Beauty Note: Go for the Gold!

Beauty Note: Go for the Gold!

Seeing as the Olympics are in full swing I thought it might be fun to do a blog inspired by the games–particularly those covetable golden medals. Since summer is winding down, it’s time to start thinking transitionally. One of my favorite accents to wear this time of year is gold. I like to sprinkle it into my looks by adding a gilded hairpiece or glossing my nails with a sparkly golden polish. It’s a finish that works well for both summer and fall, which is why it is such a lovely, transitional choice for this time of year.

All you need is a little pop of sparkle to make an otherwise simple outfit truly shine. Whether it’s the line of an eye, the glow of a sun kissed cheek, the sparkle of an unexpected barrette or the gleam of a golden nail, adding a Midas touch is never a bad idea…

Beauty Note: Go for the Gold!

Are you going for the gold?

Let me know how you incorporate it into your beauty look in the comments below. Extra credit for those of you who upload a photo to your profile page and share the link below. (Who knows…you could be our next Chic of the Week!)

XO Lauren

P.S. Out of curiosity, what’s your favorite event to watch during the summer Olympics? I love gymnastics and diving :-)

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Photos: Rodarte, Vogue Beauty, Pinterest, A Cup of Jo

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  • Sarah Heckle

    I love gold details….especially that star hairpiece.

    My favorite events are gymnastics and equestrian events. – new outfit post!

  • Deanne Castro

    I love anything gold

  • Deanne Castro

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    Today’s post:

    How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes


  • Kellie Norton

    I love wearing a hint of gold eye shadow or even gold accessories! My favorite events were definitely gymnastics and swimming!! The gymnastics team is so fierce!!! And the guys swim team is so beautiful, they should win gold just for the bodies they have 😉 haha!


  • alebresci

    Me toooooo Gymnastic and diving are my favorite ❤

  • Melissa Panici

    I love wearing gold accessories or gold on my nails! I always liked watching the diving and gymnastics too!

  • Gaelle Pfyffer


    Does anyone have a good gold nail polish suggestion? I really like this color, but I find that, when the nail polish is too thick, or the golden specks are not milled well, it can look really bad. I love the nails on the picture, though!

  • Amy Breckenridge

    oo i love the gold line over the black line, and the gold sparkly nails. right now i’m wearing silver metallic nails to get in the olympic spirit!

    my fave sport to watch is women’s gymastics!


  • Rafael Centenera

    ^_~ //

  • Agata Kalinowska

    Definitely diving, gymnastics and swimming :)

  • Tiffani Stuart

    I love how gold looks against my skin! Of course I’m going for it! ;0)

  • Meghan Conard

    Gols accessories are my weakness! I love gymnastics and men’s swimming!

    Check out my new post


  • Marielisa Gomez

    I’ve been wearing gold accessories the entire season! I love the color!

    My favorite sport to watch is gymnastics!! I wish I could move and jump like them!

    Take a look at my vintage-inspired post

    Happy Monday!

    Marielisa :)

  • Umbrella Drink

    Very goddess like.

    I would love it if you checked out my kindle giveaway! Only until Friday to enter:

  • HistoryBeauty

    I love that gold eyeliner! As for games I really LOVE gymnastics!

  • Megan R.

    As much as I love the gold beauty tips that go along with the Olympics you also can’t go wrong with an Olympic themed party!

    My favorites are always swimming and gymnastics:)

  • Kelley {Keep Sitting Pretty}

    I recently added a limitless gold into my beauty routine by using gold glitter polish in my French mani. Pictures are on my blog and I’ll add them here!

    XO Kelley

  • Rachel Swiatek

    i love that eyeliner! and my favorite olympic events are gymnastics, swimming/diving, and volleyball.

  • Caroline Rheault

    hey everyone, I dont really know where to post this so ill ask here and hopefully you guys will give me some ideas :)

    I have a lonnnnnnng car ride followed by a looooong train ride to go to new york city and I was wondering HOW to dress. I wanna be confortable but still look nice. any idea ?

  • Caroline Rheault

    hey everyone, I dont really know where to post this so ill ask here and hopefully you guys will give me some ideas :)

    I have a lonnnnnnng car ride followed by a looooong train ride to go to new york city and I was wondering HOW to dress. I wanna be confortable but still look nice. any idea ?

  • Giselle Escamilla

    same with me! i love watching the gymnastics and diving plus track & field and swimming:)

  • Linh Ly

    I love that gold eyeliner and the gold nail polish!! It’s so pretty! Where can I get eyeliner like that?


  • Cali Y

    Where can you find these products? I especially like the head bands… any tips on wear to find headbands like that?

  • Jordan Weaver

    beautiful! love all that gold! here’s my FAV olympic DIY accessory!

  • Nadine Mazin

    like gold & like the idea

  • Stacy H.Costello

    i love the swimming..

  • Melissa Riollano

    I’m loving that gold leaf hairpiece and gold nail polish. I’ll have to look for those…. As for the Olympics I love to watch the women’s soccer games. They definitely kick butt!

  • Melissa Riollano

    I’m loving the gold leaf hairpiece and gold nail polish.

    As for the Olympics I like watching women’s soccer and archery. So intense!

  • Hailey Anderson

    Ah the gold eyeliner! Tutorial soon? Maybe on The Beauty Department?

    xoxo Hailey

  • Martin M

    I love metallic colors like gold. Especially now during the Olympics. I was in London two days ago and visited the games :) SO amazing :) Greetings from Germany! XOXO

  • Kimmy S

    Such a pretty photo of you! I love the Rodarte headband you included in the collage… So pretty! I might DIY my own… And I def want to give the gold liner a try.

  • Larissa Wilhelm

    So cute! My fave events to watch are beach and indoor volleyball, swimming, and gymnastics! They are all so amazing and inspirational!

  • Carol S

    Love it, equestrian all the way!


  • Nancy Garza

    My Favorite Color!! Love gold, stay gold..

  • Bailey Hintz

    ahhhh im such a fan of the idea of puting alittle bit of gold into everything! i love gold and he looks good pretty much no matter what <3

  • StyleAt30

    i like it :) i think gold is such a classic and elegant color.

    you look so pretty too!

    ♥, Jo

  • Kayley Potter

    I love adding a touch of gold to oufits. The Olympics having been amazing, especailly gymnastics and swimming.

  • Adriana Lopez

    Eyeshadow for sure ! I wore some the last time I went out (;

  • Mariella

    Hi! my favourites events to watch are tennis and basket! 😉

  • Rocio Coello

    Nice, love to watch equastrian, swimming and gymnastics 😉

  • Victoria s

    lovely ideas!!!!

  • Preethi Reddy

    I love using gold accessories to make an outfit just pop. My favorite nail polish for the past 4 years has been Gold Fiction by Chanel. It is seriously my go-to color choice. My two fave sports in the summer olympics are men’s swimming and women’s gymnastics. I love Gabby Douglas and love that she won best all-around! Go USA! :)

  • veerletje

    basketball, swimming and hockey!! but I watch everything :)

  • Michelle Vinther

    I watch the women’s gymnastics and handball :-)

  • Deanne Castro

    For more beauty and fashion advice, please visit my blog:

    Today’s post: OOTD: Colour Blocking


  • Karen Rideout

    My favourite events are volleyball and diving.

    I did the golden touches to my makeup:

  • Tessa Johnson

    I’ve been doing the same thing!!!! Gold everyday! Not only is this month the olymics but it the month of my golden birthday!!!! Woot!

  • Kate M

    so cute! love that headband. i just did a post on a few pieces i’d love to wear if i were in london for the games. check it out here:


  • Sophia-Anna Reinalter

    love the golden eyeliner ! immediately gonna search for one 😉

  • Ali Peterson

    LOVE the gold liner

  • Shellz
  • Annette Falt

    I like to watch javelin throwers since they have hot muscles 😉 But also some of the soccer games are exciting.

  • Flavia Lee

    I love to watch swimming….

  • Lindsey Smecker

    Hey since you are always doing new posts on, I thought that an LC look a like post would be awesome! Here is a picture I put together of me and lauren side by side. So many people tell me I resemble her so tell me what you think! -Lindsey Smecker

  • Brigid of Small Town Fabulous

    I love these! I actually have the black and gold eyeliner look going on right now! I’ve been adoring the golden hairpieces since they first showed up on the runways. Where is yours from?

  • debora f

    wow i love gold touch for the summer

  • annah whitehead

    Love This eyeliner It’s pretty concentrated for glitter eyeliner and is super affordable (:

  • Keanna Williams

    i like the gold eyeliner i always wanted gold eyeliner

  • Anna murray

    Gymnastics defiantly!

  • Gwen Cox

    The Beauty Of Food — The Perfect Quick Sale Item For Any Health, Fitness, Or Personal Dev List! Low Cost/high Value E-book With Great Support And Super-low Refunds!

  • Jami MacCartney

    I love to watch basketball and gymnastics, I looove to use gold on my nails!

  • Becca Lily

    I love gold, the eyeliner above looks amazing! I’ll post a pic on my blog soon of some new earrings I bought, cute little gold ones :) I would also wear gold in a bronzer/highlighter, so pretty!

  • Nusa Polanec

    wow i love her makeup! :)

  • Gillian Lynch

    Those are gorgeous, and you look super pretty (like always)! Thanks for the great ideas Lauren! :)

  • tee_cupcakes

    I love wearing Shimmer..I think it’s a perfect touch of Gold. I got my shimmer powder brush from “”Victoria jackson””

  • kristen michelle

    For fall I am loving gold and green. Here are my picks including the spendy and the savvy:

    xoxo, KMHM

  • Ida Pahus

    I love gold!!!

  • Konstantina Bourtzou
  • Alyssa

    What brand is the gold eyeliner?

  • Diamenrose

    Wedding? 😀



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