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Aside from the fact that my birthday is fast approaching, I was actually inspired to put together this post after seeing a thread in the Forum started by member Alexie Kim, called Birthday Outfits. To be honest, what you wear on your birthday really depends on what you’re doing. If it is something casual, obviously dress accordingly. However, if you’re going to be the belle of the ball at a party, I think a chic LBD is the way to go.

I may be biased, but I think the Angelica Dress from the Paper Crown Spring 2012 collection (see above photo) would be perfect for an evening birthday fete. It’s simple and elegant but still fun, flirty and a little bit sexy too. Nevertheless, any LBD will do though!

Give your LBD a birthday twist by layering on a few crystal bib necklaces. It’s okay if they don’t match–just as long as they look good together. Personally, I think the layered look is gorgeous. Plus it adds the perfect touch of festive glamour.

My birthday is right around the corner… My plans are still a bit up in the air, but regardless of what they are, I plan to dress up and enjoy the night! Who knows…you might even see me wearing my LBD.

Needless to say, your birthday is a fabulous excuse to stand out. Since fashion is not for the faint of heart, take a risk and go for all white or wear a bright color that you otherwise would shy away from. Here are a few ideas:

6755904589:Yahoo:photoCamilla and Marc Cylinder Crepe Dress, 3.1 Phillip Lim Stretch Dress, Alice + Olivia Alaina Dress

If you’re in the market for a wallet-friendly birthday dress, check out the dresses I designed for my LC Lauren Conrad collection too!

What was your favorite past birthday outfit?

Upload and submit your photo for a chance to be the Chic of the Week!

XO Lauren

P.S. I just posted a blog about one of my favorite (and easiest) fitness tips! Click here for all the details.

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  • Melissa Panici

    So exciting that your birthday is coming up! I love that LBD! My birthday is in June so I plan on getting that dress from your paper crown line:) To be honest, I haven’t had a birthday party or went out for my birthday in a long time so I don’t have any photos to submit:( Hopefully this year I can plan something fun! Thanks Lauren!

  • tinamarie

    i adore dresses with an open back. love all these dresses, too bad my birthday was in december. possibly an easter dress (:

  • Jessica Galfo

    love your LBD!! I have a blazer from your collection that I adore and wear to work often

    follow me on twitter ! – @JessiicaEmm

  • Sarah Heckle

    The cutout back on that first dress is so cute! My birthday is a ways off, but I may need a new LBD :)


    Check out my latest features.

  • Jess Clarke

    My birthday is the day after yours! I already have my outfit planned out :)

  • Lupsie

    My birthday is fast approaching too! It’s on February 21st…I’ll be the big 2-5 this year! I am going to Amsterdam for my birthday so I won’t be wearing any LBDs but I’d love to have some advice on what to wear in Amsterdam for the big day…figure, causual but chic.

  • Rachel Trampel

    I don’t know if this is just ironic, or my lucky day! Today is my birthday, what a perfect post :) :) :)

    Thanks for the advice, and I am definitely going for a LBD for my birthday celebration this weekend!

  • Caitlin Heaney

    Such an adorable dress! My birthday is today so this post was very appropriate!

  • Paola Croes


    It doesn’t matter what you wear in Amsterdam. As long as you feel comfortable and fabulous in it you’ll be fine! Dutch people like to choose comfort over fashion, so you won’t feel underdressed. And playing a little dressup is always fun!

    I live in Amsterdam and I still love it, so I hope you have a great time.

  • Stephanie Ball

    Perfect timing! My birthday is the 8th of Feb!

  • Jacqueline ODonnell

    I LOVE this dress- espcially the back! For my birthday, I love pairing a simple but sexy dress with fun shoes.

  • erika heming

    I love the Alice+Oliva dress! It is right up my alley:)

    Erika (my nail polish blog!)

  • Shanny Shoelace

    I L O V E love the LBD from paper crown!!! and my 25th Birthday is fast approaching :) thanks for the ideas!

  • Sirane Ensaid Rivas Montilla

    My BIRTHDAY was only 2 days ago .. I went out with My husband & Family to a Spanish Sea Food Restaurant here in Venezuela Calle “”ASTURIAS”” and I wore Gray Leggings with a Big Knit Sweater & Purple Heels, it all came toghether when I added the Purple Accesories (A clutch & Bangles) OUTFIT

  • jessi mccormick

    My birthday is sort of coming up –March 3rd (ill be the big 25!) so thanks for sharing!

  • Carolyn Drover

    Love this LBD :)

  • Shellz

    I wore a pant suit on my birthday last year and i loved it!Want more beauty and fashion tips ?Check out :

  • marissa pawlak

    I really the LBD from your Paper Crown line. It is very simple and classy and the open back really makes it flirty and stand out. Pair it with some black platforms and some pearls. You will look great in anything as you always do. I most definitely think this little black dress says your name all over it. =)

  • Kimberly

    I’m very happy you posted this blog, because my birthday is in about 2 weeks! :).

    Your birthday is on February 1st and mine is a week later!!

    Can’t wait! Xx

  • Lupsie

    @Paola Croes…thank you! You’ve inspired me 😉

  • Miranda Worsley

    My 21st birthday is TOMORROW!!!

  • Cupcakegirl

    My fiance hosted an 80’s themed party for my 30th birthday a few weeks ago. It was the best birthday party I’ve ever had. I wore a pink, silver and purple sequined black dress and tons of 80’s accesories, and my fiance dressed up as Slash! You can see the pix on my profile.

    I think as long as you’re enjoying life, whatever you wear on your birthday will be fabulous!

  • Jenna Rosevear

    SO fun!! I want to model your clothes…..


  • Rachel Hammar

    love this post I never know what to wear on my bday

  • Samantha Hodgkins

    Does anyone have any websites that have similar dresses for a college student band account?! hahaha i love the clothes, until i notice the price that is…. (: Thanks!!

    The outfit would be for colder weather, but for the bars as well. I will be turning 22 in Feb ((:

  • samantha karastamatis

    I love that LBD, I always go for the cut out backs they are so cute!

  • Cara Guyette

    My birthday is in 2 weeks and I’m going to be wearing a tan and black lace dress from the LC collection at Kohls. I’m super excited about it. My boyfriend is taking me to dinner then to a Wilco concert.

  • Sarah Little

    I love your LC Lauren Conrad collection at Kohls! Keep up the good work girl!

  • Kimmy S

    first off, LOVE the Paper Crown dress and I also adore the other selections you made… the first one is amazing! i’m turning 25 in june, so that white/neon dress would be perfect for a summer birthday! thanks so much lauren!

  • Shelaine Morrison

    For my 24th birthday last February I had every one dress 1920’s and we went to the Delta King in Sacramento where they have a murder mystery dinner. After we went to the Shady Lady a 1920s themed bar in Sac. What was so perfect about running around in our flapper gowns was the fact that for being Feb.5 it was 80 degrees so we were nice and warm even into the night!

  • Alison Barnes

    I really want to buy the Angelica Dress from the Paper Crown Spring 2012 collection! When will it be released in stores? My 21st birthday is in less than two months and I’ve been looking for the perfect outfit.

  • tanya jimenez

    My birthday is coming up too, Feb 1st, and I’ll be 25. It’s a big year, and I’m so excited to dress up. I have a dress similar to Angelica dress that I might wear.

  • soupforthegirlysoul
  • Lupsie

    @Shelaine Morrison…you’ve inspired me to round up my friends for when I get back from Amsterdam to celebrate a couple of our birthdays in a theme restaurant!! Thank you!!

  • Katie Stuart

    Check out my Birthday Outfits post too! Several cute outfits :)


    I love dresses so I am always happy with any dress, whether it be for a birthday or just for fun. Check out some of my looks here:


    Love the Paper Crown dress. It is modest yet sexy and fun. What would you wear if you were attending a birthday bash? What is an appropriate look so you are not outdressing the guest of honor? My friend is having a birthday party this weekend and I want to look fab but not over do it.

  • melissa cowie

    i hope on the 1st of feb you have an amazing 26th birthday! mines in march and im already thinking about what to wear so this helped me so much, thanks lauren!xo

  • Jennie Raimo

    So funny that you posted this. My birthday is in Feb too and I need to figure out what I’m going to wear. I’m in the same boat as you…plans still up in the air, but I do want to wear a pretty dress :)

  • Suzy Zhang

    my sweet sixteen is tomorrow! what a coincidence that you put this up 😛

  • Amany

    LOVE the neon/white outfit! I need to add more neon to my wardrobe!

  • Monica Cunha

    Great Post! Sometimes it is so hard to find out a great birthday dress! This it helps a lot!

  • Emily Kim

    my camera!

    never know when there’s a moment you want to capture.

    everything around you is inspiration, like lauren conrad :)

  • Michelle Le

    my birthday’s coming up in feb :)

  • Melisa Ambrugna Aiello

    Im obsessed

  • Tahlia Gadowski

    My birthday is on the 1st of Feb too :) except I’ll be turning 22.

    Any ideas what you’re going to do for your birthday?

  • Petra Zeller

    Great post <3 My Birthday is on 21.6. when the summer season begin :) The yellow skirt is really pretty. Gorgeous color


  • Sterre Smit

    Ooohw my god! I just bought that little black dress with the open back for my 23th birthday on the 7th of February!!!
    So funny :)
    I really love the dress!! Too cute!

  • Tiffany Nissleu

    I LOVE wearing LBD!!! :) :) My latest birthday outfit was a little more “”Mexico relaxed””… haha, never the less, it was a GREAT day!

  • Ashley Nicole

    OK this article couldn’t have come out at a more perfect time! My bday is March 5 and I’m going to Atlantic City for the weekend. That blue dress would be perfect! Aahhh I want it <3

  • Chaima el Kaddouri

    My birthday is on 31 january so these dresses are nice ideas!

  • Sara Pozos

    My birthday was january 8… not party for me…. sad

  • Ilona Bianca Legaspi

    I have a similar lbd and i wore it to my best friends birthday bash with red zara heels. He was wearing a red blazer so i thought to match it. A lbd is a must for every girl.

  • Candice Maniga

    I think you’re the first person I’ve ever been aware of to share my birthday<3 It's my 18th! :)

  • Larissa Wilhelm

    Thanks Lauren! My birthday was last weekend but this is still great advice that I plan to follow for more of my birthdays. P.S. I love love love the Paper Crown LBD. It’s gorgeous!

  • Samanda Stap

    I’m so glad you’ve put this up Lauren! I’m still planning my 21st, which is coming up in 2 weeks and I still haven’t managed to find that perfect dress!!!!!!

  • Elizabeth Awe

    Love love love all the outfits especially the blue Alice+ olivia

  • karly goins

    note my LC by Lauren Conrad heels :p

  • Anikeeva Maria

    my birthday is approaching as well but me and my girls are planning to attend basketball game so it’s going to be sport chic )

  • Sanity

    The paper crown dress is amazing. I can’t wait till the Spring collection comes out.

    You can shop the Paper Crown collection in the UK at

  • Silvia B.

    My birthday was last Monday and we went out for a simple happy hour. I opted for a powder pink silk tunic with colourful flowers print, waist belt, skinny jeans, 14cm heels, leather jacket, clutch and wool beanie hat.

    but I have no picture :(

  • Josa Anne

    Lovely dress!! I just realized that your birthday is a day before mine! :) Awesome!! <3

  • Toni Graz

    or you can go classic with black and white…its next to the LBD in the never fail department

  • Maggie Hubele

    Toni I love that dress! Where is it from? I love all of the dresses posted, they are age appropriate, fun, and they don’t reveal everything! Perfect!

  • Renos Fy

    My birthday is the day after yours! I already have my outfit planned out :)

  • Kelly Oates

    My favourite birthday outfit, from my 20th last September :)

  • Morrie Hudiburg

    I love the Phillip Lim stretch dress!

  • Tiffani Stuart

    My birthday is coming up soon, as well! I’m kind of in the “”I don’t know what I’m going to be wearing, or what to do… maybe I should get a great outfit, which will inspire me to do something!! Hmmm That’s a great idea!

  • Alexie Kim

    This is so exciting! For those of you who are wondering, I ended up wearing a sweatheart neckline floral dress from American eagle, a cream cardigan from Free People, some ballerina flats and some jewelry from forever 21! I was an awesome birthday party!

  • Mariana Tristan

    I made my dress for my birthday….. it was a girly cutout LBD !! I loved it! =)

  • Anisa Mohammed

    I’d just like to wish Lauren a very happy birthday! May all your wishes and dreams come true. Stay sweet. Can’t wait to see your ID me birthday outfit

  • Elisee prummel

    So cute…!
    I love that LBD from Paper Crown!

  • annya lix

    hey girls im from Puerto Rico and i just launch my new blog!

  • Rachel Davidson

    Love, want, need that black dress! Where can I get one?!!?!?!?!



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