Photo Diary: Touring, Treats & More

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! I spent a majority of my time last week on tour for my new book, The Fame Game. I stopped in Chicago, Austin, Dallas and Houston and am finally back home in LA. The final stop on my book tour is tonight at Barnes & Noble at The Grove in Los Angeles. If you’re in the area, please stop by (Click here for all the details)! I love meeting you guys and hearing what you think about the book. Anyway, the point of this post is to show you guys what I’ve been up to this past week. So, without further ado, here is my past week in photos…

Before heading out to Chicago, I did some work at the Paper Crown offices. This book, 9 Heads, is the only book I still use from school.


Saw this and just really liked it.


Finally got to Chicago and loved these ladies’ homemade tees.


Got this cute friendship bracelet at one of the signings…
Then I was off to Texas. I felt pretty tough with my spiked collar…though it may have been offset by my headband and tweed shorts.


Isn’t that the truth? Especially if it’s early in the morning… :)


Wore denim on denim… I think it’s a definite do so long as the denims are contrasting shades.


And a little something to remember me by Dallas…
This watch was water resistant. Unfortunately, it wasn’t Lauren-proof…


Well hello gentleman…


And goodbye. (Man-eater!)
Yum! Nothing beats old-school tots…
Watched this beautiful sunset on the flight home…
Back in LA at last! Stopped by On Air with Ryan Seacrest to say hi…


Then I was off to Chelsea Lately…and this happened:
Did you come to one of my signings? Or are you coming to my LA signing tomorrow? Let me know in the comments.

Also, what do you think about the denim on denim look? Do or don’t?

XO Lauren

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  • Ariadna Morelos

    Loved meeting you!!!

  • Ariadna Morelos

    i went to the Houston signing. I was soo excited to meet you that i didn’t even know what to say when i finally got the chance to meet you. lol

  • Melissa Panici

    Thanks for the photos Lauren! I like the denim on denim:) I went to your book signing in Lexington, KY. I gave you a card! Hopefully you remember me lol! Can’t wait for another book tour Lauren. I will definately be driving far again for it because you are worth it!!

  • Kellie Norton

    I was unable to make it to any of your book signings because you didn’t come anywhere close to me :-( but I know there will be other chances to see you!! I love your denim look, totally creative :-) I also love your spiked collar!!

    -Kellie N

  • Nicola Merkle

    I went to your signing and it was awesome i was so nervous to meet you i couldn’t believe you stood so close to me it was like a dream!! You are the sweetest person and i’m so glad i got my cahnce to meet you!! I hope i can meet you again one day! It would be awesome to meet you and have lunch or something that would be my dream!! xoxo

  • Ashley Rene

    I came to your Houston signing. I was the gal from louisiana with the audrey hepburn shirt on! loved meeting you!

  • Amy Breckenridge

    i was lucky enough to meet you in boston, and you were so sweet! you look cute in denim on denim, but i am not so sure i could pull it off… :)

    here’s my photo diary of the past week:


  • Diana Arvizu

    I went to your book signing in Houston, ^_^ you noticed the purple tint in my hair

    Thanks for coming to Houston!!

  • soupforthegirlysoul

    I love the denim on denim look! I wish I could’ve gone to one of your signings–one of my friends did and I’m so jealous!

  • Rachel Abbott

    The denim on denim look is a definitely DO! I really admire your style.

  • Rachel Trampel

    So cute! Love all of these styles! Definitely love denim on denim, and I agree about the difference in shades helps! Love your spiked collar, how cute are those strawberries and so glad I have instagram now so I can follow you!

  • Liz

    Love the audrey hepburn saying! it screams me every morning!

  • Lizzie

    Lauren, next book tour you need to come to San Francisco! I was surprised you didn’t!

  • Lindsey Rosati

    I went to the Anderson’s Bookshop signing in Naperville! You were so friendly & sweet, loved that I got to meet you! I skipped my night class for it! :)

  • Christina Graci

    the original denim on denim is called the canadian tuxedo. we started this trend in the 70’s haha, glad the rest of the world is catching on.

  • JennySue Makeup

    What a fun photo gallery!! I love your winged liner and fuchsia lips with the stud collar the best- very bad ass! So cool you met Ryan Seacrest- although he doesn’t look much taller than you:)

  • laura sacco

    I went to your book signing in NYC; I was the one who cried because I was so ecstatic..then asked you about writer’s block and told you i loved your pinterest! (youre right, it is addicting!)..keep on writing, cant wait for the rest of the fame game series! xoxo

  • Tiffani Stuart

    I came w/my sisters to your Lexington, KY signing!! We wish we could’ve stayed to the very end, to see if you’d take pics– but we had a long drive back & had to work the next day. You were a true gem & we all appreciate the influence & impact you’ve had on us! ;0)

  • Sanne R.

    Wish I could come to one of your book signings, are you coming to Europe anytime soon?
    The Audrey Hepburn saying is SO TRUE!

  • Melissa Litchfield

    Love the denim on demin look! And you are right I think it’s fine if you do different shades, so a dark rinse jean and a light denim button down!

  • Savanna McCraw

    I love denim on denim and I don’t think enough people do it! Of course if they are contrasting, with light and dark shades.

  • Victoria Mather

    Just finished reading The Fame Game and I LOVED it! Best one yet!

  • Danny

    I loved your shade of lipstick from Dallas. Seriously gorgeous.



    with love from“”>Mademoiselle Meese

  • Martin M

    Thanks for beeing so inspiring!!! Lauren you are amazing. Thanks for beeing there for us and to share your life!

  • Ania Zacharzewska

    I would love to come to your LA signing tommorrow but unfortunately is about 12 hours fly distance. Lots of love from London. love all the pics.

    xxx AZ


    Visited you in Houston…felt incredibly LUCKY that I was able to have a short chat with you although I wish it was longer and spent over cocktails!! I loved your bright lipstick and eyeliner and wish I would have stayed until the very end to snap a photo with you but I didn’t know that was a possibility! Hopefully I will have a chat with you in the near future over fashion, boys, and just life!! :-) Not sure if your able to view but below is my pic of me with your autographed book!

  • Tory Pugliese

    Denim on denim look SOOO DO!!! It’s unique and different :)


  • Essie

    Hope to attend one of your signings soon.(:

  • michele richardson

    denim on denim is really hard to pull off. It can be a do, but its SO hard. I usally like to wear a denim shirt ( I have a really cute denium tubetop. it looks kindaaa like a corsett) with my white jeans. I think that is the cutest :)

  • Jacinda Carlisle

    Had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with you during your NYC visit. You looked gorgeous and I appreciated the very sweet early birthday wishes – thank you! Also, having Trey stop by was an added bonus. :) Loved the LA Candy series and really enjoying The Fame Game! Can’t wait for The Beauty Book, thanks for being an inspiration!

  • Kelly Elaine

    MAN EATER! So funny!

  • Emily k.

    I found out you came to Naperville and I’m SO SAD I missed it!!!!! :(

  • Liesl

    I can’t wait to read your book! Unfortunately, I’ll have to wait a while for it to arrive in Taiwan!

    Liesl xxx

  • Lisa

    Please come to Florida for a signing!

  • Kimberly Reed

    I came to your Naperville Illinois book signing and shook your hand and asked you if you bought the house on The Hills tv show…..back in June 2009…! Since then bought a house in Florida.and moved out of Illinois for good! Andersons Bookstore was great!

  • Nikki Kenney

    Hey Lauren! I wasnt able to make it to your book signing. I had to work. I hope that I will one day be able to meet you and get one of your amazing books signed. I do live here in California (Huntington Beach to be exact) so if your ever feeling generous and have some spare time… can always sign my book! Lol Jk.

    Also, I love the Denim on Denim look. It looks extremely sharp, clean, crisp and very fresh!

    Keep up the good work! And I hope you had a wonderful tour!


  • Mayte Menchaca

    Went to the signing in KC, it was a long drive but totally worth the 2 hours of sleep I got untill I had to wake up for school. I love the books there’re great, keep it up! Thanks for bieng such an inspiration, much love!

  • Leslie Esparza

    I had fun meeting you when you came to Chicago (Napervile)… I drove close to 2 hours just to see you! And I dragged my husband along lol. I felt like a little school girl meeting her idol and was speechless and dumbfounded! I was stutterting! I just wanted to let you know that I am a big fan of your old shows… Laguna Beach and The Hills were my guilty pleasure!! I even named my daughter after Audrina except I spelled it Audryna! Please give me ur makeup tips with your eyeliner. What brand do you use? I do the same line but I use the L’Oreal H.I.P cream eyeliner. Only because it stays on all day!! Well again it was nice seeing ya!!

  • Jerri Fitz

    Tots! Wish I could have visited you on tour, but I’ll definitely try to come in November if you go on another one. Looking forward to reading Starstruck when it comes out! :)

  • fifi

    come to england!!!

  • Casey Lynn

    Love your spiked collar!



  • kelley mitton

    Love the spikey shirt and make-up! What lipstick are you wearing?

  • Emily F.

    I definitely LOVE the denim on denim look! So cute, i’ll have to try it out. <3

  • Sofia Eskelinen

    Finally got my own Fame Game, can’t wait to read it! (: x

  • Rebecca Bakofsky

    I went to your Ridgewood signing and it was totally worth it! I had so much fun! Can you do a post on how to do the denim on denim?

  • Crystal Posner

    Hi Lauren, I was at your signing last night at The Grove! You are so sweet!! Loved your outfit!

  • Karen Vega

    Hi Lauren i was at book signing in the grove!!! you outfit was flawless!! cant wait to see pictures of it! and i love what you did to you hair 😀

  • Cadence Lee

    Hi Lauren,

    I was pretty lil sad that I didnt get to see you @ your book signing! I try my best to beat the LA traffic…. by the time I got to the grove it was 7:45pm and I rush into the B&N to see if I can still make it to your signing? The B&N workers told me its over already and that I just miss you and you just left! Well I hope to make it to your next book signing if you are having another…

  • Cadence Lee

    actually it was 8pm not 7:45pm.

  • fashionsontop

    Love all the pictures! Those strwberries look so good!

  • Alexis Mendez


    i was able to go to your book sign at the Grove!!! I was soo nervous but i thought it was great that i got the chance to see you! I loved how you said you liked my freckles and you mentioned my nail polish that actually reminds me of a nail polish color you would wear! I had such an amazing time! Hope one day i can be an amazing fashion designer like youuu<33333

  • Angie de los Santos

    I am SO bummed that I missed you here in Austin! (and in Houston for that matter!) Happy travels and come back to Texas soon!!!

  • Vivien Harmat

    I was at the Houston signing. It was so good :)

  • Monica Castillo

    Saw you in Houston…I was I’m complete awe of you!!! You are stunning && so sweet. I wanted to say so much more than I did. I also gave u a bangle w a bow on it :)

  • Emilie

    Love the little dipped strawberries! How cute :)

    xo Emilie

    PS please visit my blog @

  • Tania Alvarez

    I love your casio watch, how can i find it?

    I want one!


  • Eliza Zamora

    i am soooo happy, i got to meet you in Chicago!!

    girls-check my blog for pics!

  • Brandy Proschko

    I went to the one in Austin! I had so much fun and it was a great way to end a busy tax season!!!

  • Petra Zeller

    Love this pictures. You looking so beautiful with the red lipstick.
    xoxo, Petra

  • Elizabeth LaBrasca

    wish i could have come to one of your signings =( love the 9 heads book, i use mine all the time too! love love lovee the studded collar, so cute! as for denim on denim i completely agree! its all about the shades =) thanks for sharing your pictures!

    xo Elizabeth

  • Gabrielle Wojcik

    I went to your Chicago book signing Lauren, and I was so nervous! You looked even better in person than I’ve seen you on television. It was such an amazing experience to meet you! I was so nervous that only part of my planned line came out of my mouth haha!

  • Jessica Mullersman

    I would of loved to have gone to one of your book signings but you didn’t go to Orlando this time around. Last year you were in Winter Park and I just found out to soon. Next book tour you need to come to Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra Beach, or St. Augustine!!!

  • Johanne Evans

    where can i get this casio watch fromm?? iv looked everywhere and i NEED it in my life :) xx

  • Angela Brutyan

    i saw you at the grove signing! best day of my life! i love your collared shirt! where did you get it from? 😮

  • Amz Dehil

    Oh how I wish you did a signing in the UK :-( Love your spiked collar shirt! And I wouldn’t normally wear denim on denim, but you pulled it off great! x

  • lisa nguyen

    Hi lovely! I met you when you were in Chicago and i must say, you are the sweetest thing ever! xoxo. I gave you a flipbook made from papercinemas. Do you still have it?

    Check us out on facebook! :)



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