Bikini Boot Camp: Checking In!


It’s been a month since we started our Bikini Boot Camp, so I wanted to check in with you to see how it’s going!

So tell me…

What has been the hardest part about Boot Camp so far?

What’s your favorite meal?

Do you have any new meal recommendations to share?

And, of course, I want to hear if you’re seeing and feeling the results yet!

If you’re starting to hit a wall, it’s helpful to refresh your routine to keep things interesting and your body guessing. If you need some ideas, you can check out my health and fitness sections for more workouts and healthy tips. Also, be sure to check out my Get Fit board on Pinterest too.

In the spirit of keeping things fresh, I have some new ways to challenge yourself and track your progress:

  • Write down what you eat and which exercises you do. Each day you do a workout, give yourself a star for the effort.
  • Make sure you eat healthy snacks. Not eating is not going to help you tone up. It’s important to keep your metabolism pumping.
  • For the working ladies, don’t forget to walk the block! It’s a simple way to burn some extra calories when you’re stuck in the office all day.
  • Keep on doing those ab exercises every day. You belly will be bikini ready in no time.

I can’t wait to hear your feedback! Let me know how it’s going in the comments below.

XO Lauren

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  • Kellie Norton

    I’m absolutely loving it!! The hardest part for me is cutting out all the delicious sweets that I love! Since I’m seriously addicted to yummy cupcakes from Crumbs in NYC, I chose to split a cupcake with a friend once a week just so I won’t be missing out 😉 I absolutely love eating breakfast, all the yummy proteins and fruits are to die for! I’m loving the results so far! My stomach and thighs are slimming down and I seriously feel so healthy now :-) thanks Lauren!!

  • Melissa Panici

    Bikini Boot Camp is awesome! The hardest part about this is keeping with it when I had so many get togethers that made it hard to not eat the food at parties! There was my boyfriend’s birthday in May and mine and my sons this past weekend! So I HAD to eat cake lol. But anyway, I have lost a couple of inches and noticed more toning in my legs and butt. We went to the lake for our birthdays and everyone complimented my weight loss!! My favorite meal would have to be the chicken on pita bread. I eat that for most of my meals! Now that the birthday parties are out of the way, I can’t wait to get started on this again and get my body where I want it finally!! I’m almost there! Thanks so much Lauren:) you are the perfect person for motivation because you look great!!

  • Petra Zeller

    I dont made the boot camp. I have my own boot camp and it is perfect. But I love this to read too.
    xo, Petra

    Take a look on my Outfit + Giveaway Post on 😉

  • Meredith Obiala

    I’m loving your breakfast suggestions! The avocado on wheat toast with a pinch of garlic salt is perfection. I also am staying fuller longer….with my boring bowl of cereal before I was dying for lunch at 10:00am….thanks, girl!

  • Sjuly

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the banana oatmeal smoothie! I feel like I am having something forbidden!

  • Martin M

    Hardest part of me is to be strong when there are partys or come together with friends. My favourite meal are all kinds of wraps :) Greetings from Germany XOXO

  • Umbrella Drink

    I’ve been mostly good but this is my favorite splurge:

  • Fiorella Alvarez Gutierrez

    I sticked to the BBC for just 2 weeks I believe and I was feeling really good about the good eating and exercising BUT I couldnt keep it up as I should because its a little hard to find healthier choices of food around my school so I guess that was the hardest part for me but luckily the school breaks around the corner so Im coming back BBC! Im coming back!I think my favorite choice of food was the Veggie Omelet (yummy!!) and the Grilled Bruschetta Chicken which worked perfect for me because Im not the greatest cook but this recipe was easy so I did it I just switched the basil for spinach. My meal recomendation I believe would be Lunch Quinoa! Im from Peru so Ive been eating pretty much my whole life and I think is really good Ill try to get the recipe and post it soon :)

  • Stevie Newman

    My best friend and I have been doing this together with results being AMAZING! spicy soup seems to be a winner for helping cravings.

  • Em

    Definitely not a difficult plan to follow, very do-able! :)…and what I like about this is that you are not left starving…its a healthy philosophy and I like it! :)

  • Christina Graci

    I put chia seeds on EVERYTHING. They make you feel fuller longer, and have so many amazing health benefits.

  • Kristi Murphy

    My new fav summer salad!!!! Pineapple Quinoa Salad!

  • sofis

    I do think its going well, i exercise much more and think more carefully of what i put in my body. But the plank and the crunches are a killer for my stomach so i haven’t been able to do them every day :)

    But i lost a bout 5 kg since the beginning so its something alright :)

  • Sammi Bradley

    The hardest part for me has been keeping it up. Sometimes I think that I can just skip a workout because I’ve been doing well, or I don’t look forward to working out. Oh, & eating has been hard, too! It’s not so much eating healthy food that’s hard (I’ve always eaten pretty well), but not overeating is something I’m not used to. The good thing is that I’m seeing & feeling results! I haven’t been weighing myself or seeing if my clothes are “”shrinking”” (I don’t want to be obsessed about stuff like that), but when I look in the mirror I can see that I’m starting to get some awesome abs!

  • Ellie Montgemory

    Hey Lauren! I’ve been doing my planks every night, and they workin’. Will be ready to hit the beach soon!

  • Madison Montgomery

    I’ve been loving the ab exercises! Thanks, Lauren. :) -Madison

  • Camille Houle

    Im literally in the good way right now!! I lost about 13 pounds in 4 weeks, wich its great for me.
    I started to eat more healthy and carried on what I eat and stuff…
    But yeaa… My exercices are not going that well. Im super busy with final exams and all.. Im stressed with my new job too.
    Anyway im gonna pass trough it with success. I cant wait to see more results! :)


  • Liesl

    Of course I only stuck with this Bikini Bootcamp for, like, 2 seconds… haha! But, I have been exercising and eating healthily for about 2 months now, and I can see a big difference. I’ve toned up a lot, which is my main goal, and I’ve lost about 3kg. (Sorry, I don’t know pounds…)

    Good luck to everyone else who’s still going strong! <3

    Liesl xxx

  • Michelle LaPorte

    The hardest part has been starting a new job in the middle of it!! I can’t have it make me stop!!

  • Courtney Fallon

    Is there a way to make a menu that is dairy free? I’m lactose intolerant and it is hard to find a substitute for yougurt, cheese, and milks. So I would love to see a dairy free version!

  • lauren steen

    I started a bit later than everyone else as I was not in the best headspace to fully commit. In a week I have lost nearly 3 pounds.

    Lauren I just want to say thank you – this website is a dream come true, it has helped me learn more about myself, challange myself, motivate myself and just generally appreiate the world and its goodness around me more.

    I love all the options you give especially for unmotivated days – it was very cold in Peth Australia this morning and I really didnt want to do anything but I chose one of the quick exersices rather than the longer and was proud I managed to make myself do something.

    Thank you Lauren for sharing all your inspiration with the world xo

  • SaryPam Espinosa

    I agree with Lauren Steen. But let me say that I have not been very constant, shame on me, but I am always trying to get on track until I finally make it a habit. This plan really motivates me.

  • Taylor Bonar

    Bikini Boot Camp has been going pretty darn well! I did hit a bit of a wall last week, but I’m back on the bike getting things done – feeling ultra sore today from one of your circuit workouts!! Happy exercising ladies!

  • taschahoffmann

    I tried this Bikini Boot Camp for like 2 weeks but the my motivation was gone, because I’m still living with my mom and she’s not that big of a help.

    As far as I did it I liked it and I’m trying to get back on track, but I really need to get more motivation. What do you guys do to motivate yourselves?

  • Britney Sinclair

    It started great & then I got away from it a little! Now Im going back to it all the way!

  • Christinaa

    I’ve started the Bikini Boot camp since last Sunday and I’m already seeing many changes in my body!!I’m stick to it and I’m really proud of myself!Thanks Loren!!!!:D

    P.S I couldn’t eat some of the snacks because in my country we don’t have some certain products but I’ve replaced them with others that I really hope that can work!!:D

  • erna sanluis

    started my bikini bootcamp last monday and I’m proud of holding on to my commitment. :) some of the foods are not available here in my country but I subsitute with what I can find locally. I’m glad that its not a diet but a lifestyle change.

    hardest part of the bootcamp is the motivation, especially im doing regular work and part time job after, but getting through with it.

    thanks Lauren!

  • PavlynGirls

    Thanks for the great tips Lauren. With this great weather, the bikinis are already making an appearance and its so important to feel good about yourself when you’re in one!!! We totally love your style and this amazing blog, and are so excite to carry Paper Crown in our Canadian online boutique (don’t worry guys, we still accept orders from the states). We have beautiful pieces, so everyoneone should check it out for amazing Lauren Conrad style.


    Anna & Maria

  • Jenna Beef

    According to Tony Horton, you should never do ab exercise everyday….. The guy knows his stuff!

  • Maghan Croxton

    Bikini boot camp has been a slow transition.

    I use an app called MyFitnessPal and it gives me great motivation because it requires me to write down every thing i eas and exercise i do each day. i dont want to see unhealthy foods on there so i dont eat them. Great Motivation!!!

    and the abbs are killing me but i can see them starting to flatten out more and more every day!

  • Danielle Moniz

    I started this for 2 weeks and I started to see a difference but then I lost my motivation :( I don’t know what happened. I am going to try again and really stick to it. I have been eating healthier which has helped a bit but I really need to start working out again.

    Anybody got any tips to help me with my motivation??

  • Emilie

    I love your bikini boot camp but I already eat/exercise similarly to it but I picked up some good tips and food ideas :)

    xo Emilie

    PS please check out my latest blog post @

  • Jordan Norris

    I’m starting this TODAY! It may be a little late, but I’m tired of feeling gross every day! Any amount of feedback and advice would be great…I’m nervous!

  • Jo Taylor

    I need to start this – my abs are nto what they used to be :-(

    Gonna check out the original plan and then get motivated

    I CAN DO IT!!!


  • Ambi s

    Fabulous post! Here’s my tips to losing weight and looking great! :-)

    Bombay Rose: Shape Up.

  • Monique Skillen

    So HAPPY WITH THE RESULTS! I have lost 1 kg so far and hoping to loose more in the lead up to the southern summer.

  • Aussie Beach Babe

    Really Happ with the results. My main goal is to actually gain a bit of weight in the lead up to the southern summer. I am really happy with the results and have gained 2kg. Looking great in a bikini

  • Sarah Smith

    I am starting this today! I am going to Hawaii in a couple weeks and have been not eating healthy due to just wearing jeans and clothes with more coverage! Also, I want to get a head start on working out fo summer! Is there any tips u guys have?

  • Sarah Smith


  • Kate Noto

    I have been trying to do the work out as much as possible and my belly fat has been slowly going away. I weigh 170lbs the last time I checked.

  • Taylor

    Day five and feeling good!! Thats what i love the most so far. Sure the clothing fitting better and the compliments are swell, okay more than swell, But the way i feel is just sublime. Healthy and lovin it! Thanks Lauren.

  • saraten

    I did Bikini Bootcamp last summer and lost ten pounds through it! Of course I kept going thorough out the school year. I stopped and lost motivation half way through this past year of school, and gained four pounds back. However, I’m starting it back up this summer.
    The point is, Bikini bootcamp actually does work if you stick to it! : )

  • Dandelion

    I have been finding it difficult to not take in breads or sugars. For the workout portion I am keeping up fine! I am currently doing the T25 program for my everyday exercise. I also have decided to try a few spin and yoga classes. Everyday I do the everyday workouts and feel great! It’s a little extra boost to my day. By the way, working out in the mornings makes you feel so refreshed and energized! I also am able to watch Pretty Little Liars at night this way 😉 I am working on cutting the carbs out each week. So far my only problem is sandwhiches. I just love those things. I look and feel much better though. Good luck to all!



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