Eco Chic: Make Change, Not Waste

As many of you know, I have been working with BlueAvocado on a new eco-collection. When I first met with the founders of BlueAvocado last year, I learned about the Whole Planet Foundation…

Whole Planet Foundation is working to alleviate poverty by providing microcredit in communities across the world that supply Whole Foods Market stores with products. Simply put, the foundation is empowering women and men around the globe to start their own businesses by providing them with the financial tools to do so. It’s pretty incredible when you think about all the places where people can live on less than $2 a day… These microcredits are making a major difference in their lives.

I wanted to tell you about the Whole Planet Foundation because they are kicking off their prosperity campaign today, February 22nd, with a goal of reaching an additional 31,000 entrepreneurs. Keep an eye out at your local Whole Foods for ways you can donate. If you don’t have a Whole Foods in your neighborhood, “like” the Whole Planet Foundation’s page on Facebook to join the mission. Or check out this cool bag BlueAvocado designed to support the foundation and promote the Make Change, Not Waste cause.

I hope you enjoy these Eco Chic posts. I’m very excited about my eco-journey and am looking forward to sharing more details and information as my involvement progresses. Until then, check out the Whole Planet Foundation’s Facebook page and stay tuned for more!

Are you going to help me support the Whole Planet Foundation?

XO Lauren

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