Let’s be honest, most people see Valentine’s Day as a “Hallmark holiday” which gives V-Day a pretty bad wrap. Naysayers aside, I see it as a great excuse to show a little love to the special people in your life. Whether you’re single or attached, over the next few weeks I’ll be giving you plenty of ideas to make your loved ones feel loved. I’ll be posting some fun Valentine’s Day DIY crafts and I’ll be enlightening you on how to do V-Day in the singles lane. Best of all? I’ll be rehashing my best and worst Valentine’s Day experiences on February the 14th! Trust me, it’s going to be juicy. In the meantime though, I’ve put together 10 great guy-friendly gift ideas to give to your man on Valentine’s Day:

1. For the sappy (or long distance) lover, give a Love Letter Envelope and place your Valentine inside.


2. Bake your sweetheart (or friends) these delicious red velvet brownies I found via Smells Like Home.


3. Give your honey your favorite cologne…


4. For anyone who’s not a fan of good old V-Day, a funny card is a must. (The bacon card is from here and the pink card is from here.)


5. I saw this next idea on Pinterest and couldn’t resist… Give your special someone a basket that holds 12 envelopes labeled with each month of the year. Inside each envelope are the details for one pre-planned (or pre-paid) date! Click here to read more about Shannon Brown’s adorable idea!


6. Give your guy the coolest shades money can buy: Limited Edition Steve McQueen sunglasses by Persol. Warning: These can be major ego boosters!


7. They say the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So why not bake up some heart-shaped calzones? Click here to check out Kristin Fitch’s recipe on Craftzine.


8. Get your tech-obsessed guy a sleek iPad cover like this one from Barneys! The silver lining? It’s an unobtrusive way to give your non-metro man a quick pop of color!


9. If he’s a music junkie, find his favorite LP album and frame it for him. Instant wall art that’s as thoughtful as it is cool. (Heads Up: Urban Outfitters has a lot of great records for sale on their website.)


10. Or, last but not least, give him a “dude approved” picture frame, like this one, with a silly (or sweet) photograph of the two of you.


What’s the best Valentine’s Day gift you’ve ever given a guy?

Mine was a home cooked meal 🙂

XO Lauren

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