Photo Diary: Birthday Shenanigans

Since I spent my actual birthday working in the Paper Crown offices, I decided to offset my day of work shenanigans with a party in Sin City. Below is a photo diary of my trip:

The night before I headed out to Vegas, I went to the Coldplay concert…


…and it was amazing!


Then it was off to Vegas for a big birthday bash with these boogers in tow:


Jilly (my friend who made that amazing Valentine’s Day mix and the workout mix) was mentally preparing herself for the evening in Vegas…


Once we got to Vegas, I was faced with the all-important question: Which to wear…? (I went with the blue!)


A view of the Strip:


Then it was off to Hyde (a.k.a. party time)!


After dancing the night away at Hyde, we woke up in the morning looking so well rested:


Then it was time to leave. I guess leaving Vegas with a purse full of confetti is the sign of a good night:


And since they were good, I decided to bring these boogers back home:


All in all, it was a really great trip and I had the best time celebrating with all of my friends.

How do you like to celebrate your birthday?

XO Lauren

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