Shape Up: Walk the Block

It’s easy to get caught up in your work and go into zombie mode without ever leaving your desk. However, if you’re looking to shape up for the New Year, you’ve got to start taking a break to walk the block.

I’ve always tried to be good about my exercise regimen. However, many of my friends find it difficult to carve out time to work out each day. Needless to say, they’ve all found a way to stay slim. What’s their secret? They walk during their lunch breaks! Instead of sitting through lunch, they eat and then walk. Whether it’s around the block or your building, just ten minutes of walking briskly can make a difference. (If your job requires you to wear heels or uncomfortable shoes, pack a pair of sandals or tennis shoes to slip on during lunch.)

Walking has so many benefits–mental and physical. You can burn upwards of 100 calories from a brisk 20-minute walk. If you’re looking to drop a couple pounds that you packed on over the holidays, walking during lunch in addition to your regular exercise schedule will help you shed those unwanted LBs much faster too. Not only does it help tone your arms, abs and shoulders, it also burns more fat than jogging. Who knew? Better yet–walking also boosts endorphins, which ease stress, fatigue, confusion, and anger. Whenever I’m experiencing a bout of writers block or just need a break, taking a quick 15-minute walk always does the trick. It helps me recalibrate and reset. And I always end up being far more productive afterward too!

Are you walking the block? How do you stay in shape when you can’t squeeze in a full workout?

XO Lauren

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