Beach Bound: What's in My Beach Bag?

All year round we dream about lounging on perfectly sandy beaches under the scorching summer sun. Whether it’s Tuesday or Saturday, during the summer season, the beach is always on our minds and packing appropriately is crucial. First and foremost, a super cute beach bag is your bathing suit’s best friend so don’t skimp when searching for the perfect one. Using an old water resistant handbag where you may have messed up the liner at one point is always a resourceful option. To lighten your load and avoid taking a cooler, try placing your super cold drinks in the bottom of your beach bag and place your rolled beach towel overtop. When you arrive at the beach you’ll have a cool towel to lay on the hot sand and your drinks will be perfectly cold. Whether you like to lug around your summer must-haves, beach basics or your guilty pleasures, a properly stocked beach tote is essential in promising that you’ll have a fabulous ocean-side experience. Below are some of my beach bag must-haves:

Beach Bound: What's in My Beach Bag?
Beach Bound: What's in My Beach Bag?

  1. Every beach bag needs the perfect towel and this trendy chevron striped towel is one of my favorites.
  2. Having reading material in arms reach is always a good idea. There is no better place to escape than a good book and The Fame Game is my summer reading must!
  3. After exposing your hair to sun, sand, and saltwater it becomes an unmanageable tangled mess. I love spritzing leave-in conditioner to help repair the damage and keep my hair super smooth.
  4. Accessories are sparse when it comes to your bathing suit looks, so the perfect pair of sunglasses is an intricate part in reflecting your personal style. Remember to leave your designer shades at home and take a cheap pair to the beach incase the waves happen to rip them away.
  5. A portable speaker system is always a no brainer, especially when you’re sunbathing with a group of friends.
  6. I love to keep a breezy dress or swimsuit cover up in my beach bag incase I walk off the beach in search of food. It also insures that you’ll look cute at any impromptu post beach activities.
  7. I always keep a waterproof makeup bag in my beach bag for my beauty must-haves like powder, waterproof mascara, lip gloss and even deodorant. This is also a safe place to store your cell phone and digital camera to protect them from the ocean’s elements.
  8. A sunburn is never a desirable summer style so pile on the sun protection and be smart when it comes to your sun exposure. I like to layer on a thick suntan lotion at home so it has time to soak in and dry before I hit the beach. Reapply with an SPF 50 spray sunscreen for easy beachside applications.
  9. Cutting calories and feeling confident in your beach bound bikini go hand in hand and one of my favorite ways to celebrate summer is with Skinny Girl Margaritas. This is the best icy cold beachside beverage!
  10. Protect your feet from the hot sand during those trips back and fourth to your car with a cute pair of flip-flops.
  11. I love keeping an after sun moisturizer in my bag, it helps lock in your tan and moisturizes your dry skin.
  12. Stray away from the brutal summer heat and keep cool with a cooling spray prefect for spritzing yourself between dips into the ocean.

Pull together some of these beach bag essentials and tuck them into a super cute beach tote for the perfect summer gift for birthdays, brides, or your beach bound buddies.

What are some of your beach bag essentials?

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