Photo Diary: Explorations & Inspirations

Hello again! I am still in Tanzania but thought I’d post another photo update from my trip… Kufurahia (that means “enjoy” in Swahili)!

Made some friends a few days ago while visiting Msafiri!


Once again, I’m wearing my head lamp. Here I’m having a little snack before heading to the airport for an early flight to Dar es Salaam:


Once we arrived in Dar es Salaam, I was really taken aback by all the beautiful colors. Perfect inspiration for my spring collection…


Woke up bright and early… Isn’t this gorgeous?


My travel buddy, Hannah, really knows the way to my heart. She woke me up with two gifts, a bug zapper and coconut water. Perfection.


Down the hatch…


Bought some paintings while exploring. Really loved this one in particular:


Stopped by the grocery store… I guess they don’t say “one stop shop” for nothing…


Scraps. Again, more great color inspiration…


Paper bag tee… Dry-clean only.


Where do you find inspiration?

I usually find color inspo throughout my travels or in nature. Personally, I think Mother Nature has the best eye when it comes to color combinations.

XO Lauren

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  • Melissa Panici

    Yay I love your photo diaries! You look like your still having the best time! I get my inspiration from nature as well. I love the colors of the outdoors and that photo you posted of the sky looks absolutely gorgeous! Almost looks like a purple sky:) Thanks so much for sharing Lauren!

  • Martin M

    the 4th picture is my favourite. Love the red of the sun and the landscape!! So inspiring!

  • Brittany M

    The sunrise picture is my favorite. I love sunrises and sunsets and the one you took is stunning.

    Love the photo diaries, too, btw! It’s nice to see all the things you get to see and do.

  • Petra Zeller

    amazing Photos. Really pretty :)

    xoxo, Petra check it out 😉

  • Jenny van Iersel

    I like to look at people and what they’re wearing. And I usually try to see the items they’re wearing as something that I have in my own closet. When they combine e.g. boots with some kind of bag or shirt, and I have those boots too, I’ll try to find a similar tee or a similar color shirt. Oh well, pretty mainstream but I like to watch what others are wearing. The Catwalk is everywhere!

  • Stephanie McDonnell

    Ba ha ha. Dry clean only. Great pun!

  • Stacy Rodriguez

    Love your pics and captions…!! Enjoy your time <3

  • Kelby Peachey

    That sunrise was GORGEOUS!!

  • Tiffani Stuart

    Laughing at the Paper Brown Bag Shirt- Dry clean only! ha ha. Now we need a pic of you modeling it! ha ha!

  • soupforthegirlysoul

    LOVE this post!! It’s literally my dream to go to Africa! :)

  • Amanda DeWitt

    I love the can!!! “”Do not litter, please recycle””!! that is sooo cool. I wish we did that on our goods here.

  • Dy Shiny

    beautiful photos!!!! thanks Lauren because you share them with us!!! :)

  • Rachel Trampel

    I agree about Mother Nature being the greatest source of inspiration for color combos, etc. In fact, I just posted about this a few weeks ago on my blog when I wore colors inspired by lilies: “”From color combinations, to the textures and the way things move, nature, in my opinion, is where all great art comes from. And since fashion is my way of being creative in everyday life, I will always be inspired by nature’s beauty”” … you can see this at my post A Bouquet of Lilies!

  • Shannon Witte

    Love the head lamp shot! Super Silly :p

  • catherine ab

    i find my inspiration from the beach usually and flowers , travel to Lebanon Lauren it has beautifull sites too..

  • Larissa Wilhelm

    These are amazing photos! I especially love the sunrise, so gorgeous! I usually find my inspiration in nature as well.

  • Crystal Posner

    Love love the pics Lauren!! I just came back from Prague in Czech Republic and Turkey it was amazing. I took tons of pics and love seeing other people’s travels as well. Super cool pics! Keep um coming!

  • Alix

    LOVE you and your style, but who wears makeup on a safari…haha

  • Michelle LaPorte

    I hope your having fun!! I love the photos!

  • Claudia Merrill

    Love the photos! I generally look for inspiration from infrustructure, flowers and especially particular ‘lines’ that the world creates.

  • Leanne

    Having an amazing time I hope!

    Love from South Africa

  • Liesl

    Paper shirt!? What a unique souvenir from Africa! Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

    Liesl xxx

  • Tiffani Stuart

    Lauren- Did you go on the trip purely for luxury or fun, or is this some kind of mission trip? You seem to have a few “”group”” shots– they’re not typical “”tourist”” pics. Beautiful!

  • C. Elonhes

    OOOOOOH 😀 I have the exact same bug zapper!!!!!! My boyfriend and I had so much fun last summer with this crazy thing, hiting mosquitos!
    I hope that you enjoy it Lauren 😉

  • camila nieto diaz

    I think that I’ll trip to tanzania!

  • maha

    Love the pictures

  • Shelbs

    Ohhhh I am so jealous! I’ve been dying to go to Africa! I have a sponsor kid in Swaziland so I love learning Swahili words. I’ll have to remember “”Kufurahia”” for when I make it down there. (Hopefully sooner than later.) Love the photos you’ve been sharing!

  • Mollie Reynolds

    Awh, it looks like Tanzania is a wonderful place! I’m going this Summer for a month and i’m so excited! Thankyou for posting the inspirational images :)

    Mollie xo

  • tinamarie

    outside. it’s amazing what inspires you when you are in a peaceful state of mind. also, by traveling. going to different cities gives you a different perception of everything.

  • Lauren de Jager

    The painting is beautiful:)



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