Valentine’s Day is fluffed up with a lot of expectations. Between chick flicks and seasonal advertising we’re lead to believe men become intoxicated by some mysterious love punch and happily perform miraculous feats to profess their love for the ladies in their lives. I beg to differ… While I’ve had my fair share of fairytale Valentine’s Days, I’ve also had a couple not-so-noteworthy ones too. Today I am going to rehash the best Valentine’s Day I ever had as well as the worst…

(Note: All suitors will remain anonymous.)


The Best Valentine’s Day: The best Valentine’s Day I ever had was simple and sweet. My guy met me at my house after work and told me to put on comfy shoes. I wasn’t sure what the mystery date could possibly entail, but I went along with the charade. Next thing I knew, I was blindfolded and sitting in the passenger seat of his car as we drove up into the hills along the coast. Once we got to the destination, he guided me up a small path (still blindfolded). When he took off my blindfold I found myself surrounded by dozens of candles along with a picturesque picnic complete with my favorite flowers and food from my favorite restaurant. Simply put, it was a magical evening–unexpected, sweet, simple and absolutely perfect. Definitely a tough act to beat if you ask me…

The Worst Valentine’s Day: A while back I was dating a boy and made the executive decision to take Valentine’s Day into my own hands. I decided to surprise him with dinner at his favorite restaurant. Before dinner, I went and decorated the table–I set up all my presents and had a whole night of festivities planned. I had him meet me at the restaurant and when he showed up…he was drunk! It was really lame.

Tell me about your best and worst Valentine’s Day stories in the comments below. (I’d love to know I’m not the only one with a not-so-lovely Valentine’s Day tale.)

XO Lauren

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