Photo Diary: More Safari Fun

I hope everyone had a great week! I only have a few more days here in Africa so I thought I’d post another photo update before heading home… Here are a few new photographs from my recent travels:

Interesting restroom signage…

Flying over Uganda…


The pilot told us that there were blue bags in our seat pockets if we needed something to keep our breakfast down. At first I didn’t understand… but then… Eww. I got it.


On the flight, I sat next to this guy. He wasn’t much for conversation.


Finally, on land again! Or should I say water? Here I am kicking back on a water safari:


Lunch time!


Hungry hungry hippos…


Look who I found in my shower…


Just checked into my hotel and they handed this to me for “emergencies.” I think this is supposed to make me feel safe. It doesn’t.


African-inspired manis!


Toast in the Uganda bush.


Spotted this cutie while gorilla trekking in the jungle:


Later we drove by this climbing lion in Ishasha…


It’s hard to believe my trip is coming to an end. I’ve had the best time exploring and learning… but I have to admit, I cannot wait to get home and see my little girl.

When you travel, what’s the #1 thing you’re most anxious to get home to?

XO Lauren

P.S. Thought this was kind of funny… This was one of the first Friday Favorites I ever posted here on Not much has changed, has it? 🙂

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