How To Wear: Summer Neutrals



Neutrals are an integral part of every girls wardrobe due in part to the fact that they can mix and match with almost every item in your closet including each other. Colors are fun and indeed an essential, but without a few key neutral pieces, you’ll continually find yourself surrounded by bright colors that lack basic styling links, which will leave your wondering why you have nothing to wear. By properly stocking your wardrobe with a few neutral pieces your styling options will instantly double.

If you’re a color fiend you can think of these pieces as the perfect canvas for showing off one of your prized bright colored pieces such as a neon pink scarf or a mint green clutch. When styling your neutral ensembles I always suggest adding some contrast and dimension by incorporating tonal textures like eyelet shorts or a crochet vest. Khaki, cream, white, blush, brown, black, and grey are a few of the most popular neutrals.

With summer in full effect, I suggest sticking to the bright whites and sandy tones to keep your look fresh and summer appropriate. For those of you who have your heart set on color and only color for the next few months, try picking up a few neutral accessories to keep your looks from being too loud. These LC Lauren Conrad Platform Sandals from Kohl’s that I’m wearing above can perfectly mix and match with your summer wardrobe no matter what palette you prefer.


In case you’re wondering where my top and skirt are from, the skirt is Bar III (available here) and the top is MM Couture.

Below are some of my favorite neutral pieces that are perfect for incorporating into your summer wardrobe:

  1. Studded Clutch
  2. Pelpum Pencil Dress
  3. Platform Heel


  1. Chunky Cork Heel
  2. Striped Maxi
  3. Structured Blazer7342237878:Yahoo:photo
  1. Pleated Top
  2. Sheer Maxi Skirt
  3. Embroidered Scarf
For more neutral ensemble inspiration check out some of my other posts: White Out and Beachy Neturals. 

Will you be wearing neturals this summer? 

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