Cupid’s Corner: Darling Dynamite


I don’t know about you, but when it comes to Valentine’s Day, chocolate is one of the only things on my mind. So if you’ve got a knack for crafts and a craving for chocolate, this is the Valentine’s DIY for you. Behold: Darling Dynamite! It’s simple, sweet and oh-so-clever. Roll a few up for friends or give one to your special someone with a cute card. No matter what, it’s a sweet way to say, “You’re the bomb!”

Makes 1 Darling Dynamite

What you will need…

  • 3 packs of Rolos
  • 1 sheet of red construction paper
  • 2 black pipe cleaners
  • scotch tape


  1. Trim the construction paper into three pieces and wrap each piece around a pack of Rolos and secure with tape. Hold onto the excess construction paper for now.
  2. Wrap the pieces of construction paper around each pack of Rolos and secure with a bit of tape.
  3. Gather the three packs of wrapped Rolos into a bunch and secure with a pipe cleaner.
  4. Using the excess construction paper from Step #1, make a tag with the message “Darling, you’re dynamite!” (Other message suggestions: “You’re a blast!” or “You’re the bomb!”) String the tag onto the pipe cleaner.
  5. Lastly, the second pipe cleaner in the middle of the three packs of Rolos, trimming off the end so that your “fuse” is an inch or two long.

Isn’t this an adorable idea?

Do you have a crafty Valentine idea? Share it in the comments below.

XO Lauren

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  • Lacie Blake

    So cute :) Might have to do this!!

  • Jill M

    Adorable, especially for a guy since most of them frown on VDay!

  • Melissa Panici

    This is definately an adorable idea!! Thanks Lauren!:)

  • Brit Lantzakis

    Very cute! I will definitely do this for my friends!

  • kenia gonzalez

    OMG Lauren I remember that Valentine’s day episode on Laguna Beach when Stephen got you chocolates!! awww. <3

  • erika heming

    So cute! Dar it, if rolos werent so hard to find in NY. But seriously, that is cute. I may have to do this with my grandma, and use neccowafers instead, they are her fave

  • Kendra Petersen


  • Jessica Merrill

    I saw this on Pinterest, and I was at the store getting the supplies to make it when I saw this post! Such a cute idea, especially since Rolos are my boyfrieds favorite candy!

  • Marvin C.

    I don’t do “”crafty”” DIY things for Valentines Day per se Lauren……but I do write my own Poems(for cards as the case may be), or I’d make a music track as a treat for whom I Fancy(or both, & then some)… PS: Valentines Day, or not…

  • Alice Parker

    OMG i love it, such a cute idea

  • Hailey Anderson

    So easy and so cute! Definitely going to do this for the roommates.

    Here’s a more complicated idea..

  • Shellz

    Cute and addorable! I wish someone will make me

  • soupforthegirlysoul
  • Katie TerBeest

    Oh my goodness…this is SO ADORABLE! :)

  • Natalie McIlwain

    So cute, I love this idea!

    I just posted a quick & easy DIY for Valentine’s Day cards. if you’re feeling extra V-day crafty, check it out here: :)

  • Caren Halsey

    I love this! Though I may subsitite mini Reese’s instead 😀

  • Evelyn butuk

    This is so cute! Thanks Lauren, I’m going to try it :)

  • Petra Zeller

    This is a great Idea too. Thank you so much for all this great Valentines ideas. You are the best.

    xoxo, Petra

  • Larissa Wilhelm

    This is so cute! I love the crafty things for Valentine’s Day that your blogging about! They’re so cute! Thanks Lauren!

  • Laura Jewison

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! I am doing this for my coworkers :)

  • Suzy Zhang

    this is such a cute idea! i love rolos :) i’m going to have a new blog post up soon so please check it out :)

  • Analicia Gonzalez


  • Vanessa R

    What a cute idea! So many fun things for Valentine’s Day! I love it :)

  • Ana Castilho

    So funny! Adorable!

  • Dominique Carter

    I love this idea! I’m definitely doing this for my ladies!!!

  • Melissa mould

    This is such a cute idea :) I had valentines with my boyufriend on Saturday night, i’ve done an outfit post on my UK Style blog of what I wore :) xx

  • Cassie Hanson

    perfectly cheesy :) love!

  • Tiffani Stuart

    This is the cutest thing! Could easily be done for co-workers, etc! It’s not too mushy & cute enough to pass off… Of course, Im not sure I’d do it for THESE set of co-workers, lol… I read this too late!

  • Rebekah W

    such a lovely and great idea :) it’s also nice to bake some cupcakes with a red topping. or some cinema vouchers!


  • her imajination

    this is a super cute idea and so simple 😉

  • sweet_hunnybee


    Just wanted to say Happy Birthday – saw you the other night at HYDE in Vegas celebrating! It was definitely a very fun night! Hope it’s all you hoped for!



  • Ana Lozano

    Today I wanted to do something simple for my boyfriend… thankyou for the idea Lauren!! I admire you so much! (:



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