Tuesday Ten: Everyday Accessories


Every girl ought to have an accessory she can wear day in and day out. For me, it’s my favorite charm necklace. I almost always wear it (I’m actually wearing it in the above photo). The way I see it, accessories help personalize an outfit. But when it comes down to it, they are such a personal preference. For some people, it’s about making a statement with bold pieces: big earrings, a centerpiece necklace or a look-at-me cocktail ring. Others prefer dainty accents like my charm necklace or a simple band ring. Needless to say, whatever your preference is just remember that your go-to flair should be something that makes you smile. If you’re still searching for that perfect everyday bauble, check these out:

1. Kris Nations State Pendant Necklace (Pick your favorite state!)


2. The Scarlet Robin Small Monogrammed Heart


3. LC Lauren Conrad Gold Tone Button Stud Earrings (I wear these a lot.)


4. Anthropologie Forget-Me-Not Bracelet


5. Catbird Heart Ring in Rose Gold (Adore this!)


6. LC Lauren Conrad Love Multistrand Pendant


7. Dogeared Karma Bracelet


8. H&M Crystal Stud Earrings


9. Bauble Bar Horseshoe Pendant


10. Nordstrom Pronged Band


Which one is your favorite?

Do you have an accessory or piece of jewelry that you wear everyday?

XO Lauren

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  • tiffany Tran


  • Maryel martinez

    #2 and #6 !!!

  • Peyton Lutz

    #3 and #6

  • Melissa Panici

    # 6 is my favorite! I love that pendant! All of these are beautiful pieces. Here is a piece I wear every day.


    Also, I wanted to share something I bought and it’s going right in my back window of my car:) If anyone wants one of these, I got it off of Ebay under Lauren Conrad collectibles!


  • Bee H.

    Oh my god that california necklace looks so cutee!!

  • Faye Godwin

    No.2 is gorgeous and would be lovely with my Daughter’s initial.

  • Amy Breckenridge

    oh i love that tiny heart ring from catbird! thanks for the suggestions, lauren!!
    lately i’ve been eyeing jewelry with cute little bows :)



  • jennifer madison

    i love the 4th.5th and 6th one

    i have a dainty pendent which is from versace my mom bought it for me for my sweet 16 its been 3 years now

    its versace because my 1st high end perfume i bought was versace bright crystal the pendent is on a white gold necklace

  • Megan Doran

    I love the horseshoe pendants! I usually wear a small, silver “”M”” (for Megan) pendant or a gold & silver claddagh pendant since I’m an Irish girl :)

  • Alba Cuci

    I love 4 and 5!!!! I have a ring that my grandma gave me before she passed away that I wear every day! It’s a vintage sterling silver ring that she used to wear everyday and I think of her every time I look at it.

  • Ani Allen

    I love #2 The Scarlet Robin Small Monogrammed Heart It’s so gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing!!!


    Ani Allen


  • Zuleando

    I always wondered why you wear that necklace everyday. My hypothsis was that maybe it was a present from your father or something.

  • Hannah Cole

    I really like all of them! My favorites are number 4 and 7. I love bracelets because you can wear as many as you want. This post is so perfect for me! I love jewelry and accessories and these examples you have given are so helpful! Thanks :)

  • Megan Brown

    I adore the love multi strand necklace and the forget me not bracelet! So cute!!!

  • Lisa Chang

    I’m adoring the Anthropologie “”Forget Me Not”” bracelet! My usual go to piece would be my TopShop cocktail ring – i love statement jewelry!

  • Shannon Vesik

    Those pendant state necklaces are amazing!!

  • marissa pawlak

    Lauren, I really adore the Catbird Rose Gold Heart Ring as well as Multistrand Love Pendant from your LC Lauren Conrad line at Kohl’s. So cute! The Kohl’s store I work at recently just received your jewelry line on our last truck. I am so excited & will have to look for this adorable necklace of yours.

  • Lucie

    A gold horse-shoe necklace with white zircons that my parents gave me about ten years ago. I rarely take it off – I guess it’s kind of a good luck charm and it reminds me of them always.

  • Sabrina S

    I love the Karma bracelet – something about how clean and simple it is that says everyday perfection to me.

  • Caroline Paredes

    I love the Scarlett Robin necklace the most. It is not too formal, and just enough to be casual. Kind of like my personality aha. Thanks for the posts! :)

  • soupforthegirlysoul
  • Jeanadi

    My everyday, favorite piece of jewelry is my thumb ring. !! It gives me a unique style.:)

  • Kelly Burt

    These are all so beautiful. I love number 1, the state pendant necklace. It’s so different and creative!! I also adore numbers 4 and 6. My go to accessory for everyday is my Chamilia charm bracelet. I just got it for Christmas from my parents and I’m excited to get more charms for it.

  • Shellz

    They are all so girly and pretty but i like the 6th one the most! Also, check out this post on the gorgeous YSL rings:


  • Rebecca Kelsey Sampson

    I’ve found so many gorgeous accessories from you! That rose gold ring is to die for. I don’t have anything that I wear everyday, other then my engagement ring =)

    Kindness is the best accessory,

  • Tiffani Stuart

    From the list above, my favorite is the Bauble Bar Horseshoe Pendant necklace… although, I do love the Catbird heart ring & I Own the LC Lauren Conrad Love Multistrand Pendant.

  • Sara Gasparotto

    the jewels that I wear everyday (and night) are : a bright ring on the left, a ring on his right middle and a necklace with a cross-pendant of diamonds.

  • Kelly Fischer

    Those earrings are seriously phenom!!!

  • Sol Sol

    loveeeedd the scarlet robin necklace!!!!!!! =)

  • Helen Le

    I love the Anthropologie bracelet. I actually bought one from French Connection that looks very similar too. I snapped a picture and it’s on my profile.

  • rinn-rinn

    i like the state necklace. i’m from indiana, going to school in illinois, and my boyfriend’s from nevada.

    i’d like to rep my hoosier state;)

  • Vita

    They are all so cute, but my most favorites are # 2, 5 and 6.

  • Tiffani Stuart

    Oh, and I need to get the HorseShoe Pendant, b/c I have a matching ring

  • nadine

    Beautiful accessories! I love wearing rings a lot, as well as necklaces. Want to try to wear bracelets more often.
    Btw, here’s a little cute ringie I got as a present for my best friend (who’s got a bday tomorrow). I think it’s amazing <3

  • Jennie Raimo

    I love that dogeared bracelet (might have to get it). I have the necklace which is my go to piece and love pairing with either thin gold hoop earrings or some diamond studs. My wedding ring is just like the Banana Republic ring in your list :)

  • Brenna Gray

    i love the state necklace. Cute gift idea. I wear my cladagh ring everyday facing inwards on my right hand to represent i’m in a relationship. It has an amethyst heart because that’s my birthstone. I also wear a Cape Cod bracelet because I’m from MA.

  • Jodie Bale

    i always wear my pink pandora leather bracelet it just makes every outfit feel more me :)

  • Tiffani Stuart

    @Nadine… Hope she doesnt’ see this post, or you’ll ruin the surprise! haha.

  • samantha karastamatis

    LOoOVE #4-Anthropologie ‘Forget Me Not’ bracelet- It reminds me of my Chan Luu wrap bracelet that I never take off!! Along with my Jennifer Zeuner cross necklace that I wear daily!

  • Kristi Bucksbarg

    Love the rose gold heart ring!!



  • Elena Hekimian
  • Stephanie McDonnell

    I love the monogrammed heart by The Scarlet Robin. I personally have never been big on monograms, but that one is stunning. I just might put it on my wish list. I have an anniversary coming up!

    For me, though, my go-to item is my Blush Envy ring. It is such a quick and easy way to make a statement with even the simplest outfit. I get so many compliments when I wear it, and when I tell them the artisan makes them out of paper, people balk, sure I am lying. It’s sensational!

    Luxe Boulevard | Custom whimsical bridal bouquets and accessories


  • Melisa Ambrugna Aiello

    One accessorie i always wear is my Juicy Couture limited edition bell necklace its a cute necklace that goes with everything having mixtures of gold and silver, my best friend always steals it from me, its beautiful and i wear it all the time!

  • Lina Logotheti

    i wear everyday my pearl earings they’re my favorite! my grandma purchased them for me!!! ooh i also LOOOOVE the heart ring it’s soo cute!!:D

  • heatherwhenever

    I have this ring and wear it almost everyday!

    I get compliments all the time.

    I also have this: http://www.rubybag.com/necklaces/genuine-diamond-lock-key-pendant-necklace which is gorgeous!

  • Kimberly

    I like number 6. :-)


  • jenny

    They are all beautiful. I love the Anthropologie bracelet. I wear a lot of similar bracelets that I collect from each place a travel.

    One thing I wear every single day is a ring that my Grandmother gave me when I was in grade 3, after I made my first communion. It has my initials (J.Y) engraved into it. About two years ago I came across it in my jewelry box and discovered that it still fit on my pinky finger. So, I put it on and haven’t taken it off since.

    A year ago I was traveling Australia and one morning after leaving a hostel we were staying at I realized it was no longer on my finger. I freaked! I remembered wearing it while washing my hands in the bathroom just before leaving so we drove back 45 minutes in the opposite direction of where we were headed, back to the hostel. I emptied the trash can in the bathroom and sure enough it fell out on the floor. It had slipped off while I was drying my hands. And I have been paranoid of losing it ever since.

  • Erika Bassaraba

    I wear my stingray necklace everyday. I am very passionate when it comes to conservation of the ocean and marine life. This is just one piece of my nautical jewelry collection. It’s also nice that it’s sterling silver so when I go SCUBA diving it is small enough so it doesn’t get caught and it’s durable. :)


  • Janella Haf

    OMG I love the LC Lauren Conrad necklace (#6)
    I have to say my statement piece are earrings, I NEVER go out of the house without having some bling in my ears (:

    – Janella

  • Haifah Yamani

    omg love this ,, I already have the Catbird Heart Ring in Rose Gold <3 it was a gift from my bff :)


  • Bronwyn Arthurs

    my favorite would have to be the karma bracelet! One item I wear on a day to day basis is a small gold ring with the birth stone in it that a received as a little girl from my grandma, naturally my hands grew so now it sits on my pinky finger day in day out!

  • Rose Malonzo

    I always wear my wedding rings (of course!), earrings, and almost always a necklace. It’s like chapstick…I feel naked without those pieces!

  • Claire Levenberg

    I love them all!!!

    I always where these three rings, representing the men in my life:

    1. I have a Tiffany’s silver ring with a heart and a diamond in it, that my older brother gave to me when I first went off to college.

    2. I have a David Yurman ring my dad gave to me, that has a turquoise stone in it because he knows that that is my favorite stone.

    3. My last ring is a ruby with two little diamonds that my boyfriend gave to me for our one year anniversary.

    I also always where one of my small necklaces and a leather bracelet my best friends and I have together.

  • tinamarie

    my watch, marc jacobs. (:

  • Vivien Harmat

    I love your LC necklace but I usually wear silver accessories because they matches to me more. But my fav thing is my watch. I wear it every day.

  • Haley Barr Jones

    I love the LC Lauren Conrad Love Multistrand Pendant, but it’s sold out online at Kohls.

  • Charley Galicia
  • conda

    I LOVE the state pendant necklaces! What a perfect way to keep home close to you even if you aren’t there any longer. I’ll always be an Ohio girl at heart <3

  • Charley Galicia

    oops I meant this anatomical heart pendant from etsy.com. Search for “”Anatomical heart jewelry antique silver anatomical heart on 18″” gunmetal chain””. LOVE it.

  • Kayse Renfro

    I added my photo. The one thing I never go a day without wearing, is my support the troops braclet. It holds a very special place in my heart from on of the wonderful soliders that risk their lives for us. I couldn’t be more honored to have recieved and wear it every single day! God Bless the men and women and their families.

  • Kimmy S

    I love all of them! The Scarlet Robin one is so adorable, I love that it’s not your typical, run of the mill monogram necklace. I also love the Kohl’s earrings. So chic and so simple!

    Everyday I wear a necklace the mother gave me with a tiny diamond… It reminds me to love and always be positive : )

  • Shobat Kousar

    Kris Nations State Pendant Necklace is my favourite 😀 and the State I’d choose is Nashville 😀 #country #taylorswift


    OMG I need one of those state necklaces, but the Texas version.


  • Lyndsey Meek

    I posted a picture on my profile of my “”everyday accessory””. Check it out!

  • Lauren Woods

    I’m in love with all of these! Maybe I pinned almost all of the to my pinterest style board…

  • karly goins

    Even if I’m not wearing my Michael Kors watch, I am always wearing the Pandora “”bubble”” ring I bought for myself as a reminder to always work hard for what i want, the diamond ring my grandpa gave me that had belonged to my step grandma before she passed, and the Pandora charm bracelet my boyfriend gave me for Christmas. Every time I look at my right hand I am reminded of so many good memories and the love of people in my life :)


  • Manon Berrevoets

    I really like number 10 from banana republic, it’s chic but it also gives your outfit that something exra. My own favorite accessory are my glasses, how weird that may sound it really makes my look complete. I now have it for a month and they are real and I like them a lot!!!

  • Larissa Wilhelm

    These are so adorable. One of my many resolutions this year is to accessorize more. This helps a lot! Thanks Lauren!


  • Elliot Taylor

    obsessed with number 3! they can go with anything, i am going out today and getting them

  • Kelly

    #3 & #5 are my fav.! they are both so cute, and seem easy to wear everyday!

  • Cassie Pletcher

    I just got a pair of the gold button earing for Christmas and love them! I use to always wear small pearl studs and I’ve traded them out. The gold buttons are simple but chic.

  • Susie Leckie

    can i please just have everything sent me to right this instant! haha. i am completly obsessed with the anthro ‘forget me not’ i’m an alpha phi alum and the forget me not was one of our flowers so the name instantly draws me to it! thanks for the great pieces lauren!

  • melissa cowie

    your jewellery at kohls is amazing lauren!x

  • fashionluvr

    I love your jewelry at Kohls it is so beautiful :) I personaly love the vintage jewelery I got from my mother and grandmother :) It is so unique and one of a kind!

    xoxo Maggie D.

  • DancesWithHooves

    I LOVE that rose gold heart ring! SO cute!

  • gizem wood

    forget me not bracelet is so beautiful, i have a similar bracelet and i wear it daily. it fits with everything

  • Valesca Haveman

    I love #4, the forget-me-not-bracelet.

  • Karla Peach

    Omg i need #5 ! that ring is so pretty! i may have to save up for this!

  • alexandra miehe

    I have the gold studs but from Swarovski and i love how beautiful they look!! have totally want to state necklace and the scarlet robin necklace! might order them!!

  • Catherine Strus

    J’adoreeee le petite rose gold heart ring!

  • Agata Kalinowska

    I always (and i mean always) wear sliver heart necklace which i got from my grandparents and my mom’s engagement ring. And every day I wear a pandora bracelet and charms bracelet. Quite a lot, but it is my statement jewellery :)

  • Elizabeth Denton

    Almost everyday I wear a necklace with a gold disk that has my name engraved on one side and my birthday on the other, a san marcos gold bracelet, and a pair of diamond earring. Each piece came from a different woman in my family. I love them because they are simple, classic and can go from day to night with ease.

  • LS

    The heart ring and the Gold Tone button earrings! <3

  • Kennedie Habermehl

    I love the LC earrings! GORGEOUS….

  • Raychill

    I wear my white fossil watch everyday, i absolutely love it! it goes with anything!

  • Liset Tarango

    i like #4, #5, #6, #7 they are all cute but these will be my favorite.

  • Maria Ige

    I like #10…reminds me of my wedding band. I waited 5 years for that band and I got the one I wanted :)

  • pplunicorn

    I am all about watches. Lovin my fossil watch right now.

  • Jessica Smith

    I love all of these, but if I had to choose I would say #3 #4 #8 would be my favorites!

  • Christina Palmer

    My fav are the LC pearly earrings! i have the necklace to match, and I wear them all the time! they go with everything!!

  • Lauren Shortall

    LOVE LOVE LOVE #2 and #5!! so vintage, and utterly gorgeous

  • Megan Williams

    This is so funny that you posted this, because I have been thinking lately that I need something just like this. I want to find a necklace and put me and my husbands initials on a heart and then somehow incorporate my two kids with it… I have been looking on Etsy to find the perfect thing and then I am going to make my hubby buy it for me. haha. Loved this post, gave me some really good ideas.

  • Stephanie

    i love 2, 4, 5 and 6! so cute

  • kirsty beaman

    So many beautiful things but im going to have a to go for 2# The Scarlet Robin. i have fulling in love with everything on their website, i know what is going on my birhtday and christmas list for well … ever.

  • Maria Abbruscato

    I couldn’t possibly pick one favorite, they are all so awesome! I would have to change number one to be either Florida or Georgia (born in Georgia raised in florida) haha the love necklace is sooooo gorgeous

  • Klaudia Klanyi

    hmmm…my favorite LOVE MULTISTRAND PENDANT *.* :) it’s fabulous :)

  • Jasmine Matthews

    The heart ring is adorable! Where can I find it ?

  • Emily Hanson

    I love, love, love the H&M earrings!!! Studs are my favorite, and that color is just amazing :)

  • Susanna Hall

    I wear my clauddagh ring every day! It was a Christmas gift from my boyfriend a few years ago. Not only does it symbolize our relationship, but it also keeps me connected to my Irish roots!

  • Andrea Rodriguez Soler

    I wear my watch everyday, I really need it, and I think is a cute accesory, makes me feel elegant

  • Tara Nolan

    love them all! one of my personal favs is a hand made antique looking button ring! it was an extra button on a long belted peacoat.

  • Jennifer Cleary

    I adore the Karma Bracelet….Love it so much and will definitley be keepign my eye out for one now.

  • Charlotte Morris

    I love Catbird in general so I adore this heart ring, thinking of going for the little star one in silver… I wear a dainty gold pendant with a small ‘C’ (my initial) engraved on the front. It wasn’t expensive but it is sentimental to me and I haven’t taken it off since I got it!! x

  • Annie

    two of my must haves would have to be my stud earrings i never take off and my michael kors gold watch. i will love them forever!

  • soupforthegirlysoul

    I always wear my Swarvoski heart crystal necklace and my stud diamond earrings. i love them! :)



  • Sarah Little

    I love simple every day accessories! These are wonderful! I’m on the search for a new pair of every day earrings, and I just know I’ll find them soon. I wear my wedding ring every day, but I consider that more a part of me than an accessory =) I usually rotate between 2 necklaces and 2 pairs of stud earrings depending on what I’m wearing. LOVE accessories!

  • Sana kay

    Love the horseshoe pendant! Great accessories. :)

  • Michelle Le

    love the catbird!

  • Jenifer Small Gallagher

    As one of the owners of Scarlet Robin (#2 Heart Monogram Necklace), I wanted to say thanks for the upbeat, happy tone and for the compliments! We are in great company

  • Maria Ayala


    This is my favorite necklace that I recently bought as my everyday necklace. It’s a bow necklace with cute little pearls and crystals in the middle. I love it. I always want to have an everyday necklace because i feel like that tells a person about your style and who you are in a way. Depending on the story behind the jewel.

  • Liz Ashbaugh

    I LOVE all of your suggestions! So cute! Of course, I definitely wear my engangement ring EVERY day! I also have a pair of ruby stud earrings that my little brother bought me for christmas a couple of years ago that I wear just about every day.

  • Vanessa R

    It’s hard to pick but I’d have to say either #5 or #10 are my favorites! I love rings! :)

  • Jennifer Kalawe

    Love your accessory picks! At Stella and Dot, there are some pieces that are similar to what you chose! Check out my website for them:


    It is called:

    the clover key neckalce

    after midnight neckalce

    soiree studs

    and you can personalize your own charm necklaces.

    They are celebrity – coveted style jewelry!!! Please check them out!

  • Renos Fy

    Oh my god that california necklace looks so cutee!!


  • Renos Fy

    I like the earing esp. when I have my hair in a pony tail!


  • Cassie Hanson

    love the state necklaces! i get to still be a seattle girl at heart living in texas!


  • mika

    The rose gold, heart ring is my personal favorite.

  • carena klerkx

    Nordstrom Pronged Band

    LC Lauren Conrad Love Multistrand Pendant

    Catbird Heart Ring in Rose Gold

    LC Lauren Conrad Gold Tone Button Stud Earrings


  • Samantha Shockley

    After taking jewelry classes I love looking at jewelry even more! Now, knowing that I can make half of the things I see is amazing. I’m even getting to sell some of it at my college’s end of year art sale. If I make a lot of money hello best graduation present ever, a trip to Europe! :)

    My fav piece is the monogram heart necklace, and I made one much like it and wear it all the time! If my phone had not gotten run over in the parking lot I would post a pic. Maybe when my new phone gets here!

    I also love this ring I have that has small different shap bezel settings with cabuchon stones all soldered together to form a band ring. It is gorgeous. I also have a ring that was made by taking a thin sheet of metal, piercing out a design and soldering it on top of another sheet of metal. The piercings look like indentations and have been filled with a petina to color them.

    AH! I love jewelry! :)

  • semra kavak

    i like to wear neklace over necklace. #5 and #6 are my favourites!

  • Kelsey Davidson

    I’m so glad you designed something like the Love Multistrand Pendant!! I saw one moderately similar and wanted it so bad but (1) it was made of cheap materials, and (2) it wasn’t nearly as cute as yours. I’ll definitely have to get to Kohls to buy one.

  • Rosa Maria

    Love this!! ESP. #3; I wanted to purchase them online but found they were no longer available, so I went on a hunt for some look alikes..2 days later, I now have my everyday ear rings “”] Thanks LC!

  • Rosa Maria

    Love this!! ESP. #3; I wanted to purchase them online but found they were no longer available, so I went on a hunt for some look alikes..2 days later, I now have my everyday ear rings “”] Thanks LC!

  • Kylie Miller

    I seriously L O V E everything on this list!! Check out my blog: http://thechicstreetblog.blogspot.com/

  • Rene

    When you were on the Wendy Williams show last week you had on a ring that was silver, had two bands connected with a vertical bar. Please let me know when I can get it. Thank you.

  • Angie

    My everyday pieces are gifts from loved ones and all happen to be T&Co. I’m always wearing my engagement ring and wedding band, diamond necklace, interlocking bangles, bead bracelet and finally, bead stud earrings. They are all dainty, feminine and classic. I love them all!


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