Valentine’s Day: My Best & Worst Dates

Valentine’s Day is fluffed up with a lot of expectations. Between chick flicks and seasonal advertising we’re lead to believe men become intoxicated by some mysterious love punch and happily perform miraculous feats to profess their love for the ladies in their lives. I beg to differ… While I’ve had my fair share of fairytale Valentine’s Days, I’ve also had a couple not-so-noteworthy ones too. Today I am going to rehash the best Valentine’s Day I ever had as well as the worst…

(Note: All suitors will remain anonymous.)


The Best Valentine’s Day: The best Valentine’s Day I ever had was simple and sweet. My guy met me at my house after work and told me to put on comfy shoes. I wasn’t sure what the mystery date could possibly entail, but I went along with the charade. Next thing I knew, I was blindfolded and sitting in the passenger seat of his car as we drove up into the hills along the coast. Once we got to the destination, he guided me up a small path (still blindfolded). When he took off my blindfold I found myself surrounded by dozens of candles along with a picturesque picnic complete with my favorite flowers and food from my favorite restaurant. Simply put, it was a magical evening–unexpected, sweet, simple and absolutely perfect. Definitely a tough act to beat if you ask me…

The Worst Valentine’s Day: A while back I was dating a boy and made the executive decision to take Valentine’s Day into my own hands. I decided to surprise him with dinner at his favorite restaurant. Before dinner, I went and decorated the table–I set up all my presents and had a whole night of festivities planned. I had him meet me at the restaurant and when he showed up…he was drunk! It was really lame.

Tell me about your best and worst Valentine’s Day stories in the comments below. (I’d love to know I’m not the only one with a not-so-lovely Valentine’s Day tale.)

XO Lauren

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  • Emily OShea

    My worst Valentine’s Day is also my best! My boyfriend of 5 years took me to Baltimore Inner Harbor to spend the day. It was cold, but it was so much fun just walking around, shopping, and having a nice dinner together. However, he’s also the biggest sports fanatic I’ve ever met, so it was his goal to walk up to see Camden Yards. He drug me up a snow covered, long path that was along a busy highway just to see this stadium. Halfway up we decided to turn around because we could barely move in all of the snow!

  • Jenny van Iersel

    I don’t ever celebrate Valentine’s Day! I believe in doing and saying small things all year throughout, so he always knows he’s the one for me :). Tomorrow I’m spending the evening at his place, I guess I’m just going to wear the clothes he likes the most. Just dress up really nice and put on nice make-up and such, just for him. :) xoxo!

  • Lynn Alexander

    Best Valentine’s Day was when the guy bought me a Bible, I know this sounds odd, but he gave it to me because I once told him I never had my own and he told me it was so I could grow strong in my love for Christ. Now I thought this was lame at the time and was a tad upset, but as I got older I realized how personal and touching it was.

  • Brenna Feeney

    My best Valentine’s Day was back in high school. My boyfriend bought me the giant teddy bear at Target that he knew I wanted, and he took me to his favorite place for ice cream, which was quite a drive. Afterwards he drove me to my friend’s house and we all hung out for a bit. It was a simple day but it was so fun (plus I got a huge teddy bear out of the mix)

    My worst Valentine’s Day was last year. I’m not really big on celebrating Valentine’s Day because I feel like you should show people you love them every day of the year, not just especially on February 14th! But last year I was going to a different college than my boyfriend, and I had to watch everyone walking around campus, hand in hand with their significant other. I didn’t even really talk to my boyfriend much all day because he was so busy. It was lonely and just a depressing day all around.

  • Amy

    My worst Valentine’s Day was my Senior year of high school. My friends and I decided to run to Starbucks before class to get some celebratory coffe and were late for homeroom, so we all received detentions. Then later in the day, I was late to class, so I received another detention, meaning I had to stay an hour after school. When I got home, I received my rejection letter from my top choice college, which was a real blow. Finally, I was talking to the guy I was seeing and he was doing a terrific job of cheering me up, telling me how I’ll have fun in college no matter where I go, and the school that rejected me sucked anyway. The blow came when he told me he had to go….because he had a date. Worst. Valentines. Ever.

  • Jane Jansen

    Hi! Lauren, I love your blog! Today’s I saw a youtube video which I think is really sweet :p It made my day It’s a guy named Robin Mustera, I don’t know him btw.

  • DMichelle


    What restaurant was the food from at your picnic?

  • Kelley {Keep Sitting Pretty}

    I’ve had my best Valentine’s day every year I’ve been with my boyfriend! He always goes above and beyond to surprise me! My worst was as a freshman in college and I had an uninvited Valentine stop by -__- or at least he made himself my Valentine.

  • Zoe g. Bullard

    I laugh about it now, but when I was a freshman in college, my high school boyfriend (with whom I was long distance) broke up with me the day before Valentine’s Day. If that wasn’t hard enough on my 18-year-old heart, he didn’t cancel the gifts he’d mailed, so on Valentine’s Day, I received a dozen red roses, an enormous teddy bear, and a very mushy card. Let’s just say that the scene from the mailroom back to my dorm wasn’t a pretty one!

  • Samantha Pongia

    The best Valentines Day was my freshmen year in college. I was going to a school 8 hours away from my hometown and was seriously lonely, especially as Valentines Day rolled around because I had always spent it with my friends and family.

    At the time, I had a very close guy friend who was my saving grace my freshmen year always keeping me company and helping me through the loneliness. I was planning on a sad vday when I got a package slip in the mail and at the post office I got a HUGE box of Godiva chocolates from my guy friend, a complete surprise!! It turned my whole day around, the best part was the note saying how much he loved out friendship. It took me a few more months after Valentines Day to realize just how truly amazing he was but we’ve currently been dating for three years, and have a fun day planned for tomorrow.

  • Jenifer Myers

    The worst Valentine’s Day I have ever had was every single one of them spent with my ex. He was always the guys who never wanted to pay for anything or spend anytime thinking about what I may like. It was always about him and he never having any money.

    The BEST Valentine’s Day I have ever had was with my now husband. He knew about all of my previous expierences with this particular holiday so he made it his mission to change my mind. Our first year together sent me on a scavenger hunt throughout our local mall leaving little gifts and roses at each new clue. They all ended with me meeting him at a nice restraunt for dinner. We have now been together for 5 years, every year he does something sweet but nothing will ever top that. He suceeded in changing my mind that is for sure!

  • Jordan Bulbrook

    I’ve never been huge into celebrating Valentine’s Day. I don’t think it is lame and I appreciate that a lot of people look forward to it. My boyfriend and I usually go all out for our anniversary instead. Last year we took a wine tour to Niagara Falls that included four wineries and a three-course romantic lunch at a beautiful winery overlooking the vineyard. We even had a private car to drive us around. Our driver was great and took us on all the scenic routes.

    Later on that day when we returned to our hotel, we went for a swim, ordered pizza, wings, and garlic bread, opened a bottle of champagne and gorged on food. It was so much fun to incorporate the romantic and the casual all in one day.

  • Sherry Gutsch

    I love how you used “”GUY”” for the best and “”BOY”” for the worst..boy sums it up well right there :)

  • Corinna S.

    On my best Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend surprised me with hundreds of roses and candles with which he had decorated the entire room. There was also a huge heart on the floor and it was made out of roses as well. He wanted me to feel like a princess, so he even got me a little crown to wear :-) Throughout the day there were so many amazing surprises, breakfast in bed, so many lovely gestures…needless to say, we’re still together and I feel like a princess every single day :-)

  • Alenka Zalokar

    As a military wife I had the saddest Valentine’s day when my hubby was at peace mission in Kosovo. I was very alone although surranded by many people…But we got to celebrate our day of love when he came home in March and he asked me for my hand. Love, love, love…

  • Rachel Trampel

    My worst Valentine’s Day was my sophomore year of high school. I broke up with my boyfriend just three days before, which makes me sound like the mean one in the relationship, right? Well, the problem was that he asked one of my friends to go to the Valentine’s Day dance with him, and she said yes! Needless to say he was no longer my boyfriend and she was no longer my friend.

    Luckily, I still look forward to Valentine’s Day even though that one was so horrible!!!!!

  • Melissa Panici

    The BEST Valentines Day was with my current boyfriend now. Last year he suprised me with a giant doggie that held a huge heart. Of course I got chocolates too but I loved that stuffed dog! I also got one of those giant cards which I absolutely adore. I have dated a lot of non-romantics so this was perfect for me!

    The WORST was all of my previous Valentines days because usually I was single or the boy was just flat out clueless on how to treat a lady.

    Thanks for this post Lauren!!

  • Bethel Trask

    The worst: My boyfriend Tim (now my husband) and I both worked at the Cheesecake Factory; he was a server and I was a hostess. I was scheduled a double and Tim had the day off. I worked for 17 hours with a 15 minute break and I was cussed at 7 times because there was a 2.5-3.5 hour wait. It wasn’t my fault that people decided to go out on the busiest day of the restaurant business! I get it, you’re all gussied up and in heels bugging your date that you’re hungry and about to turn into a monster, but don’t have him hit up the hostess stand every thirty minutes to yell at me. It was so bad that I had to hide in the cheesecake freezer for a little bit to cry. Lucky for me, the day wasn’t all that bad because Tim had shown up at work with roses and balloons :)

    The best: This story is semi sad, but I have great friends that made it great. This happened last year, my husband and I were apart at the time. He was at Naval Officer Candidate School in Rhode Island and I was at home in Florida. He was at a stage in training where he couldn’t call, email, or have any contact with the outside world. I was miserable, alone, sad, and I missed him so much, but Tim’s twin brother, my brothers, and a few of my best guy friends took me out for dinner at our favorite hole in the wall Mexican restaurant. It was one of the sweetest gestures my guys could have ever given me in lieu of my husband being away on a day they could have been wooing a romantic interest. It reminded me that Valentine’s day doesn’t always have to be about couples or romance, it’s about sharing love and that love comes in many forms.

  • Kellie Norton

    The best valentines day, honestly, was in the 5th grade (I know, I know) the guy I was in love with that week had his older brother drive him to my house, he knocked on my door and gave me a dozen roses and a small teddy bear :) it seems silly but I loved it because when I was that young, having a boy knock on my door made my heart beat a little fast 😉 it was precious!

    WORST: My ex-boyfriend was going to take me to his house for dinner that he had cooked but when he picked me up, he decided to tell me my outfit didn’t “”match”” and he thought I should change… I told him he could just change girlfriends. I had picked out the outfit a week prior and was extremely excited to wear it, so it definitely hurt my feelings. But I ended up spending the night with my mom so I guess it wasn’t so bad 😉

  • Tiffani Stuart

    My best Valentine’s day was back in college, actually: I was single, and most of the girls in my group were single. My college held a “”Valentine’s Day”” indoor carnival. Only 2 of our friends had “”Dates””, and the rest of us just had a fun time enjoying the carnival & each other’s company. I think that was probably the only year that I acknowledged Valentine’s Day as a single woman, and didn’t get Melancholy. That was the first year that I realized that Valentine’s Day didnt’ have to be exclusively mean “”romantic”” love. So now, whether or not I have a date or not, I try to look at it that way.

    My worst Valentine’s Day: Last year, when the man I was supposed to marry, broke up w/me over ridiculous reasons. First, he was the one that brought drama into our relationship; and when it got too much for him to handle, instead of dealing with it appropriately, he just decided to drop everyone involved. Not only did he dump me (where I was innocent of any “”real”” wrongdoing, seriously, the psycho chic he got involved with before we were “”official”” [that he shouldn’t have gotten involved with, in the first damn place…] keyed his car & made a big production in front of cops, and he broke up w/ME???? hmph!)– he dumped our 7yrs friendship too. I had been there for him through so much, all his deployments to Afghanistan… sent him care packages EVERY month– with special ones for holidays & his birthday… So in 1 irrational & uncharacteristic move, I lost my love & my best friend. It still hurts, a year later, especially considering he’s 7yrs old than I am & we should’ve been passed this kind of thing!

  • Brittany M

    My worst would probably be sophomore year we always have a Valentine’s Dance and this was the first year I had a date and was so excited. We decided to do a double date with another couple who was going and he showed up with a single red rose (thought that was a bit awkward since we weren’t dating and barely knew eachother, but okay) and when it was mentioned maybe we should get something to eat before the dance my date said, and I quote, “”I already spent enough on her, I ain’t spending anymore.”” I then proceeded to change my clothes and go casual and ignored him the whole night.

    Now as far as the best goes, I can’t really think of one that stands out to me, but I’ve enjoyed the last 7 that I’ve spent with my fiance, I know that much. =)


    Basically, I have nothing special to say about Valentine’s Day. Hah!

    But check out our Signature Colors post for Valentine’s Day!

  • sofis

    My best was two or three years ago. Me and my current boyfriend lived in Uppsala and didn’t have any plans at all so just on a chance we called a resturant and checked if they had any tables over and they happend to have! So we went to this beautiful greece resturant, ate incredibly good food and on top of that the resturant also gave every costumer a rose. It was a really nice, not to complicated valentines day :)

    I don’t think i had any worse valentines day yet. Lets see if tomorrow is the day :p

  • Gemma

    I haven’t really had a worst or best Valentines Day, despite this I would say if you’re boyfriend-less like me the best way to spend Valentines Day is with your best friend!! Me and my best friend are going to the cinema tomorrow night to eat bad food and cry like babies at The vow!!!

  • soupforthegirlysoul
  • karly goins

    My absolutely worst Valentine’s day was with my then bf of almost a year, he had told me that he’d planned a whole date consisting of ice skating, a movie, and him cooking me dinner. Mind you, we were in high school, but he didn’t follow through with a single plan! He didn’t drive so he hadn’t asked his dad before hand if he could drive us, and his dad couldn’t, he didn’t get any ingredients to cook for me, and no gift…while I had gotten him a huge gift and even MADE him a card. It was awful, I broke up with him a month later lol

  • Lauren Hoffman

    Worst V day was in high school, I went out with this guy I was friends with. We went to dinner then out for ice cream. At the end of the night, we were in his car and he was begging me for a little something something, talk about pathetic!!!!

    Best vday– yet to be had!
    <3 Lauren

  • Sam R

    My worst Valentine’s Day was last year. My boyfriend of a year and a half had this extravagent weekend planned for us in one of my favorite cities! When we were getting ready for our nice dinner his phone rang. Because he was in the shower I looked at it, not thinking anything. I proceeded to find a collection of text messages with a girl on his swim team that were beyond innappropriate. When I confronted him about it he blamed me for “”being nosey”” and told me I should be lucky that he doesn’t cheat on me just jokes around like he does. Needless to say the weekend was ruined. It just goes to show that spending alot of money doesn’t mean anything when your heart isn’t in the right place.

  • Victoria L

    wow! my last valentine

  • Miranda Worsley

    During my first semester of college this guy kept asking me to hang out and I kept blowing him off but he was RELENTLESS. So finally, I agreed to eat lunch with him at a really nice sushi place close to campus. Since it was our first date and I didn’t really know him I told him that I would meet him at the restaurant after work so I wouldn’t have to have him pick me up. As I’m driving to the restaurant, I get a text from him asking me what I wanted to eat because he’s already there and ready to order. Um? I should have turned my car around right then and went home to my dorm to eat my hot pocket in peace, but instead, I told him I wasn’t sure and I would be there in a minute. He replied with “”Ok, well I just ordered you the same thing as me.”” I guess I thought he may have been joking so I walked into the restaurant and sat down with him. He didn’t seem excited to see me in the slightest and stayed on his phone through dinner. I realized he wasn’t joking when the waitress brought us the same chicken meal and not the sushi that I was dying to try. Just when I thought the nightmare was over, the waitress brings us two bills and he doesn’ t protest at all. I tried to play it off and pretend that it was ok but I didn’t even have to because he said “”Alright, well I’m late to meet someone, see ya around.”” I was speechless. I even sat in my car and CRIED about it! How could someone be SO RUDE? I know revenge is never the answer but I decided to spread the word to some of my guy friends who were in the fraternity that he wanted to pledge and he never made the final cut for the fraternity. Whoopsie :)

  • Petra Zeller

    The best Valentine Date was with my Boyfriend now. He pick me up at the office after work and put me to a very romantic restaurant and the dessert was at home with chocolate fondue and all over our appartment are candels and roses. Really pretty <3 I cant remember a worst Valentines Day Sorry.

    xoxo, Petra

    Check out my new Post “”Anniversary Gift – The Date Box”” on my Blog: this is also a good Gift Idea for Valentines Day

  • Stacy Weber

    I have NEVER had a Valintine!

  • April Janok

    My worst Valentine’s day was in 2007. This guy told me to get super dressed up (little black dress kinda night) because he was taking me to a nice, romantic place. We arrived to our destination….STARBUCKS. Are you kidding me?! That’s the nice location? Ha. Then he locked his keys in his car while it was running. I called my mom and went home and ate ice cream. Now I have a wonderful husband who shows me Valentine’s day can be awesome after all!

  • Katjusha Bricman

    My worst date, it wasn’t Valentines, but it was first and last with that guy… I picked me up, I don’t even remember where, he was driving his bmw – he was in love with his car, anyone who sat in had to make sure his/hers shoes are clean…. anyway we went to a pub and I spent more time at ladies room then sitting behind table with him, because it was embarrasing…. he was squeezing fists, showing his muscles, looking at them, adoring them…

    I never went out with that guy again!!

  • Katjusha Bricman

    My best Valentines day was when I came home from dancing studio and my boyfriend made us something to eat and set the tea candles on the floor in a heart shape.

  • Julia Renkert

    Ooh man those are the two extremes, that’s for sure. That first one sounds absolutely wonderful though! As for me, my guy has told me that he’s hand illustrating a valentine for me this year (he’s an illustrator)… so special! I can’t wait to see it tomorrow!

    Cup of Tea

  • Rebecca Hergett

    Best: Hung out with a new guy for the first time on the eve of Valentine’s Day. We watched a movie, played video games, talked, made out a little. Simple and chill. Before we knew it, it was really late, so he offered to sleep on the couch so I could have his bed. I told him that wasn’t necessary and we had a little sleepover instead, totally innocent. Woke up the next morning, made breakfast together and hung out the whole day. I didn’t plan on having a Valentine, but we turned out to be a perfect pair. We dated for a long time after that.
    Worst: Mourning the loss of my kitty, being newly single, missing my ex and going on a date with some guy I didn’t even like just so I wouldn’t be alone. Then when I wouldn’t sleep with the guy after dinner, he never spoke to me again. It was pathetic.

    This year: Sleeping in, taking myself shopping, and Menchie’s with my girlfriends :)

  • Abbie Keleher

    My boyfriend (now fiance) and I were in Paris for Valentines day a couple years ago. We went to the Palace of Versailles, on a boat ride down the river and ended the night with dinner by the Eiffel tower. It was so romantic and perfect! He knows he can never top it but he still tries!

  • Becca Melnick

    I was half expecting to read about the time Stephen Coletti told you he didn’t have a Valentine but actually spent the night with Kristin.

  • Cassandra Wood

    In the best date you said “”my guy””, in the worst you said “”boy””. Makes sense. :)

  • Suzy Zhang

    aww that was a really magical date :) as for the second one…. i’d rather not say… 😛

  • Jacalyn Johnson-Alviza

    My best could have been a worst. About 12 years ago on Vday eve, I got called to the hospital ER. I was a rape advocate & a woman that night was raped. I had to meet her at the hospital and be her advocate while they did the physical exam. I got stuck there into mid morning on Vday. I got home and my boyfriend was waiting for me. He had come home to surprise me with breakfast in bed, but I wasnt there. He thought I was just sleeping in and wanted to wake me with a tray of breakfast. When I got home all dirty from the ER, he had a tray of dried out breakfast. He asked me to close my eyes and he handed me a vase of flowers and told me to open my eyes. When I did, he was on one knee and proposed. Best Valentine’s day, but I am sure that was NOT what he envisioned as the perfect proposal. It def makes for an interesting engagement story, though.

  • Shellz
  • j008

    My boyfriend one year made a menu for me to choose from, it had an appetizer, main course and desert. I got to choose an item from each and he made me dinner. It was simple, but cute.

  • Emily Pohlman

    I’ll start off with my worst Valentines day. It would have to be just not having a Valentine. I have yet to have a bad one.

    My favorite one would have to be when my boyfriend had come over that morning and left a note in my car, that I had no idea about. After about an hour he called me and told me to look at the note and then follow the note said. He took me on a scavenger hunt through notes he left at certain places, such as, where we first met, where our first kiss was, and so one:) The last note took me to a park where he was waiting for me with a picnic and presents. It was amazing and I will always remember it:)

  • Liesl

    I’ve never had a guy “”go all out”” for me for Valentine’s Day, but it doesn’t bother me much. My man does small, nice things for me every day, which to me, is romantic as hell.

    Happy Love Day, everyone! <3

    Liesl xxx

  • Bev

    Drunk date…. LAMMMMME!! What a loser! That’s when you leave him there to sleep his drunkness off by himself on the table.. with hopes his hair catches on fire from the candlelight LOL. glad you didn’t settle with that fella 😉

  • Monica Castillo

    Sadly I’ve never had a spectacular valentines day, but nothing horrible either! Nice dinners, flowers, jewelry, and sweet cards. It’s my favorite holiday and I always go above and beyond for people, but I’ve never quite received the same in return. it’s not about the money…it’s about the creativity and thought that goes into the gift/surprise!

    The worst would probably be the year I started crushing on my friend. I asked him to be my valentine. He said yes. I bought him a gift and everything but I never heard from him. So I ended up buying myself flowers, and exchanged his gift for something for me instead. He later apologized and said he never celebrated valentines day. He is currently my boyfriend of almost 4 years. I’ve had to train him and he is still learning! :)

  • annya lix

    Happy Valentines to everyone!!<3

  • Ana Castilho

    Everytime I was dating, my valentine’s days were amazing!

  • Heidi Culverwell

    Hi Lauren,

    My guy has bought me the box set of The Hills! It’s nice to know he takes notice haha


  • Cassie Martin

    lol. oh jason.

  • Tiffani Stuart

    Lauren- Your “”worst”” Valentine’s Day Date sounds like a story from LA Candy…

  • Angela Filicicchia

    My worst Valentine’s Day was a couple years ago when I was bartending at a TGI Friday’s. I had a crush on one of my fellow bartenders. We had hung out a few times and flirted at work, but I he had never officially asked me out. Two old men (and when I say old I mean like senior citizen) consistently came in to see me and grossly flirted with me, but I would always play along when my crush was working just so he could see the I was desirable. The men called themselves Wild Bill and Randy Ron! Valentine’s Day came and I was excited that we were working together that day. As I came into work that day I saw a dozen pink roses, balloons, and a box of chocolates on the bar. My heart skipped a beat as I thought today would be the day my crush noticed me back, only to find Wild Bill smiling and waving at me. Out of the corner of my eye I saw my crush laughing at me in the corner! He never did ask me out.

  • supartita

    I never really had the best Valentine’s Day (yet). But I have a couple of funny one. One year when I was in college, the flower deliver man knocked on my door with a giant flower arrangement. He begged me to accept that flower for my neighbor who wasn’t home. Although it wasn’t ideal to keep someone else’s flowers and admire them for only an hour or two, I played along. The year after, the exact same thing repeated again! Only this time, I didn’t have the chance to even hold the flower because tadaaaa! my neighbor came. The delivery man quickled said “”oops there she is! Ok never mind then, thanks!””

    My worst though was when my date took me to dinner only to complain about his food the whole time. It was very unbearable to hear him whining and complaining, the point that I offered him my food because he said mine looked better. I went home hungry.

  • supartita

    I never really had the best Valentine’s Day (yet). But I have a couple of funny one. One year when I was in college, the flower deliver man knocked on my door with a giant flower arrangement. He begged me to accept that flower for my neighbor who wasn’t home. Although it wasn’t ideal to keep someone else’s flowers and admire them for only an hour or two, I played along. The year after, the exact same thing repeated again! Only this time, I didn’t have the chance to even hold the flower because tadaaaa! my neighbor came. The delivery man quickled said “”oops there she is! Ok never mind then, thanks!””

    My worst though was when my date took me to dinner only to complain about his food the whole time. It was very unbearable to hear him whining and complaining, the point that I offered him my food because he said mine looked better. I went home hungry.

  • lakebaby

    i like the part about how Valentines Day is full of expectations. We expect men to perform some kind of cliche movie miracle; but that is rarely the case in real life. (at least for me). The best Valentines Day for me was when I was single; but not-officially-with the guy who I’ve been seeing on and off for 5 years. At this point in time we were just “”friends”” and celebrated Valentines Day by going to a sports bar for lunch which turned into a midday, impromptu bar crawl. It was an amazing day just the two of us – no relationship drama or hassle or disappointing gifts. I’ll never forget it!

  • Aja Doe

    I’ve only celebrated one Valentines Day my entire life, to be honest (and that was a few months after I started dating my now-husband). We just went to dinner and a movie. Sounds kinda dumb but we both can’t stand waiting and are both quite casual, so we ate dinner at the “”Huddle House”” (they make awesome omelets lol). The movie in question was “”Valentines Day””. It meant a lot to me because before him I never had a boyfriend over Valentines Day (and yes on purpose).

  • tiffany newman

    the best v-day date i had is when me and my boyfriend went to time square in nyc it was really sweet because me and him went to all the stores and he got me flowers and there were beautiful to feel like a queen

  • Sue

    The worst Valentine’s I’ve ever had is when I was dating a guy who lived three hours away from me and he came down for this very special day. We spent the whole day inside, ordered food, talked, watched tv, and other Then he left around six with a sweet kiss and his shirt inside out. lol! I found out a week later that he hooked up with his ex girlfriend that night.

    My best Valentine’s day was last year, and we are still together. We had only been going out for a few weeks and he said he was really looking forward to it and he didn’t want to blow the surprise, despite my constant begging for hints. He told me to dress nice and so I resorted to my reliable short black dress with black and yellow heels, and my yellow stud earrings. He also told me to bring a change of clothes, something comfortable. He picked me up and we went to dinner, a nice fancy place and had a great time, but I know him better then that, he was wearing a tux, which he never did (we had been friends for a long time and he wasn’t what you would call “”formal””). So after dinner he left me on the curb and gave me a piece of paper with directions. I took it and looked it over, it was like a scavenger hunt list and before I could ask he took off! I was stumped but soon started following the directions and before I did I went into a bathroom and changed into my other clothes (thank goodness I brought comfortable shoes because this list took me all around town!!) Inside the letter was also his credit card! lol I had fun!! I ended up with shopping bags and the most delicious desserts at an old pool hall. There was a sign on the door that said “”Enter if you’re my Valentine”” lol! so I entered and inside it was empty except for all these Vday decorations and on the pool table (which was covered in a red tablecloth) there was a bottle of wine and two glasses with it and he put on some music and we danced for like two hours. We ended up falling asleep on the pool table and in the morning the bartender came in and said “”Okay you rented it for the night, you love have to leave now, the hungover people come in now.”” So that’s my favorite Vday memory!! Thanks for reading!

  • Autumn

    This year is actually the first year I’ve had a boyfriend on valentine’s day. Interesting lol. We have been together for almost a year, and there have been so many ups and downs. I am making him a 52 deck of cards with “”52 Reasons Why I Love you””. I’m really excited to see the turn out on those. I am also going to make him a fabulous dinner and dessert which will be ready right when he gets home from work. I’m really hoping all goes well.

  • Lena Ameri

    Aw that’s a cute story!!! (the first one!) I LOVE LOVE LOVE valentine’s day so all of my have been great. The trick is to only spend it with someone you care about. I’ve spent it with a boyfriend, with a best friend, and with my sister, but every single year it’s been a memorable day because I did something fun with someone that meant something to me in my life whether that is in a romantic way or not. Love in all it’s forms is priceless!

    Ill be doing a valentine’s day series for the next two weeks, you should check it out!

  • Lena Lowiens

    My worst valentines day. It is today, my big lover has started a relationship with a some other girl, me crying. The boy who I have a relationship with, I broke up with him. Today. I don’t like it ):

    My best Valentine’s Day is yet to come, I hope it’s a lot better than this year! Luckily I always have my dear friends, and even this cute Lauren Conrad site to me a little to cheer.

  • Laura

    I doubt your guy would have called the candle, picnic surprise “simple”!



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