Denim Guide: How to Find the Right Fit for Your Figure

We’ve all been on that treasure hunt for that perfect pair of jeans at one point in our lives. It’s a process that takes effort, diligence, and endurance. In extreme cases, this unavoidable style search could last for endless hours, create caffeine overconsumption, and leave even the most expert shoppers feeling defeated at the end of the day. Classic blue jeans will always remain a yearlong style staple, so it’s important to find ones that do your body some good. Since the task of finding this “perfect fit” might seem daunting, I’ve gone ahead and done some of the legwork for you…literally! Everyone deserves to find their own true love in a pair of jeans, so take a peek at my denim guide below and allow me to simplify your search…

If you’re pear shaped… A pear shaped body type tends to carry weight in the hips, rear, and legs–the lower half. A mid-rise, balanced style will flatter your shape because it will elongate your legs. Ideally, you should search for pair of moderate skinnies like these Mid-Rise Slim Boot Leg jeans by J Brand. This streamlined fit creates a sleek look that will flatter your curvy zone. Be sure to stay away from super high-waisted jeans at all costs–they will shorten your legs and create a disproportioning effect.

Denim Guide: How to Find the Right Fit for Your Figure

If you’re apple shaped… Apple-shaped ladies need their denim to provide a little more “give” in the waistline, because they tend to carry their weight around the middle. Choose a fit that has a straight leg so that it shows off your assets, but without making you look middle-heavy. The Stilt Cigarette Jeans by AG Adriano Goldschmied is a great choice for this figure. Steer clear of a super skinny, tight fit and avoid high-waisted trousers–which will draw negative attention to your middle area.

Denim Guide: How to Find the Right Fit for Your Figure
If you’re curvy… Girls with curvy body types must be very careful to select a style that will create a slimming effect in all the right places. Show off your curves by picking a pair that hugs your assets and flatters not-so-favorite features. A lot of denim brands have fits that are marked “curvy,” which just means that the jeans are constructed specifically for curvier figures (plus they usually have some stretch to them, which is never a bad thing). Levi’s has a great line of jeans called the “Curve ID” collection that basically lets you choose your jeans depending on how curvy you are. I suggest trying the Low Rise Bold Curve Skinny Jeans. If you’re a curvy girl with a small waist you can rock the high-waisted trouser look because the cut will accentuate and flatter your tiny middle area. Lately, be sure to go for dark wash denim versus light to create a slimming effect.

Denim Guide: How to Find the Right Fit for Your Figure
If you’re busty… A wide leg fit will help balance out your bust so you don’t appear top-heavy. Choosing a lighter color wash will also draw the eye downward and away from your chest. Go for low-rise, boot-cut or wide leg trousers like Hudson’s Gwen cut to achieve this balancing effect. (And opt for a top that has a pretty neckline or cinches at the waist in order to play up your best features.)

Denim Guide: How to Find the Right Fit for Your Figure
If you have a petite build… Petite girls can go for almost any cut, but it’s a good idea to try a pair of jeans that lengthens your legs. A long, super skinny cut will show off your tiny figure and curves, while a pair of high-waisted trousers will create the illusion of height and length (I suggest wearing a pair of heeled wedges to make your legs look even longer). I love the Avedon Slick Skinny jeans by Citizens of Humanity for a petite build because they flatter your shape and they appear give your legs a couple extra inches. Low-rise jeans will also showcase your petite build. Just be sure to avoid anything that is too baggy–you will look like you’re drowning in denim! SOS!

Denim Guide: How to Find the Right Fit for Your Figure
If you have an hourglass figure… If you have the curvy but balanced body type we call “hourglass.” This figure can wear almost any cut. but it’s important to show off your curves the right way, and skinnies will highlight your curves. A pair of wide-legged trouser jeans will work wonders for enhancing your waist, so try a pair like my LC Lauren Conrad Slim Bootcut Jeans. Also, make sure that you pick a pair that isn’t too low rise, or you might be exposing a little too much of your curves every time you sit down…if you know what I mean. If you’re dying to try a skinny leg style, choose one that has a contoured waist and is made from a stretchy material so that it will give a little in the hips and rear.

Denim Guide: How to Find the Right Fit for Your Figure
If you’re tall… If you’re lanky and lean, go ahead and show off those gorgeous gams. A low-rise pair will help give your shape proportion, and a high-rise style will make your legs look like they go on for days (which is never, ever a bad thing). You can rock a trouser style, a balanced boot cut, flared jeans (like this mid-rise cigarette style by J Brand), or an ultra skinny fit–just make sure that whatever style you choose emphasizes your best feature.

Denim Guide: How to Find the Right Fit for Your Figure
If you have an athletic shape… For girls who have toned, athletic bodies, your best bet is to create curves while evening out your shape at the same time. I would suggest bootcut or flared jeans that are fitted around the thighs and bum, but a little more relaxed around the calves and ankles. A pair like Lucky Brand’s Charlie Flare jeans will balance a boyish silhouette while offering the illusion of a curvier figure.

Denim Guide: How to Find the Right Fit for Your Figure
Trends in fashion come and go, and some denim styles are fun to experiment with (70s bell bottoms anyone?). But a pair of jeans that truly flatters your figure and hugs your body perfectly will always stay in style. At the end of the day, try on a lot of different styles and see what you feel the most comfortable in. Personally, I adore dark denim skinny jeans. It took me a little while to figure out that this color and cut is my go-to. Now that I know what works for me, I can confidently shop for denim without hesitation.

Tell me about your favorite pair of jeans in the comments below. Also, if you have a fashion question, let me know about that too!

XO Lauren

P.S. If you liked this denim guide, be sure to check out Anna’s post on how to find the perfect skirt for your body type.

Sources: Examiner, Real Simple

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  • Maria Ezquivera

    I loved it! Thanks for the post :-)

  • Sarah Heckle

    I JUST bought new jeans at Madewell…their rail thin cut, and I love them. They have the perfect amount of stretch. It’s hard to find that perfect pair!

    Sarah – DIY Wildfox Couture Heart Jumper!

  • Melissa Panici

    Thanks so much for this post Lauren! I needed it! I have a really hard time finding a pair of jeans that fit just right! My mom gave me a pair that fit my figure perfectly! She has great taste in clothes and is always in style so I was so happy she gave me a pair. They have got to be my favotorite pair now! Thanks!

  • Delecia Segree

    Thanks so much for the great insight.

  • Rachael Yanta

    This is such a great post! I tend to carry my weight around my midsection so it’s great to know which jeans will likely flatter my body. SO helpful, as always!

  • Amy Breckenridge

    thanks for the tips! i know that wearing jeans with a bit of a flare would flatter my body but i feel most comfortable in skinny jeans! i should step out of the my comfort zone a bit and try some out this fall with boots :)


  • Deanne Castro

    Great tips!

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  • Elle Pearson

    Such a helpful post! I think I’m wearing the right pair according to your tips! Thanks Lauren x

  • Petra Zeller

    Thank you very much for this amazing tips. Great post.
    xo, Petra <-- new Outfit Post today on the blog 😉

  • erika heming

    I must have ton of jeans just hanging in my closet because they dont fit me right, so thanks for this guide! Sadly I am curvy and busty! so its hard to find a perfect pair! But I do have to agree wide legged jeans are my fave and do help in the bust area!

  • tmd636

    I wish the models more accurately represented the body types you mention.

  • Melissa

    You mention tall bodies, but the link you provided doesn’t show a jean with an extended inseam… I’m 6 feet and have a hard time finding flattering jeans with a 35″” or longer inseam. Any brands that you can recommend that have these longer inseams? I know you have jeans with 36″” inseams, but there are only 2 styles.

  • Rachel Trampel

    Great advice! Finding jeans can be so difficult since each brand seems to fit differently. I have had great luck with Levis jeans though!

  • Cesie Alvarez

    What is the difference between pear shaped, curvy, and hourglass? They all seem to have the same descriptions. Especially pear shaped and hourglass. Can anyone tell the difference?

    I have a larger than average bottom but everything else is pretty small. Hourglass? (< --- your guide to Business Casual)

  • Lindsey Gerstlauer

    Thank you for the suggestions, Lauren! I’m sure this will help :-) I find that American Eagle jeans seem to be my go to brand for jeans. However, it would be nice to switch up brands once in a while, too!

  • Jennifer Yerka

    I have a question…what if someone like me fits into a few different catagories such as the pear shaped and apple shaped plus I am tall. Let me explain a little bit, I wear my weight in my tummy area as well as my hips, thighs and legs but I am all legs(tall). I do have a hard time finding jeans that fit me in the right areas and when I do find jeans that fit me they do not fit properly as they show some not so proper sights on me. Can you help me with this at all?

    Thank you! 😀

  • Ambi s

    Brilliant, as always :-)

    Please check out my blog, Lauren has already featured several times:

    Bombay Rose: A Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

    Thank you :-)

  • Dina Karivalis

    I love a good denim guide! Jeans can be your outfits best friend or worst emnemy!

    xo Dina

  • Cassidy Short

    This is great, I love skinnies – fav style of jeans ever!



  • Liesl

    Skinny jeans will always be my favorite type of jeans. Love the one featured here as well.

    I’m curious, what have you all been loving this past month? Please share! Here are my


    Liesl xxx

  • Allison Burns

    @Cesie — you sound like you are describing pear shape. Hourglass are busty on top, with a balanced curvy bottom, and have tiny waists. Pear are shaped like the fruit (think curvy bottom, thinner on top).

  • Emily k.

    Nice! This is really helpful… I’ll have to refer to this when helping clients with jeans fits!



  • Shelby Subry

    i love the guide. i wish there was a variety of choice instead of one brand/style becuase some of those jeans are really pricey. :/

  • debora f

    thank you for this tips

  • Rosie Waldherr

    Great tips!!! Jeans are such an important piece of almost anyone’s wardrobe!!! =D


  • Kelby Peachey

    The book that saved my wardrobe life: In The Science of Sexy, Bayou helps readers identify their silhouette shape (triangle, inverted triangle, rectangle, or hourglass) and combines that information with a height/weight chart to determine which of forty-eight “”fitting rooms”” to go to in the book.

    SERIOUSLY, WITH 48 choices, you’ll definitely figure out what fits your body, and what body type you seriously ARE.


  • HistoryBeauty


    Check out my beauty channel and blog!

  • Tina Saksida

    i have pear shaped and i’m not very tall –> the high heels are just great for me :)


  • Amy

    I did my own denim guide just for the petite size because yours was so good.

  • Carol S

    Can’t go wrong with 7 For All Mankind!! They are the best!!!


    Great advice, a good pair of jeans is hard to come by!

    For more fashion, interior design, and yummy recipes that are all budget friendly, visit my blog, Lots of French decor, affordable designer inspired clothing, and easy but yummy recipes! Plus I promise lots of pictures of my chubby English Bulldogs 😉

    Have an enchanting day,


  • Sarah Chase

    thanks for sharing!


  • Haleigh Conard

    I have Lucky Jeans, 7 For All Mankind jeans, and IT! Jeans…. but Ariat jeans are my favorite… the Ruby fit and the Onyx fit are my favorites…. they are really great on all figures!


  • Lacie Blake

    AWESOME!! Thanks for the guide LC, I’ve been trying to decide on buying some of your jeans. Now I know which ones to by AND I have a good excuse :)

  • Audrey Mcmullen

    I love the look of jeans but find it sooooo hard to find a pair that fits right, I have one pair and I cherish it haha but if it ever dies I will be crushed! I have a tiny waist and athletic legs all in a pear-like hourglass figure, haha what should I go for :-/? Thanks for the help, in advance 😉

  • Ashleigh B

    Hi LC ladies :) this is a great post! I always have finding trouble finding jeans I am generally an Australian size 10-12 but find it hard to find jeans as I am very curvy in the hops and have a bigger bust any Aussie girls out there find jeans the fit this body shape! I am also short so I struggle to find skinny jeans that stay skinny in the leg from the knee down!
    Thanks ladies :) and LC for those post as I think jeans are a really touchy area for curvy girls!

  • Paige Walker

    After reading the description at the top I was excited about the helpful advice I’d find below, but then I realized the models all look exactly alike! The “”apple”” model is what, a size two! That’s not really what I’d describe as keeping on weight at the tummy area. And the “”hourglass”” is stick thin with no curves whatsoever. I love Lauren’s style and brand, but this website would be more effective if they used real women’s sizes. Please consider for the future! thanks!

    • Jas

      A size two girl is just as real as a size twelve.

      • Katie

        Her point is that models are not the shapes talked about. To clarify, the “apple” model is not apple shaped. Get it? Or did you just focus on that tiny comment at the end of her point?

        • Martine

          A thin girl can be a pear shape or an hourglass. So yes, they ARE the shapes talked about. They just don’t stick out as far. And the reason she focused on the “tiny” comment was because it was an insult to those of us who are not big. Most people focus on insults to themselves, because they are meant to hurt their feelings. You don’t need a whole lot of words to show your contempt for a group of innocent humans. Just like if someone was talking about cars, but ended their comment by calling black people a nasty word, people would definitely focus on that rather then on whatever else they talked about. This is no different. I bet you wouldn’t think that comment was so tiny if it said that the article should only concentrate on “real” people, rather then big ones.

  • mbork753

    I love this guide, but I have an athletic body where my waist and hips are small and my thighs are very muscular. It is so difficult to find a pair of jeans that will hug my small hips and are big enough for my muscular thighs. Any suggestions?

    • Mari

      There’s a new brand that’s trying to specialize in athletic fits. They’re callled Barbell denim. Not sure, if their kickstarter is over already and you can already order items.

  • Torch

    It’s been a long time since you posted this so I don’t know if you’re still responding to comments, but I have one brand I LOVE – Nine West – in pretty much any of their bootcut styles. I am short and busty, and the shape is perfect. Plus, it hits me at just the right place – not so low that I have muffin top issues and not so high that they look like Mom Jeans. And the fabric is great. Soft and stretchy for jeans. Question if you are still responding to this post – do you have any other brands you’d suggest with those qualities? I have trouble finding this brand other than a few places online, and often they don’t have the right size or shade.

  • veronica

    i have a question lauren I am 5’4 which people have told me that im petite but I am also have a pear shape .. so what do you do when you have both of them what jeans do you wear then .. ?? thanks ..

  • emnash2

    Would you be able to link jeans with reasonable prices on them? Paying upwards of 200 for one piece of clothing is not only wasteful, it is downright foolish. You post articles about budgets but then present these jeans to us. I feel confused and concerned that you would suggest such wasteful spending. Also, all of these figures portrayed girls with relatively flat stomachs and curves in “all the right places.” Please do not ignore plus size women with extra curves, rolls, and meat in realistic yet not always societally attractive ways.

    • Martine

      To get good denim you pay a hundred some dollars these days. Thats kind of how it is. But if you wear them a lot, its worth the price, because the correct way to think of clothing is dollars per wear. Personally, I wear Levi’s high rise skinnys, which are around 60 dollars. Thats on the cheap side for good denim. If you really want to buy inexpensive jeans, then you best bet is Target. Just look for the shapes she indicated. I wouldn’t buy cheap jeans though, because they will only last about a year at best before they sag out of shape.

      • emnash2

        Im sure expensive denim is better quality but if you don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on jeans then it’s not feasible even if it would be worth it in the long run. As a college student it is impossible for me to pay that much, I would have to work a week to purchase a single item of clothing, and that’s not even factoring in my other living expenses.

  • gestion

    I struggle with all these…after reading them all I find I’m pear shaped, curvy and busty….so, my question is what do i pick now?

  • [email protected]

    I am an extreme pear shape and I wear skinny jeans because I like them. I have no desire to “look slimmer” or “hide not so favourite spots”. I am just me. And I wear the jeans style I like. End of story.

  • CatPower

    Right there with you Paige! Seriously, all siza 2s…

  • Heather

    Seriously. That girl’s a pear shape? Instantly dismiss any info attached to the pear shape when I notice the model is more like stick shape.

  • Reneta

    They all look fu*king skinny!!!!!

  • Sami Walker

    What if I’m a petite, busty, apple??

  • Mari

    I checked for my bodytype in this article and I guess I am somewhere between curvy and hourglass. Unfortunately, I have to disagree with the advice to go for low-rise jeans with my body type. They don’t work for me, because there is never enough fabric on them! As soon as you bend over or squat (to pick sth up) underwear starts to show. Also, ow-rise jeans are usually not made for wider hips and there’s a tendency for the pants to create an unflattering ‘cut’. Maybe that’s just me, though.

  • ld

    I did not think this was an accurate guide to fitting jeans for body type. Plus the photos didn’t show any examples of women with real body types.

  • Martine

    I would say that if you are shorter legged, then a higher rise is almost A MUST for you. These are really just laurels preferences, more then any advice for particular shapes.

  • dora

    i’ve tried many denim brands but my favorite jean company is DSTLD Jeans. the Ankle Length Skinny jeans are my favorite because i can show off my booties

  • kathy

    I love your jeans but i have three pairs and even after washing them a couple of times they bleed still my hands are always blue from the dye what can i do to stop this from happening

  • Monica

    I have an Athletic Figure and my favorite brand is Paige. Their Skyline Skinny and Bootcut fit great. No gaps!

    My blog contains links to Affordable jeans (less than $100) and Premium jeans (over $100) that I’ve had success with. Worth checking out if you fall into the “small waist/ bigger thighs and butt” category :)

  • cat

    I hate these type of guides…what if I’m a petite apple?

  • Jess

    Hi my name is Jessica I m 33 yr old . I have a question ? It’s been my whole life I m looking for best jean who fitt my style but I don’t knw Wht is my body shape I read this whole article but still didn’t understand which one is best for my body type bcz I have no curve i m skinny from bottom i m flat from back . I have log leg . Plzzzzz help m

  • Olga
  • Merian

    recently bought a jeans are very pleased

  • NINA
  • Cong Nguyen

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    the fantastic article. The place else could anyone get that kind of info in
    such a perfect means of writing? I have a presentation next week, and I am at
    the search for such information. To get
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