Crafty Creations: Flower Arranging

Crafty Creations: Flower Arranging

As you may already know from reading my post about flower arranging, I think it’s a talent that every lady ought to know how to do. For my newest edition of Crafty Creations, I’ll be showing you how to put together a picture perfect bouquet in a snap. Enjoy!

Are you ready to give flower arranging a try? Before you give it a go, follow these five simple tips for creating a lovely, long-lasting arrangement:

  1. Think Outside the Vase. Just as I mentioned in the video above, some of the prettiest bouquets are those placed in unexpected vessels. A few of my favorites include pitchers, teacups, and kiddish cups.
  2. Stabilize. Another way to keep your posies in place is by lining the bottom of the vase with pebbles, sea glass or even seashells. This way you can stick stems into the little groves.
  3. Snip Your Stems. Keep your flowers healthy and make them last by cutting each stem at a 45-degree angle before placing it in your vase. This allows the flowers to absorb the most water possible. Make your bouquet last a little longer by snipping the stems every few days.
  4. Make Your Flowers Last Longer. This is a tried-and-true trick that helps freshly cut flowers last longer: Place a crushed up aspirin in the water before adding your flowers. Other things you can add for extended floral life include a teaspoon of sugar, a pinch of salt mixed with baking soda, a copper penny (Who knew?!), a multivitamin, a splash of clear soda such as Sprite, or even a mixture of two tablespoons apple cider vinegar and two tablespoons of sugar.
  5. Consider Placement. Where you put your arrangement is as important as what you put in the water. Keep your pretty petals off televisions and appliances, out of direct sunlight, and away from especially hot or cold drafts.

Which of your favorite flowers are you going to include in your arrangement?

XO Lauren

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  • Kay Marie Goddard

    All the arrangements are so pretty! I love the videos so far!(:

  • Melissa Panici

    I would use daisies in my arrangement! They are my favorite flower ever. I can’t wait to make my arrangement now. Thanks Lauren!

  • Deanne Castro

    I have the exact same white pitcher with roses in it too! I also use the Mason jars but mine is empty right now.

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    My Fav and Not So Fav Looks at The TCA: Taylor Swift & Hayden Panettiere


  • Jacqueline Chan

    Hi Lauren!

    The tape idea you used in the video is absolutely brilliant. I’m going to give it a try next time!

    I would use roses. In blush pink. (Yours and my favorite color!) They are my favorite flower, forever and always.



  • Amanda Kretchmer

    I adore these videos!I love the tape idea. I always uses roses, typically in lighter shades such as pink or white.

  • JennySue Makeup

    Love this!! I have a makeup event coming up and have been wondering how to spruce up my decor with flowers, so this is some stellar advice!! Thanx- great timing!

    I’m a mommy with a makeup problem…

  • Emily Hobbs

    So pretty! Thanks for this! I’m totally going to they it soon. I use fake flowers in my room. They kinda look the same. The same ambiance..these tips totally help. 😀

  • Crystal Cierlak

    I wish I knew where to get beautfiful flowers like that around here. I ususally just pick up flowers from Trader Joe’s or Fresh and Easy.

  • Kelly Fabricatore

    I love arranging flowers! Thanks for the cute and creative tips!! :) xo

  • Alejandra Fernandez Lynch

    also to make flowers last longer dont let the leaves touch the water and add an aspirin

  • Linh Ly

    OMG thank you so much for the advice on how to keep the flowers living longer. This has always been my issue. I get beautiful flowers but they die too fast so I can’t enjoy. = (


  • Agata Kalinowska

    You can also pour a corkful of bleach to make your flowers last longer :-)

  • Emilie

    I love flower arranging, so many options and always so pretty!

    xo Emilie

    PS please visit my blog @

  • Martin M

    Love it! The video is a wonderful inspiration how to put together a bouquet :) Greetings from Germany!!

  • Cassidy Short

    LOVE unexpected flower arrangements/vases! gorgeous :)



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  • Kellie Norton

    I love this!! Can’t wait to try it when I finally move into my apartment :-)

  • Kayley Potter

    I love having fresh flowers around my apartment. I usually use daisies because they so readily available and they last for a really long time. I can’t wait to start using these tips, so they last even longer.

  • Becca Lily

    This is so pretty, I love peonies and roses. The grid tip is great too! Must try that :) xx,

  • Petra Zeller

    I love watching your crafty videos. I love fresh flowers and these are great ideas and tips. Thank you for sharing it.
    xo, Petra

  • Deanne Castro

    I have the exact same white pitcher with roses in it too! I also use the Mason jars but mine is empty right now.

    Please follow my blog for more Fashion & Beauty advice!

    Today’s topic:

    My Fav and Not So Fav Looks at The TCA: Taylor Swift & Hayden Panettiere


  • Larissa Wilhelm

    I love this! Thanks Lauren for the tips! I’m so excited to give this a try. I love roses and peonies so I’ll probably do something with that.

  • Tiffani Stuart

    I love flowers! I used to buy myself roses every week, for my office…It started getting pretty expensive,lol.

  • HistoryBeauty
  • Angela Mae

    Great tips. Ive always wanted put flowers in my room, I guess Ill try it! And I really like the ones in the small jars!

  • MelLY

    I love these crafty ideas, and the peonies and roses, they’re my fave. Thanks for the tips. Melissa xo

  • Adry Perez

    You’ve totally inspired me to put more fresh flowers in my room! Thanks for this video :) Keep them comin!

  • Marisa Mendoza

    LOVE THIS IDEA! Can’t wait to add this to my apartment!

  • Katie Stuart

    Hey guys! I am hosting an event with Dormify at Stoney Clover Lane in Beverly Hills this Saturday, July 28th! Read my POST about it and RSVP!

    XO Kate


  • Kelby Peachey

    If you have too much tape showing at the top rim, cover it with a ribbon. Measure the ribbon out with about a half inch overlap. Arrange the ribbon over the tape and where you want it. Take a dab of hot glue and dab the ends. A little will go a long way. :)


  • Beauty to Sparkle

    Love the tape tip! I love outting fresh flowers around my house whenever I get the chance. It just brings a sweet and positive atmosphere! I smile everytime I see them. Great post!

    Would appreciate anyone who took the time to check out my blog! It’s a beauty and motivational blog…here is the link:

    xoxo, Dina

  • candyheyn

    Here is a tutorial on how to make friendship bracletts from my blog:

  • Lena Korffmann

    Hi Lauren,

    I love your idea. :-) I am from germany and follow your beautiful ideas every day. I would like to show you my flower arranging but i don’ t know how to upload my photo here that you can see it. Should i upload it in my photo gallery? Maybe you can write me a massage so i can upload more photos in the future on your site.

    Thank you.


  • Cindy Mtus

    Love your crafty creations they look really pretty and nice.

  • Patty Rodriguez Ussa

    This are my flower arrangements creations!I loove how they fit in my room! <3!

  • Kate Noto

    I made my grandmother a center piece with colorful stones and a sented candle. For my dads mom I took a vase, then I put in river rocks and clear stones, then I put the flowers in (they are fake) so she could arrange them anyway she wanted to.

  • Sarah DelBiondo

    i love doing flower arrangements! to be able to mix and match all different kinds of flowers i think it’s so much fun!



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