Tuesday Ten: Old Trends Die Hard

Remember when you couldn’t decide which Hansen brother you wanted to marry? It was a time when the Backstreet Boys were “back” (back from what, I still don’t know) and you had to learn the moves to Britney Spears’ newest music video before you could show face in P.E. the next day… These are the things that marked my years as a tween. My days were marked by bouts of anxiety as I raced home to tune into TRL so I could watch Carson Daily count down the same 10 music videos. Every. Single. Day.

I was your typical girly girl in middle school–caught up with friends and especially trends. It’s funny looking back. At the time, fads seemed so cool that the thought of them going out of style didn’t seem possible. Needless to say, as time would tell, trends die out, leaving those who once enthusiastically embraced them slightly embarrassed to admit they were once fans… Below are 10 of my formerly “favorite” fads from my tween years:

  1. Roll-on glitter. You could never have enough…
  2. Scrunchies. If Clarissa wore it, it was a hit in my book…
  3. Butterfly clips. The more, the better!
  4. Brown lipstick. No comment. (Mother: Why?)
  5. Soda can tabs. No accessory was complete until it was adorned with one of these guys…
  6. Slap bracelets. I think these are illegal to bring to school now.
  7. Tattoo-style chokers. I used to buy these by the bushel at Claire’s…
  8. Spice Girl inspired footwear. Not sure how I convinced my mother to let me out of the house in these things…
  9. Best friend necklaces. Funny, I’m still best friends with a few of the girls I shared these with…
  10. Last but not least… Jelly shoes! Okay, these definitely pre-dated middle school, but I couldn’t resist including them.

What’s an old fad you cannot believe you loved from your elementary or tween years?

XO Lauren


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