Photo Diary: Writing in the City

Last week I flew out to NYC (thanks again for all the great pizza suggestions) to work on my forthcoming book, Beauty. Here is a photo diary of my trip…

Flew out to NYC. Bright and early! Nothing beats a view of the California coast…


This was my office for the next 5 hours… My chair reclined and they brought me treats. No complaints here.


Well, well, well…a clover in my salad:


When I finally got to NYC, I went straight to my publisher’s office… look what I found:


Then we had to get to work on Beauty, which is when I bent by glasses by sitting on them. This is the only way I could get my glasses to stay on while editing… I mean, I’m basically MacGyver.


What do you mean “only 1 computer”!? I require a minimum of 3 to write!


I spent my weekend in the office working on the book. Apparently they shut off the heat during the weekend. Freeeeezing!


Maybe I was going stir crazy…but I was really developing a love-hate relationship with the manuscript. That day, hate was winning.


So I did what any author experiencing writers-block does and stared at the walls all day:


We finally took a break from the office. But the editing continued into dinner…


Needless to say, this was a perfect end to an incredibly over-worked, busy weekend:


All in all, the trip was a great success. I got a lot done and even managed to squeeze in a little time to see a few old friends.

What are you looking forward to learn from my new book, Beauty?

XO Lauren

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