ID Me: My Little (Pink) Pony Look



Last night was the final stop of my book tour for The Fame Game. Seeing as it was the finale to a long tour, I decided to pull out all the stops. Okay, maybe not all but I did debut a freshly painted pink ponytail. I figure that I might as well have fun experimenting while I’m still young. And it’s only temporary so it’s really not that big of a commitment… Fashion is about having fun and taking chances. Plus the pink tipped pony added the perfect pop of color to my otherwise monochromatic look.



In case you’re wondering what I wore, the top is actually from Urban Outfitters; it’s the Sparkle & Fade Studded Collar Button-Down Blouse. The skirt is Paper Crown and the heels are from my LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s. I like contrasting tough pieces like the studded collar top with more feminine items such as the full skirt. The pairing is unexpected but it still works.

Style Tip: When mixing defined looks like I did (tough + girly), be sure to keep proportions in mind. If you are wearing a short skirt, offset the volume with a modest, close-fitting top and vice versa. Most importantly, remember this: Fashion is not only fun–it’s a balancing act too.

What do you think about my playful, pink-tipped look?

XO Lauren


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  • Kellie Norton

    I love this look!! It’s so daring :-) I saw on twitter that you and Kristin Ess were discussing the topic of this new do :-) I think it’s awesome that you’re so confident and can pull this off! I might have to try it out sometime soon :-)

  • Beth P

    I LOVE your look. It’s so cute and I love the unexpected #poc! I kind of want to test out pastel pink tips… My hair is the same color as yours. What do you think?

  • fashionsontop

    Love this look on you! The pink on the ends look amazing!

  • John Silva

    So, which “”My Little Pony”” is your hair modeled after?

  • Karie Obremski

    LOVE IT! I’m going to have to try it out. (:

  • Michelle Marquez

    It’s adorable! I love the pop of pink.

  • Alexis Mendez

    Love it!!!I thought you looked faulous at your book sign! I had an amazing time meeting you<33

  • Dannielle Sumter

    I love the pink pony tail! I’m going to get some pink and peach color in my hair! :)

  • Christina Graci
  • Molly Spining

    I love that! Your look is edgy but girly too! The perfect combo. How did you do the pink pony?

  • Liesl

    So cute and daring! Looks good, Lauren! :-)

    Liesl xxx

  • soupforthegirlysoul

    I love this! I wish I had to guts to do it!! :)

  • Nancy Delgado

    I love love love this!! I enjoy the fact that’s it’s tempoaray making it less of a commitment. If anyone knows of a product that is similiar to what Lauren used (temporary) and that would work on black hair please let me know! I’m dying to add a pop of color to my hair now that spring is here :)

  • Tejal Khatri

    I was there at your book signing and you looked so gorgeous!
    You’re honestly the nicest person i’ve ever met!
    I love you LC <3 & i definitely would like to see a DIY on your pink dip dye (:

  • Brittany Birdwell

    I think it’s impossible for anything to look bad on you, you are so beautiful, girly!

  • Jennifer Sellen

    Love the pink pony… its edgy but still sophisticated. and you always look classy πŸ˜‰

  • Shelby S


  • Dy Shiny

    great idea!!!! :)

  • Kasia Tumasz


  • Valera Ved

    That’s cool, keep experimenting :)

  • Chelsea Underwood

    like your twitter followers requested when you posted an up-close pic of your pink pony, can you please make a tutorial on how to do this. (I assume you probably went to the salon but for those who cannot afford or are not willing to go for something non permanent). Thanks! <3

  • Lily P.

    I agree that experiments are good and I love this pink ponytail!It makes a great contrast with the whole look and it fits perfectly for a cute spring look :))

  • Melissa Panici

    I LOVE your pink tip!! You look amazing as always:)

  • Tiffani Stuart

    In LOVE with this look on you!! It brings out the little edge in your attitude, into your fashion!!! LOVE!

  • Diamenrose

    I like your expreminents but i think the result of this experiment wasn’t good. Your pink-tipped look wwasn’t a big deal however i think your pink-tipped look was distracting…

  • Genevie Danielle

    So adorable!

  • Izabella

    you Lauren always look amazing!!

  • Lupsie

    For some reason, every time I saw this, I thought of My Little Pony.

  • Tere Sa

    It’s very funny your little pink pony…you are always beautiful!!!

  • chamil

    I love the pink color…it looks good with your skin tone!

  • Sigrun Albertsdottir

    I really love it! :) I’ve also had pink ends for about two months, but they are almost gone now πŸ˜€

  • Eva Kosec

    So soo cute! I wish I would have enough courage to try this myself, but I’m still kinda scared :)

  • KhloeWindsor

    LOVE IT ! Can we have a tutorial and what product that you used ?!

  • Monica Lopez

    I think the pink is fun and you could pull it off, so why not? I would like to do something more adventurous with my hair but it won’t be appropriate for my job. I could always add a few fun colored extensions on weekends! Anyway, you’re as beautiful and inspiring as always. :-)

  • Petra Zeller

    Love that pink color. It looks really beautiful. Great idea.
    xo, Petra

  • Elisee prummel

    Love it!;)

  • Crystal Posner

    Hey Lauren! It was awesome seeing you at the Grove! You are even prettier in person πŸ˜‰

  • Ana Flavia Goncalves

    Love the hair!!!!I just posted summer accessories from Blumarine and Moschino, they are beautiful!! And the video Love sucks x Love rocks, amazing!!!

  • Melissa mould

    Some cute dresses here :) I like the lace one!

    I’ve recently featured some cute summer dresses on my blog too :)

  • Susanna Hall

    Love the pink tips!

  • Grace Bristol

    I didn’t see the heels your wearing on the kohl’s site. :-(

  • Sara Neely

    I love this look! I just had to post about dip-dying and other hair“”>color effectson my blog!

  • yallaredumbasses

    I don’t understand what’s so tough about a short skirt? Grow a pair and stop calling every fragile, cute, petite thing a girly thing.

  • alice bouk

    what product did you use?



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