Tuesday Ten: Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Let’s be honest, most people see Valentine’s Day as a “Hallmark holiday” which gives V-Day a pretty bad wrap. Naysayers aside, I see it as a great excuse to show a little love to the special people in your life. Whether you’re single or attached, over the next few weeks I’ll be giving you plenty of ideas to make your loved ones feel loved. I’ll be posting some fun Valentine’s Day DIY crafts and I’ll be enlightening you on how to do V-Day in the singles lane. Best of all? I’ll be rehashing my best and worst Valentine’s Day experiences on February the 14th! Trust me, it’s going to be juicy. In the meantime though, I’ve put together 10 great guy-friendly gift ideas to give to your man on Valentine’s Day:

1. For the sappy (or long distance) lover, give a Love Letter Envelope and place your Valentine inside.


2. Bake your sweetheart (or friends) these delicious red velvet brownies I found via Smells Like Home.


3. Give your honey your favorite cologne…


4. For anyone who’s not a fan of good old V-Day, a funny card is a must. (The bacon card is from here and the pink card is from here.)


5. I saw this next idea on Pinterest and couldn’t resist… Give your special someone a basket that holds 12 envelopes labeled with each month of the year. Inside each envelope are the details for one pre-planned (or pre-paid) date! Click here to read more about Shannon Brown’s adorable idea!


6. Give your guy the coolest shades money can buy: Limited Edition Steve McQueen sunglasses by Persol. Warning: These can be major ego boosters!


7. They say the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So why not bake up some heart-shaped calzones? Click here to check out Kristin Fitch’s recipe on Craftzine.


8. Get your tech-obsessed guy a sleek iPad cover like this one from Barneys! The silver lining? It’s an unobtrusive way to give your non-metro man a quick pop of color!


9. If he’s a music junkie, find his favorite LP album and frame it for him. Instant wall art that’s as thoughtful as it is cool. (Heads Up: Urban Outfitters has a lot of great records for sale on their website.)


10. Or, last but not least, give him a “dude approved” picture frame, like this one, with a silly (or sweet) photograph of the two of you.


What’s the best Valentine’s Day gift you’ve ever given a guy?

Mine was a home cooked meal :)

XO Lauren

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  • Amy Breckenridge

    i definitely think baking is the way to go! i always bake my boyfriend his favorite cupcakes and i like to make him chocolate covered strawberries too :) he always tells me that he doesn’t want me spending money on him – he’d rather i bake him something delicious!


  • Melissa Panici

    I love this list of gifts Lauren! I am going to bake my man those brownies! The best gift I got my man is going to be this year. I’m baking for him and getting him a CD he’s been wanting:)

  • veronicag

    Brownies look delicious! I will definitly try that recipee! Could you make a post on what to do during Valentines Day for single ladies hahahaha 😛 Beingle single for 4 years is getting boring over time!

  • Kellie Norton

    All of those are so cute! 2 years ago, I gave my boyfriend a shadow box frame with two pictures of us in it, little German and American flags (he’s from Germany haha) a little tennis racquet sticker (tennis is his life basically) and a note right in the middle of it for him to read all the time! I love shadow boxes because it allows you to put more than just 1 picture in it. He loved it :)

  • Cate McLaughlin

    Definitely doing the 12 month thing…awesome

  • Stacie Grissom

    One year I mailed some homemade valentines with music that my boyfriend likes.

    I also love to give valentines to my friends– this year I am getting them some Fork bracelets! 😀

  • Lina Logotheti

    i’ll buy him his favorite cologne!!:D

  • kiki16

    well, I think the best Valentine’s Day gift I’ve ever done it’s this year’s gift.. i’ve got my first salary and maybe I’ve exagerated .. I bought him sunglasses and a smartphone and that day I’m going to wake him up giving him One red rose .. <3

  • Shannon Vesik

    that date envelope idea is amazing! Thanks for sharing! My best Valentines day was last year when my boyfriend came to my apartment door with my favorite yellow roses. His cousin was with him playing a guitar and my boyfriend sange the most romantic spanish song. It took my breath away!

  • Tiffani Stuart

    Love!! All of these things are great! I wish you had more for the Single girl tho! I learned a long time ago that Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be exclusively about romantic love. I’ve been happier since, however this year is going to be extra rough. I’m single again; Most of my friends are married now, and my co-workers always give me that sad pathetic look, lol. It’s extra hard this year, b/c my ex (who I was supposed to spend the rest of my life with) broke up w/me over some drama (which he caused, btw…) on V-day, last year. So, something that’s cheery for the single girl, would def be appreciated!

    My best gift has to be the Facebook Flip Book I gave my ex. He was in Afghanistan & I wanted to celebrate together. It came out very cute & each pic was dialogued like a “”See Spot run or Dick & Jane”” type of book…. Come to think of it, that was actually for his birthday, but the same sentiment applies, lol.


    Probably a homemade card when I was like… 7. These are cute ideas!


  • Beth

    Yeah, I would love a post with ideas for what a single girl can do with a day like Valentine’s Day :)

  • Jamie Myers

    I love the date envelope idea. My birthday is on Valentine’s Day so I always a bigger gift. One of my favorite Valentine’s gift idea would probably when the guy would make dinner for you at home. I hate resturants on Valentines there so crouded and it takes so long to get a table.


  • Shellz

    Awesome guft ideas..i like the cards! x0


  • Hannah Cole

    I’m obsessed with all these ideas. I couldn’t figure out what a good gift would be but, now I feel like I have so many to chose from, I can’t decide!

  • Brit Lantzakis

    The red velvet brownies look delicious! My boyfriend has a sweet tooth so I will definitely be making these for him!

  • Kelby Peachey

    I did the date night package for 6 months for my hubby’s birthday. WE BOTH LOVED IT!! We loved it so much I did this package again and gave as a Christmas gift!! :) To read what we did, how we kept it cheap, and some tips on creating your own, you can find them all here: http://peachypains.com/peachys-pack/date-night-package/

  • dana forrest

    I adopted his favorite animal (wolf) through the WWF for him!! So hard to buy boyfriend’s gifts. :)

  • soupforthegirlysoul
  • tasha gaddis

    I would if I had a boyfriend. :) I’d bake him something sweet cause im a baker at heart! :)

  • Francys Ramirez

    i’m so gonna try those brownies :)

  • emily dozier

    My boyfriend makes reclaimed wood frames! It was the first gift he ever gave me & I love it! Check them out and you can buy one from his company, Bent Nail Carpentry :-)


  • Franci Gire

    I actually made the heart calzones last year for my husband annnd red velvet heart pancakes. The best way to a mans heart is through food you know! P.s. the calzone recipe is ahhmazing.

  • marianne garcia

    My partner in crime loves candy, soo I thought I’d get a large jar glass or plastic and fill it with layers of different colored candy. I might put a label to add pizaz.

  • Lauren Conrad

    So glad everyone likes these ideas! I love reading your suggestions too, so please keep them coming!

  • Karolina Cz

    love coupons to use anytime he wants ! some sweet and nice and some spicy ones !

  • Petra Zeller

    Thank you so much Lauren for all the pretty ideas.

    xoxo, Petra


  • Suzy Zhang

    i’m going to try those brownies too!


  • Cathy Bui

    Im actually going to make red velvet heart chaped cake pops lol.. as well as rice krispie heart shaped pops! those brownies do look yummy though ! and i love the envelope a month idea !

  • Lauren Moreno

    To date my boyfriends favorite gift is a scrapbook i put together of our “”journey”” together which not only included our memories but with friends and family as well. It was great watching him look through it, he was blown away and i’m pretty sure i saw a tear or two. I also suprised him at work by having his co-worker bring in my home-made valentine; a posterboard sized candy valentine. Using full size candy bars in place of words or phrases to tell a story. I made more comical rather than lovey dovey. His office got a good laugh as well.

    I love the idea of pre-planned dates! I think this may be the ticket this year.

    Thanks! :) :) xoxo

  • Jennifer Sellen

    I have a question… why would you give your guy “”your”” favorite cologne. Do you mean the cologne I like on him or my own personal perfume?? i’m confused ladies please help!!

  • Karleigh Sergio

    I love the envelope gift! Its a gift that lasts all year :) Keep the fun and romance happening all year round!

  • Kiwi

    Definitely gonna do those brownies!!! Lauren can you do like a valentines day room decor? I love to decorate and hope to become a interior designer!

  • Blair Arms

    My guy plays the trombone as well as the saxophone and cello. I have a friend who is an amazing artist and asked him to paint all three and connect them somehow. I found the frame at an antique store to fit his personality and the picture perfectly. My guy was so surprised and to this day still talks about it. And the best thing about it is that it is a one of a kind! The picture is on my page!!

  • soupforthegirlysoul

    I’m so thankful for this post, some great ideas for Vday!



  • Holly Byrd

    Oh my gosh, the Brownies look Devine! Yummy!!!! Must try those. One year i was feeling crafty. I made everyone litte “”Candy Flower pots””. I bought terracotta flower pots, placed green styrofoam in them. Added lots of suckers, made Paper Flowers with Hershey kiss centers. wrapped the pot with Red Plastic tissue paper and tied a bow around the final product. Everyone loved it and thought it was a cute idea. They Loved the Candy too!

  • Alexandra Dadisman

    The brownies look delicious! I think I want to get my bf Yankee or Knicks tickets too!


    Adventures With Alexandra

  • La Pichouette

    Lauren has the right idea!

    A home cooked meal is always a man pleaser, Here’s my menu for a meal that is guaranteed to knock his socks off (trust me girls it’s been tried, tested and proven true!)

    A hearty pasta dish, (Giada di Laurentis is a goddess, if it’s her recipe; He Will like it!)

    Garlic Bread

    A light salad

    A boldly flavoured red wine (A Malbec, or Alentejo)

    Complete the vibe by putting on some sexy music, and an outfit that makes you feel like a total minx and a night at home couldn’t be boring if it tried! 😉

  • Bibianne Martine Schouten

    I’ll send my valentine an Iphone cover made by myself. I’m in Qatar right now and he is in Holland, so we can’t spend Valentinesday together:(

  • Monica Castillo

    I always go ALL OUT for Valentine’s Day! Ever since I was in elementary I just love this day!! I always make my guy something handmade along with lots of little treats and something nice. The nicest gift I’ve ever given was a scrapbook full of really cute pictures, cards, and decorations. He loves it and tells me he looks at it all the time. Another great gift I gave was a basket full of goodies and every thing had a small tag on it that pertained to us as a couple. This year he mentioned he wanted some house shoes…so I will get him those, his favorite candy, his favorite dessert (red velvet anything), and I spent many hours making him this:


  • Steph A.

    I absolutely LOVE the idea of red velvet brownie!!! I’m making this later.

    And the bacon card!? It’s hillariously amazing! It’s a good v-day gift for my single friends

  • Alexis Ann Delaey

    We don’t give something on Valentine, because everyday with my bf is special, every hug, every kiss,…

  • Tiffani Stuart

    No offense to anyone, but every time I see people gave a “”Scrapbook””– it reminds me of that movie “”I Hate Valentine’s Day”” with Nia Vardalos. I think the chic in that movie (the scrapbook girl) was a little over the top with her scrapbooking, lol

  • Dee- Deelightful Studios

    Great list for dudes! I just posted a very similair list featuring 10 gifts suitable for everyone, I hope you check it out! And happy birthday :-)


  • Katelyn Cnossen

    OMG I cannot wait to make the red velvet brownie! They are my favorite, and I am also going to make the heart shaped calazone! My boo will be so proud of me

  • melissa cowie

    There all such good ideas Lauren, your amazing!xxxx

  • Vivien Harmat

    I’m gonna make dinner for my man. He is not into V-Day but we do want to do something together so probably a home made dinner will make him happier than a gift but these are very good ideas. I love the sunnies :)

  • Lori Lankford

    What would you give your crush?

  • Chelsea Hawkins

    A lazy day full of favorite movies, sweets and lots of cuddling. Being able to relax and enjoy each other without all the glitz and the glam is a great way to remember why you love or like eachother so much!

  • Chelsea Hawkins

    Lori, for a crush I would probably emphasize a joke or connection between the two of you with a funny, yet, flirty card. If he already knows that you are into him I’d go for the corny and cute bag of Hersey’s Kisses attach a card that says something like “” Here are all (how many kisses there are in the bag) from me to you!””

    Corny but that’s how I roll sometimes…

  • Astrid Delgado

    My best one has also been a homecooked meal; I made him lasagna from scratch last year!

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  • herry ponting

    Nice sharing for half an half time..

    Valentines Day Gifts for Him

  • Elisee prummel

    What a great ideas!
    Love them!
    Hmmmm….. that red velvet brownies!

  • Amanda Kretchmer

    Love the ideas. I am def going to make those brownies! They sound amazing!

  • Haleigh Conard

    I say that you can’t go wrong with concert tickets…. knowing you’ll both have a good time is better than giving a questionable gift! However, this year I made a photo calendar through my iPhoto (after dating for over a year, i feel like this is a safe gift idea) and it turned out really cute! I can’t wait to give it to him!



  • Melissa mould

    love this post, those heart pastries look adorable. cute for valentines, i’ve also got some lovely new undies for it too which i featured on my uk style blog http://www.mediamarmalade.com xx

  • John Steward

    Thanks for sharing a beautiful gifts ideas , i hope it will be more helpful for lovers. If you are looking for Cute valentines gifts then you can browse through the internet and shop online. There are many online stores where you can find perfect Valentines Day gift.

  • Megbitt

    I found this on Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/pin/199988039672759588/ Such an adorable idea! I think I’ll do it this year <3

  • Kimberly Reed

    Guess…dinner and a hot tub…..the works, champagne…

  • karly goins

    well last year was my only real Valentine’s day so far and it was with my boyfriend (whom I am still dating) and it was actually a huge catastrophe, from running late, to losing our parking pass, to forgetting the gift certificates we were supposed to use to pay for dinner. But in the end I gave him a beautiful cologne set amongst choclates and other trinkets, while he baked me a heart shaped red velvet (my favorite) cake and put a Tiffany’s necklace around the cake. He even got it engraved with our quote “”You, and Me Forever Always J+K”” :)

  • Liz Ashbaugh

    A couple of years ago, I planned a fun night for my boyfriend (now my fiance!) and me to share. We both lived in Las Vegas at the time, so there was plenty to do! I secretly reserved us a room at a nice hotel, and went early in the day to check in and set up the room with champagne and candles. When I picked him up for the date, I had hand-made note cards with clues on them in decorated and numbered envelopes. Before each part of the adventure, he got to open another envelope to find out what we were doing next! I had dinner reservations, we went to look at the Bellagio fountains, checked out the Forum Shoppes, and also walked through the botanic gardens at Bellagio. He was so surprised to find that I had a room for us, too… It was so much fun!

  • Samantha Sernitt

    Thank you for these awesome ideas lauren! But I would suggest people to also read the great ideas at Valentines day gifts for him 2012 because the ideas on here are quite conventional. Well, just saying :)

  • Tara Liptak

    Hey Lauren! I just wanted to thank you for featuring my Red Velvet Brownies in this gift round-up post! You’ve done an awesome job creating such a fun and innovative site – keep up the great work! – Tara from Smells Like Home

  • michAlexandra

    the red velvet brownies sound too good to be true! I also love the cards! thanks for the ideas :)


  • Rose Andrews

    All of the idea are great! But my favorite??? The idea that has 1 different idea every month for a date!

  • Rebekah W

    such lovely ideas! it really helped me! i think i will try to make the velvet brownies. they’ll be definitely delicious 😀



  • Katie TerBeest

    Yumm! Those brownies look delish!

    Check out my new post on my Saturday work outfit!


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  • John Steward

    14 Feb, 2012- Searching for unique and Cute valentines gifts for her? Your loved one deserves something special for this Valentines Day.

  • Amy Breckenridge

    hi everyone! i just created my own valentine’s day gift guide for guys. check it out and let me know what you think!


  • Avec Sofie

    Oh, I’ll do that fifth one to my boyfriend! Thank you for the ideas :)


  • mishmashmosh

    I love the year of pre-planned dates idea! I think I’m going to save that for his birthday :)

    I love the Persol shades and they would look amazing on my guy but he’d never wear them :(

    I’ve also done a Valentine’s Day gift guide, everything is $50 and under. Please check it out!


  • Seana

    I love the calizones! My boyfriend is Italian, so he’ll love those (and it doesn’t hurt that I will too)! The best gift I’ve given him was probably a puzzle that I made! When put together it had a picture of us and a border of hearts! I made a box for it too with funny pictures I cropped together!

    Also, one year I gave him an ipod (he had already washed and broken two) and flip flops (we always joked about how terrible his were)! I put the gifts in a basket that I had and buried them in small pieces of paper that each had a different memory of ours or inside joke on it!

  • Carlos Montes

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  • Laura Foster

    love the ideas. so tough to find something my husband will really use and like. Radblack.com was a lucky find. i wrote them and they gave me an extra 30% off. quality is just incredible. cant wait to see if he likes it

  • Hilary Griggs

    Heart shaped calzones! Yum! And red velvet brownies! Double yum! Sounds like I have some cooking to do! Thanks for the ideas :)

  • Lena Ameri

    oooh red velvet brownies…yum!!!! i want to make those!!!


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    Really these are great valentine gifts for lover. I am also going to give some unique antique statue on valentines day to my girlfriend.

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