When I got back from my trip to Vegas I had a reality check… Lots of work! Below is a photo recap of my life from last week:

First up, I just had to sign 5,000 copies of The Fame Game. Literally. Sorry hand.

To keep myself awake, I indulged in an almond milk cappuccino. Yum!


Eventually, I took a break from signings and worked on the fall lookbook for Paper Crown. Tut tut… Looks like rain!


Then came Valentine’s Day. Nothing says “I Love you” like processed sugar, right?


Before Valentine’s dinner with my girlfriends, I had a little snack. Delish!


Love, anonymous…


Back to work… And drowning in tulle! I’m in love with this fabric right now and will be including it in some of my holiday pieces for Paper Crown.


Later in the week I hosted a little masquerade party…


I ended up making my own mask by cutting out lace and literally gluing it to my face (don’t worry, the glue was safe for faces)… I would say it was a success:


One more photo from the masquerade…


What helps you get back into work (or school) mode?

Also, I set up my Pinterest finally! Click here to check out my boards and to follow me.

XO Lauren

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