When I started college in San Francisco, I was so excited about living on my own. I lived in a dorm named the “Coco Chanel Residence Hall.” (I thought the name was very fitting seeing as she is one of my favorite inspirations.) I couldn’t wait to decorate my new little home away from home. But when I arrived at my new dorm, my roommate had decorated most of the place. While it was sweet of her to go ahead and do the decor, I never really got the chance to customize my dorm room. I did put a large photo of the beach on the ceiling above my bed to remind me of home and added some curtains for a little privacy. Sadly all of my great decorative expectations and dorm decor ideas were quickly put on the backburner. While I didn’t exactly get to execute my dreams of dorm decor, I figured I might as well share them with you since I know many of you are headed off to school…

Below, I’ve put together a few simple ways to overhaul your dorm space in a snap. These tips will help you get organized, feeling comfortable and loving your new little nook in no time.

  1. Get crafty with curtains. When most people think of curtains, they automatically picture them hanging above a window or a shower. But in a dorm room, they can give you privacy while you sleep or hide the contents of an unkempt closet while maximizing space.
  2. Inspire your walls. Your dorm room desk is an easy place to pile papers, homework, photos, and junk. Before you know it, you’ll be swimming through a sea of clutter. No thank you. Why not hang all of these important papers and pictures on a cute corkboard above your desk? It’s a nice way display your inspirations and keep your workstation mess free.
  3. Unexpected organization. You’d be surprised to find how many ordinary areas in a room make for great organizational opportunities. I like using clear organization items like makeup trays and mason jars to categorize my things. That way, I can grab what I need in just one glimpse.
  4. Shed some light in your space. A unique lamp can make all the difference in a dorm room. Find a light you love and place it on your bedside table or desk to add a touch of personal charm to your new room. (You might also want to give the lampshade an adorable bow detail… Click here to find out how.)
  5. Smart storage is key. When you’re living in a small space, it’s crucial that you utilize each nook and cranny for storing your items. Being smart about your storage will not only make it easier for you to find things on the go, it will also maximize your space. Try using an over-the-door organizer for shoes and jewelry, or store your winter boots and coats in bins under your bed.

What tips and tricks do you have for decorating a small space? Upload photos of your dorm décor to the Gallery for a chance to see your room in an upcoming post!

XO Lauren

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