or any other goodies that are in season! I really snack all day so I always pack a bunch of little random things. Also… every great once and a while I will bring a little chocolatey snack, yum!

  • Maresa

    My favorite brown bag lunch is a lunch that my mom used to make when I went to school; the pb&j cut out with a smile. I know kinda cheesy, but it brings me back to the good ole days lol I aslo had a lunch carrier that was purple(fav color) and it had stickers of my favorite singers and boy bands on it. By the way, I love the cute designs that your set has…very adorable!!

  • Harmony Thompson

    I love this lunch box, its so cute

    My unusual for lunch is greek yogurt and fruit

  • Meghan Ellzey

    Just looked through the Blue Avoocado line, loving these bags (espsecially the re-usable zip ones!) I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve not brought my lunch in the two years I’ve been at my job. It’s so much easier to be healthy (and save $!) that way. I love to pack fresh fruit (bananas, peaches, and grapes are my faves!) Sometimes a MorningStar veggie patty (like the spicy black bean burger, or the California) and a spring mix salad with fresh veggies (tomatos, onions, etc) sometimes I’ll bring a Greek frozen yogurt cup for dessert!

  • Mary Colleran

    In all honestly, a good old fashion peanut butter and jelly sandwhich is still my favorite sack lunch meal!

  • jnb5045

    My favorite lunch is a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread! And of course topped with cheese, spicy mustard, and tomato!

  • Lindsay Lafferty

    I love salads! I try and switch it up with different variations but my favorite is lettuce, fat free feta, shredded carrot, sliced mushrooms, garbanzo beans and hard boiled egg. To top it off I use a balsamic vinagrette.

  • kristin

    this is adorable! I have a gluten allergy so i make sure to always bring my lunch and snacks to the office just to make sure i avoid any possibility of intaking wheat products!

    With that said, my favorite go-to lunch to pack early in the morning for work is usually romain lettuce, with some strawberries, walnuts and feta cheese with grilled chicken! I also love gluten free granola so i bring that as well to top off on my greek yogurt for snack! delicious!

  • Meghan Bertell

    Hello everyone!!! Hope your day is going well! When I make lunch I love sandwiches. Usually turkey, romain lettuce, mayo, mustard, and tomato if I have it. I love the 100 calories cottage cheese with fruit, and I also pack an apple. I like to have some sort of munchies so i usially pack almonds or trail mix. I always bring my water bottle. I usually use a plastic bad or lulu bag….. Nothing like a lunch box!! :) I love lunch boxes!!

  • Lindsay Belle

    Hi Lauren! When I pack a lunch, I like to pack a salad in a Mason jar to keep it fresh. I start by putting the salad dressing at the bottom, followed by nuts, cheese, and veggies that won’t get too soggy if they’re sitting near the salad dressing. Then I top off the jar with a lot of spinach and lettuce. This helps keep it crisp and dry. I also love to pack an almond milk, gluten free pretzels, extra fruit, and some cookies!

  • Brandy Fricke

    Since I started trying to eat more healthy, my lunch bag has started containing yogurt or a fruit cup, almonds (they have such delicious flavors!), and a slim fast shake to snack on leading up to lunch followed up with some delicious (most times) low fat soup plus my pre-packaged daily vitamins.

  • Ani Petrosyan

    I love to pack salads for lunch, nothing heavy. That way I’m not struggling to stay awake in the afternoon!

  • Stephanie Lee

    I pack my lunch everyday for work for many reason. But the main reason is to eat healthier and to save money. My all time favorite lunch that I make is chicken stir fry with loads of veggies on rice. Add a serving of fruit and I’m good to go!

  • Alexa Foster

    My favorite brown bag lunch to bring is a when I’m teaching! I usually pack a sandwich on rosemary bread, pistachios and cranberry dried mix, an apple, and either some baked chips or cookies! Lunches are well earned halfway through the school day :)

  • Brittany Butts

    My go to work lunch is a half of turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread with a side of raw veggies or fruit (depending on my mood) with a delicious ice tea.

  • Debbie Dekens


    My Lunch excists out of a sandwich, yoghurt, an apple and a bottle of water!

    Nice and health!

    I only need to have a lunchbox because at the moment i’m using a small bag :(

  • Tera Zeigler

    My favorite lunch is a leafy green salad topped with a few grilled chicken slices, with some strawberries and Kashi roasted veggie crackers for sides. Veggies and hummus for an afternoon snack to combat a case of the hangrys. :)

  • Deanne Castro

    I’m all about eating healthy! For breakfast I bring my Glowing Green Smoothie, and for lunch I bring salads with chicken, greek yogurt ,sometimes I switch up my salads for quinoa! It’s great for protein! For snack I treat myself to a handful of almonds, celery and carrot sticks! AS A TREAT I like to make myself a latt (warm almond milk with a cinnimon stick). It’s a great coffee replacement!

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  • TheTummyHoney

    Literally anything in a wrap – leftover fajitas, ham & cheese, night-before salad. Wrap, rock and roll!

  • Christine Joyner

    I love leftovers. Meatloaf sandwich being my favorite. I slip in some fresh fruit and vegetables too.

  • Megan Brabec

    I’m in college, so buying lunch is definitely not an option on this budget! I usually make a box of quinoa towards the beginning of the week and saute some veggies. I store it in empty Chobani containers and make it new each day by adding different spices, like ground cumin seed or curry powder!

  • Sahnzi Moyers

    This line is so adorable! I’m a PhD student, and do a lot of research in the field. Studying birds requires getting up before the sun, so I usually have to pack a ton of snacks for my long days. I love bringing fresh fruit, greek yogurt, almonds, and some sort of a hearty salad with beans and grains mixed in. Your lunch set woud be perfect for a bird nerd like myself!

  • Angel Powell

    I love Turkey sandwiches/wraps on honey wheat bread with lettuce and tomatoes. Along with that I usually have a flavored water and I pick up a vanila frozen yogurt with blueberries, raspberries and chocolate chips at my university. Yum!

  • Natalie Bienvenu

    My favorite bagged lunch is a spring mix salad with pumpkin seeds, chopped apples, feta, almonds, and pomegranate vinaigrette. It has fruits, veggies, and protein! And I’m a sucker for peach tea 😉

  • JC

    PB&J off course! This is my grwon up version: Whole Wheat Wrap, Almond Butter & a drizzle of Agave nectar with a side of cheese crisps and fresh strawberries. It’s not really gheavy but keeps me going all afternoon, plus it’s super easy!

  • Anya Drzazga

    I work so early, I pack breakfast! :) I have been enjoying granola, yogurt and fruit! Lately it has been Bananas (thank you Gwen Stefani!) but i’ll grab and apple or grapes from time to time. Than in case that doesn’t hold me over I’ll add a Nature Valley bar! They are my fav!

  • Christine Manguno

    Sandwiches are one of my favorite foods, so I’m always looking for ways to pack a fun twist on your basic lunch sandwich. My latest favorite topping is a few slices of avocado. I always make sure I have water and plenty of healthy snacks to reach for during the day too.

  • Winterkate

    I try not buy any food at school because it can get pretty pricey. So, my favortie thing to pack is a sandwhich, some yummy purple grapes and a Luna bar. Sometimes I also pack these delicious Trader Joe’s honey wheat pretzel sticks. They are so good and don’t leave a mess while eating in class.

  • Amanda Lea

    My favorite lunch? A home-made soup made the night before for dinner with a salad and leafy greens, toasted pine nuts, tomatos, sun flower seeds, peppers, and a raspberry vingerette. I’m the envy of the teacher’s lounge!

  • Jayme Norum

    Right now I’m really into bringing salads to work! They’re really simple…lettuce, red cabbage, zucchini, cucumbers, & banana peppers! I’m also into a “”health kick”” so I also bring some fruit or veggies with hummus to snack on throughout the day :)

  • Tanya Werger

    I always pack a whole wheat wrap with some lite havarti cheesea and veggeis. So tasty and filling!

  • Lauren Forbes

    Spinach salad with grilled chicken, grapes and pecans! Add a side of pretzels with PB or Nutella and that holds me over during my long classes before dinner.

  • Kristan Hurtado

    Love the veggies! I like to pack a tomato, spinach and provolone sandwich with a can of V8 Splash and a bottle of water. :)

  • Jenalee Schupman

    Making large batches of soup for dinner and then eating the leftovers for lunch is super easy. Also rice with stir-fried veggies is simple to fix and easy to pack for a brown bag lunch.

  • Sandra Maples

    My go to lunch anymore is usually a salad with some sort of protein whether it be a boca burger, grilled chicken, or turkey muffins. I also bring a morning and an afternoon snack. Usually unsalted almonds or cashews and hardboiled egg and string cheese or homemade protein bars. Love the cute bird lunch bag!!

  • Rebecca Zipf

    Although I haven’t had one in a while…I’d say Lunchables! It was always a great surprise when my Mom would pack those for lunch. Great memories :)

  • Krystena Grimes

    I’m a huge fan of left overs! That and greek sald with dressing on the side are the best. Nature Valley oats n honey granola bars make a good snack too.

    Thanks for the giveaway.


  • Liza Angel

    Depending on what I’ve made the night before, is what I’ll have for lunch that day. I also toss in a cup of fruit or a yogurt cup. But, the most important thing I include is my water. Gotta keep hydrated!

  • Lacie Blake

    I absolutely love packing chicken wraps in my lunch :) Chicken, lettuce, shredded cheese, and some ranch all wrapped up in a whole grain wrap. To finish up I usually pack some kind of fruit; apples, banana, or pineapple. Last but not least a bottled water :) Having this super cute lunch box would make it so fun to carry my lunch in!

  • Beth Ann Blankenship

    I love to pack healthy sandwiches. Along with a very healthy salsa that my dad makes. There are so many veggies in it but it is so good. And because it’s fall, I pack apple cider! :)

  • Caitlin Ellis

    I like to bring either soup & salad, or a veggie wrap. I like having things that are light enough that I don’t get the dreaded food coma!

  • Nicole Holton

    Hi Lauren!

    My favorite brown bag lunch to pack is salad in a jar! I make them on Sunday for the whole week so it is something I can just grab and go! I love it because it is a salad and dressing in one with out the salad getting all soggy! I fill it with my own homemade dressing and favorite fruits and veggies. I also will bring along a piece of yummy pita bread to eat along with it. And to wash it down I love just plain old H2O! This is why I need your lunch set Lauren! : ) I can be healthy and echo friendly all in one!! : )

  • Corinne Chain

    My favorite lunch to bring to work is egg-free noodles with lots of veggies and some Earth Balance buttery spread. Soooo delicious! But it’s rare that I bring food to work because I have a puppy at home who needs to be let out at lunch time, so I usually eat at home.

  • Rayna Stern

    Two options, Either a spinach and feta cheese salad with olive oil and balsamic vinager or a morning star veggie burger sandwich! both are yummy delish! and a Luna bar of course!

  • Annie

    Well I was just diagnosed with Celiac Disease so I usually have to pack my lunch these days to avoid eating something that will make me sick. I usually pack tuna and sesame crackers and also some baby carrots and watermelon cubes when it’s in season. Finally I pack either water or ice tea.

  • Megan McGown

    My favorite lunch to pack is a bowl of fresh tomatoes with seasoning and a little redwine vinegar, greek yogurt, and a turkey sandwich.

  • Erin Plate

    I LOVE these Lunch Packs! I have to pack a lunch for class every Tuesday and Thursday and then I often pack one when I head to the pool! There’s just something about a healthy meal that sounds so much better then going though a fast food drive thru! My favorite “”brown bag lunch”” is a multi-grain sandwhich with turkey, cucumbers, light mayo, cheese, lettuce and tomato! It’s especially good when I’m able to “”press”” it! My favorite sides to pack with that is a small bag of orginial Sunchips and grapes or apples or some type of fruit! I also bring water with some lemon and mint leaves! It’s refreshing, healthy and easy to pack! I would love to be able to be super chic and stylish with my lunch packs!

  • EmilyAnne_SD

    I love bringing brown rice, roasted broccoli, and baby bella mushrooms for lunch. It fills me up, but also isn’t heavy where it makes me sleepy in the afternoon. It tastes so yummy with a pinch of pepper. I usually have some low fat yogurt for an afternoon snack and every now and then, a bite size snickers treat for good measure. =) My regular old black lunch bag is so boring—I would love to have one of your new lunch kits to spruce up my lunch time!

  • Christina Backus

    I love making crockpot soups. My favorite right now is turkey chili with a few crackers then with a salad makes for a great lunch!!

  • J M

    I love to pack veggies with hummus. And a really good veggie sandwich with tons of avocado! YUM!

  • Susi Ocampo

    My favorite brown bag lunch is a chicken sandwich with lots of veggies and some fruit and ofcourse my water bottle.

  • Brittany Stewart

    I love to bring little snacks to eat throughout the day. Greek yogurt, veggies & hummus, terra chips. To me it beats eating just once and gives me the variety i like. But anything packed in that adorable lunch kit would taste that much better! 😉

  • Sara Kwak

    My favorite lunch to pack is a mix of brown and white rice (you can make this by adding half portions of each in a rice cooker) and curry with chicken, potatoes, carrots, and onions. The brand I love is Vermont Curry and it comes in levels of spiciness so you can pick how hot you’d like it! This is one of the most satisfying and filling lunches for me. A nectarine or some grapes is the perfect way to end this meal. I stay full and satisified until my late afternoon snack.

  • Jennie Ellingson

    My favorite brown bag lunch is a homemade salad and then a turkey/ham sandwich. Then I either have fresh fruit or a 100 calorie cookie snack pack as my treat with water to drink. Love the eco friendly lunch kit and hope you pick me!

  • Heather McMurray

    Turkey and avo for lunch and lot’s of almonds, soy beans, and veggies to snack on through out the day. For an afternoon treat I will bring some greek yogurt with honey…yummm

  • Lindsey Gerstlauer

    Lauren, I would loooove to own this! It’s so adorable! I go to a very boring job every day and so this would definitely perk me up, haha!

    I try to be healthy with my lunch, so I usually pack a half sandwhich as to not pack on too many carbs, some fruit and yogurt. I’ll sometimes treat myself to a little chocolate, too! Dark chocolate, because it’s healthier :-)

    I sincerely hope you choose me as one of the winners! xxo!

  • Saskia Jansen

    My favorite brown bag lunch to pack is a freshly made tunasalad with cucumber and little pices of paprica. Served with a cold orange juice or water with lemon.

    I love it, but I try to create everyday some new salad, because I’m packing my “”brown bag lunch”” everyday and I don’t want to get bored of it.

  • Kim Newton

    Right now I’m craving Peanut Butter and Jelly. I never eat them, but they sound so good! I would say a turkey sandwich with american cheese and mustard. YUM!

  • Srce J

    As a university student, I want to make sure that I stay healthy throughout the year! (And of course not gain the freshman 15!!) I therefore love packing a simple, healthy, and quick lunch! Sandwiches are always my go to with some healthy ingredients like smoked turkey or chicken breast, some lettuce leaves, mustard, and of course a bit of cheese! I also always bring fruit, usually a banana, and some almonds just in case! Water is my favourite healthy drink that I always bring, plenty of it too!

  • jasx130

    Today I made a sandwich with avacado egg salad on thin whole grain bread. I brought a banana with it and my water. :)

  • Sonia Gorczynski

    I love to pack a healthy wrap that includes avocado, brownrice and salsa!

  • Stella Martinez

    Tuna salad lettuce wraps!! Perfect combo of protein and veggies. Plus they’re not messy and easy to transport.

  • Hannah Becker

    I also pack a dinner when I work the late shift at the office. Spinache salad with green peppers, cucumber and grilled chicken. Add a little oil and vinegar, and it’s good to go! I also bring a small baggie of almonds for an after dinner snack.

  • em

    I love packing a tuna salad sandwich on whole wheat bread with fresh fruit and a water bottle. I think packing your lunch is the best way to keep healthy eating habits and having a cute bag to throw everything into is inspiring to pack your lunch as you’re running out the door every morning!!

  • sandra moreno

    My favorite brown paper lunch is a yogurt, water bottle with a crystal light single pack, carrots and hummus and homemade turkey sandwich on wheat bread with lettuce and tomato and a 100 calorie sweet treat

  • jmums

    I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to have one of these!!! :o) My brown bag usually is a ham sandwich or a type of salad. With a side of fruit and veggies. Plus, a side of nuts for an afternoon snack.

  • karina soledad natale

    me encanta esto porque asi podre tener toda mi fruta y verdura bien conservada a la hora de comer mi almuerzo!!!

    me encanta empacar un sandwich de atun, lechuga, tomate y queso con pan integral para mi almuerzo en una bolsa de madera! con un bowl de ensalada de frutas!

    lo malo es que soy de Argentina no creo poder participar de este concurso :( me encantaria!!

  • Brooke Goldstein

    SO CUTE!!

  • amanda toth

    My favorite lunch to pack is a chicken salad sandwitch on multigrain bread. I pack a side of carrots and pretzels. For dessert I pack a hershey kiss. I drink water with my lunch and always have water with me all day. This lunch is healthy and tasty, it’s the perfect lunch for my busy intern schedule.

  • Alisha Boyle

    My favorite lunch to pack is Spinich Salad with Feta cheese, strawberries, raisons, blueberries, almonds, fuji apples and balsalmic vinegrette. Best salad ever! Then I also pack two snacks as well which is usually a greek yogurt and a fig bar. To drink I have green tea or water.

  • LaLaRouge

    My favorite brown paper lunch is: homous with brown bread,tuna and peppers sandwich and Rachels organic yoghurt,and orange juice or a cheeky can of coca cola 😀 AH HOPE I WIN!

  • Kimberly Michel

    i like being a kid about brown-bagging it. a ham and cheese sandwich, one of those tiny bags of chips and a little debbie snack. maybe a capri sun for good measure :)

  • Jenise Anderson

    I usually pack either a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or a cheese sandwhich along with a yogurt, carrots, a piece of fruit, and of course a water bottle! Sometimes a thermos of coffee gets packed as well!

  • TwentySomethingStella

    LC, I love to bring homemade soups & salads to work! My favorite soup right now is kale & chicken sausage – freezes well & fills you up!

  • tabatha mckenna

    I would absolutely love to win this! It’s too cute! My favorite brown bag lunch is fresh vegetables with pita bread and hummus. I pack it almost every day! And it would look so adorable in the lunch kit! Squeek!

  • Michela Garau

    Hi Lauren. I work in a theatre in the morning and I go to university in the afternoon so I don’t have time to back home for lunch.
    I have my lunch alone in the theatre so, everyday, I need a funny and healthy lunch. Every morning, before work, I cook my meal. Someday I eat fish and chips, other days meat and mashed potatoes. Everyday I try to cook something different and nutritious: I need energy for working and studying. In my lunch bag don’t miss fruits, vegetables and a yogurt. Sometimes there’s also a dessert: a slice of cake or some biscuits.
    I love pack my lunch in a red bag that comes from an important Italian Movie Festival where I was a guest two years ago: a good memory of one of best experience in my life.

  • Elisa M

    i love brown bagging it with apple sauce,lemonade, a granny smith apple, and an apple juice box

  • Julie Jung

    I love to pack brown rice/some veggies/ and some protein. Although I’m such a sweet lover, I do sometimes add in a CHOCOLATE piece. It’s okay, I try to add in a work out if I am eating chocolates. Cheers to a healthy lifestyle!!!!!

  • marija jurlina

    love chicken salad and fresh fruit…

  • shonda smith

    Would love love to win this!!

    My favorite lunch is hummus on pepperidge farm multi grain bread, pop chips and water

  • Vivian Ngo-Anh

    My favorite brown bag lunch to pack is a turkey sandwich on wheat. It’s a classic but so versatile! I like to have greek yogurt with granola. I also keep little things like granola bars, nuts, or fruit twists with me to snack on inbetween classes. As a college student, I love packing my lunch because I don’t have time to go home during my lunch breaks! It’s also a cheaper and healther alternative to the food they sell on campus!

  • Alyssa Fritz

    My favorite is veggie stirfry, sliced apple and a small chunk of dark chocolate to satisfy my sweet tooth. The veggie stirfry generally includes brown rice, tofu, carrots, snap peas, zuchinni, broccoli, peppers and any other veggies that may be in fridge at the time. I usually add some chilli flakes and teriyaki sauce. Its the perfect thing to make on Sunday and then eat the leftovers for lunch all week.

  • Eliza Keegan

    A nice garden chicken salad with mixed vegatables on top, a side of watermelon, and a nice refreshing glass on iced tea.

  • Michelle Sacerich

    I love to bring a buffalo chick’n wrap for lunch. I start with a whole wheat tortilla and add Morningstar Farms Buffalo Chick’n Nuggets (they are fake meat) cut in half, and add chopped romaine lettuce, a little Frank’s hot sauce (for an extra kick) and a little bit of ranch dressing on top. I roll the whole thing up and have a wonderful wrap! It’s super delicious!

  • Danielle Grenier

    Bring a variety so I don’t get bored with my lunch and decide to go down the street. I’m a child at heart so I bring everything and assemble it at lunch time, for example, I will bring two whole weat small tortillas, along with spinach, bean sprouts, cut up peppers, chicken/tuna, cherry tomatoes and a little honey mustard. At lunch I pick assemble it picking and choosing what I want on each one to make it fun ;). You can always mix this up by bringing whatever you have lying around. Along with a greek yougurt and fruit I cut up and some water with lemon!

  • Karol Gelardini

    As an Italian woman from Jersey…..I bring anything leftover from dinner for lunch the next day…..Pasta primavera, Caprese salad, Figs & Prosciutto. I hold the vino, and make some fresh mint limonada…need I say more!!!

  • Sarah McCammon

    My favorite brown bag lunch to pack is a reduced calorie curry chicken salad sandwhich on a wheat croissant with grapes and carrots. Depending on how I am feeling sometimes I stick in a 100 calorie Fiber One chocolate granola bar.

  • Marie Fournier

    My favorite brown bag lunch is a home salad that I make. My mom do the vinaigrette, it’s the best in the world. I bring a bottle of wather or a thermos of green tea. Also, I bring yogourt or fruit of dessert sometime or collation. This is my favorite brown bag lunch ! :)

  • Katelyn Versen

    i love brown bagging lunches especially when i wake up early enough to make my favorite:

    whole wheat bagel thin with light cream cheese, baby spinach, and cucumber

    wheat thins

    a big apple

    and of course some form of chocolate– can’t live without it :)

  • Nicole Dotey

    My fav lunch to pack is a sandwich :) There are endless combinations of meats and cheeses, and super easy to whip up that morning before heading out.

  • Alexis

    Oh I love this!!! This would be an awesome win. :)

    My favorite brown bag lunch would have to be a big salad with tons of veggies and tofu with a vinagerette of some sort, lots of fruit and cheese and crackers. Simple, easy, covers all the bases and delicious!

  • Annika Buzzard

    My favorite brown bag lunch is a yummy chicken caeser salad! Its so easy to throw together and I never get tired of it!!

  • Maddy Orick

    I like to pack a chicken sandwich, carrots, an apple (cripps is my new favorite), yogurt, some strawberries with a little sugar packet, sometimes cheese and crackers, and a smoothie.

  • Cassie Lama

    I like to change up what I bring in my lunches but recently I’ve been loving salads. My favorite is one I made with spinach and romaine leaves, diced avocado, sliced strawberries, cucumber, feta cheese and creamy balsamic dressing. The combination of the strawberries, avocado and feta is awesome!

  • Usu Manero

    On Mondays I eat in college. What I bring for lunch is: Cucumbers with lime and a little bit of salt, turkey ham sandwich with tomatoes, an apple sliced, lemon tea, and a little chocolate. (:

  • Kate Conley

    I like to make a salad with spinach leaves, fresh tomatoes from my garden, and baby carrots. I top it with olive oil, salt, and pepper. Sometimes I will bring a piece of french bread from home too. This, with a small cup of Greek yogurt, is filling and healthy and gives me energy for the rest of the day!

  • Jennie Turbeville

    Anything I can find! I love veggies with hummus, a wrap with whatever yummy food I can throw in there, no dressing or a sammy on whole wheat no condiments. And always a little fruit so I can have a little natural sugar! lol

  • Trisha L.

    My favorite lunch to pack is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, granny smith apple cut up, a cake of some kind and usually a capri sun unless I got a water.

  • Alicia k

    My favorite brown bag lunch is leftovers. I try to always bring leftovers so I don’t over indulge by going out and getting something at lunch, plus it saves me money instead of spending money on lunch everyday. That way I can really watch what I am eating and know that what I am eating is much healthier than going through a drive thru

  • Kristen Smiley

    My favorite brown bag lunch to pack are mason jar salads! Found the idea on Pinterest and love them! Layer all the veggies and lettuce you want in the salad, I love tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, snap peas and cheese of course! :) Then at lunch pour it on a plate and add your dressing! Such an easy lunch, I make them all at one time for the whole week!

  • Jillian Foster

    I love bringing a garden salad with olive oil and a bit of greek seasoning!

  • jaimiebaby

    I jurecently stumbled upon a simple and amazingly quick and flavorful sandwich: all you need is: pita, smoked salmon, cream cheese and dill ! DELICIOUS! It’s usually something eaten with a bagel but turn a yummy breakfast into lunch !!

    **Add alfalfa sprouts for that extra crunch of happiness!

  • Gina Ambroz

    <3 With a 6 year old boy and a 14 month old girl keeping me busy, simple is best. I like to pack my childhood fav PB&J, a Gala apple, and greens with blue cheese dressing with crumbles. For refreashment, cucumber slice water. Yum! :)

  • Lacretia

    I usually bring leftovers from the night before or pack a yummy salad!

  • kapps

    Sometimes instead of one big lunch I like to pack a few little snacks. Some of my favorites include: apples or bananas and peanut butter, a mini salad of tomatoes and avocado with a touch of balsamic vinegar, carrots and hummus, popcorn, granola bars (KIND are my current favorite), and any type of fruit!

  • Megan Kennedy

    My favorite brown paper bag lunch would have to be my moms home made Chicken Salad in a wheat pita with a side salad. It is all super easy to make and super delicous!

  • Maggie

    I usually take a salad or a sandwich to class and this would be perfect to take it in!

  • Christina Jarmick

    my favorite brown bag lunch to pack is some carrots, fruit, bell peppers, pita bread, hummus, and an odwalla fruit smoothie!!

  • Celia Cordon

    Usually I pack veggies and hummus and something else, like a pasta salad, and a fruit!

  • Sara McGee

    Leftovers!!! Especially pizza- like my grilled pepperoni pizza (

  • Ally Rosin

    My favorite lunch by far is a fluffernutter sandwich!

  • Ambra Frantzich

    Good ol fashion peanut butter and jelly, buuut with Peanut Butter & Co. Dark Chocolate Dreams…it is amazing!!! Even for breakfast on a waffle :)

  • Tracy Johnson

    I love bringing egg salad sandwiches, a side salad or hummus with veggies and pita chips, and an apple. I like eating a little bit of everything from the food pyramid to keep my spirits up while being healthy. :)

  • ayla mitchell

    Growing up my mom would always decorate my “”brown bag””, put a sweet note inside, and sometimes a little happy. I always loved when she packed my lunch b/c it meant yummy snacks! Sometimes now, even in my late 20’s she’ll drop off a sack lunch decorated and stuffed with goodies!!

  • Raquel Bickford

    I am all about eating clean! So my favorite lunch is a Power Green salad from Organic Girl, with tuna, tomatos, red peppers, asparagus and a balsamic and olive oil dressing! It’s healthy, fresh, and gives me the energy to workout after work!

  • brogan brege

    I love to pack some Bumblebee Salmon (like the tuna packets), so full of flavor! and have some fresh veggies with it. I also recycle baby food jars, and use one for PB so I don’t have the whole jar of PB with me! Portion sized and easy to pack in my bag and have an apple along with it to dip it in :)

  • Kristen

    I am a law student, so I usually pack a lunch for long study days including a ham and cheese sandwich, banana, yogurt, and a cookie!

  • Julie Horbinski

    This would definitely make it more fun to pack a healthy lunch everyday. Thanks Lauren!

  • Anna Mae Naef

    Last nights leftovers! And a mid-morning yogurt.

  • Stacie

    Recently I’ve been trying to make a casserole or some other bulk dish like spaghetti or enchiladas on the weekend so that I can divide it into portions and already have something ready to go everyday of the week. When I fail at that, I like to make turkey rollups (tortilla spread with cream cheese and topped with sliced turkey breast and baby spinach, rolled up and sliced into bite size pieces). And no matter what, I always make a fruit cup, usually strawberries and grapes. I also pack a granola bar and raw almonds so I can snack throughout the day.

  • K80

    I love packing quick nibbles to munch on throughout the day. Hummus goes with everything, so I usually pack a 1/2 C. container of it with pretzel crisps and cut up veggies (baby carrots and green peppers are my fav!) I’ll usually throw in some fruit as well, like an apple and a plum, and some pecans or almonds for some extra crunch. For my long days of rushing between classes, I’ll pack some kind of sandwich as well. Whether its a wrap, a pita, or a breadless sandwich (romaine or other lettuce leaves work great as a wrap), it’s all easy to eat between or during classes when I don’t have a table to sit at. And of course I always pack lots of water to stay hydrated throughout the day.

  • Gabrielle Wojcik

    My favorite brown bag lunch would have been carrot sticks, a turkey and avacodo sandwhich, cottage cheese, and one sweet item. Always allow yourself a little something special to have :)

  • Nancy Tao

    I love making the healthy spring rolls with tofu featured on your blog previously! It makes for a delicious, healthy and fuss-free lunch!

  • Indre Andruskeviciute

    I usualy bring an apple and some delicious salad (bell pepper, cucumber, tomatoe, mocarella cheese, plums and onions)

  • Meghan Donovan

    I LOVE to pack fresh fruit and turkey sandwiches in my lunch box! Those are my favorite!! :)

  • Tess Harper

    egg white, tomato, cheddar and avocado sandwich with a side of greek yogurt and blueberries! :)

  • Cyn

    Hi Lauren! I like to pack a chicken salad sandwich, carrot and celery sticks, and green tea, or a toasted nutella(♥♥) and banana sandwich.

  • Anokhi Shah

    I love packing hummus!

  • Karleigh Miller

    I love tuna and crackers!!!! I add celery, capers, and black pepper to my tuna to fancifi it! So quick and simple!

  • Jennifer Masters

    I loev bringing leftovers for lunch….somehow warm food from last night’s dinner is always more filling to me than a simple sandwhich.

  • Ariel Howard

    i have been addicted to red bell pepper hummus with fresh cukes, preztels with an apple and some pieces of dark chocolate. with peach tea

  • Rebecca Wagner

    I like packing a pita sandwich, usually with avacado, turkey, cheese, lettuce and tomato! I also throw in a peach and a piece of chocolate!!

  • jenna Payan

    I love beet and lentil salad!! YUM with a side of frozen grapes and mango slices!

  • Mie Lucas

    My favorite is leftovers from dinner. And snacks for the day!

  • Mallory Lee

    My favorite lunch to bring is healthy, non-mayo chicken salad on a whole wheat wrap. I brought it today! I usually have a soda water or iced green tea as well. <3 Mallory

  • Christine Grove

    A salad with hard boiled eggs and pieces of bacon and sometimes some dried cranberries…mmm :)

  • Julia Szabo

    My favorite lunch to pack is a banana mayonnaise sandwich with a small side of cucumber salad!

  • Kaley McMarlin

    I prefer to take leftovers from the night before. I prefer a warm meal (during fall and winter) and leftovers are easy to pack, already perpared, and you just heat them up and their ready to go! I like to pack a side of fruit or veggies that I can either snack on throughout the day or eat with my meal.

  • Lauren Costa

    Hi Lauren! I pack my own homemade wraps with tuna and veggies or hummus and olives! Veggies on the side with hummus and pita bread on days when I’m in a rush is also a wicked quick and healthy option. Sometimes I’ll throw an Oreo cookie in for good measure! Thanks for the contest!

  • HNew

    my favorite packed lunch is the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich. can’t go wrong! I like to pair with with an apple and green tea!

  • Jessica Witt

    I am a fan of turkey sandwiches with Humus instead of mayo and loaded up with veggies :)

  • Stephanie Lippincott

    I think my favorite lunches are left over chipolte and sandwiches.

  • Sydney Ice

    My favorite sack lunch option has been bounching around a lot lately. Since I’m still in school, I am able to try a bunch of new things that are quick, easy, & satisfying. A classic turkey sandwhich or turkey lettuce wrap with mustard is my go-to favorite. Right now, though, I’ve been munching on israeli salad and I love it. Add an apple with some string cheese and I’m good to go!

  • annabelle turgano

    favorite thing to pack is leftovers fromt he night before and rice. and some snacks to munch on through out the day

    i go eat with my finace for lunch since we carpool togehter

  • Kathryn Hollister

    I love packing homemade whole grain flatbread pizza with feta cheese, spinach, tomatoes and chicken. On the side I really like fresh avocado with just a little salt. For dessert (my favorite part!), I pack all types of fresh fruit (strawberries and pomegranate have been my favorite recently!) Who says healthy food can’t be delicious too?! YUM!

  • Katie Schaeffer

    I love making some kind of Mexican dish on Sundays and putting it into a ton of tupperware containers to eat for lunch every day – plus an apple and some carrot sticks!

  • Gretchen C

    White bread sandwich thins, water with ice filled in my Drink Pink VS bottle, wheat thins, and Yo Crunch yogurt!! <3.

  • Jen

    My favorite lunch to pack is roasted red pepper hummus with pretzel sticks, a Honeycrisp apple (in season), and a pita with turkey and veggie cheese. Mmm! I also can’t resist a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich for dessert.

  • Sarah Johnson

    Quinoa with Spicy blackbeans, shredded chicken and a little bit of cheddar cheese. Heat up in the microwave and you have an awesome protein rich lunch! Also a make a 3 bean salad every week I bring for a small snack after lunch!

  • Lindsay Ritz

    Favorite lunch, salad w/ grilled chicken, avacado, tomatos, sunflower seeds & a little bit of ranch with an Honest-T drink :)

  • Ashley Tovar

    I always go with a sandwich! Usually turkey breast with cheese, tomato, and avocado… with some grapes and and an apple for the side. :)

  • Marilyn E.

    I love packing a filling salad for my hubby and I. I grill my own chicken myself ahead of time in a teriyaki and lemon marinade, and then make our spinach and chicken salads ahead of time for the work week. I usually throw in some shredded carrots, (broccoli for him, mushrooms for me), boiled eggs, sliced almonds, and some sliced strawberries. My favorite lunch is this salad, a low fat string cheese, some roasted garlic hummus and baby carrots, and occassionally, a banana oatmeal muffin (no sugar or flour)! We both have filtered water provided at our works, so we just fill up our tumblers for a healthy drink. The hubby and I love it! Thanks Lauren for this opportunity! Can’t wait to see who wins.

  • Brooke P

    a pb and honey sandwich on wheat, grapes, and some club soda with lime!

  • Krystin Mertz

    My favorite lunch is a black cherry Chobani yogurt with dried apricots as a side. For my sandwich – so delicious- sliced tomato, drizzled with olive oil, pepper, a dash of salt and garlic powder placed atop sliced avocados on toast. Delicous!

  • Sole Piana

    When i have to take my lunch to work i looove salads, fresh and exquisite! I always include green leaves and tomatoe plus bonus according to the season. I also include some protein, eggs or some grilled chicken or the always lovely tuna :)

  • Kirn kh

    I would proberbly have a tuna and mayo sandwich with oat bread. A granola bar and an Ice tea, Peach flavored. That just my type of thing! Also :3 its my birthday :DDDD

  • Kat Stone

    Fig, Arugula, Goats Cheese, and Proscuitto sandwich on Focaccia bread. Yum :)

  • Morgan M

    My favorite would have to be a homeade wrap consisting of: turkey, peperjack cheese, apples, grapes, honney mustard, and a little lettace; all wraped up a a whole wheat tortilla. So delicous, nutricius and yummy!!!:)

  • Ashley Stroman

    In my sack lunch I tend to bring several things as I like to nibble throughout the day. I usually pack a sandwich or leftovers from the night before, as well as some fruit, and string cheese or hummus and pita chips. I also bring along a bottle of green tea to drink as well as some lemon water.

  • Sang

    i love ham and provolone sandwich with potato bread. red seedless grapes, and baby carrots with a little container of french onion dip. yummies!

  • Shelly

    I love when I have some good leftovers for lunch – especially as the weather starts to get cool – some leftover roasted chicken, carrots, and potatoes is my fav!

  • Forrest Wilson

    My favorite lunch to pack is yogurt and grapes, laughing cow cheese, and a panini with turkey, spinach, mozzarella, and pesto!

  • H T

    My favorite lunch to pack is a pita pocket with hummus and fresh spinach.

  • grata christine

    lately, since i never have alot of time, i have been throwing all the makings for guacamole in my bag, tomato, avacado, purple onion. i then cut it up at lunchtime and mix together. i have it with lowfat wheat thins, so delicious!!!

  • hayley golden

    i usally take any left overs from dinner but i love having a chicken salad on a cresant, or i take a pesto chicken basil tomato mozzerela on chibata bread and some fruit and sometimes a little something sweet for after and also a sparkling water

  • kraekrae

    My favorite lunch is a ham, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and light mayo sandwich on round top wheat bread. Lately, I have been packing my lunch with yoplait greek yogurt and Special K sour cream and chive chips that are so yummy! If not yogurt, fruits or veggies! Best lunch ever 😀

  • Christine Neumann

    My favorite lunch to pack is a pita with turkey sausage, spinach, cucumbers and yogurt sauce with unsweetened ice tea. A great lunch that will keep you full without making you feel like you have a brick in your stomach. Green tea is a great refresher plus a jumpstart for your motabalism in the middle of the day!

  • Krisiann Jackson

    My absolute favorite lunch is a Caprese Panini with carrots and roasted red pepper hummus on the side. I always try to drink some unsweetened fruit infused tea like pomegranate as well. :) Healthy, easy and delicious!

  • Nicole Latona

    my favorite lunch to brown bag is a fresh salad topped with avocado. i also love to bring some fruit or greek yogurt for an afternoon pick-me-up! :)

  • Amanda K

    I love turkey sandwiches on wheat bread. A spinach salad with ranch dressing! :) And water is the best!

  • sandra taylor

    soup and grilled cheese is may all time favorite packed lunch :)

  • Rebecca Bliss

    I usually bring leftovers from dinner, but if I don’t my favorite thing to get is a avacado, tomato, and cheddar cheese sandwich. Delicious!

  • amber rogers

    my favorite lunch is ham,cheese & crackers..some apple slices and peanut butter and diet coke :)

  • briana melter

    My favorite brown bag lunch would be a simple Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwhich on wheat bread. They are fast and easy to make. I always have some sort of fresh fruit. I also put some kind of yogurt in there along with a granola bar and some kind of diet pop.

  • Becca Clark

    i love to take a home made fruit salad, with a delish turkey lettuce wrap!

  • BritC

    I love bringing homemade roasted red pepper hummus with veggies and spinach salad with quinoa and tomatoes!

  • Holly Steffl

    I love a cinnamon swirl bagel with strawberry Cream Cheese, a cup of strawberry yogurt, a small bag of sun chips, and top it off with a raspberry iced tea. Fruity I know, but so delicious!!!

  • MeggoZ

    I do turkey roll ups and a small salad with a fruit. simple and easy :)

  • Lauren Kenney

    I do a makeshift naked burrito with spinach, brown rice, black beans, pico de gallo, and a little guac! It’s a great way to spice up a salad :)

  • Shelby Shrull

    I work at a preschool and I get to eat with the children, so when they see me eating healthy it helps them eat the healthy things the parents pack. My favorite thing to pack is a turkey sandwhich, with provolone, avacado, spinich, on wheat bread. With that I bring a yogurt, a banana and soy chocolate milk. :)

  • Sally Birckhead

    Mixed greens with goat cheese, almonds & balsamic vinaigrette with a string cheese and apple. Simple, healthy and SO yummy!

  • Sweetened

    Hand Rolled Sushi that you can eat like a sanwich with a little Soy Sauce and Wasabi, some Edimami, Cucumber salad and room temperature water with lemon and cucmber in it.

  • May S.

    I like a simple sandwich on whole wheat bread. Tune/Lettuce/Tomato or maybe just Ham and Cheese. Greek yogurt with some granola and some fruits like a melon or kiwi fruit. Something quick and easy :)

  • Joanna Olson

    I’m all about packing leftovers from the nigt before – the less prep in the morning, the better! Adorable designs! And love the GREEN message! :)

  • Monica Simpson

    Mediterranean Pita (so yummy!)
    Split open a whole-wheat pita and spread one side with hummus. Add roasted red pepper (sliced), crumbled feta, black olives, slices cucumber, and a small handful of mixed greens.

  • Bethany Gottshall

    My favorite lunch to pack is a whole wheat turkey wrap. It’s the perfect afternoon pick me up with a yogurt or a side of fruit!

  • Michelle B

    Actually I don’t have time in the mornings before I go to school because I looooove to sleep as long as I can. But with this beautiful lunch set I would take my time in the morning to make a cold wrap with salat, tomato, chicken and much different things or a yummy healthy sandwich!

  • Sarai Bibriescas

    Working and going all week to school, literally forces me to pack my lunch on a daily basis. My favorite lunch to pack would definitely be chicken salad sandwich, its so easy and fast to make, I always accompany it with a different fruit, and yoghurt, and usually some water or tea.

  • Katie W

    I love chicken salad from my local deli on wheat bread with some fresh fruit and yogurt

  • Alli Cain

    Don’t make fun – but ever since I was little my grandmother made me peanut butter and miracle whip sandwiches. To this day, it’s still a favorite. :-)

  • Jane Cosgrove

    I like to bring salads!

  • Sara Catherine Dale

    I love having turkey, lettuce, and bell peppers wrapped in a tortilla! Also i have baby carrots and cucumbers with hummus. Very easy, healthy, and delicious!

  • kelli killian

    I love to make a salad with quinoa, avocado, tomatoes and whatever other veggies

  • Holly Karnes

    I love to have a yummy salad or turkey and avaocado sandwich :)

  • Rebecca Winterburn

    My favorite is usually home-made chicken salad and club crackers. Cherry tomatoes and mozzarella cubes tossed in zesty italian dressing. A sweet juicy pear and a raspberry macaroon. I’ll usually have water and tea to drink. This is especially my favorite during spring/summer but don’t get me wrong I will eat ANYTIME!!! Yum now I’ll be craving this…… haha.

  • Samantha Gasz

    I love packing an Amy’s brand microwave ready meals with a small fruit. The meals are perfect for those of us that have special diet need (gluten free, vegetarian, vegan) but still want the convince of a premade lunch. Also the price is perfect. I’m a girl on a serious budget (think nursing school with my own apartment and part time job). I’m constantly going and knowing I don’t need to prepack at night frees up extra time to study, exercise, or sleep. Now all my Amy’s meal and fruit need is a pretty Lauren Conrad designed lunch pal.

  • Melissa Lorenzo

    I like to bring a mixed green and arugula salad with red peppers, goat cheese, pecans, and cranberries with a honey mustard dressing. I also bring breakfast with me to work which is my version of a yogurt parfait or oatmeal. PS. I LOVE birds 😉

  • Rebekkah Huberty

    My all time fave lunch is a good ole peanut butter and jelly sandwich with potato chips!

  • Lauren Meyers

    My favorite thing to bring is a homemade wrap with lots of fruits and veggies to snack on :)

  • Amanda Rocha

    Spinach or mixed green salad with walnuts, feta cheese, carrots, mushrooms, avocado, and any fruits I have on hand! I like to keep frozen, cooked chicken breasts in my freezer. So, if I have any, I’ll throw that in too! I usually top this salad with some caesar vinagrette! YUM!

    It really makes my day when I have this for lunch! It is light, but still very filling.

  • Monica Helset

    My favorite baglunch is homemade crispbread with cheese,salad,paprika and a sprinkle of homemade oliveol-dressing :-) yum!

  • Lexi rabbitt

    One of my favorite Lunches to pack is super easy and yummy. Just take a tortilla, spread some garlic hummus on it, add a few slices of turky breast and roll it up! I usually eat that with vanilla yogurt and a banana!SOO GOOD :)

  • Dorte Laursen

    I love my paked lunch whenever i have some fresh fruits and veggies! Anything is just better when it get’s that little extra delish! :)

    Really hope i can enter, when I’m not from the states!!!

  • Danielle D

    My favorite lunch to pack is leftovers from a home-cooked dinner. It’s an extra reminder of the effort I put in for dinner or a lovely meal with my significant other!

  • i10

    Ho “”yeah”” well we dont want it if you aint here with us lol bad joke!

  • Alie Chavez

    My favorite brown bag lunch is a side of wild rice, celery and peanut butter with a fettucini spinach mushroom stir fry. :)

  • Shelly Hardage-Wilkerson

    Hummus and veggies! It’s always a win because it’s filling and humus comes in so many different flavors and varieties. Sugar snap peas, cucumber slices, or even cherry tomatoes dipped in humus is very tastey!

  • Courtney Allen

    I make a veggie wrap with hummus, cucumbers, spinach, avocado, olive oil, and lemon juice in a whole-wheat pita. I love to bring strawberries too!

  • Becca Melnick

    I’m a big fan of snacking more than heavy meals for lunch. I love bringing salads, fruits, and nuts! [=

  • Cindy Lyster

    Hey Lauren! You can never go wrong with a traditional PB&J sandwich for lunch! By my secret is the freshly ground PB from Whole Foods (the honey roasted peanuts kind!) and jam from the farmer’s market. And of course some goldfish and celery or carrots on the side :) it lunch yet??

  • Emilee Schuster

    I like to pack a good old fashioned peanut butter and jelly sandwhich. And some cottage cheese with fruit. And of corse a bottle of water. I think it’s good to try and pack all the food groups so you have a well rounded diet. So that’s what I aim for when packing my lunch! :)

  • Franziska Kuelbel

    I usually start with putting together my desert, which is almost always some fresh fruit. I throw together whatever I have in my fridge and then dripple juice from a fresh squeezed lemon/lime over it so that it keeps it’s color plus it’s really energizing! Then, I love bringing slices freshly baked whole grain bread (my favorite kind is almost black and consists only of whole grains!) topped with fresh cheese, preferably goat or sheep and an avocado cream plus whatever veggies I can find. Done – it’s perfect and it keeps me energized for the whole rest of my workday.

  • Sara Hughes

    My favorite thing to pack is salads becuase it’s so easy. I can throw in all the veggies I love, along with some chicken and a little bit of cheese. I LOVE goat cheese :) and then in the end it’s usually only one container to clean up!

    My favorite salad is:

    Mixed greens, grilled chicken, dried cherries, goat cheese, and poppy seed dressing! AMAZING

  • carley-cc

    I have cheese and ham sandwiches sometimes with onion on sometimes with ham on. I usually have a “”nakd”” bar there quite healthy and a banana. Sometimes i’ll have rice cakes with peaunut butter on top or Nutella with a sprinkle on cinamon.

    :) Love the xo eco range wish they sold it on uk amazon xxx

  • Rachael Olear

    I love a nice Nutella, peanut butter, banana sandwhich and with some type of fruit like grapes, pineapple, peaches. On somedays when it is cold I like some clam chowder with a good spinach salad with avacodo! Don’t forget the green tea with lemon!:) Yum!

  • Samantha Grosso

    I really like a turkey sandwich or maybe a salad. Sometimes soup.

  • Vanessa Enriquez

    My fav. sack lunch is a smoked turkey sandwich with lettuce tomatoe a little onion and some mustard, with a fruit or a yogurt

  • Ann Cuevas

    My fave lunch is salmon with veggies. :O)

  • Madalina Plesoiu

    My favourite snack is a salad with avocada, tomatoes, sweet corn and salsa. Lots of water, fiber bars and fruits.

  • Vanessa Cloutier

    My favorite thing to pack is a chicken sandwhich with a small salad, a tomato juice and some fruit!

  • Daniela Ortiz

    I like sandwich on whole wheat bread with a little tomato, lettuce, cheese or sadwiches I also like sweet with a little butter, raspberry jam, with a few bits of blueberry and apple tea.

  • Nina Sanderhoff Hansen

    Right now my favorite would probably be grated beet/carrot salat, homemade bread, fishballs (like meatball, only with fish instead) and some chocolate – if I’m really good it would be a homemade vegan brownie! and, of course, green tea!!!

    and now I’m hungry… :)

  • Kelsie Turner

    Now that I am officially a working girl and college cafeterias are a thing of the past, I like packing homemade turkey chili with apple slices and goldfish….Yummmy!

  • Stephanie Pacheco

    I usually make extras while I’m cooking dinner to take the next day! Pack it up, put it in the fridge, and it’s all set to grab when I leave for work! :)

  • Ashley Dillenbeck

    My favorite lunch on the go right now is veggie sticks & pretzel thins with hummus. I love that the different varieties of hummus can give me lunch options depending on what I am in the mood for.

  • Hilary Greene

    My favorite thing to pack for lunch is leftovers from my dinner the night before, usually lots of roasted veggies and some chicken or pork, all tossed with olive oil and balsamic glaze…it turns out like a salad, but is a little more interesting.

  • Allie Edwards

    My fav lunch is easy and delish! I love salad and I love fruit, so I put this one together in a mason jar because its easy for work. I take mandarin oranges, almonds, dried cherries, broccoli slaw, chicken, and then poppyseed dressing!!!YUM!!!

  • Lisa Christine

    Tuna salad (tuna, mustard, relish, cut up hot peppers) sandwich with provolone cheese on wheat bread. Side of edamame and some pistachios. And a diet coke! : )

  • Raney Evelin CA

    I’m Brazilian, and I’m sure if I get this kit for Brazil all companies will want to hire a designer Lauren Conrad!

    Advertising is the lifeblood of business!

    The snack can be very tasty or not, but only the packaging did not matter much flavor, I’m attracted by what I see.

    Congratulations Lauren, the people in Brazil love u! =D

  • Jill Montville

    My favorite brown bag lunch is definetly a classic pb&j on whole wheat, carrots & hummus, & green tea…also like to sneak in little motivational notes to keep my day going

  • Bethany S

    I am an avid brown bagger for lunch! My favorite little ‘piece-of-heaven’ sandwich is an avocado, provolone, tomato, with a little lite mayo and touch of garlic salt on a yummy artisan roll. Pair that up with some fruit and veggie chips and you have yourself a tasty treat. Oh – and don’t forget the iced tea!

  • jessie price

    My favorite brown bag lunch to pack is: The classic peanut butter & jelly. There is something about its simplicity that brings me back to being a kid. :)

  • michelle brady

    my favorite lunches are any kind of leftovers that involve rice or pasta!!! makes waiting for lunchtime hard though 😉

  • Ashley Gonzalez

    My lunches vary from day to day because I get bored of the same food over and over again. But at the moment my favorite lunch is a mixed greens salad with tomato, cucumber, and dill, with some white tuna on top and some greek vinigarette. Add some hard-boiled eggs, pita slices, and maybe a chocolate coconut cookie and it’s a perfect lunch :)

  • Jaclyn Daywalt

    my favorite things to pack are whatever is laying around from the previous night(s). I also like to pack items that are from local grocery stores. My lunches can range from a sandwhich to a salad, to sushi, to mac and cheese, to some fruits and vegetables. Whatever I pack, I make sure it is good enough for me and for the environment. I also almost always pack water. I use previous smartwater bottles I’ve purchased and reuse those since I lost my previous reusable water bottle.

  • Betsy Gray

    I love bringing some Amy’s Kitchen Organic soup (any kind) and a spinach salad with cherry tomatoes and sliced bell pepers, topped with whatever dressing I’m feeling that day!

  • JM

    My fav brown bag is pretty typical – sandwich, veggies to munch and piece of fruit.

    I’d love to win this. So cute!

  • Liz

    My favorite lunch box treats are a cup of soup, turkey sandwich with cucumbers and hummus spread and a side yogurt, or a filling salad. I load my salads with veggies and a light vinegerette.

  • Julia shea

    I love left overs for lunch. Very easy make a little extra at inner time then you have lunch for the next day. As well as a piece of fruit.

  • Crissy Durst

    I like to pack hummus with carrot sticks, whole grain pretzels and grapes.

  • Stephanie Klausner

    I am a 1st grade teacher therefore having a lunch that is packed with protein and healthy veggies and fruits are a must to keep me strong and energetic throughout the day… for my great kids :) My favorite foods to pack include the 100 multi-grain calorie mini buns topped with avocado, turkey, and mustard! You can go without the cheese and mayo because you barley taste it anyways with the great power food avocado J I also like string cheese, strawberries, peaches, and bananas! Carrots are great and also cucumbers and cherry tomatoes! If I am feeling really spunky, I will through some hummus in my lunch to dip the veggies! Lunches are fun to pack and healthy to eat! I always got to have a good lunch because I show my students what they need to be eating to learn and grow!

  • Courtney Kitterman

    My favorite brown bag lunch would probably be tuna with pickles! That or a turkey deli sandwich with cheese and an avocado/tomatoe/cilantro/garlic/lime sauce type of spread. Along with some good juice and yogurt or whatever fruit is available 😀

  • Maitha AlGaizi

    My favorite brown bag lunch to pack for school is some yummy turkey,tomato and cream cheese sandwich, YUM !

  • Chukina C. Lartigue

    I love to pack my baby carrots, a mix of almonds and nuts, one sandwich and an apple juice. Also a candy like twizzlers or skittles.

  • London Faust

    My favorite brown bag lunch involves a little bit of everything and heavily resembles the lunch of a middle schooler. Some kind of sandwich, pretzels/chips, a fruit or veggie, and a little something for dessert. I like to keep it classic!

  • Amy Yodice

    TURNING OVER NEW LEAF! That is the theme for me lately. I have recently started a new “”clean”” diet. This does require alot of grocery shopping but thats ok because I find it fun and theraputic to go up and down all the different aisles. I have been cooking alot more frequently and “”cleaner”” noticing how much better I feel and how energetic I feel, so my lunch box typically looks like a small slice of veggie quiche in the morning, a low fat string cheese for a snack and a fresh salad with lots of protein and veggies for lunch and I must have a jello or dark chocolate after lunch to keep me going!! This lunch pack would be a perfect addition to my new turning a new leaf theme!!

  • Diamenrose

    I like to pack corn bread with cheese/ or soft cheese. When i have time i try to add vegetables (cucumbers :-) and apples) too, to my lunch bag.

  • Jennifer Nguyen

    My FAV brown bag lunch, which would be the lunch I pack for myself everyday, is some sort of salad, tons of fresh fruit and a yogurt. YUM!

    This lunch pack is probably the cutest thing I have ever seen. It would make the best early birthday present for myself!! :)

  • Crystal Marie

    I love to keep it simple with my brown bag lunch. Turkey Sandwich, Carrots, Strawberry Jello, Green Tea and a Brownie(or some type of dessert)!

  • HDaBru

    There is very little I like better for lunch than a cup of tomato soup, a salad with a flavoured vinaigrette, perhaps a turkey sandwich with baby greens and provolone. I would definitely drink iced green tea every day if I could too.

  • Dannielle Sumter

    Whenever I pack myself a lunch I try to be as healthy as possible… For me that’s really difficult, but I do try. I like to take cereal to work, as silly as it sounds. It’s quick and easy when I only have a ten minute break. I also like to take pretezels and fruit whenever possible! :)

  • Lauren Holub

    My favorite is definitely chicken salad, pickle, and maui onion chips! Oh and of course some homemade mint tea =]

  • Anto Maldonado

    my favorite food to carry is preferably carrots and beet greens, some cereal and juice, is actually changing what I wear during the week always eating healthy ♥ xo

  • Kelli Franz

    My favorite lunch to pack is raspberries, spicy quinoa cucumber and tomato salad, almond thins, and chocolate Zico coconut water. :)

  • Stevoni Vigil

    Lets be honest. i dont pack a lunch…ever, but i do bring food, and so usually they either get smashed from the contents in my bag…OR the contents in my bag are covered in crumbs from the food. I would LOVE this cute little lunch bag and Bottle, keep me hydrated and keep my skin looking young and fresh (though im 17, you gotta start while you’re young right Lauren?;)) and well of course a cute little lunch bag to keep food in, so i get the benefits of a balanced meal that arent inside my backpack

  • Lauren Kearney

    I love to pack a fruit (right now, fresh picked honeycrisp apples..yum), a sandwich (usually turkey or chicken salad, homemade) with some sort of chips or pretzels. I always pack an iced tea to go, as well. I usually pack some sort of snack for me to have durring the day like almonds.

  • Samantha Clagett

    Definitely anything that is easy to snack on between classes like cheese sticks or carrots and a little bit of hummas for sure :)

  • Nubia Perez Dorantes

    I work form 8 to 3:30, so I carry as much lunch as I can! It usually consists in two pieces of fruit, like a banana, to start with, and an apple, for later. A sandwich or a quesadilla, with a regular tortilla or pita; yogurt; a sweet tiny treat, chocolate perhaps, and lots of water.

  • Samantha

    Hi Lauren! My favorite lunch to pack is a self-made bento box! Typically with chicken teriyaki and a simple california or boston roll. Unlike the traditional white rice, I usually have pho, a vietanmese noodle that I fell in love with! You should definitely try it sometime.

    Love the lunch set! (:

  • beccamarie9

    Being in high school I do not often have much time to prepack a lunch! I really enjoy throwing together a salad with carrots, bell peppers, feta cheese, cranberries, tomatoes, cucumber and the occasional turkey! It really feels fresh at lunch and it is super quick to throw together! I drink a little water too and I am good to go!

  • Tina Stupica

    My favorite brown bag lunch to pack is not very healthy. :) Sandwich and coffee and I’m good to go.

  • Krisztina Szendrei

    My favourite lunck pack is sandwich, apple, and a bag of M&Ms for the long lectures. (:

  • megan carter

    This is so cute! I’ve been taking a packed lunch to school for years. This is a must-have for me because I will soon be attending school at Paul Mitchell where we have an all-black dress code- so, cute purses and lunch bags are a must! I always pack a v8 juice, a turkey sandwich, a few organic rice cakes (to snack on throughout the day), some grapes, tillamook cheese squares, and dark chocolate skinny cow caramel clusters! Want this so badly! :)

  • Claire Broxson

    Super cliche, but a honey ham, cheese & mayo sandwich with an apple or banana, pop chips, and maybe some peanut butter for the apple or banana :) Still makes me happy to eay even after 22 years!

  • Christina Gibbs

    how cute is this lunch box and cup! the girls at my office all make fun of me because i’m always bringing my lunch from home. but it’s so much healthier and less expensive than going out every day! i usually bring some sort of salad with all little tupperwares filled with toppings, or a turkey sandwich on wheat :)

  • ElizabethEmily

    I love to take a chicken salad sandwich, raisins, and a granola bar! And of course plenty of water :) xox

  • Jewel Medley

    One of my favorite lunches to pack is a sun-dried tomato with some sort of meat or veggie, they’re pretty good. I also try to include pears and grapes for a small snack. They may be odd combos but it’s really good!

  • Liz Massie

    I love to pack a pb&j sandwich with all natural peanut butter and jelly! For sides I eat frozen raspberries and blackberries, a small salad and veggie crisps with a big bottle of water!

  • Naftalusia

    This set is adorable and fun, makes you try harder to prepare a healthy and tasty lunch. I usually take with me some sliced apples, nuts, those bit more healthy candy bars and sometimes a salad I made a day before :)

  • Brianna Goodman

    My favorite brown bag lunch to pack is usually some left over grilled chicken from dinner the night before. I mix this in with fresh greens, tomato, avocado and cucumber for a nice healthy salad that won’t make me crash at 3PM! I always pack either a handful of almonds or an apple as well for a snack. Hopefully I will be able to start bringing this to the office in your adorable XO (eco) set :)

  • Maria Teresa Larrea

    My favorite lunch pack is turkey or chicken salad, green tea and some berries for dessert!

  • Theresa Raisbeck

    Adorable! This makes it so much easier to bring lunch to school! My favorite brown bag lunches have always been the classic, turkey sandwich with either fruit or carrots and an extra goodie, like a granola bar or a cookie. To this day, I still bring the same lunch or add a twist and make a delicious turkey wrap with a whole wheat tortilla instead of a sandwich with bread.

  • Danielle Postula

    I’m a big fan of some mediterranean tuna (kalamata olives, cucumber, red onion, squeeze of a lemon and of course s&p) with crackers. Then something cholcolate, it’s all about chocolate.

  • Kristine Barry

    My favourite lunch to pack is a chicken sandwich on whole wheat, berries/grapes, granola bar and a water bottle with fresh squeezed lemon in it! :)

  • NoLa

    My favorite brown bag lunch to pack: 4oz bottle water(super cute&tiny),left overs(sometimes),seedless grapes and 3 cookies 1 for myself and 2 to share.

  • why_vette

    My favorite brown bag lunches is when I bring my dinner from the night before, with my 1hr and a half commute every day I don’t have time to make an edible lunch which is why left overs are ideal, especially when the dinner from the night before was delicious, I like to call it deja vu lunch :)

    I LOVE THE XO LUNCH KIT…such a great idea….

  • Kristen Moreno

    how cute! my birthday is on October 3rd. These would make an awesome gift!

    i usually like to pack a small wrap with hummus, baby carrots, some sort of fruit, water and something to snack on (like a granola bar, raisins, nuts, or a 100 calorie snack pack )

  • Debbie LeShirley

    Lunch would have to include a goats cheese and roasted vegetable wrap, juice and a yoghurt! Lovely lunch bag giveaway x

  • Ashley Taylor

    My favorite lunch would definitley be a roast beef sandwich on toasted bread (toasted bread’s a must) with apple slices and caramel dipping sauce, a bag of chips, and a can of arizona peach or green tea. xx

  • Lindsay Higgins

    My favorite brown bag lunch to pack is a classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich with some grapes, carrots and a water with lemon. Love it!

  • Tyler F

    Since I am a professional ice skater, packing lunches for my long three show days is a must. I will usually pack some sun dried tomato tuna over quinoa or sticky rice, with snack size turkey sausages, salad, and Greek yogurt with fruit. I will also make a spinach smoothie to bring along as a snack. Bananas are also essential for the energy they provide throughout the day, which I need to perform at a high level.

    I have been looking at your lunch set since your partnership was first announced. I would LOVE to win one. Thank you Lauren! 😀

  • Katie Woo

    My fav brown bag lunch : cucumber and alfalpha sprout sandwich with cream cheese, fruit, yogurt and something sweet!

  • kaitlin wertzbaugher

    I love to have carrots and celery with hummus and a little pita! and i have to sneak a chocolate chip cookie….

  • Lauren D

    Normally, for lunch I have been making a big batch of a veggie pasta and eating that throughout the week. My particular favorite is a pasta I make with a lemon, Greek yogurt and parmesan cheese sauce. This week I used rigatoni, broccoli, zucchini, grape tomatoes, peas and corn. For dessert, it is a green apple!!

  • Laura P.

    Tuna spread on cucumber slices, carrots and hummus to dip it in. A few almonds, and two pieces of chocolate :) Bottle of water to drink! quick, easy, and healthy!

  • Nicole Dagenais

    My fave brown bag lunch is a banana with peanut butter wrapped in a tortilla, berries, carrot sticks and hummus and almonds. My lunch is still very reminiscent of a school lunch but at least if I had this lunch box I’d look like an adult on the outside :)

  • Vaida Kadziauskaite

    My favourite lunch to pack is a 2nectarines, sometimes 2apple, a handful of nuts and gummy sweets :)) I spend a lot of time at the University.a little bit of candy helps to improve your mood. Always prefer to drink water.
    Best wishes from Lithuania. Europe :)

  • Amy Ohlson

    Having such a cute lunch box would hopefully motivate me to pack it! Rather than stopping at a drive-thru on my way to work, which has become my daily routine. Yuck

  • NicoleS

    Usually a salad, or some Jillian Michael’s lunch recipe, and then a piece of fruit!Since I am still living at home :( I sometimes bring in left overs from dinner the night before. I like keeping my light lunch, since I work at a desk all day, and don’t want to be sluggish!

  • Sharon Ruiz

    My favorite brown bag lunch to pack is iced tea or vitamin water, cracker jack popcorn and sandwich :)

  • Jennifer Weygandt

    I love this. My favorite thing to pack:

    – Toasted whole wheat sandwich with roast beef or turkey, spicy mayo, and cheese

    – Yogurt or jello

    – Some fruits and veggies (and maybe a dip)

    – Water or Arizona Iced Tea

    – Something sweet like a 100 cal snack

  • Deanne Castro

    I’m all about eating healthy! For breakfast I bring my Glowing Green Smoothie, and for lunch I bring salads with chicken, greek yogurt ,sometimes I switch up my salads for quinoa! It’s great for protein! For snack I treat myself to a handful of almonds, celery and carrot sticks! AS A TREAT I like to make myself a latt (warm almond milk with a cinnimon stick). It’s a great coffee replacement!

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  • Berniedette Flores

    So cute! I’d love to win this!

  • Chichi

    Love it!!! Lately, I’ve been hooked on a vegetarian tuna salad on wheat with a slice of tomatoe & avocado. YUM! For breakfast, I like to have some greek yogurt with a hand full of Trader Joe’s Mixed Nuts with Omega-3 fortified cranberries. Delish!

  • Lauren Brooker

    I love making a turkey sandwich or wrap. Putting fruit in yogurt is also great. And sugar snap peas! Yum.

  • edr88

    1]Love the lunch box! My favorite lunch is sliced veggies with hummus, cottage cheese, and some fruit!

  • Alexandra D

    I love to pack veggies, fruits and some nuts so i’m not snacking on chips or candy and for lunch a grilled panini with vegetables, some chicken, lettuce and feta cheese. If i’m really hungry, i’ll throw in some cheese and crackers with hummus!

  • Meghan Banke

    I love tuna fish on wheat! Probably my favorite kind of sandwhich! :)

  • Naomi Elyssa

    My favorite lunch to pack is a egg-salad sandwich with chips, along with a refreshing lemonade to go with it. (:

  • Samantha Curtis

    It’s probably not the most healthy lunch but I LOVE peanut butter and sugar sandwhiches! Along with apple slices and an Arnold Palmer!

  • Kara Kammerer

    Since I tend to snack all day and not eat 3 large meals, my favorite things to put into my lunch pack for the day would included spicy hummus with carrots, raisins, lightly salted almonds and yogurt.

  • Samantha Yang

    Its so cute I love to have this lucnch set

  • Lauren Heerts

    As a student, I am in dire need of a cute lunchbox!! :)
    I am a leftover queen… So whatever I ate for supper the night before, will often be my lunch the next day. That is why I love making chicken breasts different ways, stir fry, or soup! :)

  • Ana Villarreal

    I love to pack some mix of veggies with maybe some low fat dressing on the side, a little bowl of fruit salad, half a sandwich, a bottle of natural water and a piece of dark chocolate just for the end and take away my sweet craving :)

  • Brooke Hilyer

    My favorite lunch to pack is a turkey sandwich, a bowl of fruit w/ grapes, strawberries and a tangerine, and a light baby bel cheese snack!

  • Erin VandeSteeg

    I like to create a bistro box similar to Starbucks. A few apple slices, cheese, grapes, a hard boiled egg + protein bread.

  • Logan Prescott

    I am a HUGE fan of leftovers! Cooking for 1 is tough so I always end up with extra to take for lunch the next day. I love it because I don’t waste any food (which is a plus on a college student/intern’s budget) and I save time in the morning. My favorite leftover lunch is roasted veggies with brown rice or cous cous. I have been doing summer squash, zucchini, onions, sweet potatos, and tomato. It is super healthy and keeps me full until dinner! I always bring a piece of fruit too, just in case!

  • Michele McCormick

    My favorite lunch to pack is greek salad pita sandwich with carrots, iced tea and an apple. YUM. LOVE this lunch set!

  • Jessica Wendel

    My favortie thing to pack is Avocado Egg Salad on a gluten free wrap. Here is the recipe:

  • kaycie hall

    I am a creature of habbit…I love having a little routine to my diet. My favorite lunch would have to be a good ol’ peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat bread with a carrot on the side. It’s usually my pre yoga meal, and I feel it gives me great energy to burn off. A cute lunchbox would be PERFECT for my traveling…and would help keep me in touch with my inner child. (as if my food choice isn’t enough lol)

  • Kelli Holloway

    Stuffed peppers with brown rice and snap peas.. Yum!

  • christina john

    my favorite is peanut butter banana sandwich wirh carrots abd maybe a soda also a mini snickers

  • Jana Ricketts

    Tomato and mozarella bagel and prezels with hummus!

  • Cristina Ordonez

    Oh gosh, I am a huge fan of packing up my entire fridge to assemble at work lol! I pack turkey slices, fresh fruit, leftovers like brown rice bowls, string cheese, greek yogurt. I pack it all! :)

  • Laura C

    I need this! I’ve been using old shopping bags to carry my lunch around…Not good for insulation at all!

    I love my lunch today actually: Made a spinach salad with peach slices from the farmers’ market, asian pear slices from my tear, feta cheese, avocado slices, and a light balsalmic vinagrette. Is it lunch time yet??

  • mimzy919

    My favorite brown bag lunch to pack is a waldorf salad (walnuts, feta cheese, apples, craisins) and a half a PB&J sandwhich with sliced apples and peanut butter on the side. Delicious and healthy!!

  • Tatiana Riesgo

    My favorite lunch to pack is usually a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread with some fruit, cocoa almonds, apple sauce, and other healthy snacks. I usually don’t get to run out for lunch so I have to be quick and practical! I also sometimes take some leftovers if there are enough. Love the kit! :)

  • Erin Walter

    My favorite brown bag lunch to pack is a big salad with lots of protein and veggies, cottage cheese or yogurt and a Starbucks VIA iced coffee pack to get me through the rest of the day!

  • nina phan

    Mom’s cheese ravioli is the best lunch ever. With an arizona iced tea, cheese sticks, frozen grapes and I’m good to go!

  • Jasmine Williams

    Because I’m a college student on a serious budget. I like to go old school (just like my mama used to do for me) with fresh veggie sticks (celery, carrots, & bellpepper) with some light ranch dip. A peanut butter & banana sandwhich on whole wheat (or a nutella sandwhich, yum!). Normally I eat a piece of fruit (apple or banana or orange) I am also a tea drinker (I can drink it just brewed without sugar or honey or lemon) and water. A simple brown bag lunch on the go.

  • Hanna Moradi

    This lunch kit is so cute! My favorite thing to pack is a turkey-pesto sandwich, trail mix (with all the chocolate) and yogurt. Thanks! :-)

  • Lama L

    veggie sticks with dip

  • Sarah Cape

    Cute set! My favorite brown lunch bag would be: a BLTA (avocado) on sourdough, Mixed fruit, veggies w/ ranch, iced green tea and some dove dark chocolate!

  • Ashley Jones

    Depends on my mood or what I have for leftovers but I am usually and soup and turkey sandwich kind of girl :)

  • Alyssa Coltman

    My favorite lunch is a turkey, cheese and mustard lettuce wrap. I add some veggies and a water to make it super tasty and healthy :)

  • Stacy Wells

    My favorite brown bag lunch is any quick and easy meal to fix with AVACADOS. Whether it be a quesadilla made with smushed avacado and black beans or a salad with sliced avacados, my favorite veggie is definitely a necessity for my fav. lunch :)

  • Julie Laba

    I love to pack a healthy spinach wrap with lettuce, turkey, and hummus, with carrot sticks or a banana on the side. I love your lunch boxes!

  • Nellushka

    My favorite is sandwich with 1 slice of chicken ham, 1 slice of lettuce, butter, bread, 1 slice of cucumber & 1 slice of pepper oh and green tea <3. Yummy

  • Emily Perry

    My favorite brown bag lunch is a simple classic. I love a good peanut butter and jelly sandwich on whole wheat bread. I usually bring some baby carrots, pretzels, and a granola bar to go with.

  • Freya Brocchini

    This is so so cute!

    My ultimate lunch would be a childhood favourite of peanut butter and jelly as well as some carrots and humous. Also an apple and maybe some leftovers from the night before! Don’t want anything to go to waste!

  • Rachel Birchfield

    I love making a spinach salad. Add some roasted chicken, bleu cheese crumbles, and olive oil for some dressing! Delish!

  • April Tamburo

    I love this! This would be so perfect to carry around at college with me. Two days out of the week, I have three classes that are back to back to back, only giving me ten minutes in between! If I had this lunch box, I could easily bring my favorite healthy lunch with me, which would be:

    a turkey caesar sandwich which includes:

    parmesan cheese, light mayonnaise, lemon juice, worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper, multigrain bread, lettuce, and turkey!

    healthy and delicious :)

  • Simi Dhillon

    I go for brown bread sandwich with cucumber, tomato and cheese (sometimes lettuce as well), along with a weetabix (UK brand..not sure if they’re available internationally) cereal bar and some water.

  • Karissa Wade

    My favorite brown bag lunch to pack is a tossed salad and a whole wheat tortilla wrap with turkey and cheese. I also throw in either a pudding cup or a little piece of chocolate to satisfy my sweet tooth!

  • melissa yanez

    my favorite brown bag lunch is everything that contains vegetables also i love arabic food specially hommus and pita bread

  • Sara Berg

    My favorite brown bag lunch is a good ol ham & cheese sandwich and a bag of chips. And it wouldnt be a great lunch without a can of Dr. Pepper and chocolate chip cookies.

  • Tessie Kotrys

    That is such a cute bag..My favorite would be a banana sandwich with peanut butter, always whole wheat bread, candied almonds and veg/fruit smoothie.

  • Michelle Munro

    My favourite little brown bag lunch is a couple of tuna, mayo and sweetcorn sandwiches on brown bread with the crusts left on (my Mum used to say eating your crusts gave you curly hair), a bag of Skips crisps (they kind of dissolve on your tongue, weird but tasty), a Toffee Crisp chocolate bar, an apple to keep it healthy, and a carton of Ribena juice :-)

  • Jazmin08

    A cute lunch bag that will motivate me to pack a lunch every day is just what I need. My favorite brown bag lunch would be Chickpea, Cherry Tomato and Feta Salad (it’s delicious) a fruit salad with extra watermelon and an Ice tea. Scrumptious!

  • Sarah B

    Boars head maple honey turkey with provolone, lettuce and honey mustard on soft whole wheat. Cut in half of course. A small bag of wisconsin cheddar smart puffs. A cherry yogurt. Maybe a snack pack of Milano cookies and a bottle of water.

  • Amber Fowler

    I always like backing a bowl of fruit (grapes, strawberries, cantelope), pretzles, a half sandwich, greek yogurt, and my Water Bobble. :)

  • Hannah Sarnacki

    My favorite brown bag lunch to pack is oragnic spinach salad, pickled beets (that I canned and preserved myself), tuna and a lite olive oil and vinegar dressing. I add a side of hummus, carrots and pita bread and a handful of m&m’s (I can’t help myself!). Of course constantly drinking a large jug of ice water with lemon.

  • Maura Cogan

    As a recent college grad I am a big fan of making meals stretch to save a few bucks! My favorite brown bag lunch is left over four cheese white pizza, fruit medley of raspberries, blueberries, grapes, and strawberries and pretzels. I also love taking lemons for water. It’s a light and refreshing way to improve water!

  • LeDolph

    Quinoa caprese salad with cucumbers and hummus.

  • Brianne Dobson

    I love to pack a peach salad- fresh peaches from my tree during the summer months along with some feta cheese and a homemade lemon-lime vinegarette on some romain lettuce. With a PROBAR FRUITION bar as a side-snack!

  • Kim

    Fave thing to brown bag it is tuna on multigrain bread, piled high with tomatos and lettuce, cherry/vanilla yogurt, and some fresh veggies to munch on!!!

  • Sarah Halleland

    My lunch normally consists of a bottle of water, wheat bread with some turkey or other stuff and an apple :)

  • Beth Schilling

    Your Blue Avocado line is too cute, Lauren! For Fall I love making a chicken/bean stew at the beginning of the week and bringing it to work for lunch. I also bring carrots/hummus and an apple to snack on during the day. I would love to get my hands on your give away so I can make everyone jealous at work. :)

  • Tessa Sweat

    How adorable! My favorite lunch to pack is a peanut butter and banana sandwich on toasted bread with some harvest cheddar chips or a little pack of goldfish. Maybe some cookies if I’m craving sweets. And a lipton green tea with citrus or a water.

  • Emily

    My favorite brown bag lunch is Chicken Salad from Whole Foods (delish!), with a slice or two of American Cheese & some lettuce on whole wheat bread. I always have a Water Bottle in my lunch – the best thirst quencher! For snacks, I like string cheese & veggies with ranch dressing. I always need something sweet for a midday dessert after lunch, like a handful of dark chocolate M&Ms or a homemade brownie. And voila! A filling and healthy lunch with a sweet surprise <3

  • Clara Houin

    My favorite, quick & simple thing to pack is a sandwich on wwwg bread that’s loaded with delicious veggies & hummus!

  • Allison Hotell

    My favorite is half an avacado, some fat free cottage cheese, and salsa with a diet coke with lime.

  • Morgen Ray

    My favorite lunch consists of a salad made up of organic mixed letteuce with ceasar dressing, on the side I enjoy whole almonds and string cheese. And of course, I have a huge reusuable bottle of water to keep me replenshed throughout the entire day!

  • CazzerF

    My lunch usually consists ofa chicken salad sandwich on brown bread or a wrap. Added to that, I take a yoghurt, a selection of various fruits and a bottle of water! :-)

  • Christin Bell

    I love a big bag of freshly cut veggies with zucchini pasta with garlic, more veggies and spices

  • Ashley Kevitt

    Best brown bag lunch is a pita loaded with veggies (lettuce, onion, grape tomatoes, sliced bell pepper, etc) and bring along small container of hummus to add later as well as some avacodo and “”chick’n”” strips. filling, easy and vegetarian friendly :-)

  • Cesie Alvarez

    My favorite thing to pack is a salad kit (the ones that come in a bag with tons of toppings) and a chicken breast. I also pack some snacks like almonds so I don’t get too hungry later in the day!

  • blrankin

    My favorite way to brown bag lunch consists of quinoa salad, a piece of foccacia bread, and Dahlicious yogurt.

  • Brittany

    My favorite brown bag lunch is chicken salad from Trader Joe’s (the BEST ever) on honey 7 grain bread, along with Ruffles cheddar and sour cream chips, and some water. If I’m having a sweet tooth, I’ll eat half a banana. I just know this lunch would look great in the XO(eco) lunch kit!

  • Chelsea McFarland

    My favorite brown bag lunch is a peanut butter sandwich with sliced bananas. Who doesn’t love peanut butter and bananas?

  • Amanda Bertke

    my favorite lunch is probably a toasted english muffin, with a wedge of laughing cow cheese and turkey. i also usually have some pretzels, a bottle of water or lemonade, and an apple or strawberies

  • SHANNON Last name

    My favorite brown bag lunch is red roasted pepper hummas with celery, carrots, and calliflower. I always include an in-season fruit. Since it’s fall, Honey Crisp Apples are in season and I can’t get enough of them! No brown bag lunch is complete without dessert (at least for me). I like include some sort of small dessert, usually chocolate, but as all good girls know, you have to do dessert in moderation. :)

  • Allison Kirwin

    Peanut butter sandwhich with a whole wheat bread and salt and pepper chips. Classic!

  • Erica Johnson

    My favorite brown-bagged lunch is a (wheat) wrap with turkey, swiss cheese, and lettuce. I also like to pack almonds and raspberries.

  • stephanie

    while at work and classes my favorite lunch is a turkey sandwhich on wheat bread with lettucce and cheese! i always have iced tea with me with some chips or pretzels. love this lunch bag and cup!!!

  • Leighanne Woodall

    For my brown bag lunch I pack a plain peanut butter sandwich on when bread. occasionally cut the crust off. Along with strawberries, baked lays, and a bottle of water or green tea :)

  • Cristina Joros

    This year I have become more acquainted with the brown bag lunch and getting creative with what I pack. Lately, my favorite go-to is celery stalks with sunflower seed butter and dried cranberries, vanilla bean greek yogurt, grapes and hummus with flatbread. Making me hungry thinking about it!

  • Giulia Lombardi

    I’m Italian so my lunch would be pasta with pesto if I were very hugry(I know how to cook it very well)! If I wanted a lighter lunch it would be sliced bread (without borders) with baked ham and cream cheese or sliced bread with canned tuna, tomatoes and a little bit of mayonnaise(I swear it’s very good)! I like to drink fruit juice..and never forget strawberries as a dessert! I hope that the translation of the names of foods is correct!

  • Monica Reyes

    I love to pack a turkey sandwhich on whole wheat bread and load it with veggies! I also bring some fruit to snack on and as always, water to keep me hydrated.

  • Jono Hawk

    Chickpea and avocado smash sandwich on Dave’s Killer Bread, Trader Joe’s mango Greek style yogurt with fresh berries, and water!

  • Liz Lenz

    I eat every few hours so my brown bag would include snack stuff such as… pumpkin energy bites; veggies; fruit; nuts; cottage cheese or hummus; a fresh salad; and protein shakes!! Food is fuel!:)

  • Mary Patterson-Ezzell

    turkey, avacado and swiss on whole wheat bread. side of fruit and water.

  • Brooklyn Moore

    My favorite brown paper lunch is definitely a pb&j sandwhich with an apple and some almonds!

  • Lindsey Hammond

    My brown bag lunch is a classic elementary school style lunch. I pack a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich on wheat, chips, some fruit and vegi’s and I NEVER forget my pudding cup. :)

  • Chelsea Webb

    My favorite lunch is red bell pepper hummus with vegetables and a small portion of salt and viegar chips! And of course, no lunch is complete without a little Reese’s cup :)

  • Crystal Estrella

    I usually pack for the week, salad goodies, soup, hummus, lots of water and lemon, furit bars and sometimes dark choclate pieces ♥

  • Kelsey

    My favorite lunch is a sandwich on 7 grain bread with Laughing Cow swiss cheese and cucumbers. With some chips and grapes on the side :)

  • Deborah Garau

    When I have lunch outside home (because I have two jobs) I eat my handmade sandwiches with baked ham, one peach or apple juice and a big glass of water.

  • Cassidy Short

    A vegan dish of chick peas, chopped tomatoes, avocado, roasted corn with a lime + EVOO dressing!

    Thanks for the chance to win! :)



  • Rhea Miller

    I love a ham and swiss sandwich on wheat bread, watermelon, celery, and almounds. And a bottle of water, of coarse. Yummy! My favorite! And since I never can find cute lunch boxes I literally pack it in a brown paper sack!

  • luckysista

    My favorite thing to pack would have to be an EAS French Vanilla protein shake with fruit or yummy leftovers from the night before!

  • Ally Garstecki

    A fruit and nut salad and roasted red pepper hummus with pita chips! yumm!

  • Holly Beddingfield

    One of my favourite brown bag lunches is wholegrain rye crisp bread (ryvita here in the UK). With these I take snack pots of extra light philly cheese and grapes which makes a perfect combination. Fast simple and yum!

  • allison perez

    my favorite is a Turkey sandwhich on white bread, with strawberries when they are in season and ice cold iced tea! :)

  • Katjusha Bricman

    I always had lunch in school, in Slovenija, we never had to carry lunch boxes from home so I don’t have any favourite. :I But I did get lunch box while I was in summer school in Romsey, England, unfortunatly at vegeterian family (I was 14 years old and used to loooots of meat, so you can understand I almost died there). Sandwiches I got was 2 slices of bread + slice of cheese on it and apple. That’s all. I still can’t understand that… I mean… seriously?! That was suppose to be my lunch?!

    Now, I take “”lunch box”” with me, wherever I go, because I do want to know what I eat and I want to eat healthy! Unfortunately my lunch box is sometimes just bag :I That’s why I would love to win this giveaway. Hope I’m lucky :I

  • Erica Santana

    Lettuce, Tomato, Avocado, and turkey wrap. With pretzels and a diet coke. :)

  • Tara McCane

    I like to have a turkey wrap with colby jack cheese, tomato, cucumber, and plain hummus, with an apple and iced green tea!

  • Emily Wunderlich

    My Favorite Lunch to pack is a sald snd mixings layered in a jar. All you have to do then is shake it up when you are ready to eat it.

  • Bernadett Roman

    My fav is chicken breast with brown rie and veggies. I always take them when I have to pack lunch:) and some fruits too

  • Stefania Garau

    When I have lunch away home I like to eat the rice salad with vegetables, a banana and a cup of coffee.

  • Preetona

    My favourite brown bag lunch, is always going to be a PB&J sandwich (using whole wheat bread of course) with dark chocolate almond milk!

  • sara parks

    I have been bringing the best salads to work lately! I brought a salad I made with chicken, diced pears, pecans, feta cheese and light balsamic dressing! Yum :)

  • Jennifer Alexander

    My favorite brown sack lunch is classic. I like a turkey and cheese sandwich on wheat. I like to dress with a fresh veggie like lettuce, cucumber, or avacado. I am a Miracle Whip and have to have a little. I do not really eat sides but I would have that with Green Tea or a cup of water. Yum :)


    First of all hello Lauren! Love that u have your own website! My favorite lunch to pack is frozen grapes,a turkey sandwich with some carrots and smart water.

  • Milena Luisa

    Everday in the morning my mom bakes bread, every day a different. So, I always have some fresh bread with either selfmade jam, honey or cheese with me. In addition to that there are also fresh fruits like raspberries or peaches and somedays I have overnight oats with fresh fruits… :)

  • Patrick Crouch

    My favorite brown bag lunch would definitely be caprese sandwiches or paninis! As a vegetarian I have to get creative so this is a healthy option that is inexspensive and really easy to make! I can make it the am and just warm it up at lunch!
    I love to pair it with either carrots or vegetables to snack on or maybe even some pita chips and some fruit for desert!
    And to top it off I love to bring crystal light water packets that have 0 calories and they livin up my water!

    This is my idea of the perfect brown bag lunch! I like being healthy and keep it fun!

  • Mahaffck

    I love having hummus with carrots and crackers, applesauce or greek yogurt, some Pirate’s Booty, chocolate in any form, and a green tea/lemonade to drink. I always pack so much food to munch on throughout the day that my lunchbag is currently ripping! WOuld love to update it with this super cute one!

  • Melissa Menning

    My favorite lunch to pack is spaghetti squash and my homemade spaghetti sauce. I also like to bring a small salad complete with veggies, lemon juice and avacado. If I’m really motivated, I will make a glowing green smoothie the night before and pack it as well.

  • Celeste Sepulvado

    My favorite lunch to carry is a toasted sandwich with celery, carrots with some lite ranch dressing and some iced tea! Love the design of the lunchbox! Well done!

  • Devon Lindsley

    My favorite lunch is toasted sourdough with avocado and a little sea salt on top. A greek salad with homegrown tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, and feta cheese and a nectarine for dessert!

  • Sarah Shaw

    I have been eating a lot of cucumber, chic peas, onion, grilled chicken, feta, and olives all cut up and a little vinegrette or italian on top. I’d pack that or a yummy tunafish salad sandwich.

  • adabelle espinosa

    my favorite lunch to pack is a blt sandwich with sun sun chips and strawberries with greek yogurt for dessert!

  • Jenna

    My favorite brown bag lunch is a spinach, turkey, pickle, and pepperoni sandwich on whole wheat! The pepperoni’s add a little flare to the typical turkey sandwich and actually compliment it really well! I also pack some grapes, a nectarine, and some trail mix for an afternoon snack!

  • Kristy Eiffert

    Some sort of chicken/veggie wrap, fruit, and chips or a cookie!

  • Emily McIntosh

    My favorite lunch to bring is leftover pumpkin curry and brown rice. And lots and lots of water to help balance out the spice.

  • JoBeth McCoy

    I started “”clean”” eating so packing a lunch is a must. I love spicy hummus and homemade pita chips. I never leave for a day of med school without a glass of iced tea as well, “”clean”” of course!

  • Taylor D

    I love to grill some vegetables such as; tomatos, sweet peppers, onions and eggplant the night before and make grilled veggie pasta, so good! :) And of course a cold bottle of water!

  • migle miglute

    For lunch i love having turkey fillet with tomato and cucumber salad

  • Nassa

    Hey Lauren! I love this XO(eco) lunch set! My favorite brown bag lunch is a chicken salad and lots of health snacks, such as carrots, cucumbers, nuts etc. I would love the chance to win this lunch set! It will be perfect for my hectic school/work schedule and a fantastic birthday present! (turning 23 on October 2!)

  • Maura Morton

    I’m boring, I love a good peanut butter and jelly sandwich! Lately it is Trader Joe’s strawberry preserves with salted peanut butter on Ezekiel bread. mmmmm :)

  • Sarah Albert

    My favorite brown bag lunch differs on a daily basis. We grow some vegetables and fruits in our garden. So I take what is available that day. Usually there are some nice tomatoes and cucumbers. I love to put some philadelphia light spread on pumpernickel bread with the home grown veggies. I usually add a few pieces of carrot or sliced apple. And to accomodate my sweet tooth I add a little cup of greek yoghurt with a little teaspoon full of maple syrup and fresh raspberries in it. Yum :) Makes me want to have lunch again, just thinking about it.

  • bj

    Either a really good sandwich, some fresh veggies, fruit, and some kind of treat – cookie, piece of dark chocolate, etc., are my usuals; but my fave really is probably awesome leftovers. Things like some pasta dishes and chili that are even better the next day. Yum!

  • Manon Bourdon

    Hey Lauren!

    Thanks for opportunity, I’m in France, I don’t know if I can participate.
    But in case I try. (Because this Lunch set is sooooo cute.)

    My favorite lunch to pack is a sandwich Swedish bread/Ham/Cheddar with an Ice Tea. Yummy!

    Sorry for my English, I know he’s not good.

    I adore you! You’re my first fashion Icon! XoXo

  • Sarah Maristany

    I like to brown bag a nice chicken sandwich on whole wheat, some celerey sticks with ranch, and a couple oreos :)

  • Lenka

    I always pack a salad! Check out some of my recipes:

  • RPat

    My favorite brown bag lunch to pack is a veggie sandwich, veggie chips, fruit snacks, and water.

  • angela roti

    My favorite lunch to eat would be a sandwich made by my mother with a bottle of water or iced tea. With a bag of apples or carrots for dessert. Sometimes i’ll have a cheat dessert and maybe have a cupcake or cookies.

  • Hannah Locklear

    My go-to is quinoa and a veggie burger!

  • Jodi Brown

    How cute is that lunch set! My favorite lunch to pack is a turkey sandwich, vegetables & hummus & a fruit of choice. Yum!


  • Giulia De Luca

    Mine includes a lot of sushi!!! Gnammy!

  • Laura Jewison

    Now that its fall i love to pack honeycrisp apples with caramel for dipping, along with a greek salad and baguette

  • Blanca Liliana Cazares Guajardo

    My favorite lunch to pack are my vegetables and a small sweet. Also I love my green tea!! =D

  • KP

    Hummas, Fruits & Veggies, French Bread, and Sparkling Lemonade!

    Thank you!

  • Mattea Hutt

    I usually make a delicious chicken ceasar salad with cranberries and nuts in it. With it I usually have some kind of chips and water or a snapple ! On a good day, I’ll make sushie and pack that, with an icepack of course !

    Totally in love with this lunch bag!

  • Madison Rocheleau

    My fav brown bag lunch is a classic pb and j sandwich, some roasted almonds, greek yogurt, and a small fruit salad consisting of strawberries, purple grapes, watermelon, and pineapple. along with peach mango tea!!!

  • Hannah Bryant

    I find that I very easily burn out on typical lunch food. So I try to make a little extra of whatever I am cooking the night before and I take it the next day. It’s great. It allows me to have a really healthy and filling lunch, without paying ridiculous prices each day or risking whatever the cafeteria is serving. As a college student, this really helps my wallet, too.

    My favorite is a really simple marinated chicken. I can make a ton at once and eat it with some veggies, cut up on a salad, or in sandwich form all week.

  • Susan Cox

    It’s just come Spring in my country (NZ) so i am beginning the Bikini Boot Camp! So my lunch is anything and everything that boot camp approved.

    Usually i have a wholemeal pita with spinich, egg and tomato. But also loving the Chicken Wrap with Mango Basil and Mint!

    Currently have no pretty containers to take lunch to work in! would love the XO(eco) lunch kit!

  • Chariz Nicdao

    My favorite lunch to pack and make is a banana nutella sandwich :) with strawberries and water.

  • Karolyn Salcedo

    My lunch to pack is very dominican, I like to bring to work some rice, beans with grilled chicken or meat and some veggies.

  • Rachel Civ

    That lunch set is SO pretty! You see, I eat out almost everyday (I take classes morning and afternoon) so I take healthy lunch with me everyday!

    My fav lunch to pack is a fruit salad! Yummy :)

  • Jessica Serna

    My favorite lunch to pack is a Chicken salad sandwich with grapes almonds and alfalfa sprouts on a crossiant, A healthy pasta salad with cherry tomatoes, kalamata olives & artichoke hearts, A snack size bag of almonds dark chocolate chips and dried cranberries and Black tea with rose syrup

  • Mary Sieling

    i love packing a salad with leftover couscous and turkey!

  • Veronique DAmour

    My favorite lunch is a wrap with avocado, tuna (or chicken), cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and coriander. I just add a cup of green tea and an homemade cookie! :)

  • regina de luna

    Since Im a new vegetarian my favorite brown bag lunch is fruits, usually grapes, mango or strawberries and some snacks like almonds or cranberries and hummus and celery accompanied with green tea or orange juice!

  • Katie OLaughlin

    If I get up early enough, an avocado with some tuna salad. I am also a big fan of pita and hummus. But I won’t argue with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich either. With some kind of fruit.

  • manuela parisi

    my favourite lunch to pack is sandwich with salad, light cheese and breast of turkey!!!!

  • Ivana B.

    I love to pack couscous with vegetables, an apple (or banana or orange) and a bottle of water.

  • Kim W

    I like to go with a gluten free sandwhich, usually some turkey, cheese, and arugala and pair that with gluten free pretzel sticks from Snyders!

  • Stefanie

    My Favorite lunch is Turkey and Cucumber Sandwich and for a snack Cottage Cheese and apples and water to drink.

  • Stephy Jean

    My favorite brown bag lunch is a turkey and avacado sandwich with olive oil. I also like to mix up a little chicken salad with mayo and add some cranberries and almonds. For a little dessert treat, I pack a cupcake or cookie :p

  • michele richardson

    I am a big fan of a nice deli sandwhich, a bag of sunchips and a cold ice tea. I don’t just make any sandwhich though. My favorite is grilled chicken with havarti cheese melted on it with a ton of vegatables and a nice blue-cheese, avacado spread on the bread. So delicious :)

  • keeley marie

    I like to eat a healthy refreshing lunch so I’ll have a flatout wrap with plain greek yogurt spread, cucumber, romaine lettuce, turkey, a little slice of a red bell pepper, and sprinkle a little bit of parmesan cheese over it and wrap it up! On the side I like mixed fruit and hardboiled eggs!

  • nennimj

    Living alone and cooking for one can be tough. My secret to packing lunch is that I always put something together using the extra leftovers from dinner the night before.

    If I have chicken fajitas for dinner, I’ll make a salad and top it with the chicken and grilled peppers; if I make spaghetti and meatballs for dinner, I’ll have a meatball sandwich for lunch, etc. It helps me not to feel like I’m always eating dinner for lunch to change it up by turning it into a salad or a sandwich and adding a healthy side of fruit or vegis!

  • Carissa Bamlet

    I always pack leftovers for lunch and add fresh fruit, vegetables, yogart, a snack and tea. My favorite is leftover homemade green giant soup which is a puree of onions, leek, peas, and seasonings in vegetable stock. It is the best soup I have ever had. I have recently been substituting dried fruit and trail mix for chips and other unhealthy snacks.

  • Rebecca Pollard

    My favorite lunch to pack is something healthy and filling. I usually opt for a salad with tons of veggies, an apple for a mid-morning snack, and a handful of almonds for an afternoon pick-me-up. And I of course bring my reusable water bottle to keep myself hydrated!

  • Maria Ezquivera

    I don’t really pack lunch just breakfast but when I do I get myself an original sandwhich with bologna, ham and cheese, with any fruit and to top that a yogurt to enjoy and some chips :) as well take some water to drink or tea.

  • Kyla Feeney

    I love yummy chicken salad in a wrap, Sunchips for a little crunch, green tea to drink and some dark chocolate for dessert!

  • Brittany Petticrew

    My favourite brown bag lunch would have the be the classic turkey or chicken sandwish! Along with activia yogurt, some fruit (apple, orange, grapes, watermelon, peach, etc..) normally a mixure and for desert normally a couple of cookies. Along with a nice cool water to drink!

    Being a newly graduated university student it’s always better to pack a brown bag lunch to work instead of pulling out that wallet since you are already in debt. What better way to show off your brown bag healthy lunch from home other than the XO(eco) lunch kit!!

  • Ashleigh Stubblefield

    My favorite brown bag lunch is mixed greens, with lentils (from trader joes), grilled chicken, tomatoes, cucumbers, and balsamic vinaigrette. I always add a piece of fresh fruit and sparkly lime water. Tasty and healthy!

  • Kitty Hugh

    Meditteran vegetables in a wrap with Chicken breast is one of my favourite lunches. I also love Strawberries and Pineapple, and some cold Ice Tea to complete the lunch!

  • Paige Marie

    My favorite lunch is a chicken wrap with avocado, lettuce, tomatoes, with the side apples and string cheese (I love apples and string cheese together, thanks for the idea in your blog post!, and I’ll also throw in a granola bar! Simple and so yummy :)

  • vanessa salgado

    well i do not really have time to cook or anything because i gotta wake up at 0530 to get ready for school, so basically for lunch i get greek yougur, 100% juice smoothie, and fruit like grapes and strawberries.

  • Mikayla Kubas

    My favorite would be a chunky peanut butter and jam sandwich on whole wheat, a clementine orange, and ice water! I take this lunch to work but all of those paper bags are so wasteful. Love you, Lauren!

  • Sara Plumb

    2 cups mixed greens

    1/2 sweet papper yellow or red

    2 tbsp scallions

    1/2 cup harts of palm

    2oz cooked sward fish

    6 halves (4g each) dried apricots

    1tsp canola oil

    1 tbsp vinegar

    Combine vegetables, fish and apricots in a bowl. Toss with vinegar and oil when ready to eat.

    And a high fiber roll and a piece of fruit for desert.

  • Alyssa Pridgen

    Mixed green salad with apples, sugared pecans, bleu cheese, and balsamic chicken. NOM!

  • jessiegirl

    I like to pack my lunch when going to Uni. I like a fat free strawberry yogahrt for morning tea. A chicken salad wrap, made with a wholemeal wrap, lemon marinade baked chicken breast, iceberg lettce, tomato and humus. Then i have an apple with organic peanut butter for afternoon tea. YUM

  • Tea Duckic

    I’m not a sandwich fan so I prefer some vegetables, pasta salads…
    Here is a recipe of one of my fav. :) Enjoy! :)

    Green-and-White Pasta Salad
    This dish replicates the rich taste of your favorite cream sauce for only 200 calories. The secret is combining fat-free sour cream and cottage cheese with a dash of pesto. And a serving of green peas contains more than 50% of your dietary recommended amount of vitamin K, which maintains healthy bones. Toss in some shrimp or grilled chicken for an added boost of protein.

    Bon appetite! :)

  • Margo B

    I loveeee having honey turkey on whole wheat bread with munster cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mustard. I also pack a healthy snack and a “”fun”” snack which would usually include either an apple, banana, strawberries, or grapes and cheez its or cookies.

  • Emily Moriarty

    My favorite brown bag lunch is mixed greens with tomato and avocado with balsamic, an apple, baby carrots, and my camelbak full of H2O! Occasionally, a small Dove dark chocolate for dessert!

  • tiffoa

    My favourite brown bag lunch would be an avocado and chicken salad with croutons or an avocado and chicken sandwhich mixed with green and red peppers as well as some round lettuce and grounded black pepper. I’d also have some dried mango’s and cranberries with a small pot of natural yoghurt and granola or black bean vanilla yoghurt on its own, as well as either water or mango, passionfruit, pineapple or cranberry juice. I may also have a small slice of carrot cake on the side if not already full.

  • Drew Howes

    My favorite is Whole Wheat tortilla’s with cream cheese, oregano, basil, turkey, provolone cheese, and lettuce rolled up then sliced in little bite size pieces with citrus green tea!

  • Linds

    My favorite lunch is a grilled tofu wrap with veggies and pesto mayo and lightly salted kettle chips or almonds. Chocolate Light Silk to drink!! YUM!

  • kzurowick

    My favorite is to pack a salad with spinach, quinoa, edamame, chick peas, cranberries, and some sliced almonds. Top with citrus vinagerette…it is delicious :)

  • Allison Arentzoff

    A chicken, avocado, lettuce, and tomato sandwich on wheat bread and small side spinach salad with balsamic dressing with toppings and sliced apples and iced tea :)

  • Rachel Ewing

    My favorite brown bag lunch is tomato and mozzerella salad, iced tea, and a turkey and provolone sandwich!

  • Birgitta Wingardh

    I love to make a turkey on whole wheat with hummus, lett, tom, and cuke. Then i cut up some of my fave veggies, brocc, cauli, radishes, snap peas and eat with a light vinegarette. Now i’m no angel, so with all these greens i DO bring a little dessert 😉 typically a fun size candy bar or if i’m being REALLY good then some fruit with peanut butter!

  • Caitlin Pixley

    Left over veggies from the night before with some pasta salad and a greek yogurt (chobani’s blood orange is my fav!). Also, a side of ice tea makes the meal complete :)

  • Ashley Patterson

    Iced Tea/Coffee with a spinach salad with mushrooms, carrots, and balsamic vinegar dressing and some grilled chicken breast. Almonds and a banana for a snack :)

  • Jennifer Yerka

    My favorite lunch to pack is basically any leftover dinner from the night before because it saves me money on groceries and I am a very thrifty shopper. I try to do extreme couponing in today’s economy and also do budget friendly dinners that will be reusable for lunches or other dinners throughout the week.

  • Kate Beebe

    Brown bag lunches are my favorite! Turkey sandwich with avocado and cranberry/horseradish relish and a spinach salad. Yum!

  • Marley Ring

    I love a sandiwch loaded with veggies, a thin slice of turkey and hummus. A small bag of carrots or peas, yogurt or string cheese and something to snack on in the afternoon. :)

  • Nicole Martinez

    apples with nutella, and a turkey sandwhich with lettuce mayo and cranberry on a potato roll and a cranberry ice teaa yum.

  • Victoria Storm

    Turkey, spinach, and hummus on a pita with strawberries and baby carrots :)

  • Rachel Huffman

    I love cilantro lime shrimp from costco with carrot sticks and dip!

  • Emily Castaneda

    My favorite brown bag lunch is, a Turkey Sandwich with lettuce, spinach, provolone cheese, tomato, and mayo. With a side of baby carrots. Also some yogurt with strawberries, banana’s, and Fiji Water!

  • Kaitlin Tolley

    My favorite brown bag lunch is a peanut butter and banana sandwich with a side of fresh fruit such as an apple or peach! Yummy!

  • chel

    I usually pack oldschool. PB&J, with some fruits and veggies maybe. I’m a vegetarian, so i also love my cheese and bologna (fake of course).

  • lindsay edwards

    One of my favorite brown bag lunches (especially in this Summer/Fall transition) is a chilled chicken waldorf salad! It has chicken, grapes, raisins, walnuts, chopped apples, celery and a bit of lemon juice for zest! The creamy dressing is made with greek yogurt, light mayo, a bit of orange juice and zest, and some kosher salt. All of this mixed together then topped over leafy greens is so refreshing! I always have these ingredients and it makes for a sweet and savory combo. Try it sometime!

  • Ivette Fuentes

    My favorite brown bag lunch would have to be a spinach salad with lots of veggies and grilled chicken with a little balsamic dressing. Either green te or water to drink and if I feel like having something sweet, a fruit is for dessert.

  • Whitney Hughes

    My favorite brown bag lunch to pack would be Quinoa with grilled vegetables and feta cheese, with a chobani yogurt and a bottle of watter.

  • Jennifer Carrick

    My favourite brown bag lunch is my leftover salmon broccoli potato dinner, delicious for dinner and delicious for lunch, saves me lots of time and healthy too! always made from scratch too, not shop bought! all washed down with a peach water and some fruit for something sweet!

  • Elisabeth Bender

    My favorite probably would be leftover pizza! :)

  • Julie Ramos

    My favorite lunch to pack is a spinach turkey wrap with banana peppers, pretzel chips and oatmeal raisin cookie. And ALWAYS a green tea to drink!

  • nika.a

    Good old PB&J with a side of fruit!

  • Nicole Reeves

    My favorite is a peanut butter & banana sandwich with a nice piece of fresh fruit! :)

  • Janessa Nishida

    My favorite brown bag lunch is a ham sandwich, apple slices, yogurt, and water.

  • Jessica Long

    Leftovers from the night before! especially pasta and chinese food :)

  • Katherine Ludlow

    The lunch set is so cute!! I love to pack cranberry-almond-chicken salad sandwiches with yogurt & blueberries on the side!

  • SabreNinja

    Roast beef sandwich with assort of veggies and a bag of baked lays and water is my togo lunch

  • Babs Valencia

    My favorite lunch is quinoa sushi!!! It tastes just like normal white rice sushi but its so much healthier and it fills me up. I also like to pack turkey sandwiches and baby carrots, super yummy.

  • mj1208

    My favorite BB lunch is a peanut butter sandwich with honey!

  • Kate Decker

    I either make a turkey, avocado, and mozzarella sandwich on sourdough bread or spinach salad with tomato, edamame, carrots, cucumber, roasted chicken and Asian dressing! Love some delicious homemade lunches!!

  • Sabreena Saleem

    I like to pack a small serving of cottage cheese with freshly sliced strawberries on top. I usually throw in some veggies like green bell peppers, sugar snap peas, or whatever I have. And nothing beats a good sandwich (I always put my tomatoes and lettuce in separate baggies and wait until lunch time to put them on my sandwich to prevent it from getting soggy!).

  • Ana Carolina Vallejo

    my favorite lunch to work is a salad with grilled chicken and vegetables, I also like to add some goat cheese and a simple balsamic vinaigrette. organic green tea and a lovely alfajor, have you tried those? they are a typicall argentinian dessert, with a biscoti and dulce de leche caramel :)

  • RUtheMOMof

    If I won it would go to my 8 yr old daughter & her favorite lunch is whole wheat pasta with broccoli, apple, cheesestick & water. Its the only thing she eats for school…

  • Pam Thompson

    Turkey and cheese on whole wheat, some kind of fruit (this time of year it is usually a pluot), and some edamame for an afternoon snack!

  • Oklahomie_Brown

    My favorite packed lunch is usually left over pizza. pizza always taste better the next day. xoxo

  • Ashley Crosner

    Salad: tomato, red onion, avocado, cucumber, olive oil and balsalmic (and some crusty bread for dipping).

    Snacks: Fruit, yogart, edamame


  • Latoya Dawson

    I love a veggie wrap with spinicach, tomatos, avacado, olives,and strawberries

  • Yosh

    chicken salad (with walnuts and dried cherries) on toast, carrots, and green tea!

  • April Besanceney

    Either avocado chicken salad or a spinach salad with strawberries, gorgonzola, candied walnuts with a sherry vinergette.

  • Kaylee Kenz

    My favorite brown bag lunch is a turkey, provalone, and tomatoe pita pocket with a banana, and sometimes greek yogurt with fruit and granola! Healthy and will keep you full!

  • Carin Chwastyk

    Being a full time student my brown bag has to keep me going from the time I leave home after breakfast up until I head home for dinner, so I try to keep not only a filling lunch in there but some snacks and a few extra tea bags to get me through my classes! :)

    Pinterest has become my new BFF for alternatives so I don’t get bored, but one of my favorite combos include: a BLT turkey club wrap with a whole wheat tortilla, passion fruit black tea bags to drop into some water, a couple oatmeal no bake energy bites, a baggie of almonds, and yogurt bites made with strawberry flavored Activia! :)

  • Hillary Wertz

    My favorite brown lunch bag would be the classic peanut butter and jelly. Jif Peanut Butter and homemade jelly, on wheat bread with no crust. Pretzels and yogurt for a side. Simple. Easy. No worries of a mess on my outfit (:

  • Hayley Lynch

    This tote is adorable and functional! I bring my lunch to college every day and I eat it outside on the benches in the lovely sunshine. My favorite is either a peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat bread or a spicy grilled chicken on a whole grain deli thin! I always throw in fruit for snack…an apple a day keeps the doctor away!

  • Kourtney Freeman

    When I went to public school, I used to always pack lunchables and then throw in a bag of chips with some other kind of snack and a gatorade or something because it seemed like the fastest/easiest thing to pack. I’d occassionaly make a turkey sandwich to pack, but most of the time it was just lunchables. But lunch in general, I love pizza and pasta! Oh, and also apples dipped in caramel. So good.

  • Gabriella Minicozzi

    Sushi in a brown bag! <3 Let's just say I'm the ""talk"" of the lunch table. ;)

  • Marian Beltran

    I’ve never been the kind of girl who carried the lunch for school because I was worried about what people may think, but now im older I don’t care so my favorite lunch bag may have a sandwish absolutely made from my mom, apple juice wich I love and maybe a cookie I know it sounds infantile and not so nutritional but I love it!!!

  • Krystal Gilliard

    my absolute fav lunch to pack is creamy chicken noodle soup with a spinach salad! And for a guilty pleasure a homemade cupcake!

  • Monica Jimenez

    I love a salad of tuna, avocado, tomato, lettuce, carrots, olives & cottage cheese instead of dressing! a fruit and a bottle of water.

  • megvenz

    My favorite lunch to pack is tuna with a garden salad, and some raw almonds. Lots of protein and veggies!

  • AvsLouise

    My absolitely favorite (REUSABLE!) brown bagged lunch to pack is one with edamame and soy sauce, a side of half grapefruit and some hummus and pita! Great refreshment for the day. Would love this adorable lunch bag to go with xx :*

  • Katherine Caringola

    Hummus and avocado wrap! Quicky, easy, refreshing and filling :)

  • Hillary Haaker

    I love a turkey sandwich, yogurt, a banana and a sweet treat like a hershey’s kiss!

  • Sar90

    My favorite lunch is a spinach salad with balsamic viniagrette dressing, some type of fruit, and a little piece of dark chocolate for my sweet tooth!

  • Lauren Lowe

    I like to pack a turkey wheat wrap with yogurt and apple. Then I take some hummus and pita for a snack!

  • Emily

    best lunch: a homemade burrito using whatever I have in the fridge at the time– usually veggies + guac + black beans + cilantro. mmm!

  • Lorie Hall

    I found this link with some great brown bag salads.

    I will cut up an apple and put a rubberband around it to keep it together and fresh. Add my water or tea and some little treat and done. :)

  • Marylynn Do

    My favorite lunch to pack is the always yummy PB&J. Along with that, I pack grape juice, carrots and fruits.

  • Kate Young

    This is sooo cute! I love it! and it would be perfect for my busy days on the go! My favorite brown bag lunch is a turkey sandwhich on ciabatta bread with sprouts, mayo, red onion, avocodo and deli mustard! with sliced orange it’s the perfect lunch! yumm!

  • Laura Salas

    Mine would def be , any salad , with a chicken sandwich with moustard, green tea with splenda, and for desert maybe an apple or a pear !

  • Michelle Truong

    I love to pack almond butter and fresh strawberry preserves sandwich with soy milk. Also have to have some chocolate for that mid day pick me up.

  • Lauren Pevehouse

    I have a salad with spring mix, orange bell peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, broccoli and grilled chicken. I use olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette for my dressing!

    To go with that, I usually have a big water bottle of ice water with lemons and either an apple, or half a grapefruit, no sugar because I like it tart. :)

    I typically bring an ice pack to keep my salad and fruit cold, but then my brown bag gets a tear :(

  • Shelby Short

    the classic pbandj ofcourse! baked lays, carrots, maybe an oreo if were feeling firece and milk. I’m a little kid at heart :)

  • Lauren Aniess

    My favorite lunch to pack is grilled chicken sandwich (on wheat bread) with avocado, alfalfa sprouts, sun dried tomatoes and dijon mustard.

  • Cheryl B

    Bagel with cheese, some sort of meat (usually chicken, ham or turkey), spinach or lettuce and a little bit of margarine, a granola bar, piece of fruit and a yogurt :)

  • JL

    I love a good sandwich with deli chicken, lots of veggies and fresh bakery whole grain bread. Add a side of the freshest fruit of the season … now that’s a lunch! And on a good day, I’ll throw in a small piece of dark chocolate for a sweet ending. Yum! Now, I’m hungry!

  • aGirlCalledKim

    i love packing a nice salad of spring mix, tomatoes, cheese, avocadoes, mushrooms, and a hardboiled egg. i recently started buying roasted sesame dressing at some asian stores and it is soooo good!

  • Alexia S

    My favorite brown bag lunch to pack during the lazy days of summer is a Watermelon and Feta Salad. The combination of the sweetness from the watermelon and the bitterness from the Feta cheese galvanize my food palet. The dynamic duo of fruit and cheese are cool and refreshing on a hot summer afternoon. Being a first generation Greek-American, I enjoy eating the traditional foods of Greece. This savory salad was inspired from the island of Mykonos…which is where my family is from!

  • Nicole Powell

    i like a simple pb and J

  • Megan Babin

    I would give this to my mom because she takes a sack lunch to work every single day and I think she deserves a chic bag…she usually takes left overs from whatever she had for dinner the..If not then it is a turkey and cheese on whole wheat bread, carrots or celery, a little container with some peanut butter in it..and some almonds..she may also pack up some tortilla chips and make some homemade salsa to go with them..and of course can’t forget her reusable container of water she always carries around with her…..she doesn’t leave home without her water

  • Kelly L

    super cute! i love bringing last night’s leftovers! why make another extra meal when you can just bring leftovers? easy peasy! leftovers gone, money saved, & extra time to relax!

  • Claudia Castro

    Carrots, Celery with some dressing, tuna sandwich and rasperry tea :)

  • Ronnie Bian

    I pack some pasta with different things to go with it daily. I also bring sliced apples with some lemon juice on them to keep them from yellowing/browning; it also makes the apple sweeter (to me). I also bring a small healthy snack for extra. ;D

  • Paola Alfaro

    I love to pack a good salad, with avocado (my favorite) and tomatoes! and peach ice tea, my favorite drink. and sometimes when i think i’ve been good during the week i like to pack a little dessert, something like a peach or a little apple :)

  • Sharon Wong

    I love my egg and mayonaise sandwich with a bottle of soy milk :)

  • Karina Salazar

    I love to pack a ham and provolone cheese sandwich with mustrd and pepper, cherry yogurt, and a iced tea. It’s the perfect lunch to help get me through the rest of the day.

  • Carrie Lee

    My fave brown bag lunch is a big fresh salad with avocado, corn and chick peas. I’d also throw in some hummus and cucumbers for a snack.

  • Kristen Suchy

    I love my salad, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and green peppers with oil and vinegar dressing. A chicken salad sandwich, or just simple peanut butter on 35 cal. bread and either veggie chips or grapes depending on my mood. :)

  • Jennifer North

    My favorite is PB&J, banana, and jack cheese cheese it’s!! Along with a black cherry propel water! That’s my favorite!

  • Short Presents

    My favorite lunch to bring is left over homemade soups like Avgolemeno soup! Here’s a link for the recipe.


  • Nicole Higgins

    Peanutbutter and nuetella sandwich with cheetos, and apple with caramel and a capri sun! UMMM :)

  • Shauna Mondello

    I usually pack left overs or get creative with my sandwiches!

  • Molly Z

    I am midly obsessed with this Lunch Set, it is perfect for a girl on the go! It definiely will inspire me to get creative when packing my own lunches for work. My current favorite lunch to pack is a hummus and cheese sandwhich with avacado and tomato and a yummy fall apple snack on the side! :)

  • Ana Lucia Paredes Linares

    Me encanta llevarme pollo a la plancha con ajitos y ensalada corta muy pequeña con salsa.

    Wish me luck 😀

  • joanne

    A salad made with giant couscous, cucumber, peas, avocado, cumin, and tomato (and a sneaky cupcake in there as well so it’s not too healthy!) x

  • Erica Gortmans

    Fav brown bag lunch… Veggie wrap with hummus, an avocado and strawberries on the side. Oh don’t forget the ice cold citrus green tea.

  • April Martinez

    I love to pack a salad with whatever leftover protein I made from the night before. I also pack almonds, and some fruit for snacks!

  • Kristen Suchy

    I love my salad, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and green peppers with oil and vinegar dressing. A chicken salad sandwich, or just simple peanut butter on 35 cal. bread and either veggie chips or grapes depending on my mood. :)

  • Ashley Johnston

    could this get anymore adorable? i like to change my lunch up from day to day, but right now grapes are my thing. i freeze them so they stay nice and cold until lunch time. i am also really into tortilla chips and salsa right now.

  • Darci Jones

    My favorite lunch to bring is a taco salad, (seasoned ground turkey, with red, orange and yellow peppers, and mango salsa for the the dressing). Its delish! I have always been a bring your own lunch kind of person. Even all through high school. Many of my friends were jealous because they had to eat the greasy food from school. I give lots of thanks to my mother for taking such good care of me and teaching me the importance of eating right.

  • Catie Strigenz

    I always make a turkey sandwich, yogurt and an apple!

  • Hannah Sloan

    Oh gosh, I don’t have a favorite lunch to pack but today I made tuna salad and put it in tupperware and then brought a whole wheat tortilla with a slice of swiss cheese, mixed greens and cucumbers and I made a tuna wrap in between class. It was delicious.

  • Jenny Gardner

    I alway pack left overs from the night before. Lately I’ve been grilling a lot so my current fav is grilled salmon with lemon butter sauce over rice pilaf. So yummy and easy to make!

  • Ethelyn Ilanga

    Turkey sandwich on wheat with pepperoni,provolone cheese, del pickles,purple onions, and spiniach….Fresh fruit or yogurt and baked chips and a bottle water

  • Chrisie Boushley

    My fovorite is homemade chicken salad, wtih grapes and walnuts, and wheat thins…and a granola bar to go along with it :)

  • kelly patch

    my favorite paper bag lunch is a salad with avocado,grilled chicken, lemon and olive oil. For a snack, I have 2 grape leaves, blueberries with strawberry. To drink I love chocolate mint water. For the finishing touch I love to have a mini twix

    Kelly P.

  • Samhita

    My favorite item to pack for lunch is a bunch of small snacks that I can nibble on throughout my work day. I love to pack cut apples, some cut lemon to drink wiht my water, celery to dip in peanut butter, mixed berries, and some assorted nuts!

  • madeline rydberg

    I like to pack a simple peanut butter sandwich on potato bread, and some Naked juice. :)

  • Erin Huddleston

    I love to pack salads for lunch!

  • Becca Waldron

    My fave brown bag lunch consists of a yummy salad with cucumber, onion, feta cheese, olives, tomato and avacado with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Along with a piece of fruit on the side, celery sticks with peanut butter and a small container of cottage cheese. If I don’t do the salad I love a good tuna salad sandwich with lettuce and tomato on wheat! A water bottle or bottle of juice to drink :)

  • Celine Alries

    Omg my prayers have been answered! I’ve been looking for something cute like this forever! Also, my favorite, brown bag lunch to pack, has to be….. Fresh fruit (either, apples, orange, berries, kiwi, grapes), yougert, a sandwich with (obviously) deli meat of some sort, and water or raspberry lemonade! (Delish) that is all :-) hahaa

  • Alison Frazier

    My absolute favorite lunch is a quick salad: spinach, red pepper, mandarin oranges, feta cheese, a few black sliced olives, and salmon..along with some sort of either citrus/mango dressing, or sweet vidalia onion dressing is delicious too–yum :) Also, right now honey crisp apples are in season and great as a lunch side or a snack during the day!

  • Zerrotgm

    My favorite is leftovers! I always cook 4 servings the night before that way I know exactly what I’m eating the next day, without extra work. I do like almonds or veggie sticks to snack on too.

    P.S. PB&J is my all time favorite since elementary school so sometimes that sneaks its way in too.

    I can’t wait to pick up the travel set of these bags too – The travel bags are ADORABLE!!

  • Brendi

    I love to pack sandwiches, which is honey ham with lettuce and tomatoes with a slice of cheese on wheat bread, easy to make when you are on the go. And at least some type of fruit and water to go with it. Almonds and sliced oranges for snacks.

  • Kayla Cook

    Whenever I have to “”brown bag it”” for work, school or my internship I try to pack something that will keep me full and energized. I have a bottle of water, a turkey sandwich on wheat with mozzarella, cucumbers, tomato, and guacomole (YUM), almonds, an apple, and sometimes a snack pack chocolate pudding… reminds me of being in elementary school :)

    Kayla C.

  • celeste

    Love this lunch tote! It’s perfect to throw a quick lunch in a bring to the office. My lunch is usually the same most days out of the week: Boar’s Head buffalo chicken breast (sliced thin at the deli) rolled up on honey wheat bread with a little mayo and yellow mustard, one slice of cheese, and some shredded lettuce. It’s pretty tasty and fills me up! For sides I have a few baked chips or pop chips and a piece of fruit (usually a plum or strawberries). As for the liquids-I have a diet snapple iced tea (my weakness) or a bottle of plain old agua!

  • FluffyKittenHeart

    I like making my own wraps.

    I will grill chicken, add some stir fry vegetables (mmm beansprouts!) and a spoon of salsa. I will wrap all this up in a wholemeal wrap.

    I’ll have raspberries and blueberries on the side and a granola bar. And cucumber sticks with hummus. Water to drink.

  • Shelby Sieben

    I like making homemade sushi with brown rice, canned salmon or tuna, laughing cow cheese, avacado, and carrot slivers and I will usually pack some sort of fruit which lately i have been having peaches!

  • Caitlin Gaudette

    This week I’m bringing breakfast. Trying to eat healthier with a whole wheat english muffin topped with natural crunchy peanut butter, sliced banana, blueberries and a sprinkle of flax seeds…and iced coffee! keeps me full till lunch :@)

  • Kirsten Doherty

    Hummus, veggies, and a chicken breast for lunch, and raw almonds and blueberries for snack!

  • Andrea Flanary

    Love this tote/cup set!! I pack a heart-healthy lunch each day now (in any plastic bag I can find typically) after having a heart attack last month at 32 years old and ZERO risk factors! I pack a small salad (romaine, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers) and use a drizzle of fat free, low-sodium poppyseed dressing. I also have a Yoplait strawberry Greek Yogurt. As my ‘dessert’ I cut a choc fudge Think Thin bar in half to get some good protein in! And water to drink!

    I had a rough August – but am thankful to be living a healthier life!

  • Pilar Carrasco

    tuna salad sandwich, tomato cream (salmorejo), and for snack one of these: baby carrots/seedless grapes/pineapple/honey pop corn/mini snickers

  • Montanna Washburn

    For some reason reheating leftover pasta is one of my favorites!


    I’m a vegetarian so I love a good vegetarian sub using wheat sub bread, soy pepper jack cheese, a little yellow mustard, green peppers, onions, jalapenos, tomatoe, lettuce, spinach and banana papper. Sooo good:)

  • Tadong Longkumer

    Turkey Ham Swiss Sandwich, Hummus and some Pita chips. Dessert: Sliced Apples and Peanut butter! :)

  • Stacy H.Costello

    Hey Lauren!

    I like my lunch to have a high amount of fiber and nutrients like calcium and Vitamin C.To keep my lunch at a good temperature I usually put a reusable ice pack.

    I love being healthy so you might find some vegetables, whole-grain bread and some yougurt (Activia) to stay in shape! :)

    xo Stacy

  • Anna Lehnen

    My absolutely favorite lunch to pack is homemade summer rolls! They last pretty well from morning until lunchtime, and can be made with any filling you want. Plus, they are so refreshing in the middle of a hectic day, and feel just a little bit special. :)

    Beautiful items!

  • Andrea Giordano

    I need a cute lunchbag just like this one so i can feel motivated of packing my lunch or never forget it in my fridge, i usually pack turckey panini with artichoke or a ceaser wrap

  • Alex Arnett

    I’m one of those geeky girls where it’s “”all about the bag”” and I would find myself getting excited in the morning knowing that I had this cute decorative bag to take to school! Usually, it was just a different colored or decorated brown bag. So it really didn’t matter what was in it, ’cause I got such a kick out of the bag.
    I was a seasonal lunch-packer, with popcorn balls for Halloween and heart-shaped cut sandwhiches on Valentine’s Day!

  • Denise Zhu

    I always pack a breakfast and lunch for school. For breakfast I like to pack a bagal or cereal. Usually for lunch I have a sandwich with a snack. Sometimes I pack a salad with dressing on the side. Other days I pack granola bars, cookies, yogurt, chips or whatever else is available. I also always have water with my meals.

  • Sam Clark

    I’m pretty boring with my normal lunch routine. When I was younger in middle school and didn’t like sandwiches my Dad used to make me peanut butter and cracker “”sandwiches.”” Still to this day, when I pack my lunch for work I mostly make those little sandwiches!! I love bringing some fruit to go with it also. Good little snack and memories!

  • Jasmine Fitcher

    Ooohh this is a tricky one, sometimes I want to healthy it out and sometimes I just want my cheeseburger on the grill from the might before. Last week my very favorite “”brown bag”” meal was my Caesar salad with grilled chicken. It’s super yummy and super healthy hehe. I also put some apple slices with yogurt in my brown bag too. I get some fruit juice to drink and of course no meal (even a healthy meal) would be complete without some super yummy homemade chocolate cookies

  • Raney Evelin CA

    Any food is delicious with a beautiful kit that Lauren! =DD

  • irene tse

    my favourate lunch: chicken caesar salad, usually with some fruits (grapes,apples, oranges), some juice and a few snacks (granola bars, candy)

  • Kelly Alvidrez

    My favorite lunch… leftovers no matter what it is. Waste not, want not!

  • Ankita Patel

    I love bringing a veggie sandwhich, some grapes, and a little bag on popcorn! Scrumptious! =)

  • Emily Hastings

    I love bringing healthy alternatives of my favourite restaurant style appetizers. That way I have a good selection of finger foods to munch on through out the day and at lunch.

  • karina Paz

    peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich! 😀 yum!

  • Samantha Rodriguez

    I adore the cup! its the cutest thing ever. I would so love to brig it to work and school.

  • ana medina

    one of my fav things to pack in my lunch bag is salad wt a lot of veggies i love bring healthy to so thats why i love to pack fruit salads its my all time favorite thing to eat

  • Allison James

    I tried the vegetable millet and it was so good! So my current favorite lunch to pack is vegetable milled (minus the cayenne pepper) stuffed in a zucchini! I like to pair it with a pear to get my fruit portion for the meal. :) Love this lunch kit!

  • Sharmon Alphonse

    I do prefer food and snacks made at home as opposed to dining out. I don’t ‘always’ eat healthy but, I think this cute lunch set would inspire me to do so 😉 What I do pack that is healthy is fruit and bananas are my favourite. Today I had homemade bannock (made by my mom) with peanut butter & jam.

  • Princess Jessiee Clairah

    I love to pack Pasta Salad (red onion, capers, pesto, olive oil, tuna, pasta and sundried tomatoes) with Mulled Apple Juice (apple juice, strips of orange peel, 1 stick cinnamon,, 3 cloves and honey to taste !) :)

  • Sarah Impellizzeri

    I typically tend to pack something filling but healthy. My bagged breakfast is usually overnight oats and lunch is spaghetti squash with diced tomatoes!

  • Nikki Bridges

    My favorite brown bag lunch to pack is a whole wheat pita pocket filled with lettuce, tomatos, cucumbers, avocado and some shredded cheese. Partner that with a Okios greek yogurt and a serving of fruit (my favorites are grapes and bananas!) and you’ve got a delicious healthy/vegetarian meal! :)

  • Marissa Davis

    Love an Asian spinach chicken salad, banana chips, baby carrots with low-fat ranch, a few Hershey’s kisses, and a chilled green tea.

  • Kim

    I love packing a harty salad with romano lettuce, carrots, red peppers, broccoli, diced strawberries, crasins (instead of croutons) with grilled chicken, and balsamic viniagrette dressing. A side of fuit and “”food Should Taste Good”” multigrain crackers also go along nicely with the salad :)

  • Alicia Newton

    One of my favorite lunches to make is homemade grilled chicken salad on wheat, Greek yogurt, protein bar & cherry tomatoes!

  • Couurt

    I love chicken pot pies + wheat thins + fruit or veggies + something sweet like puppy chow or a piece of chocolate… it’s almost dinner time, this is making me hungry. NOMZ.

  • Lauren

    Turkey wrap and fruit:)

  • Taylor Hutmacher

    I love packing a turkey and avoacodo sandwich on honey wheat with a some carrot sticks, and a handful of wheat thins, and if I have some that haven’t molded yet, fresh strawberries. My favorite lunch! :)

  • Lizzy

    Such a cute little lunch set! Whenever I brown bag my lunch, I like to cover all the classic lunch components: a meat and cheese sandwich on wheat bread (usually turkey or bologna and american cheese), some sort of fruit (my go-tos are apples and grapes), some veggies (carrots, celery, grape tomatoes, or cucumber slices), something sweet (maybe a little piece of candy or chocolate! :) ) and a water bottle. Healthy, balanced, and filling!

  • D

    A honey chicken salad wrap, with home made Anzac biscuits. Yum yum yum

  • Christina Carter

    What I love to pack is water or Arizona Fruit Punch, my Ziploc plastic contianer filled with leftovers, and a green apple because I love this apple the best! PS Its my birthday on October 2nd and that would be a great bday gift! =)

  • Shannon McAuliffe

    I love to make a big salad with baby spinach, Craisins, walnuts and reduced feta. Toss it with homemade balsamic dressing…yum! I never get tired of it!

  • Usha Patel

    Peanut butter and strawberry jelly sandwich with doritos chips and ranch flavored corn nuts and a candy bar with passion fruit juice

  • Sam Broll

    my favorite lunch to pack is a mini taco kit; mutligrain nacho chips, ground beef, sour cream, cheese and lettuce with strawberries for a snack

  • Melissa Ephraim

    I enjoy preparing food and constantly feel the need to test new combinations. One of my favourite lunch sandwiches is a: beef (roasted), topped with caramelised onion, melted mozzarella cheese, fried mushrooms and sometimes peppers (for a kick). If not on pita bread, a lovely french loaf will do . mmmmm :-) derrricious! This I usually wash down with a fruity beverage e.g. a fruit juice.

  • Lesley Darr

    I had a baby a year ago so I now make lunches for the two of us! On Suday I like to make a grain like rice or quinoa, then I top it with vegetables I have on hand! Butternut squash, tomato, avocado, cucumber, anything that looks good. If I am feeling frisky I will also add beans or lentils!

  • Jordan Kurth

    My favorite “”brown bag lunch”” to bring to work/class is caprese salad! Cherry tomatos, fresh mozzarella and basil :) Sounds so good I am bringing it to work tomorrow 😉

  • Laura Flournoy

    My favortie lunch would have to be a pizza pita with homemade tomato sauce, feta cheese, spinkle of mozerella, fresh basil, pineapples, and peppers. It is so easy to make and is a perfect go-to lunch. I always add some almonds or walnuts on the side maybe some greek yogurt and always fresh fruit!

  • Jenn Tufte

    I always try to pack 1 veggie like sliced cucumbers or an avacado and usually a fruit salad. It keeps me full and I know I at least had a serving or two of veggies and fruit.

  • Lauren Huggins

    I love making a big salad with chickpeas or beans, lots of veggies and homemade balsamic vinaigrette. Delicious! Cute lunch bags, Lauren.

  • Megan Barnette

    i love to bring a simple sandwich with some celery, carrots and hummas too.

  • Mary Kate Powers

    My favorite lunch to bring to work is salad with grapes, walnuts, tomatoes, balsamic dressing and chicken salad on top! Apple slices for a quick snack :)

  • moriah howes

    I always pack a yogurt, banana, apple, and granola bar. Easy food to nibble on when I get a minute.

  • CristinaMarie

    Favorite Brown Bag Lunch. Tuna on wheat bread. Provolone cheese Arugula, banana peppers and sweet peppers. Sweet Potato Chips and a cold crisp Iced tea

  • E. Bunton

    My favorite “”brown bag”” lunch is a cold cut sandwich with fresh cheese and lettuce! I love to add grapes and some honey-nut pretzels to complete the whole package.

  • Cara Duchesne

    Nine months ago, I went “”paleo”” and took my family with me. So, now when we cook dinner at night, I make enough for me and the hubs to take extra for lunch the next day. I’m addicted to these types of lunch kits!

  • Nicole Taylor

    Hi Lauren :) My favorite lunch is usually a veggie sandwich or a salad with veggies. A veggie sandwich is just a vegetarian sandwich without the meat :) I love some cheese, avocado, spinach, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and maybe some mushrooms ! I always pack a side of fruit- either berries, or grapes or a cuties clementine :)

    The lunch bag is very cute with birds, my favorite !

  • Beth

    Those lunch bags are adorable! My favorite lunch to pack is gluten free bread with turkey, water and apple slices or a salad with grilled chicken :)

  • Cora Anne

    My favorite lunch is chicken on french bread with cheese and advocado! Its espescially good with pita chips and carrots! And its the best when my mom surprises me by making it for me!!

  • Brittany Barnes

    I am interning as a student teacher so I pack my lunch everyday. My favorite lunch to take is tuna mixed with a little light mayo, mustard, and relish on top of romaine lettuce. I usually pack reduced fat wheat thins or whole wheat crackers to eat along with it as well. Usually grapes or apple slices go along with this lunch. Iced green tea is a great compliment and helps give me a boost during the day. The lunch kits are so stinkin cute and I’m sure I would get many compliments from my students if I had one 😉

  • Juliette Sward

    Hey everyone! My favorite lunch to pack is a spinach salad with strawberries, red onions, walnuts, goat cheese, and a drizzle of honey-balsamic vinaigrette. I also pack a side of Smartfood white cheddar popcorn, an orange, and for desert, a snickerdoodle from my favorite local bakery! I love pop, but I am trying to wean off of it by taking a water bottle and adding fruit to it- lemon, raspberry, lime, whatever! There’s just something more satisfying about assembling your own lunch :)

  • alicia moreno

    In my brown sack. for lunch i prepare my lunch a day before and usually one of my favorite lunch i love to make sushi. the california roll and tempura shrimp roll. especially combination with my favorite fruits and veggies like: strawberrys,kiwi,mango,grapes,watermelon,broccoli,celery and baby carrots. For drink i usually have arizona green tea,naked juice or water.

  • Kaley Swider

    pb,banana, and honey sandwhich, trail mix (for a little sweet treat), unsweetened iced tea and of course an apple( to keep the doctor away!!)

  • Anelisa Tabata

    Im all about an energy packed lunch.. And for for years I felt like I was forced to make Lunch for my entire family before school, but now that Im in Varsity I’m soo glad I did. Low GI or my fav rye bread ensures that I dont get hungry when Im on campus. I usually fill it with liver spread, gotta love that iron, sometimes avo… Ooooh and my coldmeats with lettuce, tomato and cucumber. Snacks are usually peanuts or I get myself some fruit like a banana or apple (love me some fruit salad), these will ensure that I’m wide awake during classes!!! (I also wont say no to a veggie salad, Say no to dressing. Never leave home without a bottle of water to keep me hydrated or better yet Iced tea. Nom, nom, nom!! Not at school today bt I’m already sulivating.. Oh and before I forget biltong(beef jerky) or dried fruit is way better than sweets.

  • Paige Denis

    I love a yummy salad (cucumbers, tomatoes, feta cheese, mushrooms, green peppers!) & an iced coffee! Easy & healthy!

  • Nadia Smith

    My fave lunch to pack is cucumber and tomato mamrinated throughout the day in italian dressing, strawberries, baked flaming hot cheetos, turkey pita wrap, and lemonade.

  • Amanda Gaub

    I always make sure to bring tons of protien- string cheese, peanut butter, a granola bar, turkey- and pair it with something crunchy, something sweet, and something savory. This can be a combo of a sandwich, veggie sticks, and maybe some granola mix with some chocolate chips. On Fridays, I always make sure to pack a fun lunch- usually something my Mom made me as a kid to bring back some of those good happy feelings I got when I saw that she packed me my favorite! This is usually crackers, slices of a good cheese, and salami. I then proceed to make little cracker sandwiches and gobble them all up :)

  • su96mac

    My favorite lunch is a plain turkey sandwich, pretzels or original sun chips, apple slices or applesauce, and mini cookies. To top it off, I like my Cran-Energy cranberry or pomegranate juice! YUMMY!

  • Liz Barton

    My favorite packed lunch is a Spinich Salad with thin sliced Turkey meat and sprinkled with sunflower seeds. I also pack an apple and Luna bar for snacks throughout the day!

  • Kate Bayliss

    My favorite brown bag lunch is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, salt & vinegar chips, an apple, and carrots. And, citrus green tea!

  • laura s

    One of my favourite lunches to pack is a salad of baby spinach, cooked and crispy chickpeas, heart of palm, avocado, cucumber, capers, and red pepper, with salad dressing on top. With that I usually pack dried edamame and fruits :).

    – Laura S

  • Meg Wilbanks

    My favorie lunch to bring to work is a salad and something finger-foodish to go along with it. I’ve been diggin’ apple vinaigrette lately! I like to pack grapes, carrots & ranch, nuts, granola bars, pigs in a blanket and sometimes, when it’s a loonnng day, cookies! At work you need something that will keep you full and also keep your energy up, (so you’re not reaching for those awful energy drinks, which I’ve been guilty of numerous times) that way you can get your job done without the distractions of being hungry and tired.

    LOVE the lunch pale! Who ever wins is one lucky duck! 😀

  • Cynthia

    Hi Lauren!

    My favorite lunch to pack is a vegetable burrito, some pistachios, trail mix and whole seedless green grapes. Instead of cookies, I also pack one square of dark chocolate. I don’t always pack lunch, though, because I’m a student and I don’t have all the time to pack. Loving the little birds on the lunch set!

  • Ashley Clark

    Yum, I have to say that my favorite brown bag lunch is a tuna wrap with pesto and kalmata olives and lemon juice! Some rice pudding or german cucmber salad (depending on my mood), a granola bar and semi-sweet tea tops it off! :)

  • Yoli


    I like to pack my sandwich with a yogurt and some fruit, or I sometimes pack a salad with some fruit, sometimes I like to pack some pasta. :)

  • Stephanie Waung

    hi lauren!

    my favorite lunch to pack is a cesar chicken salad! thanks for this amazing giveaway =)

  • Toby Etheridge

    I am a bit old fashioned. I still love to pack a sandwich (ham and turkey with cheese, pickles and mustard is still my fave), crackers, and either fruit, trail mix, or a granola bar. And a bottle of water with some lemon slices to squeeze in.

    Can’t beat a good classic!

  • Andrea Chang

    chicken caesar pita wrap and craisins!

  • Anj

    Love my salad kit with chicken, low fat cheese, tomatos and mushrooms. I mix Romane and spinach. If I want to add flavor I mix in a bit of bacon… it’s always amazing and I don’t too full.

  • Heather Simoneau

    My favorite lunch to pack is a whole wheat pita with hummus, feta, black olives, cucumbers, and spinach with avocado oil chips, grapes and a sparkling water

  • JEN

    My favorite lunch to bring would be a salad with low fat ranch or vingrette dressing on the side, with tomatoes, and cucumbers. Do drink an Ice Tea, and for dessert or snack some fruit like grapes or sliced apples. Yum. All of these is healthy and affortable.

  • Megan Bain

    I love to pack a chicken salad and some fruit! Such an easy and healthy lunch!

  • Nikki Mangan

    My favorite lunch to pack is maybe a little boring, but yummy and low on calories! I always pack a little heavy for extra snacks just in case I get hungry. Anything to avoid the vending machines, am I right? Half turkey sandwich with cheese, sprouts and pickles. 1 cup of SkinnyPop popcorn. String cheese. Apple. Yogurt. Lemons for my water. That’s it, with a few additions or switch ups now and again. My lunch box is super boring since my only other options at Target were Barbie and The Avengers. Hope I win!!!!

  • Anita

    My favorite brown bag lunch would be a sandwich with mozzarella, tomatoes, and pesto. I like to pack a handul of baby carrots with a tbsp of chunky peanut butter. And of course, tea is a must!

  • Megan Larkins

    I love to pack my version of a southwestern salad: romaine lettuce, cubed and baked chicken, corn, tomatoes, avocado, and a light honey mustard dressing. I also love to pack roasted red pepper hummus and carrots for a healthy snack to munch on!

  • Jessica Gaube

    My favorite thing to pack for lunch is usually a healthy sandwich with some fruit and yogurt for dessert. I like to try and pack water or some sort of smoothie for a drink. :) and the days I like to treat my self, Ill pack an Ice Tea for a drink and some pasta and a mixed green salad. :)

  • Lisa Maree Pleydell

    I love clean eating. I pack a tomato, diced feta and rice cakes for brunch. Lunch is usually a chicken salad pack with lettuce, spinach leaves, spanish onion, cucumber, hard boiled egg whites and some chicken. To snack on I have Macro Organic almonds, walnuts and berries. :)

  • Marie-Pier Beaudoin Parent

    Mon lunch favoris est une salade de bocconcini & tomates avec un pita et des fruits. My favorite lunch bag is a bocconcini & tomato salad with a pita and some fruits. :)

  • Jenzie Shipley

    I never know how much time I’ll have to eat so, I like to try and get every food group into a sandwich! I usually use a pita and pack it with, cheese, avacado, hummus, and lots of veggies (onion, cucumber, radish, sprouts) and I’ll have an apple on the side! Usually water or a sports drink since I work outside!

  • Amy Stiebel

    my favorite brown bag lunch consists of a sliced apple with all natural peanut butter along with a vegetable of some kind. in the summer I love fresh tomatoes and in the winter green beans!

  • Alyssa Franklin

    My favorite “”brown bag”” lunch to pack is mixed veggies with black beans and salsa! So yummy and healthy :)

  • Sara

    My favorite brown bag lunch is a hummus wrap with some strawberry Greek yogurt and homemade granola :)

  • KiRa inhearts

    I usually stick to the plain jane peanut butter & sometimes jelly sandwich!:) My favorite drink to pack is a lifewater the dragron fruit or my moms sweet homeade tea! I top it off with either a cliff bar or a fruit salad! Yum! I always just put it all together in an ole’ brown paper bag!:P

  • Ellen Hutchinson

    I think my favorite brown bag lunch would have to be an old school peanut butter & jelly sandwich. I remember my mom always packing my lunch for school and cutting my sandwiches into hearts. She would also always add sweet notes on my napkins. Now it just brings back happy memories :). Today I’ll add in some hummus and celery as an extra snack!

  • Ashley Adams

    I love to brown bag a sandwich, fresh fruit, and either yogurt or cottage cheese. So yummy :)

  • Madison Flager

    My favorite brown bag lunch starts with one of your recipes! A whole-wheat pita with chicken, feta, arugula, and olive oil. I like to have a piece of fruit of some grapes with that and a water bottle with a crystal light packet.

  • Clare McNamara

    Left overs are perfect for my brown bag lunch! Especially when it is a healthy meal that can easily be re heated. :)

  • Joy P

    My favourite lunch would be a houmous and falafel pitta bread, with a yoghurt and an apple :-)

  • Cassie McCary

    One of my favorite things to pack for lunch is a BLT wrap made with cherry tomatoes and a light olive oil mayo. I like to also put in a side of greek yogurt…any flavor. Top that off with a nice strawberry smoothie. Mmmmm!!!

  • Alyx Nightingale

    My favorite brown bag lunch is a salad with rasberry vinagrette dressing, a bag of granola (homemade pumpkin pie granola, which I just made and would reccommend) or mountain trail mix, a yoplait light strawberry banana yogurt, a bag of pretzels and a diet coke or ice tea. I love this lunch box set and need a new one!!!!

  • Kacey Colquitt

    My favorite brown bag lunch would have to be home made chicken salad with triscuits to dip. I would definitely add a bottled water, and maybe some fresh strawberries and blueberries for dessert.

  • betty340

    my favorite brown bagged lunch is (dont laugh) peanut butter and fluff on white bread, chocolate milk and an apple

  • whoadiana

    My favorite lunch to pack is quinoa or brown rice (some sort of whole grain), seasonal veggies, and a lean protein such as chicken or beans all drizzled with organic soy sauce! I also pack fresh seasonal fruits (which have been plums lately) and a big bottle of water. :)

  • laura preston

    My favourite brown bag lunch is a bean and salad wrap topped with cottage cheese and salsa. I’m lucky to have a sandwich toaster at work so on colder days I like to toast my wraps. For a snack I like to add organic hummus with celery and carrot plus a piece of fruit.

  • Ashlyn

    For school, I love to pack hummus and veggies instead of buying from the cafeteria. I’ll bring some gluten free crackers and cheese and maybe some nuts as a snack. I also love the graham crackers with cream cheese and grapes that you recommended. yummy :) oh and I need some iced tea!

  • Loreal Hall

    My favorite brown bag lunch would have to be tuna salad. Of course bring a pickle as well. Love pickles.

  • Nikki Leigh

    my favorite lunch to take for brown bag is a classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich with baked potato chips and some chopped strawberries. classic and sweet!

  • Ashley Truong

    My favorite brown bag lunch to pack is hummus and veggie straws, green grapes or some fruit that day, or a turkey wrap or pb and j! YUM!

  • Rachel R

    My favorite brown bag lunch is chicken salad on either a whole grain English Muffin, or on Kashi crackers. We like the recipe that is in the Cook This Not That book. It is delicious!

  • sheena louise

    so cute! i’m a very busy nanny but also a health freak so i pre-cook all my lunches for the week to stay on track. my favorite thing to pack is either veggies roasted with rosemary, garlic & olive oil with quinoa or mashed up sweet potato with black beans and hot sauce and a little bit of pepperjack goat cheese! i’m getting hungry just thinking about it actually!

  • Jordan Isaacson

    My favorite brown bag lunch to back is a turkey sandwich with grapes pretzel crisps.

  • Priya Sankaralingam

    My favorite brown bag lunch would be a juice box preferably apple juice, this spicy indian sandwich my mummy makes with a coriander spread and cucumbers, veggie chips, a pickle of course, and a juicy red apple/grapes to top it off b/c of my sweet tooth:)

  • Ruthie Kataoka

    My favorite brown bag lunch I’d like to store in an XO (eco) Lunch Kit would be a pastrami sandwich on whole wheat with cheese, lettuce, tomato, spicy mustard, pickle, a little light mayo and a dash of salt and pepper. I’d also have a a Fuji apple some green grapes a handful of raspberries, a small stack of Pringles (my weakness) and Ginger Ale to drink. =)

  • Melissa LaRose

    My favorite thing to pack for lunch is a PB&J… I know there are probably a ton of other gourmet items to make and bring but there’s something I just love about eating PB&J for lunch! :)

    <3 Melissa

  • Danielle Connor

    My favorite brown bag lunch is a Turkey and swiss on a wheat sub roll, with dill pickle on the side. Along with a bag of baked chedder lays. And a apple and ice tea.

  • Karina Barajas

    This is totally adorable! I just started interning at a law office and im taking 9 classes in high school to graduate early! So i am a very busy gal! I love packing a turkey sandwich on wheat with lots of veggies, and american cheese, with lots of it! Toasted, too! I also pack myself a granola or fruit salad and water. Don’t forget to hydrate!

  • Ashley Marie

    My favorite sack lunch is a Peanutbutter and Banana sandwich, fresh raspberries, and a Green Tea! Mmm, making me hungry just thinking about it!

  • jessica thomson

    My favorite brown bag lunch is a turkey sandwich with tea or lemonade, an apple, some preztels, a greek yogurt and of course a small bag of my favorite cereal to munch on through out the day.

  • Claudia Medrano

    I love quinoa dishes that can be eaten cold or warm the next day, or a home made soup packed in a thermos!

  • Lauren Woods

    Love this cute lunch set! My favorite brown bag lunch to pack always includes fruit (apple or grapes), hummus and veggies (usually carrots) and ideally some leftovers from dinner or a sweet potato. Thanks! :)

  • Sasha Lobitana

    My favorite brown bag lunch to pack is tuna sandwich with coconut water! :)

  • Claudia Medrano

    I love quinoa dishes that can be eaten cold or warm the next day, or a home made soup packed in a thermos!

  • Renae Mauk

    My favorite brown bag lunch is turkey/swiss/lettuce/pesto on whole toast, strawberries, and mustard pretzels! :)

  • Heather Bratton

    Super cute! Love that it comes with a reusable glass too! I love to bring leftovers, or making a grilled cheese sandwich with avacado and tomato.

  • Alyssa Hooper

    Such an adorable lunch set!
    I just started going to college full time, so my favorite easy lunch to pack is hummus with vegetables (bell peppers, celery, broccolli, carrots, etc.) and organic oatmeal with raspberries or blueberries!

  • Katie A

    your basic sandwich, yogurt, and bar :) something quick that I can put together as I rush out the door.

  • Melissa Cohen

    I love anything by the brand Amy’s! Yummy and healthy!

  • Katrina Nelson

    Love quinoa salad, strawberries and grapefruit juice! Yummy!

  • Shoegal Out In The World

    The lunch set is amazing…

    My favourite brown bag lunch is a sandwich or a small salad with tuna or chicken, a banana or an orange or apple that I can easily transfer & a sometimes a chocolate cookie for the days I crave somethinf sweet…

  • anna sanford

    my favorite is spagetti squash with diced tomatos. for a snack I love bannanas or apples and almond butter. yum!

  • Hannah Dunn

    I absolutely adore this lunch set! Eco friendly, adorable, and reusable, what could be better?! My favorite brown bag lunch is a turkey, spinach, avocado sandwich on whole wheat bread or a whole wheat wrap. I add a few dashes of red pepper flakes for an extra kick to keep me going midday! I also include a piece of fresh fruit, and some raw veggies to complete it!

  • anna vincent

    I just graduated high school this last may, I was valedictorian. My FAVORITE thing to do was to pack my lunch every day and decorate my brown bag. I would write my name in cursive and make it all pretty with a bunch of flowers and the such. My favorite lunch to pack was a turkey wrap with home made potato salad. and as for a drink, I loved ICE COLD water in my vera bradley tumbler! amazing! :)

  • a


  • Kara Leary

    Such a stylish lunch kit!

    I work full-time and try to always bring lunch and not eat out. Lunch $$ adds up! I usually bring leftovers, or if I have more time I like to pack a sandwich, an oatmeal or yogurt for the morning, hummus and pretzels or a fruit for a snack, and lots of water!

  • Lindsey Gerrd

    I love to pair sandwiches or wraps with anything crunchy….veggies, fruit, crackers, etc.

  • burberrylover37

    I’m going to admit, I’m not as healthy as I could be when packing my lunch. I usually pack a turkey sandwich w/ a good amount of mayo, either grapes or a peach, potato chips, and water, or when I want to spoil myself I’ll drink some arizona… I do you a brown paper bag to pack my lunch, but usually try to reuse it for 3-4 days. I would buy a reusable bag, but I can never find the time or find a cute enough one to get! I’d really appreciate it! Thank you for doing this Lauren!<3 I admire you very greatly!

  • Kelby Poston

    I like making chicken wraps or a sandwich with some fruit, triscuits with hummus, and bottled water :)

  • Christi Sommerfeldt

    I love a basic peanut butter and jelly sammie with an apple and baby carrots.

  • celene jurado

    i am a freshman in college and food at the university food court is really expensive!!! i would want to win so i can take my own lunch and not have to keep it in a plastic bag inside my back mom usually makes me breakfast and lunch :) im excited to have signed up on Lauren Conrad’s website :)

  • Jade Cummings

    My FAVORITE lunch to pack is turkey, spinach, diced tomatos and oregano on a whole wheat wrap. I also like to pack a few pieces of fruit and for dessert I LOVE milanos cookies, double chocolate!! :)

  • Melissa Barton

    Love a turkey and cheese sandwich (fat free cheese and wheat bread) and some baked lays with just one tiny chocolate item as a treat.

  • Ali Martini

    Considering I am a full time college student, and work 30 hours a week, I would probably be 1000 pounds if I constantly got take out and fast food everyday!!! My favorite lunch to pack has to be a greek salad, with sides of red grapes, pineapple and strawberries. Just gets me though a full day of classes!!!

  • Audrey

    Hi Lauren! :) This lunch box set is so cute. i honestly love it. My absolute FAVORITE lunch to pack is carrots and ranch, a turkey wrap with cheese, and a vitamin water! As for something sweet, i love to pack chocolate strawberries. hmm…so delicious!!! Thank you for taking the time to read this Lauren. I am a new member and I love your site. xx

  • Amanda Luu

    A yummy lunch for me always consist of a sandwich and/or side salad with cherry tomatoes with raspberry vinaigarette!

  • Lee

    My favorite lunch to pack is an Asian chicken salad. I would also pack some fruit and a bottle of coconut water.

  • stephanie teeple

    favorite lunch is homemade chicken salad pita wrap , with banana chips on the side, key lime greek yogurt and an iced tea to drink. :]

  • Kanako Takahashi


  • Anna W.

    My favorite brown-bag lunch would be a chicken salad sandwich on wheat with carrot sticks and greek yogurt with blueberries.

  • Meghan Bittner

    I love to pack a tupperware with all the salad fixins and dressing and tomotoes in a seperate bag. then i usually bring some other things for snack like a cut up apple, yogurt, or a granola bar :)

  • Allison Burns

    I’ve always found Free People’s shopping bags (cheap, free… did I mention free?) to be the perfect tote for my lunch, which usually consists of a few random favorite foods placed in several mismatched Rubbermaid’s. Some of my go to choices include: roasted red pepper hummus (Yummm!), a few pita chips, string cheese, fruit, greek yogurt, ice tea with lemon and splenda, celery and peanut butter, etc. I usually don’t have ALL those at once, but I’m sure it’s been known to happen, haha.

  • Meeri Lee

    I’m a simple gal. Usually, I pack a salad with poppyseed dressing. I never forget my cherry tomatoes!!:) For a quick snack, I pack a few carrot sticks or blueberries.

  • Julianne Low

    i love packing some salad for lunch :) and a few fruits!

  • Alelee Ramirez

    my favorite lunch pack would be bake mac, yogurt with fresh fruits and pineapple huice :)


    My favorite lunch to pack is a small salad with leafy greens, green and red peppers, feta cheese, grilled chicken, hard boiled egg, cucumber, red onions, diced tomato’s, with a white balsamic vinaigrette dressing. With a side of carrots and roasted red pepper hummus! Thanks for reading Lauren, you are the best fashion designer around and I love your cloths!! :)

  • Chris Elliott

    Hey Laur, I’m a big fan of wowing my potential lunch mates, so when I bring a bagged lunch I usually do a couple hand made Cali rolls emphasis on the avocado, seedless green grapes, and either a water or a Neuro drink.

  • Oosoglamorus

    I pack my lunch every day for work. I always pack some sort of sandwich, fresh veggies and fruit, and a yummy but healthy dessert! A eco friendly lunch kit would be an amazing addition to my daily lunches!

  • Anne Deis

    I love celery and peanut butter! Maybe throwing some ants on there for the classic “”ants on a log”” treat! Then the classic cheese and turkey sandwich, that I can never go on with! Finishing off with some berry tea. Would love to show off my food with this lunch set :)

  • Deni G

    I love to make iced tea and lemonade at home that cup would be perfect for taking some to work. When I’m in a hurry a opt for a classic turkey sandwich with something crunchy and refreshing on the side like carrots, apples or pears. But when I have time to make my lunch the night before I love trying different salads. Right now I’m obsessed with MANGO CHICKEN SALAD…SOOOOO GOOOD :) I work at Kohls and we love your line! I always look forward to putting it out. Keep up the good work!

  • Di Adra Rose

    I lve to make zucchini boats w/ quinoa, graound turkey, italian seasoning, and a sprinkle of feta! Add a “”sassy”” water & I’m set! Thank you, Lauren!

  • Rebekah S

    I love packing raw baby carrots, a turkey and cheese sandwich, and craisins!

  • iluvulikehell

    i’d make a salad with cumcumbers, tomatoes, and mozzerella balls with a dash of basil!

  • Sophia

    I love bringing a good ol’ sandwich with some fruit and veggies to much on throughout the day. I student teach so I need to make sure I have enough fuel to keep me going :)

    Thanks Lauren!

  • Kristin Luhnow

    I like bringing a sandwich or salad with some fruit or veggies and some water

  • Jennifer Martin

    My favorite lunch is avocado lettuce and tomato sandwich with whole grain bread, an apple and grapes.

  • Miranda Wehde

    My favorite lunch is a spinach salad with some tuna on it and a grapefruit :)

  • ChocoFabs

    I love packing cheese and crackers. And I usually have iced tea. Grapes for dessert.

  • Brittany Salazar

    My favorite lunch to pack is a turkey sandwich on 9 grain wheat bread with fresh cheese, fresh spinich (instead of lettuce), sliced portabella mushrooms, and mustard. I also love to take a granny smith apple, and some baby carrots or cherry tomatoes =)

  • Jessica Ferrell

    My fav lunch is usually organic creamy tomato soup, yogurt, fresh fruit and crackers. Super cute lunch bag! I just love the little birdies!

  • Nicola Merkle

    I like to bring a tuna fish sandwich on whole wheat bread, with an apple and yogurt with a few almonds. With a bottle of water.

  • MeaganRae

    My husband and I LOVE To cook and eat clean, so our lunches vary and we HAVE to keep it fresh and creative. They usually consist of usually a salad, a protein like chicken or lean beef over brown rice or spaghetti squash(a good noodle substitute), yogurt or cottage cheese and one or two options of fruit. I eat small meal all day (every 3 hours) So I have to keep it all organized in a cute box like this 😉

  • Brianna Montebianchi

    My favorite lunch to pack would be buffalo chicken, spinach and cheese into a wheat wrap. Then also a fruit salad and a water. :)

  • Leanna Furr

    One of my favorites is egg salad. I also love bringing fruit & salad. I love eatting fast food but its not healthy or tastey after sitting in a lunch box for 5 hours. I just got a new job and I bring my lunch so im exploring new items. Btw, my lunch box is ugly & I’m on the hunt for a new one!

  • ana lucia

    I love to prepare myself a Chicken Ceasers Salad & a bottle of diet Arizona Iced Tea with Raspberry, cant get any better than this!

  • Alexie Kim

    My favorite quick and healthy lunch to pack is vietnemease rice wraps with tofu,shrimp,lettuce,rice noodles,carrots and peppers! I always carry an apple around with me and i usually pack some healthy granola bars to fuel up for the rest of day :) xox

  • Amanda Hayson

    I love packing carrots with some ranch, cucumbers with italian dressing or some cold pasta with small chicken pieces mixed with french style dressing.

  • Mackenzie Domingues

    My favorite lunch to pack on a cold fall day is my homemade potato soup :) It tends to be filling so ill usually just have a fruit or some type of vegetable with hummus or ranch with it.

  • Emily Stinson

    I love to pack a chicken cesar wrap with berries and coconut green tea! I love your idea of going green but still adding a chic flare to it! So cute!

  • Karen

    My favorite thing to pack is a Tofurky and cheese sandwich on pumpernickel bread with carrots and some pretzel chips.

  • Karmele Garcia

    Always yogurt, grapes, granola bar and some grilled chicken wrap.. That’s the definition of a perfect healthy lunch for me :) Ohh and finished it with a really tasty smoothie.

  • Melissa Christina

    My favorite lunch to bring would have to be a turkey and mozzarella sandwich with honey mustard on whole grain bread. Also some kind of fruit…usually an apple or banana, a granola bar of some sort and a FAGE yogurt. Its hard to pack your lunch and drag it on the NYC subway every day, right now i use my beach cooler tote from the summer…whatever works i guess :)

  • Andrea Evasiuk

    Lately I’ve been making different quinoa salads and taking those to work. With that I’ll usually bring greek yogurt, some type of fruit, and of course my water. Super cute lunch bags by the way! :) Love it

  • Heather Brown

    Whenever I hear ‘brown bag lunches’ I think of when my mom would pack me a cold lunch in elementry school when she would make me a turkey and cheese sandwich (cut diagnolly) put a snack pack of chocolate pudding in it, a bag a potato chips and a note reading “”I LOVE YOU HEATHER :)””

  • Elizabeth

    I totally love this eco line! I am in college and sit in my car during lunch and eat alone instead of eating our crummy cafeteria food (there is a limited amount of healthy options here). Also, I am picky about my lunch boxs. Mine are huge, clunky, and look like they are from the 80’s. These Blue Avocado boxes are adorable, and would suit me well because I love going green! Anyway, my favorite lunch to pack is my spinach salad! I usually add some red, green, and yellow peppers, pineapple, hard-boiled egg, and a light dressing. For my sides and drink I usually have grapes, carrots, and sometimes wheat thins. My drink is usually my lemon water, or green tea :)

  • Chanel Valdez

    nutella banana sandwich on hawaiian sweet break for lunch, almonds for a snack, (maybe some chips for an extra snack, ha!) and lemon water! maybe maybe extra lemon for frequent water trips :) yummers!

  • Alysia Vang

    My favorite lunch to bring would have to be chicken ceasar wrap, with some kind or fruit, usually an apple or a banana, and a granola bar or yogurt! :)

  • Shelby Shady

    My favorite brown bag lunch is leftover Dirty Rice (ground beef, dirty rice mix, corn, black beans, green peppers and red peppers), fruit, and always a delicious piece of chocolate! I always smile when it’s lunch time on days like these :)

  • MEEPs

    My favorite brown bag lunch is a taboli, pita, and feta. Keep them all seperate then make roll ups out of them at lunch time. Finishing with a piece of fruit is always a must.

  • Milly

    Hi Lauren! I’m in grade 11 and am currently trying to lose a little bit of weight, so my lunch box has changed dramatically! I now always have a yoghurt, quartered strawberries (so I can eat it with a fork and not get my hands dirty!), and a sandwich with chicken or tuna and piled high with a colourful salad. I always put in a little treat for myself too, normally a little muesli/granola bar :)

  • Kimmy82

    My favorite brown bag lunch to pack is chickpea and avocado salad. You mash both ingredients and add lemon juice, salt, pepper, and cilantro. It goes great on a whole wheat pita with lettuce. I usually bring that with water and a piece of fruit.

  • Maggie Golden

    i’m a plain jane! peanut butter and banana all day!

  • MegHail

    Hi Lauren! My favorite brown bag lunch to pack is an avocado and turkey sandwich with a little bit of mayo on whole wheat bread. I usually have it with pop chips, and a diet pepsi.

  • Jacalyn Hiatt

    A peanut butter and jelly sandwich with Greek yogurt and grapes. I also need to have something sweet to pick me up midday, and a chocolate and peanut butter granola bar hits the spot. Lunch doesn’t get any better than that for me!

  • Julie Eastman

    I love to take oatmeal for lunch. I know it’s a breakfast food, but I love it for lunch!! Love this lunch bag too! :)

  • Meg Arnold

    i love those, so adorable…will have to get one if i don’t win :)

  • tharackomeena

    My mom used to pack me the best sushi rolls– Rice, cucumber slices, thin carrot slices, crab, fried egg slices, a little bit of cream cheese, and a hot dog slice all wrapped in seaweed with a lot of wasabi of course. Usually she would add apple slices shaped like rabbits and grapes. Definitely my favorite lunch bag to pack. <3

  • amanda chardon

    I really love taking lentil soup (I add fresh cayenne pepper, or a little yogurt and cilantro) along with corn chips or pita. I usually enjoy it with carrot sticks and some type of juice or tea. Yum! :)

  • Camilla Lindgren Nielsen


    I’m a girl from Denmark, I live with my financ

  • Elisabeth Abrahamson

    Hi Lauren!

    This is so exciting! Honestly, I’m obsessed with chicken-avo wraps. What’s in one? Chunks of chicken, avocado, fresh tomatoes, spinach and onions wrapped up in a whole wheat tortilla. It’s delicious and perfect on the go!



  • Caroline

    My lunch for tomorrow consists of some beets with cheese and crackers, an apple, and some carrots and cherry tomatoes with garlic and chive hummus! Yumm.

  • Jennifer Jones

    Although salads are always a good choice, my fave lunch includes whole grain starch in the form of a wrap or sandwich. I tend to feel much more satisfied.. and who doesn’t want a little bit of childhood in their bag in the form of a PB&J with some carrot and celery sticks?

  • Alexx Bukovac

    I love to pack a turkey and salad sandwich on soy-linseed bread, I’ll also put some almonds and some either dried of fresh fruit. I’ll also take an ice-tea or water. Delish! :)

  • krstnwllms

    Lauren I love this!! I’m currently on a working holiday visa and I was just out looking for a lunch bag for work! Finally living in the big city and walking to work I realized its a necessity!! I would just LOVE it =]

  • Rhianna Adams

    cute lunch tote!!! my fav brown bag lunch is a homeade caprese
    sandwich with balsamic, mozzarella, basil, and a little deli
    chicken. I usually have a side of pop chips and fruit with it!!
    Its super yummy. :)
    i own a dance studio n try to pack a lunch daily, its not always that
    fabulous though:) try to have a balanced meal in the midst of
    choreographing, coordinating, and so on.

  • Borbala Revesz

    Here in Hungary lunch is the main meal of the day, so we usually eat cooked, warm food for lunch. I prefer to pack some grilled chicken or fish with salad. I would really love to have the pretty lunch box because I think it would inspire other people in the office! They will think “”how cute is this to bring lunch from home””, so they might choose this option in the future instead of eating some fast food :)

  • Luana Monopoli

    I always try to bring lunch with me from home, because as you said, eating out isn’t usually the healthiest option. Furthermore, you can save a lot of money by bringing your lunch to work. I like turkey sandwiches a lot, as well as veggie sandwiches. It’s not too much, but after a sandwich you feel full. In summer, I like to bring some sliced mangos with me, it’s a great snack to refresh. And during winter, I like to bring soup, or sometimes leftovers from dinner. For me it’s important to be able to bring lunch to work. Also, I like to switch it up. In summer I like something light and fresh, and in winter I usually like to eat something warm. As I live in Switzerland, it’s important to stay warm in winter. :-)

    I really love the lunch set you designed, it’s pretty and cute, and perfect for a grown up lunch set. Also, I love that it’s ecofriendly, as this is a matter that becomes more and more important.

    Thanks for the give-away Lauren, I love your website and all the good advice you share with us everyday!

  • Ulla Maria

    Quinoa salad with pesto, spring onions, spinach and green leaves


    The Thai noodle salad called Yam Woon Sen; cold glass noodles in a lime-fishsauce-sugar dressing with loads of grilled pieces of chicken, red chili, red onion and shredded salad (it makes a great side dish and lunch the next day)

  • Raffaella

    Hi Lauren, I am Raffaella from Italy, and I really love your blog: it’s so interesting and full of inspirations!

    My favourite lunch to go is a little wholewheat bread sandwich with bresaola (it’s a kind of ham, but lighter), shaved Parmigiano and arugula, with a little bit of olive oil: yummy and healthy! Of course, I put in my bag a fruit, too!


  • Martina Ca

    hi Lauren!! I’m a student in Italy, I’m studying Medicine and I have to spend so many hours at university! I often have to pack my lunch in order attend all the lessons in the morning and in the afternoon! I usually eat salad with tuna (I love it) or fruit and spend my punch time with my friends.

    I have to tell I love your blog!! It’s an inspiration for me!! and I definitely love your lunch bags, most of all the black and cream one, it’s very nice!!! and I’d like to have one to go to university! :) :)

  • Annie Monteith

    I would love this eco-friendly set! I hate using plastic baggies and am constantly washing them to reuse them.
    My favorite packed lunch is a grilled spinach turkey and tomato sandwich on flax bread. I usually have a yogurt and veggies to go with it as well! (:

  • Jowhara Mahomed

    Hi Lauren !

    I always had a pink rather playful lunch tote throughout high school, now that I’m working it doesn’t exactly fit in lol, the toe is absolutely cute and a necessity. I’m almost always carrying my own lunch, my favourite is tuna with low fat mayo oand sliced onion on wholewheat bread and a yummy ice tea or een water.

  • Celine Vocat

    Hi Lauren !!!

    I Love the idea of the eco lunch box !! It is such a great idea !!!

    I always eat at the office and bring something with me because it is so much healthier :) I usually pack different kinds of fruits (slice of apples, berries,…). Sometimes I also pack brown rice with vegetables (Taste soooo good !). I also always carry green tea with me.

    I wish you a great day !


  • Catherine Gordon

    i’m a photographer and hardly have time to sit down and have lunch. though when i do find the time i love to have a strawberry/ blueberry flavoured fruit wrap, lots of water plus vegitmite sandwich

  • Amanda Men

    I’ve been needing something to put my lunch in! I usually just hold my food in my big purse, along with everything else and it gets all smushed! :/

    I love bringing different kinds of salads for lunch. Usually with strawberries, yum! And veggies to snack on! :)

  • deeliciouz

    you can’t go wrong with a pb & jelly sandwich!

  • Joana Amaral

    I only have one hour to lunch, so it’s quite difficult to do it at the university cafeteria (if I don’t want to be late for the next class).
    I like to pack a sandwich with grilled chicken, grilled zucchini and red pepper. I also take fruit, usually a granny smith.

  • Falen Bonsett

    I usually bring a tuna sandwich (love the new sandwich ready pouches) and carrots!!! Sometimes I get frisky and bring celery too:)

  • Braunwyn Feil

    You can never find a cute affordable adult lunchbox these days! I love packing a salad or turkey sandwich, with a greek yogurt and bottle of water :)

  • Rasa Sausina

    this is awesome! :)

  • Catalina Leon

    I’ve always used just my backback or purse to bring my lunch. Oops. I like bringing a salad with crispy chicken. YUMM

  • Shannon Dunne

    One of my favorite lunches (after a delicious fruit breakfast smoothie with protein) would have to be my homemade black bean burgers with some carrots/celery and hummus on the side. The burgers are 100% raw/vegan, so I don’t even have to heat them up if I don’t want. They’re so delicious and filling. Yum yum!!

  • Samantha Seamon

    I have been admiring the lunch kit with the bird print! I have also been wanting to get a lunch bag so it would be more conducive to me eating healthier and saving money while bringing my lunch. My workplace offers discounted food, but I think having a stylish lunch kit would help me to stay away from the steak bombs and mayo-y tuna melts at work!


  • Mecole Maddeaux

    My favorite meals to bring to work are dinner leftovers! They are always delicious and a bit of comfort during my work day.

  • Kristina Marie

    My favorite meal to bring to work is when I have left over pad thai. For some reason it taste even better the next day!

  • vicky7

    my favorite meal to bring is an avocado and cucumber sandwich with carrot and celery sticks :)

  • Jocelyn Jd

    my favourite foods to pack for lunch are a non-fat turkey sandwich on multigrain bread with some lettuce and honey mustard. low fat yogurt OR string cheeese as a snack and fruit on the side!(Usually fresh strawberries or, grapes, or sliced watermelon) yumm! This way I’m having something from all 4 food groups!! :)

  • Clare Harvey-Raymond

    My favorite brown bag lunch to pack is a container of tuna salad with some veggies and crackers, with a small container of almonds, a green apple, raspberry yogurt, and hershey kiss just as a treat! So yummy, filling and healthy!

  • Elle Pearson

    Such a cute lunch set!

  • Elle Pearson

    My favourite lunch to pack is a chicken caeser salad, apple & cereal bar…yummy & healthy.

  • Cesiney S

    My favorite lunch to pack is a grilled chicken wrap, a side of carrots & light ranch, a handful of raspberries, and a nice tall iced green tea to finish the meal :)

  • Victoria Schalk

    Healthy tuna salad on an english muffin with an apple! Larabar for an afternoon snack :)

  • Megan E

    The birds and the umbrellas are so cute! My favorite brown bag lunch is greek yogurt with granola, some string cheese and an apple.

  • Danielle Harter

    My favorite brown bag lunch is something that is yummy, healthy, and hits all the food groups! I love a salad with lots of veggies and maybe some fish, like salmon, on it. I put the dressing on the side, maybe a vinagrette. Also, I like to have something sweet! So usually a yogurt will hit the spot!

  • Gailsivy

    My fave brown bag lunch is a yummy garden salad with slamon in one of those fancy containers where you press the top and the dressing pops out. It’s so much fun shaking it all up! :)

  • lgill95

    I love an avacado sandwich, with an apple, and some yummy tortilla chips!


    My favorite brown bag lunch would be a raspberry yogurt with a granola bar with a flavored water and Mabey some crackers

  • Missy

    My favorite lunch is a spinach and fruit salad, hummus and veggies, and a sweet tea.

  • Kristy Cosgrove

    Tuna salad made with avocado instead of mayo on lettuce wraps with homemade iced tea

  • Ana Garcia

    I just love açaí mixed with banana. It

  • Debbie serrano

    My brown bag lunch mainly consists of chiobani greek yogurt. I carry a little zip lock bag of craisans, raw cocoa nibs to mix in with my yogurt. Also, I carry a small bento box of cooked brown rice with grilled chicken and some grapes for dessert.

  • Sarah Lenzi

    I work far from home so I take lots of healthy snacks everyday with me. I don’t cook at all, but I’m a master of work snacks. Favorites: spinach + cherry tomatoe + honey wrap, very thick (no milk) oatmeal with cinnamon + 1 dry apricot + 1 brazilian nut, hard egg, fiber crackers, fruits and tons of tea bags. I also like to have a couple of scoops of peanut butter a day since I don’t eat that much meat and it has a lot of protein, but that I leave at work because it’s a little heavy to carry everytime :]

  • blsmith10

    I love the idea of this set! I bring my lunch in as many reusable containers as possible, but am usually stuck with bulky tupperware or storage containers, leaving me with a heavy bag to carry in! Honestly my favorite lunch to bring as it gets colder is soup with fruit or veggies as a side, and a cup of hot tea later in the afternoon! In the summer, I go for a sandwich, instead of soup, with baked chips!

  • Heather Gatling

    My favorite bown bag lunch is a hummus and cucumber sandwich and yogurt

  • Cathy Nguyen

    I always pack some fish, veggie sticks and fruit. Healthy eating!!

  • Claudia Perez

    Hello Lauren,

    I love fresh pasta salad with lettuce,tomato,tunna and croutons (if I am not in a diet…lol).

    Love your designs!


  • Camille

    I am classic. I either pack a pb&j or a peanut butter sandwich. Sometimes I pack one of those tuna salad lunch kits–they’re pretty good!

  • cassidy alyse garcia

    Lately I’ve been loving a thin everything bagel with a little cream cheese and a peach to go with it!

  • Casey Siegel

    I’m currently in graduate school to become a nutritionist, so when I pack lunch it needs to be easy, healthy, and give me enough energy to make it through evening classes. One of my favorites is the super spinach salad – baby spinach, shredded carrots, dried cranberries, quinoa, shelled edamame, grape tomatoes, chickpeas and pumpkin seeds. I top it off with a little bit of ginger dressing and I’m ready to take on the rest of my day.

  • Rachel Cottingham

    My favorite lunch includes a homemade chicken salad sandwich (with grapes, pecans, & celery), pita chips & hummus, some type of fruit, yogurt, a bag of mixed nuts, and a yummy tea! Currently I am a full time nanny and have to pack a lunch everday. Using one of your eco friendly lunch sets would make packing a lunch that much more exciting :-)

  • RMichelle

    My favorite brown bag lunch is an avocado, tomato and spinach sandwich on whole wheat bread with fresh basil. Add an apple and a nonfat greek yogurt, plus some H20, and you’re good to go!

  • lolgrl4ver

    Easy, the usual pb and j with an apple!

  • Charlotte Reed

    spinach leaves with grilled chicken and walnuts with a raspberry dressing! (super delisious) with raspberry iced tea, water and an orange :) ( when school allows us to take a packed lunch)xx

  • MaryAnn McCabe

    Hi Lauren,

    I love a salad with chopped chicken limon on top. Then I add a dressing and some toppings. MM

  • Elizabeth Crum

    I just love a turkey sandwich with pepperjack cheese, lettuce, spinach and low-fat chipotle spread…and occasionally, some turkey bacon. Sometimes I will leave it as is and other times, I’ll toast it. It’s delicious both ways! I always pack green tea or water and will usually have some kind of snack like wheat thins, trail mix or fresh fruit.

  • Courtney Lathrop

    I love this! My favorite packed lunch is a small salad with grilled chicken, an apple, a side of peanut butter, a piece of cheese, and green tea!

  • Kenia Marcela

    I love it!! Love to pack tuna salad, crackers and a small side salad :) and some fruit.

  • Eleni Ma

    lovely giveaway! my favorite lunch to pack is a healthy toast with a tea or an orange juice that gives me energy throughout the day!

  • Linsey Bolte

    love it! my favorite is greek yogurt chicken with a small portion of sweet potato on the side! yummy and healthy!

  • Miranda Brahmstedt

    This lunch set is so pres! I would love to win it!

  • mac

    A peanut butter and bananna sandwich on whole wheat or multigrain is delish! Or if I have more time I love a quick homemade sushi roll with canned tuna, avocado and cucumber.

  • Shelby Rawlins

    I love a good turkey and provolone sandwhich on wheat bread, with an apple and pasta salad. Always a winner!

  • Emily Stewart

    My favorite brown bag lunch is a turkey sandwich, Nature Valley chocolate granola thin, some fruit, and baked chips!

  • Lauren McCracken

    My favorite brown bag lunch is a veggie pita with hummus, banana, and a diet coke!

  • Jennifer Evans

    I bring a brown bag lunch to work every day! I would have to say my absolute fave is a salad with some sort of protein (shrip or tuna, since I don’t eat red meat or poultry) and a greek yogurt with an apple! Sometimes, I even sneak a little peanut butter to dip the apple in!

  • Jasmine Pena

    My favorite lunch is a sandwich cut in half. One side PB&J, the other side a grilled turkey sandwich, with lettuce, tomato, cheese,and mustard. :) Also, I’d have applesauce as a snack, and a lemon iced tea.

  • Justine Hedge

    I take a lunch to work almost every day :) I love bringing left-overs, but my favorite is when my husband makes me an amazing sandwich. He always packs fruit as well as a little treat, like cookies <3

  • Drew Carman

    I have been taking Quiche! I make in on the weekends and freeze one and use the other to have during the week. TOTAL time saver!!!

  • Jamie Cooper

    Turkey, cheese, and spinach wrap on a whole wheat tortilla; add a greek yogurt and maybe some fresh fruit and I’m set for an afternoon of productivity!

  • ashley samuels

    My favorite brown bag lunch contains a turkey sandwich on wheat bread with nature valley bar, fruit of the season, and a water.

  • Samantha Maillet

    I was recently diagnosed with Celiac, so my favorite lunch to pack is an apple with peanut butter, almonds, a few m&ms and a water.

  • Paige Deathe

    Turkey, lettuce, and miracle whip on double fiber bread, cottage cheese, a peach, and water!

  • Crystal Shields

    I take my lunch every day! The most common is a Healthy Choice/Lean Cuisine type meal. With a water & some sort of fruit as a side. I occasionally will pack a salad I made from home or leftovers from the night before. Anything easy & healthy.

  • Katie Lawrence

    My favorite brown bag lunch is leftovers!! If dinner was just too good and we don’t have leftovers, I love building yummy salads with homemade salad dressings and greek yogurt with fresh fruit and honey. I have been brining my lunch to work every day for as long as I can remember :)

  • Melissa Alvarez

    Grilled chicken wrap with tomato, avocado, and spinach. Veggie chips and cherries as my side snack. Green tea with honey as my beverage!

  • Bethany Sebben

    Favorite Brown Bag Lunch: turkey on sour dough bread with lettuce, tomato, mayo, mustard, with a pickle and my mom’s broccoli cheddar soup! Sooooo carb filled but it is the absolute best!!!!!

  • Allison Oswalt

    My favorite brown bag lunch would be fresh fruit and granola in greek yogurt, and homemade salad on the side!Bringing my lunch daily to work saves me time and money.

  • Caroline Powell

    I’m a college student, so I usually try and make things as cheap as I can. I love bringing a peanut butter and elly sandwich (makes me feel like a kid again), yogurt with granola, cheese cubes, fruit snacks, and flavored water or tea. :) Something light and refreshing, but still filling at the same time. :)

  • Tina

    My favorite brown bag lunch to pack is a turkey sandwich loaded with avocado, cucumbers, baby spinach, red onion, and tomato on two slices of yummy whole grain bread. Pack some celery sticks, sea salt cracker chips, and green tea… Yummo!

    This lunch set is SO adorable! Ever since high school, I have felt so awkward carrying around a reusable lunch bag. I’m so glad you designed a practical, earth-friendly, and über cute reusable lunch bag! More healthy, more tasty, less money… sign me up! :)

  • Jane Kukackova

    I usually have pasta for lunch and a dessert. These are so adorable!

  • Lexi Moceri

    Fav Brown Bag Lunch: Watermelon, Salad, and some tea to drink! :) love you lauren you’re my idol!
    XO lexi

  • Lexi Moceri


  • Rebecca Cue

    A bottle of water, sliced fruit, and a tuna sandwhich on whole wheat bread! Sometimes I’ll grab a yogurt and some granola for a fast lunch if I’m running late in the morning.

  • Krystine Do

    My favorite brown bag lunch would be a basil chicken salad sandwich.

  • Lauren Rawls

    I usually bring a grilled chicken salad and fruit salad for dessert!

  • Nicole Brady

    My favorite thing is to check Pinterest for a good crock pot recipe, cook on Sunday, and take it in different ways in my brown bag for the week. I have been very strict on myself on packing my lunch so this would be great!

  • Ash! My favorite lunch would be fresh steamed asparagus with butter and brown sugar with lemon water to drink. It’s refreshing and filling!

  • JennyP

    Salad wtih chicken and fruit

  • Christina Amy

    i dont have a favourite lunch to bring. i usually just pack left overs from dinner. but i always try to pack some fruit and oatmeal. i eat oatmeal every morning for breakfast at work. and must have yogurt. but main dish always leftovers. :) drinks i usually drink water or tea. :)

  • Baby Bailey

    Peanut butter and jelly never gets old! I also love to pack an orange, kudos bar, and nothing goes better with a PB and J like chocolate milk! <3

  • Jennifer Ingimundson

    as a personal sales lady, I am always on the go! that’s why your BlueAvocado lunch kit line came out I was sooo excited! I can bring it with me & NOT be embrassed 😉

    I have to always carry my lunch with me, so I pack, fruit (kind depending on the season) a genroal bar, sandwich, wrap or a salad and then something for an afternoon snack :)

    and npw reading about your the Cafe Tote kit… that’s a must have for myself!!!

    tanks LC Team!!!

  • Amber Hammond

    My favorite brown bag lunch includes some all natural peanut butter on a rice cake or with apple slices. Paired with a spinach salad topped with cranberries and a fruit (usually sliced strawberries or clemetine slices.) And for those days when I have a late lunch… dry roasted edame or chia and fruit clusters.

  • Shannon Bowers

    When I think about brown bag lunches, I think about when my mom would pack my lunch in elementary school. She would pack a ham and cheese sandwich with lettuce, mayonnaise and tomato slices. In an other sandwich baggy I could always count on curvy Layz chips. I would have a Hostes cup cake or zebra cake. And an apple or an orange or any other kind of fruit. Sometimes, she would pack a pickle. My favorite thing was to take the sandwich and and put ALL of my chips on it and I would even sometimes put the cake in the sandwich. Brings me back to the day. =]

  • Aqsa Hu

    My favorite brown bag lunch is easily a salad with an iced tea drink and a granola bar on the side. I’ve been having variations of pretty much my whole life, from when my mom used to pack my lunch.

  • toluwani olualakija

    my favorite brown bag lunch to pack is a ham and cheese sandwich, no mayo and a caesar salad with either a lemonade or water on the side.

  • Rachel Harrill

    My favorite brown bag lunch is left over home made Cauliflower crust pizza, with a yummy side salad. It’s always better the next day :)

  • alexandra miehe

    Hi Lauren!

    My favourite lunch to pack is always a good salad! I always like to create new ones! I also always bring hummus with vegetables for my snack!! Water with lemon juice is my favourite thing to drink during the day!!


  • Stephanie Ball

    My favorite lunch is tuna salad on a roll (I just have to makre sure it stays cold!).

  • Madalina Ciuca

    My favorite brown bag lunch is definitely the classic PB&J sandwich! It satisfies all my craving, and is a wonderful source of protein! As for drinks, I love Vanilla soymilk. The combination of PB&J and vanilla soymilk is absolutely yummy!

  • Lauren Baxter

    As a busy mother of 3, I always make sure I bring a meal to the office so I can save money and do my part in saving the planet. I pack my favorite turkey wrap and yogurt covered raisins in reusuable tupperware everyday. No baggies to throw away!

  • Kirsten

    I rely on Trader Joe’s for affordable and healthy options that will last me all week (because I bring my lunch to work every day too). My standard lunch is a turkey sandwich with spinach, tomato, avocado and mustard on whole wheat bread with an apple. I will usually bring almonds and a banana to munch on before my workout at the end of the day too!

  • Katherine Brophy

    My favorite lunck to pack is a PB&J sandwhich, a healthy granola bar, an apple, veggie chips, and cold water. It keeps me full and focused while still not having to worry about bringing anything too complicated or hard to store.

  • Danielle Musselman

    My favorite lunch is to have a turkey sanwhich, some hummus with french bread, applesauce and vanilla wafers. I’ve been carrying the same lunch for years and I love it!

  • Alyssa Nielsen

    My favorite lunch to pack is the quinoa wrap that you posted on here a while ago! Easy to make on the weekend, refrigerate, and take to school!

  • Sarah

    My favorite lunch to pack is a super-chunky peanut butter sandwich on white bread, with a 100 calorie pack of something :)

  • Alicia Trelles

    My favorite brown bag lunch to pack would be a PB&J sandwich on whole wheat bread, some kind of organic juice, Kettle chips, fruit or veggies and something chocolate :)

  • Deborah Hudson

    My favorite brown bag lunch is by far cucumber, cream cheese and turkey wraps! I use whole wheat tortillas, 1/4 cup diced cucumber (maybe a little more) and 4tbsp. melted cream cheese mixed together and spread on the tortillas (I like to add a dash of garlic powder and pepper for extra flavor)! Then lay a piece of turkey (I prefer oven roastd) on the tortilla and roll it up. Now that’s a wrap! This quick and easy bag lunch is fresh, healthy and savory and is best washed down with ice cold lemon water to help with digestion, gives energy and a burst of vitamin C!

  • Emilie

    This is sooo cute :) I love really cute lunch boxes. I usually pack some popcorn and salad for food during work. If I am still feeling hungry a protein shake always does the trick

    xo Emilie @

  • Tassarah Weatherly

    My favorite brown bag lunch is 3 tofu summer rolls (rice paper, marinated tofu, shitake mushrooms, cucumber, carrots, cilantro, asparagus, and noodles) packed with a little side of spicy ginger soy dipping sauce. I also love to add more veggies by packing a a raw veggie platter of whatever is in season. If im feeling a little sinful, I’ll add in a one ghirardelli 70% coca chocolate square :)

  • Stefani Barro

    I love bringing in frozen grapes to snack on at my desk and grilled cheese is always easy to pack.

  • Jessica Yates

    I love to pack a whole wheat veggie sandwich (cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, avocado, and a slice of cheese) along with some almonds or a side of fruit and an iced tea with lemon or cucumber water :)

  • Rachel Knapton

    Adorable lunch set! I’d love to use it while working at the library! My favorite brown bag lunch is salad (dressing on the bottom so it doesn’t make the lettuce soggy), a Yoplait light yogurt (blackberry’s my favorite!) and some kind of crunchy 100-calorie pack. Add iced tea or a diet pepsi and I’m happy! :)


    I’m still in high school so I bring a brown bag everyday. My favorite is just a simple egg sandwich, lots of fruit, and string cheese;)

  • ashley thomas

    I love it! Always take a lunch to work or when I’m not at home during lunch. My favorite is Chobani plain greek yogurt with berries, veggies, and chicken!

  • Ashlen

    one of my favorite lunches to take to work is leftover spagetti :) yum!

  • Silvae Sanchez

    My favorite lunch is a sandwich with mustard on both breads, mushrooms with rosemary, a slice of tomato, a slice of fresh cheese (queso panela), some lettuce and greek vinagrette. I like to have dessert of natural youghurt with almonds and sugar or honey.


  • Joyce Y.

    my favorite lunch to pack is a quinoa salad or a veggie wrap!

  • Shirelle R

    Every morning, I pack myself an assortment of fruit and a healthy salad or sandwich!

  • Sarah Pole

    My favourite brown bag lunch is a tropical fruit salad (with all available fruits), a vegetable roll (with every coloured vegetable), a small container of almonds for snacking and an iced tea or fresh juice.

  • Kathryn Okada

    I love to have a classic pb+j with some broccoli and ranch!

  • Katie Carruthers

    Turkey and tomato sandwich, string cheese, carrot sticks and green tea!

  • Alexandria Jezina

    My favorite take-with-me lunch on the go is a peanutbutter sandwich with honey and bananas, baby carrots, and an apple. Simple but easy enough to make quickly or for my roommate when were both swamped. Plus its healthy and yummy! :)

  • Irene Hernandez

    Anything in a sandwich, yogurt, fruit and water or green tea. thats not only my favorite lunch but pretty much my everyday lunch

  • Jenny DiTullio

    My favorite brown lunch bag has to be a BLT combined with smoky pancetta, baby arugula, lemon mayo, fresh heirloom tomatoes and rotisserie chicken on a brioche bun. For a fiber-rich salad I use canned chickpeas, chopped scallions, and couscous with oil, vinegar, salt, and pepper. YUM!!! LOVE your XO(eco) Lunch Set! XOXO

  • taryn torsiello

    My favorite lunch to pack is a protein shake made from RAW organic meal and a greek yogurt. I LOVE Chobani’s Pomengranate and Blood Orange flavors… SOOOO YUMMY!!!! :)

  • Amanda Wellman

    my favorite lunch to pack is a pita pocket filled with veggie bacon, onion, and cheddar cheese! its the best!

  • Bryanna91

    My favorite brown bag lunch when I have a long day of classes is a sliced turkey and cheese sandwich, slightly toasted with some light mayo on whole wheat bread with raspberry pomegranate tea.

  • Anna McGuire

    My classic brown bag lunch is a turkey sandwich on whole grain bread with lettuce, olive oil, swiss, and a little salt and pepper. Also, some pita chips with hummus, green grapes, string cheese, a slice of pumpkin bread or another sweet treat, and sparkling lemon water. (:

  • Casey G.

    My favorite brown bag lunch is Greek yogurt (so filling, so creamy, so ah!), a sliced apple (packed with fiber) with a tablespoon of peanut butter, a protein bar and a handful of almonds to snack on when the mid day munchies strike!

  • Liela T

    My fave brown lunch is a shrimp stir-fry with peppers, broccoli, sweet potato and onions! :)

  • Odille Myers

    I love packing tuna wraps! they are loaded with vegies and instead of having bread or a tortilla i use a collard leaf or a any kind of lettuce I have on hand and instead of mayo just mustard! delicious and nutritious at the same time! xoxo

  • Anais Hernandez

    Im in school all week and right after I go to the gym so I like to cook my food in bulk before hand so its easier for me. Its usually my water jug, a lot of chicken breasts, carrots, a little whole grain pasta or brown rice if Im in the mood, a banana and Chobani greek yogurt for desert.

  • Nycole Lobe

    I love making my own lunchables! Whole grain crackers, sliced cheddar cheese, and some turkey lunch meat! <3

  • Anna

    When I go to school I love to eat a salad with tomatos, avocados, onions, and sweet italian dressing (mmm its so good)!!!! Love your website lauren it would mean the world to me if I got this lunch bag, its so cute.

  • Adriana T

    My favorite lunch to pack is: a chewy Clif bar, and a Vitamin water for my break (it really helps pick up my energy for my night classes), and a container of homemade portabella mushroom pasta for lunch. I make this with grilled portabella – chopped, tofu noodles, a little carmelized butter, whatever veggies I have on hand to toss in and feta cheese (optional) it’s sooo yummy and filling!

  • Megan Bailey

    I love to pack a wrap, yougurt, and a good book!

  • Kris44

    The only meal I tend to enjoy at home is breakfest! From then on I’m at work or in class until 9/10 p.m! On a typical day I am packing food for all day! This can be difficult because I am on the road a lot and have to use a lot of ice packs and have a pack big enough to fit everything. My typical day I have a green smoothie (banana, pinapple, OJ, ice, and spinach blended) or an apple, honey greek yogurt, 2 kashi dark chocolate oatmeal cookies, roasted pine nut hummus with red peppers, broccoli, and Kashi asiago and sea salt crackers! YUMMMMM! My new favorite lunch hour meal is whole wheat pita stuffed with roasted garlic hummus, spinach, red peppers and onion! My treat for the day is Pumpkin Spice coffee with french vanilla creamer! dinner is typically left overs if a microwave is available! otherwise I use up my snacks throughout the day to cover! Everything washed down with water and an occasional soda! Happy Packing :)

  • Kelly Mathison

    Turkey, cheese & ranch wrap. Sun Chips or Veggie Straws, pudding & my nook. Always need to read on my break!

  • Hayley Mayne

    I typically pack a spinach salad topped with turkey, slivered almonds, and roasted brussel sprouts, a babybell cheese, a pack of carrots, and a banana! La Croix sparkling water is my new favorite drink of choice!

  • Isabel Marcelo

    i love avocado and cheese sandwiches!

  • Bela Almeida

    I’ve been obsessed with hummus lately! I love to make a quesidilla, with veggie cheese since I’m lactose intorlent, and have that with hummus and olive oil. It’s always good to have some carrots for the hummus too.

  • made_roes

    Since I start school at 7:30 time is the last thing I have, so i like to do things that are easy, simple and healthy. So my favorite thing to pack is a pita sandwich with slice of mozarella then for the stuffing fine squars of avocado (with the olive oil and some mayonnaise the avocado doesnt turn brown), cucumber, corn, alfalfa, sweat pepper, olive oil, a teaspoon of low fat mayonnaise salt and pepper. Also a homemade granola bar and my bottle with cold water.

    Hope to win this because I love eco friendly and fashionable objects even though its hard for me to find or expensive were i live.

  • sabrina doi

    my favorite brown bag lunch would have to be cold grilled chicken with lemon, wheat thins, sweet iced tea, and for dessert, a fresh green pear! the only bad part is how wheat thins… = … carbs.. but i just cant help it! the wheat thins make up for my cold chicken not having a bun! love you lauren!! :-)

  • Lisa Adams

    Egg salad on cinnamon raisin toast with thin little baby raw carrots!!!

  • Dana Sinclair

    Since I’m in highschool I need something that’s quick to make and fast to eat. Heres my daily lunch (usually, I change it up here and there)

    Nutella or PB&J&HONEY on wheat bread sandwich

    Some type of fruit (apple, pear, etc.)

    small Bag of original pop chips

    water bottle

    1 cookie

    Cheese stick

  • Anna

    FreshDirect makes great microwaveable meals that are often under 400 calories :-) Otherwise, I’ll pick up a make-your-own salad and VitaminWater at the deli on the way to work…my favorite combo is mixed greens + walnuts + dried cranberries + bleu cheese + low-fat balsamic vinagrette…yum!

  • Shelby Subry

    I love to bring brown bag lunches to work. I love baba ghanoush, avacado, spinach, sprouts, cucumber, banana peppers, artichocke hearts, olives, mushrooms, and black beans in a pita with ancho chipolte sauce. Frozen fruit like blueberries or grapes with it. the best for dessert is peanut butter rice crispy treats! Always need a big bottle of water to finish it off! So delish!!

  • Tania Mayorga

    My favorite lunch is a strawberry and bananna peanut butter sandwich. You slice the strawberries and the bananna, add peanut butter to ur bread and just stack the fruit in between. Its soooo Deliciousss!!!!!

  • Ashlea Taylor

    I have a question about your XO Eco lunch sets. I saw your give away, obviously since I’m posting on it, but I am able to afford one and feel like a give away should go to someone less fortunate. I typically don’t pack a sack lunch although the 15 minutes I get would feel less rushed if I did. Thinking back I feel like most of the time I don’t want to pack one because I don’t want to carry a non “”stylish”” lunch box. When I saw your Instagram photo of your Eco set I knew it was what I had been looking for! So my question is do your totes (the shoulder bags) come with a cup like the lunch kits or do they sell separately?

    I truly hope you respond!

  • L_iza

    My favorite lunch to brown bag is pita chips with hummus dip and a mediterranean salad, Yum-e!!

  • Amelia Rose

    My favorite brown bag lunch is a sandwich, usually turkey breast or tuna. A cup of fresh fruit, apple slices or grapes! And of course a cheese wedge or string cheese.

    These lunch sets are too cute! :)

  • Aileen Foutch

    My favorite lunch to pack is leftovers! Apples, hummus, and greek yogurt are a pretty constant staple, too!

  • ElEhYouAreEh

    I want one of these so badly! If I don’t win, hopefully you’ll start selling them in Canada?

  • ElEhYouAreEh

    Haha, I was so excited for this I didn’t mention what my favourite lunch to pack was. Salad! It’s so easy to make it portable and you can do 101 different things with lettuce.

  • Amber Bullington

    When you’re in a hurry, nothing is better than the standard PB&J and baby carrot sticks!

  • Charnele Michel
  • Beverly Woodward

    My favorite lunch to pack conists of red grain rice (cooked in chicken broth) mixed with garbanzo beans, roasted eggplant and tomatoes, Maui onion chips, and to drink, a cucmber mint tea. YUM!

  • Muzza

    My favorite lunch to go is a small chicken cobb salad, cup of fruit salad that includes watermelon, grapes, mixed berries and bananas! For dessert activia yogurt with almonds or homemade almond butter with apples.



  • Sarah Lubitz

    My favorite lunch to pack is a grilled chicken, avacado, and tomato sandwich with a side of homemade gazpacho. It’s a light and healthy lunch that’s absolutely delicious. I would make a ginger and lemon tea to drink.

  • Taylor Crow

    I bring lunch to work almost everyday and my favorite thing to pack is turkey and swiss sandwich on wheat bread. With a blueberry greek yogurt and strawberries!

  • Miri R

    it’s soo cool, I would die to win this one :)

  • Nicole Barraza

    My standard packed lunch is a sandwich with some sort of veggie meat (tofurkey being one of my faves), some sort of fruit, and a pack of baby carrots. I am also a little boring and drink nothing but water. Hey, it’s good for you.

    I wish my lunch was a little more exciting (that might make a good blog, actually–different ideas of what to pack for lunch, and lots of options to stave off boredom. Especially when it seems lunch options are short due to lack of a fridge. Just a thought!)

  • Gemma Potts

    In the summertime theres nothing better than a chicken ceaser salad followed by a pot of chopped fruit with a yoghurt poured over it xxx

  • Caro

    My favorite lunch bag includes bluebarries, an apple, mini carrots and two pieces of dark bread with lots of cores with philidelphia and cucombers on it.

    xx caroline

  • Chiara Fonzo

    My favorite lunch to pack is a salad with everything I find at home, like chicken or tuna, tomatoes, carrots, mais and toasted bread.

  • laura harper

    I love a nice sandwich on crusty brown bread with chicken breast and salad.

    followed by some pistachio nuts and a nice healthy youghurt, and of course a sneaky little treat such as a little chocolate bar

    washed down with a nice refreshing glass of cranberry and blackcurrant juice.

  • Hannah

    My favorite packed lunch is a roasted turkey and sharp cheddar on whole wheat. I usually do a vanilla greek yogurt such as chobani or yoplait greek (both are fantastic!). Baby carrots are always a must. I’ve always loved them :) I do a serving of almonds to help with digestive health and either a gala apple or a navel orange to top it all off. Sometimes i’ll throw in a few dried cranberries for an afternoon snack.

  • Hannah

    I forgot to mention that i usually bring almond milk and a smart water to drink :)

  • kristi bishop

    I usually don’t have time to pack a lunch b/c I’m packing 3 other lunches for my kids…but if I did, I would pack a caesar salad, granny smith apple, almonds & a Chobani pineapple yogurt :)

  • Christy Collier

    I usually pack a healthy individual frozen meal, greek yogurt and drink. That holds me over just until dinner. It helps because everything is already portioned out for me, so it makes things simpler.

  • elica dushkova

    My favourite lunch bag includes a turkey wrap with salad, cherry tomatoes, cheese and ice latte in the summer, hot in the winter.

  • Carly DiBraccio

    My favorite lunch to bag is a salad with a side of some fruit. I just change the dressing every once in a while, as well as the toppings to not get bored with it. Then if I am still hungry I eat some fruit like an apple, banana, pineapple etc.

    This lunch set would be perfect for me as I just started a new job and need something to bring my lunch in besides a brown bag/plastic bag!

  • Kathy Downs

    Favourite lunch to bring: carrots, apples (with peanut butter), vanilla yogurt, almonds, and a bagel. I like a light lunch so that I don’t feel too full and lethargic at work. Also, its all snack-y food that I can eat throughout the day if I need to.

  • Delpha Dickson

    My favorite lunch to pack is a Turkey or peanut butter and jelly sandwich with some plain chips, some apples and a bottle of water. This lunch set would be perfect to take to work with me, since I am always on the go with interning and traveling it would definitely save me some time as well as money. It also helps that it is an adoreable way to eat lunch in style :)

  • Larissa Passos

    So cute those bags! Can

  • Jasmine Salters

    My favorite packed lunch is turkey meatballs sauteed with goats cheese, red and green bell peppers on top of multi grain pasta. Hold the tomatoes sauce but hit me with the olive oil. Fruit, depends on the season but my favorite is strawberries and mangoes with veggies chips. I don’t drink a lot of juice but when I do it’s usually something fruity like a Mango Arizona Tea. Or V8 fruit juice otherwise I drink water.

  • mPauker

    My favorite thing to pack for lunch is leftovers from the night before with a greek yogurt and string cheese :)

  • Alyssa Hiemstra

    Working shift work I often have to pack breakfast… I LOVE greek yogurt, strawberries, granola and a bit of honey! :)

  • Nici Audrianna

    My favorite/go-to lunch is a turkey sandwich on thin whole wheat, a fruit(s) and mixed veggies with hummus or a salad. It’s easy and healthy. I just graduated and could always use a new lunch bag for my internship and future job.

  • Mackenzie Garrett

    My favorite lunch is a turkey sandwich on wheat bread, yogurt, and a banana :-)

  • Lindsey Sullivan

    Fingers Crossed :)

  • Crystal Posner

    Hi Lauren, I love to pack my lunch too because I know I will eat healthier!! I love to bring ice tea or smart water with lemon, mixed nuts for a snack, and salad usually I like tomatoes, cucumber, and feta cheese with extra virgin olive oil and vinegar, and then a sandwich is ideal and for me :) Love your lunch box kit soooo much its is extra cute!!

  • Minna Avery

    Lauren! I have been packing all kinds of things lately – mainly stuff that I have made the night before. I have been eating tons of chicken, hummus, and veggies. I always carry some cheese and greek yogurt. Your lunch box is super cute – always loving your style!

  • Vania Bogdanova

    My favourite would be sandwich with turkey, tomato, lettuce, cucamber, fullgrain bread, butter and little bit of mayo. And a pear is my favourite fruit for the autumn.

  • Vanessa Saenzpardo

    A simple Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwhich always makes me happy :)

    With some sliced green apples! <3


  • Kryssy

    like all of us, i’m sure, i’m on the go from the crack of dawn ’til my head hits the pillow at nite. i love my oatmeal/blueberry/banana smoothie and packing a bunch of snacks like grapes and cheese, yogurt and granola, and an apple w/ some peanutbutter to keep me going all day. complete with a roast beef & cheese sandwich with avocado, lettuce and tomato on rye bread along with a salad (spinach or mixed greens,nuts,veggies and some oil/vinegar) for lunch and i’m a happy girl ;o)

  • linnea reyes


    I love veggie sandwiches with cheddar cheese, avocado, sprouts, spinich, cucumber and purple onion. Top it off with some baked chips and even some cottage cheese and I’m good to go! 😉

  • Sallie You

    My favorite is a turkey sammie with avocado mayo and veggies!

  • Gina Aschettino

    I am a huge brown-bagging advocate for the same reason, as I like to know exactly what it is I am consuming. This way I can ensure there’s no artificial crap I’m eating, but rather nutritious good-for-you items. I love fruit and salad combined, as it’s not only super healthy but also looks totally gourmet, like it should be on the cover of a magazine. My favorite is Organic spinach, no-fat feta, onion, sliced avocado, strawberries and blueberries with a light-sesame toasted ginger dressing.

  • Wendy Yarbro

    Oh Lauren! I lovvvve the lunch kit! My daughter is such a huge fan and will be heading to college soon. I hope I win this for her!!!

  • Wendy Yarbro

    I lovvvve!

  • Wendy Yarbro

    Ok…so i posted before and was all excited but…then i actually read what you wanted us to post. Favorite lunch to pack? I love making a turkey roll up or grapes with pretzels and peanut butter.

  • Melissa Cohen

    One of my favorite brown bag lunches has to be a spring mix salad with some low fat feta, craisins (spelling??) and a raspberry walnut vinegrette. So yummy!!

  • Jennifer Ickovics

    This will help me remember to PACK my lunch and not buy. Trying to save money after school and pay off loans is really hard and buying lunch every day deffinetly adds up!

  • Lindsey Bailey

    I work long hours at a department store and as a manager I don’t get to sit down and enjoy a full lunch. So I love to pack something I can eat on the go. Packing a simple trukey sandwich or a small salad is always easy as I can drop by and take a bite as I go. I always have a bag of pretzels or nuts I can snack on if I have time to sit at my desk. Quick and healthy is always the way to go for me.

  • Courtney

    Huge bowl of salad with chicken and feta!! adore x

  • Keithe Osburn

    I love wraps and fruit!

  • Jessica Mahar

    gonna have to stick with the classic pb&j <3

  • Christian-Marie Dominguez

    I don’t have time to shop for a cute, chic lunchpack since I’m a full time nursing student and I work at a rehab. My lunchpack is basically a plastic bag full of carrots, ritz crackers, craisins, vitamin water, and a turkey croissant sandwich. :) I would love to tote around that cute lunchbox at school and work!

  • Ava Duren

    I love Mozzarella, tomato, and basil sandwhiches. Also I love packing fresh fruit or veggies with ranch. I love this lunch box, so cute!

  • Megan Stewart

    my favorite lunch to pack is campbell’s sopu to go and some fruit :)

  • Erica Manning

    I love to clean unmessy food because of school and occasional short lunches due to tutoring sessions.

    A great sub is a must, with deli sliced ham and a classic white cheese like swiss, sliced pickles are always a wonderful treat. Fresh strawberries or any seasonal fruit taste wonderful, and because of school, I always bring individual packets of crystal light to make the vending machine water a little more flavorable.

    My typical lunch do ~

  • Martha Castillo

    My fav brown bag lunch is yummy pear chicken salad; spring mix salad green, diced pear, cooked cubed chicken, crumbled feta cheese, golden raisins or cranberries, chopped pecans and a yummy pear vinegratte dressing. Absolutely delicious! =)

  • Maria Paula Pastor

    My favorite brown bag lunch to pack is a simple sandwich with a little bit of mayo spread on the bread, turkey, lettuce, tomato, onions and cheese. Cold raspberry tea and a pack of gum on the side to combat that onion after taste/smell :)

  • Nicole huckins

    I love to pack leftovers in a thermos. The possibilities are endless!

  • Lindsay Cremona

    my fave brown bag lunch is a caprese salad with a side of raspberries. healthy and delicious!

  • Alyssa Aldridge

    The best sandwich ever is nutella, peanut butter, and banana slices on whitewheat bread. I eat it with a bag of grapes and a silk dark chocolate almond milk! :)

  • Tanisha Sandhu

    My favorite brown bag lunch is a simple turkey sandwich with fruit on the side! Simple yet delicious!

  • Nejat Murad

    Hey Lauren!

    Since im still in grade 12, i like to take things that are easy to eat. A chicken Wrap and water, Salad with my home made vinigarette. If there’s something like pasta for dinner i’ll usually take it for lunch the next day.


  • Amanda Senkbeil

    My favorite lunch to pack:

    Tuna Salad Sandwhich(canned tuna mixed with hummus on Oatmeal Oat bread)

    Purple Grapes

    Baby Carrots

    Honey Smoked BBQ Kettle Cooked Chips

    Raspberry Iced Tea

  • Libby Halverson


    I pack a lunch every day! I always take it in a brown bag…and recently I have been thinking an adorable lunch box would be perfect! I love to pack arugula salads with fresh tomatoes, gorgonzola cheese, sunflower seeds and red onion. Its the perfect summer lunch. :) And I always take a ziplock bag of almonds too, to tide me over until lunch.


  • dcprincess13

    OKay so I have been brining my lunch since like 5th grade so there are a lot of things I like, but I would have to say my favorite thing to bring is a salad. A big salad with different types of lettuce, some tomatoe, peppers, olives, and sometimes some pieces of chicken :)

  • Jessica Gonyea-Hansen

    I usually bring some homemade soup, toast, and a piece of chocolate.

  • Maria Pastorelli

    My favourite packed lunch back in middle school was a chicken ceaser salad (homemade by my mom) that I used to look forward to! I felt like such a grown up because I was probably the healthiest girl on my table! Plus, I had choir right after so I couldn’t eat something too heavy or else I’d get stomach ache!

  • Victoria Leclaire

    My Favorite is some good’ol pasta salad, an apple, my ViSalus shake, and a ViSalus protein Cookie for a snack if I get hungry during the day! YUM YUM! I Love Food!

  • Katie Hamilton

    My go-to brown bag lunch has always been turkey on whole wheat! I always add provolone cheese, arugula, and a dab of Dijon mustard, so delicious! On the side I love to have vanilla flavored greek yogurt with some granola thrown in to add a little crunch!

  • Kathleen

    My all time fave packed lunch has always been a good ‘ol PB&J sandwich! :) Lately however, I’ve been trying out new foods, so it’s been quinoa with diced up cucmbers and peppers with either salmon or baked chicken plus ants-on-a-log (celery with peanut butter and raisins). That alone has kept me full all afternoon.

  • rachel devine

    shrimp & mixed veggies, lots of water 😀

  • Jenna Mroczek

    Turkey and avacado sandwich and edamame! Yummm :)

  • Jessica Gonzalez

    I would definitely pack some fruit for a healthy snack along with my spinach salad completed with grilled chicken, crushed walnuts, feta cheese, craisins, and raspberry walnut balsamic dressing! So yummy and I would love to bring it around with me instead of carrying around bars all the time!

  • Pamela Darsaut

    Yay! I’m so excited for this giveaway! I love your chic eco-friendly lunch bags. Usually, I pack a mixed green salad with chicken, watermelon, and nuts. :)

  • Eliana Salas

    I usually bring a chicken caesar salad, for a healthy snack I pack some fruit or a cranberry-oat cereal bar , I like to Include more whole foods and less processed foods. There are some interesting ideas for lunches at , and The Brown Bag Lunch Cookbook by Miriam Jacobs is rated as a great cookbook for such a thing=)

  • Natasha Garcia

    I love the classic PB&J along with a juicy apple or pear, string cheese, pretzels and lots of water!

  • Lauren Kimberley

    Hey Lauren, I would pack home made rice paper rolls, with sweet and sour dipping sauce, some fruit, a handful of nuts, plenty of water and a chai latte sachet!

  • Marbee

    I love PB&J on whole grain bread, with carrot sticks, string cheese, and grapes. Darling lunch kit – perfect for taking with me to school everyday!

  • amanda nethery

    I like Smucker’s Natural Chunky Peanut Butter with Smucker’s Simply Fruit Blackberry Jelly on a Sandwich Thin! I might also pack a nectarine, or some mango and some sort of chips and a Diet Coke!!

  • Corinne Abi-Tayeh

    my favourite pack-away lunch would be a salmon salad with whole grain bread

    with a season fruit or some chocolate once a week alongside with a peached iced tea or diet coke

    so yumm!

  • lizzie_tizzy

    In my packed lunch I usually have salad with chicken or a fruit salad…tasty!!

    Love this lunch set! :)

  • AA V

    oo my GOSH ! I’m a french fan girl so, firt, sorry for my english pleease. I hope that I will win this lunch set because I love it and I need it :)

    Goodbye and have a good day !! Aur

  • Tyra Taylor

    My favorite is the classic pb and j with an apple. Filling and yummy!

  • C

    Probiotic multi-grain flour tortilla with white turkey breast- hummus -avacado -alfalfa sprout -shredded romain. Side of cucumber salad. handful of Gogi berries and walnuts.

  • Meghan Hohman

    My favorie lunch includes turkey, cheese, and spinach rolled together and a little bag of all natural kettle corn popcorn.

  • Jennifer Ramos

    I like chicken salad with crackers and some rasberry iced tea

  • Teresa Anders

    My favorite lunch is leftovers from dinner the night before, especially lasagna! It is always better the next day! Yumm! Also, cannot forget fruit or cheese and crakers for a mid day snack!

  • Jill Nachel

    If I’m really in a hurry, a quick PB&J on whole wheat bread, a juicy green apple, a fat free chocolatte pudding, and a diet lipton ice tea always does the trick!

  • Amanda Maguire

    My favorite brown bagged lunch is definitely chicken salad with peanut butter and apples as a snack. Plus a full bottle of water!

    xo amanda

  • LinziK

    My favorite is a garbage salad- some lettuce or baby spinach and anything and everything I have in the fridge that needs to be eaten- cheese, turkey, nuts, chickpeas, berries, etc! Along with sparkling water and a granola bar.

  • Rebecca Porter

    My favorite brown bagged lunch is a turkey sandwich on a baguette with a side of pickles and kettle chips, and some fruit salad for dessert.

  • Rosa Flores

    My favorite brown bag lunch is a greek yogurt a light luch so i don’t feel to fun or sleepy when i am doing school. also a nice chicken ceasar salad amd i greem tea it is good and that is what i usuall eat. also i drink my sald with saratoga spring water yummy 😉

  • Robyn St.Clair

    My favorite lunch is spinach salad with smoked salmon, nuts, and berries. Also, coconut water and rice cakes. Yummy!!

  • Aimie

    Hi Lauren, thank you for this opportunity! One of my favourites to have is a ham salad with a light french dressing. Then rice cakes with a light spread with grapes, finally an apple (or any piece of fruit) with a bottle of water :).

  • KJ

    I’m a vegetarian and sick of salad, lately I love a a sandwhich round with hummus and sundried tomatos. Some baby carrots on the side and ANYTHING chocolate. And that’s my perfect lunch!

  • dee

    my fav is an apple, a bottle of water, a turkey sandwich with light mayo, and of course low fat pudding.

  • Michelle Bell

    Sometimes my “”brown bag”” lunches are a bit more than a sandwich and chips. I like to get up just 15 minutes earlier to make something substantial like…pan fried tilapia with avocado and tomato. I usually bring a lime wedge to squeeze over the top for a bit of citrus flavor. If I had leftovers from the previous night (which I usually do) I pair the fish with some steamed brown rice and black beans! :-)

  • Taylor Bonar

    Love me a good turkey, pickle and mustard sandwich on rye bread with veggie chips, and some sort of sliced up fruit!

  • stephmom

    My favorite brown bag lunch to pack is a good ole’ PB&J with cheese puffs…. Can’t go wrong with the favorites. =)

  • Kay Marie Goddard

    Apples and peanut butter all the way (:

  • Marissa McNeil

    My favorite brown bag lunch includes : Turkey sandwich with mayo and mustard on wheat, a serving of wheat thins(reduced fat), a stick of weight watchers string cheese(mozzerella), and an apple(fuji or gala). For a drink I usually just go with bottled water! :)

  • Carla Nunez

    Our favorite lunch to pack are turkey sandwiches, hummus, baby carrots, iced green tea, and some blueberries.

  • Erin Jones

    My favorite brown bag lunch includes a turkey sandwich on wheat bread, apples slices or grapes, a Yoplait yogurt, and a bottle of water with a Crystal Light On The Go Raspberry Green Tea packet!

  • amy rouse

    If you haven’t already, become a registered member of my website. member! dropastitch at yahoo.comComment. Leave one comment below telling me about your favorite brown bag lunch to pack. My fav to pack? My grandson’s lunch!!! He gets hummus, red pepper strips, a black bean burger, and a note from me!

  • Anne

    Greek salad with grilled chicken and pita, yum!

  • Britt Keeton

    I love a ham and turkey swiss sandwich on wheat bread with mayo,green peppers, and avocados :) with sunchips

  • Gaby Garcia

    My favorite brown bag is a natural yougurt and a fruit salad!

  • Veronica Bracamontes

    Turkey and cheese tortilla wrap, baby carrots, veggie chips green tea :)

  • Whitney Starksen

    Such a cute little set! My favorite brown bag lunch is a ‘taco’ salad…black beans, corn, fire roasted green chilies, grilled onions and some cottage cheese all on some greens :)

  • Kara Beasley

    ham & cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread w/ grapes or apples on the side, string cheese & a bottle of water

  • SydneyBee

    A turkey sandwich, a yogurt, bottled water, and maybe something sweet for dessert!

    Thank you!

  • Charnele Michel
  • ARJ

    Classic PB&J w/ veggie straws, apple slices, and a piece of Dove dark choclate :)

  • jessica mcsherry

    ham, cheese, and apple sandwich! Love it.

  • Sierra Zentz

    My favorite brown bag packed lunch would be a wrap filled with sliced ham, avocado, cucumber, and cream cheese. Also celery with super crunchy peanut butter, dried raisins, AND homemade lemonade!

  • Heather Jean Taylor

    My favorite brown bag lunch would be a turkey and provolone sandwich on wheat bread with mayo and avocado, mmmmmm :)

  • amy_m2365


  • Kristen Szeto

    my favorite brown bag lunch would be fruit, half a sandwhich, and strawberry yogurt with granola:)

  • mary montero

    My favorite brown bag lunch would be: chicken wrap, ice tea, bottle of water,and for dessert chopped fruits with honey and granola 😀

  • Esther Martinez

    Fruit! I love fruit. And a sandwich with loads of avocado!

  • Olivia DeFilippo

    My favorite brown bag lunch would be a peanut butter and jelly on wheat bread with almonds, fruit and greek yogurt with granola.

  • marilynn

    Hi Lauren!! i love your eco-kit!! Definitly saving money to buy it soon! Im a student in Public Relation its my last year!, I want to be in the fashion industry, since ive seen you on laguna beach and the hills when your worked for kelly cutrone, i loved it. I always love your ideas and creations. I always watch your crafty creations on youtube. Your a great insparation for me! I always bring my little lunch in my school bag! My favorite lunch to pack is raspberry yogourt (activia), always have the pomgrenate juice. Vegetables, fruit ( Strawbrerries, blue berries)! I love to make smooties in the morning too! So good!

    Marilyne ! :)

  • Sandra Nicole

    my favorite brown bag lunch is a chicken ceasar salad, pomegranate iced tea, & chocolate covered strawberries for desert. yummm (:

  • Sandra Hurtado

    A really yummy sandwich/Salad, fruits, ice tea! and a dessert.. maybe chocolate or candy…?

  • Ange Z

    My favorite brown bag lunch would be a turkey and lettuce sandwhich with grapes and pretzels. Also a bottle of fiji water! haha that’s my favorite! :)

    Thanks for the giveaway, the lunch box is soo cute! 😀

  • Anna Martin

    Hi Lauren! Thank you for this giveaway. I think your line of eco-friendly products is absolutely adorable! To be friendly on both my wallet and my waistline, my favorite brown bag lunch is caprese chicken (chicken marinated in sundried tomato dressing and baked, topped with diced tomatos, basil, and mozzarella), a mixed greens salad, and a Light N Fit yogurt. Yummm. Thank you again Lauren! :)

  • healthnut

    oh my goodness where do I begin to think of my favorite brown bag lunch! I would have to say my favorite brown bag lunch to pack is my favorite raw kale salad (olive oil, garlic, shredded carrot, silvered almonds) with a side of garden feta orzo salad! Its spectacular and this lunch set would be awesome! Thanks for reading Lauren!


  • annychang

    I love the sandwich my make with smoked salmon and bread. It’s delicious. :)

  • MissPassion07

    I put my favorite salad which is made of cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, capers, basil and olive oil. I also put some nuts for a snack. To drink I carry water. xo

  • Jaclyn Last name

    Favorite brown bag lunch to pack is from your 7 Days to Skinny Jeans post back in January 2012:

    A Whole-grain pita filled with chicken, arugula, sliced tomato a teaspoon of crumbled feta and a drizzle of olive oil; serve with a side of grapes

    & for a snack mid-workday: raw veggies with hummus! YUM!

  • Caroline W. Jimenez

    Hey :) What I put in my brown bag is a tuna salad sandwich on wheat bread with a peach greek yogurt and some seltzer water :)

  • Melissa Chavez

    I like packing a sandwich with lettuce, spinach, turkey and sliced avocado. It is so yummy! And I like to bring along an apple and wheat thins.

  • Sarah Chase

    What a great idea! It is so cute.

    I usually pack a sandwich, snack, and a G2.

    My favorite sandwich is turkey and swiss, with light mayo and pickles, on rye

    <3 SC

  • Maria-Daniela Duran

    My favorite brown bag lunch is a toasted sandwich with hummus, avocado, and cheese! 😀

  • hippo hippo

    My favorite brown bag lunch is a rice toast with salmon and avocado with a little bit of lemon (: and some watermelon on the side<3

  • elisabeth

    My favorite thing to pack is fruit! It is a must have; it makes my day so much better if I have a healthy snack to enjoy at lunch time. :)

  • Sasha Green

    I always pack half a turkey sandwich, some veggies with hummus and a huge bottle of water for my lunch!

  • Charmaine Dela Gente

    I love to pack rice, baked chicken, and steamed vegetables!

  • rhymeswithsiona

    my favorite brown bag lunch is a quinoa salad with cranberries, nuts, and mixed green lettuce. i also like to have sun chips, hello panda, and baby carrots! :)

  • Paige Ippolito

    my favorie brown bag lunch would have to be a bunch of salad ingredients that I could throw together in the office so it tastes as fresh as possible. I usually bring a container of baby spinach salad and then 2 hard boiled eggs (still in the shell) and some dried cranberries, anise (or fennel), half a cucumber and some almonds. Sit at my desk during lunch and throw it all together so it feels like I’m in my own kitchen after a fresh prepared meal.

  • Mayra Cardoso

    My favorite brown bag lunch is a hot salad with corn, carrots, green beans and zucchini. Some fruits and nuts on the side! 😀

  • Amenah Hussein

    An Apple, for fibers.

    A Turkey & Cheese sandwich, for proteins.

    A bottle of water to prevent dehydration.

  • Sloane K.

    My favorite brown bag lunch to pack is…

    a chicken pesto panini (homemade), Organic Avenue juice, peahces, and carrots, and a Luna Bar.


  • Paige Olsson

    i pack a turkey sandwich, a special k mocha bar, and some veggies and a bottle of water :)

  • djelliott

    I love to pack baked chicken, lettuce, tomato and avocado whole wheat wraps with a fresh fruit salad and bottled water.

  • Daniela

    I love tuna, tomatoes and a lot of lemon on top of it. I can add a cup a white rice (really warm) and Its delicious! :)

  • Sarah Hawley

    My favorite brown bag lunch would have to be Laurens Chicken, mint, baisil, and mango wraps. They are amazing and filling! I also love to take a few berries, yougurt, and some veggie for the side!!

  • Nicole

    I love to pack a faux “”taco”” salad with lettuce, black beans, chicken, avocado and salsa instead of salad dressing. I also bring some coconut water, yogurt and fruit to munch on throughout the day to keep my metabolism pumping.

  • morgan matthews

    My favorite brown bag lunch would be chicken, ziti and broccoi. A piece of fruit like a bannana or an orange some pretzels just in case i need a snack and a bottle of water !

  • Rebecca Hernandez

    Because I’m always on the go I make sure to pack a brown bag lunch daily. For those long eight hour days at school I usually pack a butter lettuce salad mixed with tomatoes, pine nuts, goat cheese, and balsamic vinegrette. I make sure to include a Smucker’s uncrustable for dessert, and a bottle of soy milk. Having this precious lunch set would help keep my lunch cool throughout my busy days at school!

  • Rachael Austin

    Roteissarre chicken sandwich on wholewheat bread and lettuce a little bit of mayo and dejon mustard, apple, pretzels, and carrots and water. Well that is what I am having for lunch tomorrow and I love it.

  • Lindsey Barker

    My fav BYOL is very simple – a good homemade sandwhich, fruit, granola bar and some Laughing Cow cheese and Wheat Thins for a quick snack!

  • Megan

    Fresh from my garden:

    green bell pepper (1/4)pepper

    Zucchini including skin (1/2 cup)

    heirloom tomato (1/4 tomato, not too much sugar)

    yelow/green beans chopped (1/2 cup)

    From trader joes:

    baby spinach (2cups)

    hard boiled egg white only

    cucumber (1/2 cup)

    snow peas (1/2 cup)

    fresh ground pepper

    canned corn (1/4 cup)

    and not a fan of salad dressing so minimal crumbly blue cheese

    Sound really filling? its under 200cals 😉 perfect for mid day… oh! & non-fat part skim mozzstring cheese for mid after noon snack to hold over til dinner.

  • christelle ward

    I now usually pack an apple (essential for me!!), a healthy salad with homemade dressing (usually vinegar and olive oil) and I sometimes have somesort of protein, (eggs, protein, cheese) that I can heat up. And of course a small cute bottle of water that I usually end up refilling on campus.

    I even from time to time pack some baby carrots for snacks or even sometimes a chocolate bar (Don’t judge!;)

  • Amira Khalil

    My favorite brown bag lunch are turkey sandwiches with slices of tomatoes, avocado, spinach, and american cheese with a side of grapes, carrots, and fage greek yogurt! Great way to save money, time and gas during my work, internship and work. Wow, that’s a long list. Love your lunch box! Hope I win! It would be a fantastic birthday gift!

  • Jessica Kidder

    I love a pita pocket filled with hummus & falafel balls, and a conainer of cheese cubes & fruit (like apple slices, grapes, strawberries & blueberries) and some whole-wheat crackers and a bottle or two of water! The pita pocket pretty much fills me up, but the cheese & fruit lasts throughout the day so I can snack on it if I get the munchies (:

  • Sonia Quezada

    The quickest lunch I pack is a turkey sandwich with wheat bread and Munster cheese, mandarin oranges or a banana, my water bottle crystal light and Nutella to go with the little breadstick. That will suffice till dinner.

  • Margarita Escutia

    I’m a college student so I’m always on the go and need something filling and fast. I usually pakc a whole wheat turkey sandwich, with a bit of sour creme and tiny bit of mustard. It usually has some lettuce, avocado, and tomatoes. I tend to pack a little zip lock bag of fruit, something like grapes, strawberries, cherries, etc. I also take a little bag of mixed nuts. Sometimes I’ll have a little bag of chips or cookies. And I always carry water with me. :)

  • Chocopie

    definitelyyyy peanut butter & jelly sandwich! or leftover chinese food. & ALWAYS include dessert like cookies or brownies :)

  • Erina Kim

    i like to pack a bento…usually rice with a bunch of side dishes, like fried egg, sausages, fishcakes, and terriyaki chicken~

  • Kamri Giff

    Favorite thing to back is defiantly a southwest chicken wrap with a fruit salad on the side. Soo yummy. :)

  • Rikki Tyler

    My lunch is pretty basic. Roast beef and havarti on 9grain bread, ziplock baggie of baby carrots, ziplock of either mixed nuts or almonds and my pink and green paisley water cup that goes everywhere with me!!

  • JennaLynn

    I have lots of food allergies so brown bag lunches is what I do daily! I love cooking up some rice pasta the night before with a zuccini sauce and chicken on top it tastes great warm or cold!


    I am so glad this internet thing works and your article really helped me.

  • cowgirljules

    how cool! thanks team LC! :)
    I think my fave lunch kit is something i’ve cooked myself that’s healthy, and bringing healthy snacks…no guilt at work and good for my health. At the current time, I made turkey so really, just a few pieces of that juicy turkey with a few veggies, some blueberries and a kiwi as a dessert…yum!


  • Lily

    This so great! Who doesn’t need a lunch bag to bring healthy meals. Love the style!

  • Aidee

    I love this. I think this is a great present for anybody. I need a lunch bag so bad I keep using the reusable mini bags from WF. LOL. Anyways, I always pack my lunch, I dont have the money to not do it. I usually cook something the night before or I cook it all on sunday night. My staples are trisquits and a fresh carrot or apple juice.

  • LC

    This idea is great, especially for me going back to school. I love the ECO friendly make as well, always a better choice.

    My favorite brown bag lunch to pack since I am celiac is a spinach or kale salad with strawberries, feta, roasted almonds/pecans and sometimes chicken. Always have a side of red pepper hummus and fresh veggies to snack on during the day. Hummus is my favorite thing to snack on and you
    can by them in individual containers to make it easier to travel.

  • Heidi Freeland

    My favorite lunch to pack usually includes a salad that I’ve put all kinds of yummy things in to (chicken, peas, carrots, broccoli, green beans, oranges, strawberries, etc.), with a homemade vinaigrette! I also love the simple days when I go classic with a pb&j!

  • Jordyn Fender

    My favorite brown bag lunch would have to be Organic fruit and a peanut butter and honey sandwich! :)

  • nerdycraftygal

    I always have a hard time deciding between chicken/beef wraps and my classic pb&j!

  • Timoney Raveau-Violette

    My favorite brown bag lunch… So hard to choose just one! I must say my favorite would be a chicken and brown rice bowl with guacamole, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, and some mexican cheese. Super easy to put together in the morning if you have leftovers from the night before. And for something sweet on the side I add some sliced mangos!

  • Jen marsh

    Peanut butter sandwich on vegetable bread, an apple, almonds, and a chocolate milk.

  • Carrie Perham

    Hey laureenn! My fav lunch would include many things. The first would be a sandwhich with ham, chipotle cheese, salami, mayo, lettuce, and tomato. Then some strawberries as a fruit, oreos as a treat, and finally ice cold cai tea as a drink! mmmmmm that would be perfect!


    hey lauren!!
    My favorite brown bag lunch would have to be a simple sandwich, ham & cheese or even turkey & cheese, with some veggies & fruits. Also depending on the season yogurt & berries :)



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