Last week was a crazy one. One day I was recovering from my friend’s wedding and the next I was out celebrating another’s birthday before taking off to NYC and returning for my live video chat. Needless to say, it was luckily a productive week. In case you’re wondering, here is a peek into my past week in photos:

Celebrated my friend’s birthday… Clearly, things got a bit shady.

Make a wish Frankie!

The next day I was inspired…to actually organize. (More on this later!)

And look what I found in the midst of my organizing…

My fancy new shades from Rebecca Minkoff:

Then it was back to more organizing… Day 2:

Next, I was off the NYC… Sing Sing is my favorite karaoke spot on the lower east side.

Sake it to me.

Finally, back home… Oh hey girl!

How was your week last week? Share your favorite photo in the comments below.

XO Lauren