The Fame Game: Let’s Chat!



I’m thrilled that my new book The Fame Game finally hits stores tomorrow! I can’t wait for you to read it and let me know what you think about Madison and her new castmates. I’m also excited to announce that because so many of you decided to pre-order The Fame Game, I’m going to participate in an exclusive Livestream event so I can chat directly with you and answer some of your questions about the book! Keep checking back here on for more details on when the event will take place.

Thank you for ALL your support! And for those who haven’t pre-ordered, no worriesโ€“ The Fame Game is available everywhere books are sold starting tomorrow.

Thank you again and stay tuned for more details about the Livestream chat.

In the meantime, if you have any questions you would like to see me answer during the Livestream, leave them in the comments below! Who knows, I might give you a shout out and answer your question during the live video chat.

XO Lauren


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  • soupforthegirlysoul
  • Mariella

    yeah!! I can’t wait to read this book!!! congrats Lauren!! :)

  • Alexandra Dadisman

    Lauren, here’s my question: Out of all the projects you are currently working on (your blog, books, clothing lines, etc), which one is your favorite and why?

    Adventures with Alexandra

  • Tiffani Stuart

    Spent half my lunchbreak talking wardrobe with my sister for the book signing!!! I’ll see you next Monday!

  • Louna Charaf

    Yaay, can’t wait to have this new book! I also can’t wait for the livechat :D.

    My question is: How and why did you start writing?

  • Nadine.Elizabeth

    My question is: What compelled you to start writing The Fame Game?

    Please answer my question Lauren, it would mean the world to me!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Shelby Rector

    I can’t wait to read what new drama Madison Parker is up to!! LC my question would be–What do you think is more your passion; writing or designing clothes?

  • Petra Zeller

    Really excited and you looking sooo beautiful on this picture. The dress and necklace are so gorgeous.
    xoxo, Petra take a look ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Kayla Graham

    Hey Lauren, here is my question:

    1. If I wanted to ask about doing a 10 question Author Interview with you for my blog, who would I need to contact? Or is that even possible (I assume you are really really busy!)

    I am so excited about The Fame Game!!! I have loved watching you from Laguna Beach and The Hills, and then I found out you wrote books which is so amazing because I LOVE TO READ!

    Kayla Graham @ Bengal Reads

  • Melissa Panici

    YAY!!! I’m so excited for your book Lauren!! I also can’t wait for the live chat! You are very welcome for the support:) It is well deserved! My question would be to you: What is your favorite piece from your Spring LC Lauren Conrad Collection? Also, I can’t wait to see you Monday in Lexington!!

  • Martin M

    OMG it sounds so so cool. Im pretty excited about. Cant wait for ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Annemerel –

    AAAAH! I already read the book this weekend. In The Netherlands they sold it a little early I guess.. and I promise it’s GOOOOOOD!!!

    Didn’t know it was possible, but I came to love Madison a little..

  • Rebekah W

    amazing idea :)

    my question: Where did you take inspirations from to write this novel and designing the beautiful cover? :)


  • Brandy Hyder

    Hi Lauren! I read all three of the books from the 1st series and I am very excited to read The Fame Game. My question to you is: Did you graduate from FIDM? And if so are you using your degree that you earned from there?

  • redheadrachel

    So excited to read your new book, Lauren! Here are my questions…

    1) Where is your favorite place to sit down and write? Are there any snacks or drinks you like to have on hand for writing sessions?

    2) There was talk about turning the L.A. Candy series into a movie. Is that still a possibility? I think it would be great!

    3) What made you continue a story for Madison’s character as opposed to the other girls in the series?

  • Becca Waldron

    What made you decide to be an author?

  • karly goins

    Lauren, what is your favorite part about writing these books?

  • maud wetering

    i really love your books! if you want, come to the Netherlands, jup that little country! it’s lovely and people love you!

    loves from the Netherlandss

  • Melissa Riollano

    wait what time will the live chat be??

  • Greta Gabriel

    Have you always loved to write, or is this a newfound interest? I love your books by the way. :)

  • Emilie v K

    Hi Lauren! My question: Is the story based on your own experiences, being in a reality soap? I love your books (especially LA CANDY!! โ™ฅ โ™ฅ ) xxx

  • Katarzyna Kuta

    Hi Lauren I have a question.

    Do you plan a trip to Europe to promote your books and clothes? I have all your books from England, but I would be happy if your books and clothes were available in other European countries , is it possible?



  • Johanna Thiessen

    From where do you take your inspiration? :-)

  • Kellie Norton

    Yay!! This is so exciting!! My question is: What made you want to do a spin off of Madison instead of Scarlett or continuing with Jane? I’ve have always been curious :-)

    -Kellie Norton

  • Nathalie

    Did you made up the storyline all by yourself or where there people to help you with that?

    Can’t wait to buy your book in the stores!

  • Rosalina Felipe

    Hey Lauren!

    My question is what made you want to become a fashion designer? What made you be inspire to create your own clothing line “”Paper Crown”” and at Kohls?

    My other question is: What other careers were you interested in before you became a fashion designer?


  • Diamenrose

    Hey Lauren,

    you know what i know that sounds crazy but i got your book 2 weeks ago! I don’t know what it means but yeah….HOwever i haven’t started reading it yet :) I can’t wait for the live chat! HOw did you come to the idea that Madison Parker should get her own spin-off show ;D? And what are Jane and Scarlet doing?

  • Diamenrose
  • Kiwi

    Why did you name the books the title they are? L.A Candy? The Fame Game?

  • Jessica LIOU

    Will Jane and Scarlet be in Madison’s new book?

  • Jess Masse

    Hi Lauren!! I’m curious about what book has been the most fun for you to write so far?

    Love you so much! -Jess

  • Lisa Berry

    I can’t wait to read The Fame Game.

    Your so pretty, what’s the BEST hair product you have ever used?



  • Fernanda Viana de Almeida

    So nice ๐Ÿ˜‰ I have a question! Would you like to come to Brazil someday? Brasil’s fashion is so california like but more fresh! xoxo

  • Martin M
  • Michelle LaPorte
  • Carmel Sanders

    Hi Lauren,

    I love your books and this website. It is wonderful to see someone in Hollywood setting a positive example. I was wondering what your greatest insipration is?


  • Chelsea Grigg

    Hi Lauren!

    You are the biggest inspiration ever, I have loved you since Laguna Beach, and I have seen every episode of The Hills 4 times!

    Many people say that you have had inspirations from the LA Candy series from your Hills castmates. I was just wondering if anything inspired you to write this book? Again, you are so beautiful and a huge inspiration! Keep doing what you do, because you are an amazing designer and author!


  • Kristen Thomas


    While filming your tv show and learning how fame can quickly change people did you start brainstorming ideas for the book while filming the show or did you wait until you were done with the series to pick ideas from your past experiences?



  • Claire Coppersmith

    Would you advise someone to pursue a fashion career or go into a more practical field. And if so, what would you suggest they do to help them be successful in fashion?

    What is your favorite part of your life/jobs? (Fashion designing for Kohls or Paper Crown, writing, or other?)

    Also, on The Hills, you had to decide who to trust and stuff, how did you decide who was worth trusting the most?

  • veronicag

    Lauren what is your daily routine ?

  • Michelle Balady

    Hi Lauren,

    2 Questions!

    1. What do you think the hottest trend this summer will be?

    2. DO you have interns at your Paper Crown Offices?? I promise I would make a great one!


  • LivHay

    Can’t Waitt!!

  • Berenice del Carpio

    Can’t wait!!

    I do have a question :)

    I wanna know if in The Fame Game series Madison will ever cross path with Jane and Scarlett again :)

    Looking forward to the livestream event !!

  • Rachael Olear

    Hey Lauren! I have a few questions…

    – What do you consider your style to be?

    – How do create the personailities of the characters in the LA Candy books?

    -Most random question: how did you get the name Chloe for your dog?

  • Julie Nguyen

    Which book series were/are your most anticipated to release? L.A. Candy or tomorrow’s Fame Game release? Also, your Style book vs. your upcoming Beauty book? My favorite out of all of your books is the last of the L.A. Candy series, I didn’t know what to do with myself once I finished!

  • Stacy H.Costello

    Hey Lauren! -can you do giveaways of your book BEAUTY? I would really want to own a personal signed copy since I live in Canada :)

    -Can you give me tips on writting a book?.. I would want to write one later in my life.

    Thanks, XXX Stacy

  • Jaclyn Last name

    How do you begin the writing process?

    Who or what is the most influential inspiration in your life in regards to deciding to write these books?

    What advice would you give young women who aspire to become a writer one day?

  • Jenna Cavanagh

    Lauren, what is your favorite “”go-to”” outfit and why?

  • whitney mornson

    Would you ever write a book with Trevor Lord being the main character? I know he is a hot scumbag, but I found him really interesting and entertaining =)

  • Beth P

    So excited for this!!!

    Here’s my question: Was Madison Parker inspired by Heidi? Also, which character is your favorite from the LA Candy series?

  • Mark Orlando

    Do you find fiction and storytelling easy!

    What advice do you have to someone who has to use stories and fiction in their visionary leadership graduate studies papers more this summer– Management Communications yea!!! Looking forward to it and will be looking to you to inspire some fiction that will inspire and enhance the dream!!

  • Emilie

    Wow how exciting. Can’t wait to read.

    xo Emilie @

  • Mayte Menchaca

    Hey Lauren in your new series I was wondering if Jane and Scarlet stop by?

  • jazzygirl

    Hi Lauren,

    Which do you prefer more desiging clothes or writting books? Also do you plan on writting a book about your life?

  • Jerri Fitz

    Hey Lauren! Here’s my question:

    L.A. Candy was so fun to read because I think a lot of girls felt that they could relate to Jane because she was just an “”average”” girl that stumbled into a not-so-average life. Now with the Fame Game, how will readers be able to relate to Madison Parker?

    Looking forward to seeing you later this week!

  • Jennifer Host

    Will Scarlett and Madison ever get along with each other, including the others?

    -xox jennifer (p.s. your an idollllll) :)

  • Jacqueline Chan

    Hi Lauren!

    What advice do you have for aspiring fashionistas looking to establish themselves in the world we live in today?

    Thank you for continuing to be my one and only inspiration. There isn’t a day that goes by I ask myself W.W.L.D. (What Would Lauren Do?)

    Congratulations on The Fame Game, girlie! Counting down until the release of Beauty.



  • Jordan Greig

    Hey Lauren, I just wanted to know are the events and characters in both of the series based on real events? because I love trying to work out who is who but I love how the personalities are kind of mixed, also will there be another book after lauren Conrad: Beauty? I live by Lauren Conrad: Style, in fabric class I convinced the teacher to make it our textbook and it worked! You are like my favourite person on earth and you are a better author than anyone else and you give amazing advice :) Hope you reply xo

  • Vanessa R

    I forgot about this! I just checked my kindle and it’s already there! Perect timing since I go on vacation soon. I’ll have the perfect read :)

  • Claudia Merrill

    Hi Lauren, when will your beauty book be coming out in Australia? xo

  • Ellandra Leach


    Is Jane going to appear in The Fame Game?

    And I remember rumours about an L.A Candy film, is this still happening?

    You’re fantastic!


  • Lily Clark

    what is your favourite thing about writing your own books? lily clark x

  • Susanna Hall

    Lauren, you look so amazing in the picture above! I pre-ordered The Fame Game on Amazon and got a notification that it shipped today! I’m excited to read it :) I absolutely loved the LA Candy series!

  • Megan M

    This is a non-book related question but what kind of dog is Chloe? Is she a shepherd mix? I want to get a puppy in the next year but I can’t decide on what kind of dog (I like big dogs with short hair) and your Chloe is adorable :)

  • Catherine Tyndall

    Hi Lauren my friends and I are very curious to know if you are still friends with and will you ever date Steven? :)

  • Danielle Anderson

    Would you ever concider expanding your clothing line for petites, at kohls. Everything is so old looking. Believe me if you ever take a walk over there, you would know what I mean.

  • Perindi Patel

    hey lauren its perindi from the United Kingdom, i was wondering if you would ever promote or do a booking signing for any of your books here in the UK! xxxxxx lots of love :)

  • Perindi Patel

    hey lauren would you ever consider writing an autobiograohy! xxx

  • MissKimberly

    Beings you’re such an inspirational person, what/who inspired you to begin writing?

  • Raquel Tansier

    Hi Lauren!

    Im super excited for the Livestream event! Ive always wanted to meet you and ask you everything i ever wanted to know about you! It would mean the world to me if you could give me a shout out on Livestream! You inspire me in so many ways! Ive been a fan since day 1. From Laguna Beach, to The Hills, And so on. I absolutely adore you (: Im hoping to attend your book signing in Los Angeles, CA and im so excited about it! I just want to Thankyou for being an amazing person and a great rolemodel for woman around the world (: xoxo Raquel

  • Raquel Tansier

    My question: Was it always your dream to write books or did you recently find interest in it?

    Also, if you continue writing more books, what do you think you will write next?

    Have you ever been interested in writing an autobiography?

  • Claudia Miuccio

    Hello Lauren! There’s a question I have always wanted to ask you: What did you study to get to work in Teen Vogue? I’m studying Advertising and Public Relations and then I want to do something related with fashion. You’re my inspiration and the reason why I choose my career :)

  • Karmele Garcia

    Where were you when the first lines of the book came to your mind? :)

  • ellie grogan

    do you think your line will ever be sold in australia?

  • ellie grogan

    i agree with that girl from the UK, u should totes write an autobiography!

  • ellie grogan

    WHat is livestream?

  • ellie grogan

    Are you ever going to come to Australia? PLEASE COME!

  • ellie grogan

    Please come to Melbourne!

  • ellie grogan

    Have you ever been to Australia before?

  • ellie grogan

    Where is the best place you have visited?

  • ellie grogan

    Who is your favourite character on Jersey shore?

  • Karen Rideout

    I am so excited to read the books! I was wondering if you could go back and change something in one of the previous L.A. Candy novels, what would it be?

  • ellie grogan

    Are you watching the new season of Jersey Shore?

  • ellie grogan

    Whats your favourite show right now?

  • ellie grogan

    Whats your favourite book?

  • ellie grogan

    When will a new book be announced for your book club?

  • ellie grogan

    Whats your favourite pair of shoes you own?

  • ellie grogan

    Is it true that the LA Candy books are going to be made into a movie?

  • ellie grogan

    this isnt a question, but like a month ago, i tweeted spener pratt saying ‘why r u still doing homework when ur like 30’ and he called me a stupid preteen, and im not even a preteen,lol? ANd then heaps of his fan started tweeting me saying like ‘f*** u’ and stuff, it was not nice haha.

  • ellie grogan

    What sort of music do u like?

  • ellie grogan

    Whats ur favourite snack food?

  • ellie grogan

    Whats your favourite song right now?

  • ellie grogan

    Are you still obsessed with Mark Jacobs?

  • ellie grogan

    Whats your favourite store?

  • ellie grogan

    DO you have tumblr?

  • ellie grogan

    Whats your favourite peice of clothing you own?

  • ellie grogan

    Are there any outfits you regret wearing on the hills?

  • ellie grogan

    What are your plans for Easter?

  • ellie grogan

    Whats your favourite type of Easter egg?

  • ellie grogan

    DO you watch one tree hill?

  • ellie grogan

    Do you watch Fashion Police, on E! ?

  • ellie grogan

    Who is your style icon?

  • ellie grogan

    Who is your favourite fashion designer, marc jacobs? haha

  • ellie grogan

    What is your hair naturally like?

  • ellie grogan

    how much excersise do u do to stay looking so thin?

  • Amanda Lucas

    I know i heard things about making your books into a that still going to be a option one day? I love the books so when la candy series is finished will you be starting a brand new series with a new plot or new story. you are a fanasatic author and i would love to see what else you come up with!!!

  • Thelma Arevalo

    My question is the following: How do you deal with difficult people in the fashion industry?

  • Al

    I am happy that you are so successful, and I wish the best for you always. I was just wondering about your next book after The Fame Game, will there be a book tour for it and will you ever have a chance to come to Rochester, New York someday. I just wanted to add I am a huge fan of yours, I try to follow you on facebook, I am very happy you have a way for us to connect, you are more like a best friend. So as always be safe and get some rest. God Bless

  • Juan C Montalvo

    Everytime I see you , I can relate to you, because My best friend since high school also betrayed me, and everytime I look at heidi, I look at, what happened to me, and I look at all the things we could’ve have had.

  • Caitlin Clancey

    Is the Fame Game a totally new series or does it continune on from the L.A. Candy Series?

  • Chris

    i can’t wait to receive it in the mail!!!!

    how often do you wash your hair, and how do you do to keep them perfect all the time?!

  • Chris

    oh and a question about the book: is it inspired by some people we may have seen on TV?

    (LA candies serie was, but are they the same people.? )

  • Amanda Lucas


  • Katherine Elise

    What sports did you play in high school?

  • Gabriel Fuentes

    Hi Lauren,

    My question is in not only The Fame Game but in the L.A. Candy series you wrote how the prodoucer would text the character “”suggestions”” on either what to do or say, is that how it was when you were on The Hill? Did the producers text you with “”suggestions”” as it was mentioned in the book?

  • Helen Chai

    Just picked up my copy today in Australia, so going to start reading, but i have soo much work and i get hooked in when i start reading, the books that you write are too damn interesting to put down!!! :)

  • Chris

    Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! I pre-ordered on amazon uk and just found the copy in my mailbox!!! can’t wait to read it! i’m sure i won’t be able to put the book down coz it must be awesome!

  • heartloom

    It was great to meet you in Portland…I just would of hoped you would give your fans a photo opportunity. I think before the signing starts it would be great if you allow a few minutes for photo’s…it was almost impossible they way it was set up in Portland. A little disapointing after waiting so long to see u :



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