Book Club: The Fame Game Q&A

Book Club: The Fame Game Q&A

Has everyone read up to chapter 14 of The Fame Game yet? I really hope that you are enjoying the book so far. Today’s Book Club Q&A will focus on the first half of the book…

Here are a few questions for you to answer:

  1. Who is your favorite character so far? Why?
  2. Do you think Madison’s father is there to see his daughter or for feed off of her money and fame?
  3. If you were Carmen, would you play along with the charade of dating Luke? And if you were Kate, would you be okay with that? How would you deal?

Let me know your answers in the comments below!

Also, as promised, I will be holding a very exciting live video chat here on Mark your calendars, because the chat will take place on Thursday, June 7th at 4pm PST. I will be answering your questions about the book, the writing process and more.

I’m especially excited about the live video chat because we will all be able to interact through the entire chat. Once you join the chat, you can text chat with other members (think old-school AOL chat room with a livestream video chat above) and submit questions for me to answer on camera too.

Again, here are the details for my live video chat:

What: The Fame Game Live Video Chat
When: Thursday, June 7th at 4pm PST / 7pm EST

Book Club: The Fame Game Q&A

If you have a question that you would like to see me answer on camera about The Fame Game, leave it in the comments below.

Who knows…I might answer your question and give you a little shout out…

XO Lauren


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  • soupforthegirlysoul

    I just started this book today–I’ve been slacking! But i love it so far!

  • Melissa Panici

    I LOVE this book Lauren! Here are the answers to your questions:

    1. Kate is my favorite character so far because she is so sweet and innocent. I love her kindness and her passion for music.

    2. At this point, I feel her father is out for the money and fame. He seems sincere at first, but now I’m getting suspicious.

    3.If I were Carmen, I would not play along. She has to see that it’s hurting her friend and if I was hurting my friend, I would not be ok with that and would not go along with anything for money or a show. If I were Kate, I would be upset that my friend went along with it knowing I’m dating the guy.

    Thanks for the questions!

    Here is my question for you: It seems like there is a lot of thinking that goes along with writing an entire book. What’s the first step in writing your books?

    Thanks Lauren!

  • Amanda Ebersole

    Hey Lauren! Loving the book so far! Here’s my answers to your questions.

    Who is your favorite character so far? Why?

    -I like Kate the best so far, I think she seems really down to earth. She seems like a good friend too and someone you can route for. :)
    Do you think Madison’s father is there to see his daughter or for feed off of her money and fame?

    -I definitely think her Dad’s there to feed off her money. He seems like he has good intentions, but also seems a little shady like there are ulterior motives.
    If you were Carmen, would you play along with the charade of dating Luke? And if you were Kate, would you be okay with that? How would you deal?

    -If I was Carmen, I would not. I think shes just going to ruin a good friendship and a fake relationship is definitely not worth it. If I was Kate, I don’t think I could be okay with it. I think if I really liked the guy and if he liked me, he wouldn’t do that first off. I just don’t think I could sit behind the scenes because I’d feel like he was embarassed of me or something. I’m not sure how I’d deal.. I think I just wouldn’t date the guy because I wouldn’t feel worthy or something which is totally not okay.

  • francisco moreno

    hi who is your favorite character of L.A. CANDY AND THE FAME GAME


  • Rachael Olear

    1) Carmen because she sticks to her true self even under the spotlight and she treats her friends with a caring attitude! She is strong on who she is!

    2)Madison’s father is out for the money and fame because he starts out trying to get her attention with his eager, loving fatherly instinct but after seeing what Madison has in store; the money and fame is the only thing on his mind

    3) If I was Carmen I would not go into the “”fake relationship”” because I would know he is already dating your good friend and in the world of fame, spending time with him would eventually be revealed. If I was Kate, I would be uncomfortable because seeing your boyfriend dating your best friend and it tells that Luke would do anything for his career instead of the relationship. I would tell Carmen and Luke that affects me. I would try to avoid it because in the world of being a celebrity.. Not all is true!

    P.S. The book is amazing! Love it!

  • Petra Zeller

    I don’t have the book yet but I wanna buy it for sure
    xoxo, Petra <--- take a look on my first Outfit Post 😉 thanks

  • Blair Arms

    1. I’m loving Carmen! She is already known in hollywood yet she is still down to earth and not fake. She is not afraid to stay true to herself

    2. Madison’s father is definitely out for her money. Why is he coming to her now and not back when she first started reality tv? And I wonder in the sister is somewhat behind it too?!

    3. I believe Carmen should not go along with the whole faux relationship with Luke. It is clear that Kate is hurt and just because Carmen might understand it and think it is best for Lukes career, doesn’t mean that Kate is ok or even understands it. I think Luke is true in his feelings for Kate but he would do anything for his career in a heartbeat.

    Enjoying the book. You should do more research on Columbus, Ohio though. It’s a great city and has many things there! It’s not some country/hickville land like a lot of people think!

  • Karmele Garcia

    Let me strar with I’M LOVING THIS BOOK. It just makes me smile ALL of the time. All you books better become a movie PLEASE.

    Here are my answers.

    1. Kate without a doubt. She seems so sweet and real and genuine and I’m LOVING her relationship with Luke; i just hope it’s real and he doesn’t hurt her.

    2. I haven’t made my mind with Charlie. He seems sometimes like he really wants to be with his daughter but like you write in the book and the others, sometimes people do crazy things for fame and lie a lot in L.A. So I need to keep reading to see. But I really hope he is being real and wants to be with Madison.

    3. there two ways of seeing this whole Luke thing. He is being smart and keeping his relationship a secret because he knows it can ruin his career or afect the relationship because of the spotlight or maybe he is just really a player who doesn’t want to make public the relationship because he wants to keep “”playin””. I think Carmen should play along, besides is not of her business. If I were Kate I would do as he saids but be really carefull about it and just be smart.

    And questions I have so far are two:

    1. The inspiration of the “”mom hidden letters to daughter from dad”” is from The notebook? when I read that part that was the first thing that came to my mind.

    2. Every inch substracts 5 pounds? true or false jajajajaa

  • Gii

    Hey Lauren!!!

    Has this book been your favourite one to write and read out of all of them? How many more books & spin offs are you planning on writing?

    Will there be a movie made to reflect LA Candy?

    Shout out to your #1 fan from Canada!!! I’ll be there for the video chat on June 7th 7pm EST, can’t wait

    Thanks Lauren for doing this!

  • Shannon Burke

    Hiyya does anyone know what time the chat is shown in the UK? Thanks alot x

  • Lindsay Barnes

    Hey Lauren,

    Love your blog! I think if we were ever to met, we would be great friends. I love your sense of style, and you seem very down to earth! :) Anyway, love the book as well! Here are my answers below:

    1. Kate is definitely my favorite so far. Although I don’t think I am as far into the book as I should be for these questions (Chapeter 13)… I am listening to it on Audible which is perfect for me while I run! It helps me escape to a new reality and not have to stay in the one that I am in while I run. This helps the time (and miles) fly by! I should be picking up my miles soon, so I am sure I will catch up with everyone else over the next few days! :) Kate is so sweet and down to earth. (If you can’t tell, I really like people who aren’t afraid to be themselves, even when the spotlight is on them.)

    2. As I said before, I am not as far in the book as everyone else, but as of now, Charlies seems like he is really trying to make a change in his life. But, given his history, I wont be surprised if it is really just for fame or money. (I hope not, but you never know.)

    3. Luke. Luke. Luke. What is there to say about Luke. He seems to really like Kate. He also seems to really want fame. So, with that said, I am not sure what is about to happen (Carmen’s charade of dating Luke I assume?)… but, if I knew it was all just for a show, it wouldn’t be a problem. I would definitely talk with Kate first though to make sure it was okay. If I were Kate and had any suspiscion of there being more “”chemestry”” than just a charade, I would not be okay with it. Once you lose trust, you cannot ever gain it back… there will always be that sneaky suscipicion in the back of your head. To me, its not worth it. BUT, if I have full trust that it is nothing more than just a show, then I would play along.

    QUESTIONS!!! :)

    1. How did you get started in acting? (I watched you on “”Laguna Beach”” and “”The Hills””, but how did you get involved in the show? Did you audition? Did someone approach you and ask you to be in it? etc.?)

    2. Your posts are very varietal (which I love!). Do you think of all of the topics on your own, or do you have a team that helps? Do you write all the posts yourself?

  • krbeane

    Lauren, I love this book!

    My answers are:

    1. My favorite character so far is Kate, because she seems like a down to earth person and she seems like a good friend. I can relate to her the most.

    2. I think Madison’s father has good intentions, but I also think he’s definitely out for her money. Why else would he have waited this long to contact her? Maybe he just really needs money right now, and doesn’t want to come out and ask her or something.

    3. If I were Carmen, I couldn’t go through with the fake relationship. I know both Carmen and Luke had no intention of hurting Kate, but it’s very clear that Kate is hurt. If I were Kate, I would see Luke playing along with the fake relationship as a sign that his career is more important to him than the real relationship they share, and talk to him about it. I understand that his career is very important to him, and he is definitely entitled to whatever kind of career he wants, but if he truly likes Kate then he should realize there are more important things in life than fame. To me, fame isn’t worth possibly ruining a nice relationship.

    And the questions I have for you are:

    1. Were you excited to do The Hills right after Laguna Beach, or were you hesitant to continue to have your life continue to be in the spotlight? I know I would be lol.

    2. Which to you enjoy more, writing or designing?

    3. Out of both L.A Candy Series and The Fame Game which is your favorite character?

  • Kiwi

    What made you want to write a book in the beginning?

  • Molly Mitch

    1. My favorite character throughout this book has been Kate, She has been my favorite just because she is so much like Jane Roberts to me and I think she is a sweet heart.

    2. At first I thought that her father was there to come back into the girls lives, but the farther you got into the book the more it made me think that he was there to feed off the money and put on an act for the girls.

    3. If I were Camern I wouldn’t feel right stealing my friends boyfriend just for the good of my career or anyone elses career, and being Kate I would not be okay with that and I think that Kate handled herself well that it may just give Mr. Luke Kelly the idea that hey this isn’t right.

  • Rebecca Swayze

    Once I found out which book we would read next, I immediately ordered the ebook. The Fame Game is the first book of yours I’ve read and I have to say, I was amazed at how addicting it is! It was a struggle for me to not read past Chapter 14 for the sake of the book club. I even started to read L.A. Candy, so I may be slightly cross-referenced between the two books and the fact I’ve had the reading done for over a week now. With that being said, here are my opinions on the book thus far:

    1. My favorite character is Carmen. She is in with the Hollywood scene, yet is able to keep her feet on the ground. I love her playful attitude! I think Carmen would make a great role model for someone like Kate, who is new to the fame and fortune.

    2. Right off the bat, I had a gut feeling Charlie appeared solely for the money and fame. The way he approached Madison seemed a little ballsy for a dad who hadn’t seen his daughter in so long. Especially the fact he reunited with Sophia ahead of time and Sophia knew about the show. Seems a little fishy. When the letters were introduced, I second-guessed his motives, but those could be made-up too. I’m anxious to see what unfolds!

    3. If I was Carmen, I would not play along with the charade. Carmen seems very happy for Kate and Luke, especially since she gives herself credit for the hook-up. If the charade is part of the show, I could see her going through with it, but ultimately I will backfire and stir things up. I think she will do it, but I wouldn’t if I were her….if that makes sense.

  • Cassandra Argo

    As with all of your books thus far, I CAN NOT put down The Fame Game! I absolutely love how easy the characters and the storylines are to relate to.

    1.) My favorite character is Kate. I love that she is so down to earth and that she has this dream, but has such a huge obstacle (stage fright) to over come. She wasn’t thinking about money, but about succeeding at her dream. I hope she is able to stay innocent to the fame game!

    2.) I’m not sure what to think about Charlie. He abandoned his daughter because he thought it would be better for them & he did try to keep in touch with them through letter their mother kept from them…But at the end of the day he did abandon his daughters, so the timing is a little suspect. I really hope that he is one of the good guys and is truly there to reconnect with his daughters and not for the fame and the money!

    3.) This is a tricky one. Luke & Kate want to keep their relationship off camera and what better way than for Luke & Carmen to fake a relationship, BUT I think faking a relationship while hiding a relationship is bound to create trouble among friends and a whole lot of unnecessary drama. I hope that Carmen is the kind of friend to Kate that she appears to be and refuses to play along. I don’t think that I could do that even if a dear friend asked me to…there is just to much opportunity for doubt, hurt feelings, misunderstanding, etc for it to ever be a good idea! Plus if I were Kate I would not be okay with my boyfriend pretending to be someone else’s boyfriend for the cameras!

    Questions for Lauren:

    * How do you come up with your characters names?

    * Where is your favorite place to write?

    * Being from Ohio, I am curious as to how you chose Columbus for Kate’s hometown?

    Thanks for another amazing read!!!

  • Kellie Norton

    Yay!! I’m so excited!! Here is my question for you Lauren:

    Why did you decide to write a book about Madison, instead of Scarlett or continuing with Jane? I just thought that was interesting :-)

    -Kellie Norton

  • Martin M

    Kate is my fav. She seems to be down to earth and nice. XOXO

  • Liesl

    I haven’t read the book yet, but I’m super excited to read it this summer! I’ve really enjoyed all your other books! :-)

    Liesl xxx

  • Rebecca Bakofsky

    What is more creative to you, designing your own clothing line or writing a novel? xoxo Can’t wait for the Q&A!

  • Larissa Wilhelm

    I loved The Fame Game. I couldn’t stop reading it so I already finished. I will try and not spoil it for everyone else. As for the questions… I’ll answer them like I thought before I finished the book.

    1. My favorite character would be either Kate or Carmen. Kate is from a small town (like me) and she is trying to follow her dream even though she is no where near her family. It takes a lot of courage to do that. I like Carmen, too because she is loyal to her friends and family and she is also trying to find her own identity instead of just being known by famous people.

    2. This question was tricky because I like to believe the best in people, but when he showed up like he did, I thought that he was just there for money.

    3. If I was Carmen, I would probably pretend to date Luke because it would be good publicity for the movie. However, I would only attend outings in groups with him. If I was Kate, I would be a little wierded out, but I would be ok with it to an extent. I wouldn’t want paparazzi bothering me and him and everything private to end up in the tabloids. In order to keep it together, obviously the group outings would include Carmen, Kate, Luke, Drew, and maybe some more people.

    I’m looking forward to the Q&A and for the next book!

  • Elizabeth Walker

    Hi Lauren,

    You have written an amazing book! I keep wanting to read more:) I have a few questions about the book:

    1. How long did it take to write this book? and do you think you would write in another genre or subject of books?

    2. Out of the novels you have written, which one was your favorite to write?

    3. If you could be one of the characters either Gabby, Madison, Madison’s sister, Kate, or Carmen in the fame game for a day, which one would you choose?

    Thank you so much for reading this, I know you are a very busy woman and it means so much to me and probably many other girls that you take the time to read our comments and respond to them. You are truly my inspiration and thank you for being you and sharing your wonderful talent of writing in the novels that you have written for everyone to enjoy!

    Best of luck for the future and that you may always be successful.


  • Amanda Martin

    Hi Lauren!

    I just have to start off by saying I love everything about you… your my idol :)

    Few questions that I have:

    1. Would you ever consider turning your novels into a movie series?

    2. Which novel was the most fun to sit down and write?

    3. Do you think you will start another series after this?

    4. Who is your favorite character?

  • Charlie Ravens
  • vl

    Hi LAUREN!!!!

    Which character do you believe you relate to the most in the Fame Game?

    Look forward to hearing from you!

    Victoria xoxo

  • Patrick Crouch

    Will you ever do more acting? Reality or normal acting? If so what is your dream role or dream cast?

    Who do you look up to in fashion and for inspiration?

    Who from The Hills do you still keep in contact with?

    Will you be doing a tour for your next two books and if so, will there be a stop in Florida this time?

    xoxo you seriously are my IDOL and I do not think anyone is a bigger fan than me!! <3

  • candyheyn

    1. I can’t decide between Kate and Carmen. Both are very down-to-earth even tho they live very different lifestyles. I love that Carmen doesn’t just wanna live of the fame of her parents but wants to make a name for herself. I also love Kate courage to just move to L.A. and do everything to make her dream come true. Very inspiring!

    2. I have to admit I did actually think he was there for her money. I think it’s because I never knew my father and if he would turn up just right after i was famous and telling me he wants to be a family, then thats exactly what i would think!

    3. Yeah I think i would and yes I think i would be okay with it. You know as long as i know what i see in the pics is fake and as long as they don’t kiss, I think i could live with that.

  • Stephanie Bisaccia


    Love this book!!

    Okay so maybe I am reading a different book, but I am a little confused. Maybe someone can help my confusion…

    Before I answer the questions, I have a few questions myself.

    1. Where did luke come from? Was he really sitting at the table with carmen and them or did he just say that?

    2. I thought I read up to 14 and I didnt think they had carmen and luke dating at that point….

    Who is your favorite character so far? Why? Although I really LOVE kate, I am torn between her and Carmen. I like them both. I like carmen because she seams pretty down to earth considering her background. I like how she is nice to kate. I also really like kate she seams sweet, I enjoy her overall character and am interested in seeing her grow. I like how she writes music and love the story line with her and luke. Do you think Madison’s father is there to see his daughter or for feed off of her money and fame? I actually think madison’s father is there to see his daughters, especiallly since we learned the letters were real. Although I dont know actually why he came. I guess we will learn the reason soon enough? If you were Carmen, would you play along with the charade of dating Luke? And if you were Kate, would you be okay with that? How would you deal? Again, I didnt get to that part. But im sure this will be hard for kate. Besides, I want Carmen to date drew.

  • Michelle LaPorte
  • Linda Russo

    1. my favorite character so far is madison. even though she can be bitchy and all she goes for what she wants and she takes no for an answer. she is an ambitious girl and thats why i like her . even though she used to be poor and all that never stopped her for going to where she is now.

    2. i think madison’s father is there for money and fame because he couldnt just have came just like that. like he left madison at one point and people say they can change but you never know. i don think he came back to be a family. just for money and fame.

    3. if i was carmen and i was going alone with it i would but at the same time i wouldnt. i would because its for fame and we wouldnt want to mess up our reputation and all . its good for the both of us. but at the same time no because luke is the one who is dating kate and it would hurt my heart to see her this sad. she is friends with carmen and carmen is just going along with it. theyre ruining their friendship just for a guy and fame. if i was kate i would be super mad because luke is supposed to be the one going out with me. everyone should be knowing about me i know he wants to keep it in the down low but thats still not coool. i dont want to be your little secret ! so i wouldnt really be okay with it. also i would be mad at carmen because shes just going along with it and shes supposed to be my friend. but at the same time she doesnt even like him but its for fame and all. i wouldnt be okay to deal with it. i would kind of keep my distance with both of them or tell them both how i would feel. i wouldnt be fine with it to be honest. anyway carmen is meant to me with drew not luke. thats kate.

  • Brandy Rae

    Hey everyone!

    I’m crazy about this book. It’s reality tv, without all the commercials. Here’s my thoughts:

    1. As much as I love Kate and the sense of innocence she brings to the book, I can’t help but enjoy Madison’s drama queen personality. She’s mean, self-centered, but she is oh so entertaining. The power that she thinks she has over people, I find to be intriguing; she appears to be manipulative but she has a drive that stands out from the rest of the characters.

    2. I do not believe that Madison’s father is there for the fame or money. A big part of me thinks that he does want to be a part of his daughters’ lives again. The reason why I think this is because of the letters. From what we know so far, he tried reaching out and maintaining a relationship with Madison, but her mother prevented that from happening. I think that Madison’s father is to the point of desperation to see Madison and therefore he has agreed to involve himself in the tv show.

    3. The idea of dating someone for tv seems absurd, but I can’t say I wouldn’t do it. It’s a tough situation because while it may seem harmless, it could end in someone getting hurt–especially in reality tv. If I were Kate I would not be okay with Carmen and Luke “”dating””…at all. As a way of coping with the situation I would obviously try to understand the situation, but ultimately it would be very difficult for me.

  • nadine malate

    My question iswhy can’t women put on mascara with their mouth closed? Hope you give me a mention on twitter! @nadinemalate

  • Al

    I am interested to know what was your inspiration to write these books. Also what is your next book going to be like. I have all three, they are not bad very much like The Hills and The City. Do not like Madison or her father or even her sister. Will you make Madison a little likeable perhaps in the future. And yes guys read these nothing wrong with it. Will you be writing other type of books, more about you. I just wanted to you to know, your doing great things keep it up I wish you the best always, take care.

  • Melissa Riollano

    I have to say I’m loving The Fame Game. I’ve read the L.A. Candy series and enjoyed them as well. It’s been interesting to read the new characters (as well as the old ones ) and the new dynamics that were written. I’ve read Chapters 1-14 in a few hours, intrigued with what was going to happen next. :)

    In regards to the Q&A questions:

    1. My favorite character so far is Kate. She seems genuine, innocent, and has a well meaning attitude. At times she seems naive, but I feel a protectiveness for her.

    2. When Sophie walked into the restaurant with her father at her side I immediately thought, well here are two opportunists waiting to mulch some of the financial benefits that comes with being “”friendly”” with Madison. I usually stick with my guts with these pretenses, so I’m not going to trust Charlie… at least for now.

    3. Carmen seems kind of bored with her love life so she’s trying to stire whatever’s in the pot. If I were Kate, I would definitely not feel ok with that; even if Carmen and Luke were to be “”professional love interests.”” Kate should address Carmen about boundaries. Especially if it’s going to be something petty like when Drew had positive things to say about Kate.

    I can’t wait to finish reading this weekend!

    Also a question for Lauren for the online chat:

    Will Madison give up her charade of bitchiness and realize that she has the potential to be a decent human being and good friend?

  • Katie Gallegos

    How do you keep the characters in a interesting story plot line without being boring?

  • Chloe Riley

    I’ve read past Chapter 14. I think I’m on chapter 15 or 16. I’m gonna read some more today. It’s a really good book. Kudos Lauren!!!! To answer your questions: 1. My favorite character is Kate because she’s a nice girl and she’s kinda like me. 2. I think Madison’s father isn’t there for the money. I think he’s there to get to know Madison more and make up for the time he lost with her. 3. If I was Carmen, I would not play along with the charade of dating Luke. If i was Kate, I would not be okay with it. If I was Kate, I would ask Carmen to respect my relationship with Luke.

  • Linda Quach

    The Fame Game is just amazing! Here are my Q&A answers:

    1. My favorite character so far, unlike many of the answers here, is Carmen. I think Kate is a really sweet, genuine person, but I’m more attracted towards Carmen’s bubbly, outgoing personality. I like that she’s fearless by trying to step into the Hollywood scene on her own terms as an individual and not just be known for being the daughter of two famous parents. Carmen is also very aware of her the things that go on around her, and she handles it in a very responsible way. Her strong morals and confidence is amazing.

    2. This is very interesting because my reactions changed multiple times as I was reading the book. However, my gut reaction was that Charlie was there to see his daughter. It’s hard to say that that is completely the case because I do think that her having achieved wealth and fame has something to do with it. I find his behavior of him coming back into his daughter’s life at this point in time questionable, but there’s a possibilty that the timing was just a coincidence. It feels too early to tell, but when I finished Chapter 13, all doubts about him coming back to visit his daughter for the wrong reasons actually disappeared. One of the reasons I had doubts in the first place was not knowing whether or not Charlie actually wrote the letters like he said he did. When that was confirmed by Madison’s mother in the end, it just made me think that Charlie’s true intentions was to make up for all the lost time between his daughters, after realizing his mistake.

    3. I believe Carmen is just feeling bored, so she feels this sense of freedom and so, the need for a different kind of excitement in her life. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t play along with the charade if I were in her shoes. It’s unfair to both Luke and Kate, and relationships aren’t meant to be played lke a game. With that said, what Carmen did is not justifiable; as Kate, I would not be okay with it. However, I wouldn’t be as angry at her so much as see it as a misjudgement on Carmen’s part. After all, I wouldn’t be familiar enough with the Hollywood scene to be in the position to think that many are two-faced and filled with bad intentions (e.g; Madison), especially given Carmen’s warm-hearted, genuine personality on first impression.

    I can’t wait to discuss this with everyone during the chat! Until then, here is my burning question for you, Lauren, about The Fame Game: 😉

    Why did Charlie use letters as the only means of trying to communicate with Madison? If he’s really sorry for what he did like he says he is, did it ever cross his mind to call or visit her? – @style_moodboard

    Thank you!

    XO, Linda at The Style Moodboard

  • Lisa Berry

    Does anyone know what time this will be in the UK?x

  • Alexis Mendez

    My favorit character so far is in a tie between Carmen and Kate. They both have something that i can deeply relate to. I love how Carmen gets so well with her family and how she is just so down to earth. I love music like Kate does and i would find myself doing the exact same things if i were in the same situation as she is in. I definaity think Madison’s father is there to feed off her fame and money. I have to admit that at some moments in the story i feel like he is there because he really just wants to get close to her but it is too much of a couincidence that he came back right when she had fame and money and was never there for her while she was a child which was when she needed him the most. If i were Carmen, would not play along with the charade of dating Luke because it would be obvious that would hurt Kate and it just wouldn’t be the right thing to do. Feelings are more important than Fame. If i were Kate, would not be okay with what Carmen and Luke are doing. I would figure Luke would not be worth it because if he really did like her like he said he did he would not care about what people thought, only about what Kate would think. I think in his mind his love would be more important, and that if he were famous it would be for what he is passionate in doing, not in who he’s dating. Btw, Amazing Book Lauren!!!! I love it, once i start the book, i can’t keep my hands off it!!!

  • Selina Thomanek

    I have to admit, that I already finished the book, it was just too good to put away :) I had to finish it :)
    1. I would have to say Kate. She is just so down to earth and such a sweetheart trying to find her own way in a place she doesn’t know how to handle. Also I really like that she is not judging the others, before getting to know them. I also like Carmen, but she is doing everything to get out of her parenta fame and make it on her own and I don’t think that she should risk loosing a good friend over that.
    2. I think that he wanted to contact her, after seeing her in the TV-shows, but just didn’t know how to handle it. He just needed a little push by her sister. I think he really enjoyed spending time with his daughters, but also knew that there was a lot to gain.
    3. In my opinion Carmen shouldn’t have done what she did. She risks so much by doing this and doesn’t really care about it. I don’t think I would ever do that to a friend. For Kate it is really hard. She is hurt not only by her friend, but also by her boyfriend. I don’t know if I could handle that. I would probably be really mad at both of them and would show them that their behavior is not okay…

    I’m looking forward to the next book already :)

  • Katherine G

    I loved “”The Fame Game”” and I have to say that I was skeptical about Madison being the main character. Even though this character wasn’t a main role, I really enjoyed the role of Drew. He’s like the comic relief but without the comedy if that makes sense. Personally, I would be against the whole charade between Carmen/Kate/Luke. Its one of those situations that even once you understand the backstory and the reasoning, it still isn’t right. But then again I live in Alabama not LA 😉 I can’t wait to see what is next for these characters!

  • Orsolya Toth

    Hey Lauren! :)

    First of all, I have a question about your book series: are you planning to make your books available in foregin languages too? I am Hungarian and I would love to read it in my own language.
    Not books related: If I would like to get an autograph from you, where can I send a letter/photo? Thanks!

    Your biggest fan from Hungary:


  • Martin M
  • Alysia Jones

    does anyone know what time this would be in England ?

  • Marianne Jarvis

    It should be at 11:45-12:00 start time in the Uk. I sent you an email. Hope that helps Alysia Jones :) xx

  • Marianne Jarvis

    Lisa Berry – the chat will start at 11:45pm-12:00 in the uk . I sent you an email. Hope this helps :) xx

  • Marianne Jarvis

    In response to Lauren question regarding the Fame Game:

    Q1) My favourite character is Kate since she is down to earth and is a hard-working girl. Trying to make a living something we can all relate to.

    Q2) I think that he is there for the fame and money to some extent but I do think he feels guilty for not seeing his daughter in so long and does love her. It’s obvious he has made so many mistakes, though.

    Q3) On a personal level, no. I like Carmen and understand her dilemma and a lot of people would do what she would for fame. I know that this is part of the fame indrustry but nothing can compare to your friends or real relationships who make you who you are.

    My questions for Lauren:

    Q1:) Who was the funnest character to write?

    Q2: How did this character evolve?

    Q3) Did you intend for Madison character to showcase a different side of herself? In this book she seems like the audience can sympathise with her a lot more, was this the intention?

    I have a few more questions but I’ll save it for the livechat.

    Looking forward to it :) xx

  • Chloee Griffiths

    will you ever make your books into a film’s? no1 fan right here i have your quote ”Love isnt a maybe thing tattooed on me :)

  • Chloee Griffiths

    i was a bit dissapointed you ended jane’s story. will you ever continue the LA candy series? xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Chloee Griffiths

    will you EVER do a book tour in the UK? im gutted everytime you do one and never come to euorpe!!!!!!! :(!

  • Gabriel Fuentes

    1) My favorite is Kate becuase she is the more relatiable one over all the other girls.

    2) I think he is trying to do both because he want to win her love back so she can trust him so he can get to her money and fame

    3) If I were Carmen I would not be ok dating someone who my BFF is crushing on. And if I was Kate I wouldnt be ok with that because it looks like my BFF is stabing me in the back

  • Amy Johnston

    Has the chat started?

  • Brittany Ann Kilpatrick

    1.) My favorite character so far is Madison. The facade that she tries to put on makes you so curious about her. You therefore begin to want to know more about her for this reason. You want to know what drives her, and what brought her to want to put on such an act ,and go through such a huge transformation. You wonder, what was it about her life that was so horrible that she would want to change her whole identity?

    2.) It is too suspicious that he came back into her life just as she was making a lot of cash. I’m sure he had at least some time before she became famous to try to contact her. Why now? Oh yeah, money. Even if he has some sincerity. How much of it is an act and how much is real?

    3.) If I was Carmen I would not play along with the charade of dating Luke. I would try to make Luke man up and stand up for his woman. I wouldn’t just accept the Hollywood code of conduct.

    Even though it would ruin some things for her to do so, if I were I would want my career to based on integrity and dignity. I wouldn’t want fame to change that.

  • Jesse McCrum

    i couldnt find a way so ill have to say, one day



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