I truly believe that accessories can make or break an outfit. That said, a true fashionista can differentiate between the accents that are worth spending a pretty penny on and those of-the-moment adornments that are okay to pass up. In today’s case–curating a little body candy is a must for summer and fall…and luckily, it’s a trend you don’t have splurge on.

In my recent post about statement necklaces, I included a bold neon necklace that sparked my inspiration for today’s Accessory Report. Lately I’ve spotted many rhinestone pieces that come in bright, punchy colors and I love the unexpected, candy-coated look. Not only do these brightly hued jewels liven up an otherwise dull outfit, they instantly add a playful yet interesting touch, giving your look a bit more depth and freshness. To give you a glimpse of this sweet trend, I’ve pulled together some of my favorite rock candy finds in the collage below:

Accessory Report: Rock Candy Jewelry

Etsy Vintage 1950s Yellow Rhinestone Necklace, J. Crew CRYSTAL MARQUIS BRACELET ($115.00), T+J Clear & Yellow Highlighter Bracelet ($26), Bauble Bar Tangelo Tear Studs, Bauble Bar Pysch Eye Drops ($155), Anthropologie Impero Drops, J. Crew ARCHIPELAGO NECKLACE ($165)

If you already have some clear crystal costume pieces you can update them by glossing the stones with some nail polish. This is a simple way to update your accessories and try out this trend without spending a dime.

Which of these jewels is your favorite? Are you going to give the DIY a try? If you do the DIY, upload a photo to your LaurenConrad.com profile page and I will feature my three favorite submissions here on the site!

XO Lauren

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