Pets Get Lonely Too, You Know

Did you know that pets get lonely too?

See for yourself in these funny, but heartfelt videos from the Pets Add Life (PAL) Campaign of a bird, a dog and a cat giving insight into what’s it’s like being the “only pet.” You’ve heard of the lonely only child syndrome, well animals are a lot like us.

In these videos, PAL shows us that unlike humans, pets need friends too, which is why multiple pet ownership is so important and is good for owners and pets alike. Just like it’s important for humans to have meaningful relationships, pets also benefit from having other animal companions.

A pet that is able to interact with other animals is a more active and social animal.

Mostly importantly, the PAL Campaign advocates responsible pet ownership. Every animal has specific needs for feeding, grooming, exercise and health care and it is paramount to take into account your own lifestyle before opening your home to a new pet.

If you would like to learn more about PAL, take a look at their Facebook page or twitter feed. You can also check them out on YouTube for even more hilarious videos!

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