Style Guide: Sorority Rush

Style Guide: Sorority Rush

Calling all college bound girls! The beginning of a new school year is just around the corner, which means (for some of you) rush is even closer! With my little sister weeks away from recruitment herself, I’ve been dipping into old memories in an attempt to help guide her through this exciting adventure. When going through rush it’s super important to keep your options and mind open. Let’s face it–what you wear is just as crucial as acquiring recommendations when it comes to landing the perfect sorority. You’ll have just enough time to bond over a story with a girl and then you’ll be rushed to the next house. It’s not called “rush” for nothing, and sometimes your outfit can give you an edge that seals your bid. Walking into each chapter room looking your best is ultra important. The goal is to make a memorable impression on your potential sisters. Whether you’re wearing a dress, separates, or a required rush tee, it’s always important to look clean, fresh, and super cute. Of course the rules are different for every college, so be sure to check with your Greek Affairs office on appropriate attire beforehand. But regardless of what part of the country you’re in, you should always look conservative, classic, and polished when going through recruitment. Here are a few ways to achieve the perfect rush-friendly look:

Bright Colors

Style Guide: Sorority Rush

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Simple Patterns

Style Guide: Sorority Rush

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Below are some of my tips for looking fabulous at rush:

Colors: Bright colors are a great way to stand out from the crowd, but it’s essential to remember to choose shades that compliment your hair and skin tone. Sunny summer hues are a fabulous way to stand out from the crowd. Opt for simple accessories and a neutral shoe when wearing a bright dress to avoid looking overdone.

Dresses: As much as we all love a fabulous floral, this is the one time it’s best to opt for the less is more approach. Stick with small, delicate prints when it comes to picking your dress for rush. Remember you will be standing very close to these girls, so you want to avoid overwhelming prints. Also, stay far away from anything that’s animal print. Unfortunately a leopard print dress doesn’t scream cute college girl, no matter how chic it may be. Don’t confuse these rush parties with frat parties, it’s important to dress for the girls you will be meeting (not the boys). A sweet dress in a trendy print will make the perfect first impression.

Separates: Some schools recommend wearing separates such as a skirt and blouse, which can also be a fabulous rush outfit option. Try color blocking by pairing simple dark and light colored separates together. When selecting your separates avoid blazers and sequin pieces. If your school requires you to wear recruitment tees, cute shorts are a fun way to show off your personal style. Scalloped shorts are a fabulous and trendy option, but stick with a classic color like navy or khaki. If you opt for a khaki or white pair of shorts, go for a tailed fit and avoid anything cut off or frayed.

Style Guide: Sorority Rush
Hairstyles: Your hair is really important. Avoid getting your hair cut, highlighted, or dyed less then two weeks before rush. You’ll want enough time to fix any possible disasters. When it comes to styling, bright colored dipped tips may reflect your personality, but recruitment isn’t the time to show that much individuality. Try a half up hairstyle to keep your tresses out of your face and it will also prevent you from fidgeting with it during the parties. Keep in mind that the sororities will need to be able to see your nametag, so a side ponytail is a great alternative too.

Makeup: Stay natural. Save your bright shadows and red lip stain for girls’ night out. While you’re in the rush parties there is usually someone that will watch your purse so make sure you properly stock it with mints, a powder compact, and tinted lip gloss for touchups. It’s also a good idea to pack a pair of fast flats to change into between parties if the houses are far apart and you will be walking a lot.

Nail Polish: Since you’re going to be doing a lot of hand shaking it’s important to have a fresh manicure. Choose natural tones and light shades such as pink or nude. Remember that you want your manicure to accentuate your ensemble not distract, so try to avoid harsh colors like red and black.

Style Guide: Sorority Rush
Shoes: Let’s face it, walking is inevitable during rush week, so comfort is key. Be sure to break in any new shoes during the days leading up to rush. Try a stylish pump with a small heel or a super cute sandal. If you’re wearing a simple dress, add a dash of fash to your look with a solid colored heel.

Style Guide: Sorority Rush
Jewelry: To avoid distracting from your conversations opt for minimal accessories. Leave your stack of bangles and oversized cocktail rings at home and instead opt for dainty earrings that compliment your hairstyle and a pair of pearls to add a feminine touch to your rush attire. It’s also a good idea to stray away from wearing a watch. You’ll undoubtedly be temped to glance at the time, which could give the appearance of boredom or even disinterest.

Below I’ve pulled together some of my favorite dresses perfect to help solve your sorority rush dress dilemma:

Style Guide: Sorority Rush

1. Beach Retreat Dress
2. Mini Peplum Pencil Shift Dress
3. LC Lauren Conrad Crochet Dress
4. V-Neck Dress
5. Boardwalk with me Dress


Do you plan to rush a sorority? And for those of you already in a sorority I’d love to hear some of your rush style tips!

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