In honor of Fearless February, we’re excited to announce our new Chic of the Week, Janice Costales (a very fearless lady). Congrats! Janice took the leap of faith and went skydiving last year. She said it was so much fun and she’s even thinking about doing it again. (We feel like everyone says that! Maybe Team needs to take an office fieldtrip 1300 feet into the sky… More on that later.)

Here are a few photos from her jump:


Congrats again to Janice!

If you’re not the daredevil type, there are still plenty of ways you can embrace Fearless February. For instance, take a chance and ask that boy out that you’ve been crushing on or get that haircut you’ve been eyeing since last spring. Fearlessness isn’t limited to plunging yourself from the sky or into the sea–it’s about confidence. And nothing is as beautiful as a confident girl.

Tell us how you’re going to be bold this weekend in the comments below.

XO Team

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