Get Gorgeous: Say Yes to Winter SPF

Get Gorgeous: Say Yes to Winter SPF

Its no secret SPF is essential during the summer months. But did you know it’s equally important during the wintertime? Oh, what’s that? You work inside all day so you don’t need sunscreen? Not so fast; it’s important for you too!

UV rays are just as harmful during the winter as they are in the summertime… even if you spend your days working indoors, hidden from the sunshine. UVA rays penetrate window glass, which means you are exposed during your commute and if your office is filled with natural light. UV rays are especially harmful in snowy conditions since rays are strengthened due to the reflective nature of snow. The same goes for cloudy days. So lather up ladies!

All of these forms of exposure contribute to something called “photoaging.” Photoaging is a process of aging caused by UVA and UVB exposure. Major symptoms of photoaging include spider veins on the face or neck, loss of color and fullness in lips and wrinkle formations on the face, neck, ears, hands or chest. No thank you! (Note: You may want to think twice about those hands on the sunny steering wheel too because hands and necks show the symptoms of photoaging the most.) Since even the slightest bits of exposure add up quickly, it’s important to protect any uncovered skin with a broad spectrum UVA and UVB lotion with a minimum SPF of 15.

I use SPF 40 every morning (I use Josie Maran Protect Daily SPF 40+). I apply it to my face, neck and hands. If you’re looking for a quality SPF, I suggest buying something with one or more of the following ingredients:

  • B3: It aids in skin renewal and helps to improve your skins natural moisture barrier.
  • Lycopene: Helps improve your skin’s natural protection against ultraviolet radiation.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: Restores water content, elasticity and firmness to your skin.
  • Vitamin C: This antioxidant helps reduce the appearance of sun damage and increases skin’s moisture.
  • Katafray Bark: This ingredient is full of natural moisturizing properties.
  • Argan Oil: Repairs sun damage and keeps skin looking radiant and smooth.


What’s your favorite SPF?

XO Lauren

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Photo: Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott
Sources: Natural Skin Health, Pharmacy Mix, Adore Beauty


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  • Melissa Panici

    I haven’t found an SPF yet. I was never really sure which one was the best. Definately taking the advice on here! Thanks Lauren!

  • soupforthegirlysoul

    Great post! I’m always going to wear foundation with SPF in it! :)

  • Sarah Heckle

    My moisturizer and foundation both have SPF in them. I hadn’t really thought about putting it on my hands though – thanks!


    weekend trip> new post!

  • Christina Cintron

    i had no clue ! now for sure im going to use spf daily !… thanks :)

  • Richelle Baker

    I make sure that I use SPF before my makeup. I get it in my package with Mary Kay and love it. Love the feeling!

  • Elise Rose

    I’ve been wearing ‘Daily Face Veil’ everyday without fail for about a year now! Have noticed softer skin and definitely a more even complexion. It’s good to see that my idol is telling people about sun protection! Yay we’re all sun-catious!!x

  • Eva Mijalkovic

    I don’t want to spoil everything but I heard form a dermatologist that most of the suncreams don’t really protect you from UV rays. So maybe you should check with your dermatologist!

  • Corryn Batykefer

    I use MD Elta spf 45 on my face and hands. It wasn’t until last year I realized this is vital to healthy skin. It makes me my skin feel beautiful once its on.

  • nicole

    Do I wear this under my daily moisturizer or over??? I def wouldnt want to replace my daily moisturizer with peptides! Thanks :) cant wait to try

  • Victoria Itskov

    I use the aveeno ultra calming moisturizer (they have both spf 15 and 30). It doesn’t dry out my skin during the winter (so no nasty dry patches) plus it protects me from the sun =) And the best part… you can purchase it for around $10 at drugstores/target/walmart (or and it lasts you forever! It is great for all skin types as well.

  • tinamarie

    interesting facts. thanks, i now can use the whole bottle of sunscreen!!

  • Stacie

    @Eva, I think you might be a little confused… There some types that don’t protect against both UVA & UVB, but if it has an SPF rating, it has to protect one of them. And in the US, I think there are some recent laws in place that make SPF ratings more informative: I think that now the label has to say whether it protects against UVA, UVB, or both. So always read your labels!!

  • Kellie Norton

    One of my new years resolutions was to use more moisturizer and SPF… I use a moisturizer every morning that has SPF 15 in it. Do think that still works? Or should I use just plain SPF. Thanks Lauren!!

  • Stephanie Ball

    What are food/drink products that I can find Hyaluronic Acid in?

  • Caroline Paredes

    I use SPF 15 and there is always an SPF with my concealer, powder foundation etc. that I wear everyday. Mhm. that is it I believe. But thank you for the info. Lauren!

  • Lizeth M Camarena

    I used the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 100. I love this sunblock it doesn’t leave my face greasy or feeling weight down like other sunblocks do. I’ve always been more concern about protecting my face than any other part of my body, But thank you for emphazing the importantance of sun protection!

  • Liz Wood

    I use Image Skincare Hydrating Daily Defense SPF 30. It contains antioxidants and nutrients that make my skin glow. I love it!

  • Mellie

    Clinique 40 SPF City Block. I love this, I put it on after my moisturizer and it helps block out toxins as well as UV rays. An added bonus is that it works as a makeup primer too! This is an essential product!

  • Eva Mijalkovic

    @Stacie That’s good, I’m not from the US so it might be little different here.

  • Kimmy S

    OMG I had no idea! Now I’m going to put it on every day… Maybe I’ll get that Josie Maran SPF you use, it sounds like it’s a good one : ) Thanks Lauren!

  • molly waters

    I use cetaphil spf 50. It’s great for sensitive skin!

  • Stacie

    @Eva, I didn’t mean to undermine you or anything… I hope you didn’t take it that way. The new FDA regulations here are pretty recent. I just wanted to point out that’s good sunscreen needs to block against UVA & UVB rays.

  • Elizabeth Roelands

    I wear Arbonne’s 30SPF waterprof sunscreen as well as Foundation, tinted mosterizer and loose power all with 15SFP!! I love this stuff!! Look at use ID#115491683 try it out yourself!! let me know what you think!

  • Acacia Farrow

    I use the Josie Maran moisturizer too! I love it!

  • Shellz

    I’m still on the hunt for the best moisturizer with SPF thats best for my skin.

  • Eva Mijalkovic

    @Stacie No worries I got what you were saying. And I am really glad you have regulations like that, I wish we had it here. I should try to buy SPF online from countries that have that regulations.

  • Morrie Hudiburg

    I really need to start wearing sunscreen more!

  • Kayla Smith

    I have really sensitive skin and use Say Yes to Carrots with SPF 30. It absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave my skin feeling oily.

  • lyly chhay

    my fave is the sheseido spf 60 in the little cute blue bottle for face/body

  • Beth P

    I really gotta start wearing SPF.. Thanks for the tips LC : )

  • Amie Judd

    Hi Lauren! I have the Josie Maran SPF and I find it a little greasy. You use it under your makeup and it doesn’t feel greasy?

  • Kay Elizabeth

    In the winter I love Eucerin Redness Relief Daily Perfecting Lotion.

    Not only does it have SPF, but it also helps with the redness I can get in the winter!

  • Jeonghee Kwon

    I use SPF35~40 PA+++ everyday :-)

  • Akshay Gupta

    nice article gift ideas for everyone

  • Stacie Christopoulos

    I like Neutrogena’s Ultra Sensetive SPF 15 lotion

    Over 150 designs fo ryour nails!!

  • lissette bustamante

    I think the best SPF is the UV Essentiel by Chanel ..really light and extra protection for your face

  • jiturka

    I know a few people who already became allergic to chemical UV protection, I am one of them. So I am definitely against using things containing SPF when not really necessary. Luckily in the winter months there are only a few sunny days. And they are short (and quite cold) so I enjoy every ray that gets to my face.

    Mineral SPF is lot harder to find (pharmacy only), more expensive, is only 50+ and it is not colourless (looking like a zombie, yeah). But it is my only option in summer and I am happy I found something that substitutes long sleeves and scarf in summer months. It is pretty hard to find normal day care and make-up without chemical UV protection too, again mostly in pharmacy or natural products.

    Plus a dose of UV rays makes vitamin D which is good for your skin and against cancer too. There is a plenty of articles on the internet about using or not using UV protection. Better read it first.

  • Krystal Stevens

    I use Aveno Lotion everyday which has an SPF of 15!

  • Liz Ainsworth

    Love that you posted this. I wish more of my friends would stay away from tanning beds! Everyone should take better care of protecting their skin. Nice to see a celebrity like you promoting it.

  • Claire Levenberg

    I use Clinque’s 25 SPF for my face every day. I was a competitive swimmer for 13 years and a lifeguard for 4 years, I wasn’t the smartest person about sunscreen but that has changed since one of my favorite teachers got skin cancer and she was only in her mid 30s. Pretty big wake up call for me.

  • Lauren Hayden

    My fave SPF is the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer with Helioplex. It’s super economical and doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy, so I can wear it under my makeup!

  • Brie-anne Masson

    clean and clear morning mosturiser. it works great and has a shimmer to it :)

  • Sarah Little

    I have very light skin, and I definitely practice using SPF on my face and hands, and in the summer I use a body lotion with SPF too! Just because you don’t get burned doesn’t mean you’re not damaging your skin. I try to encourage my friends to use SPF daily, but some don’t even lather up at the beach! Thanks for this post Lauren! Hopefully some of my friends are reading.

  • Alexandra Borlace

    Hey Lauren, I wasnt sure where to post but I have a couple questions for you if you have time!

    I was wondering how you get your skin so clear and with such a great glow.

    What foundation do you use and powder/blush?

    Also, whats your favorite make-up brand what you use?

    Thanks so much! :)

  • Santana Reid

    I remember when I was about 16 or 17 tanning beds were a must about 3 or 4 times a week.. It kind of disgusts me now I think about it !! Sunscreen is the way to go and same with Bronzer if you want that sunkissed look with out the side of Cancer!!!

  • jiturka

    So everyone is only answering to the blog post? Weird. Don’t you read the posts here? I wrote a controversial No to SPF some time ago, but all I read is how the blog post is awesome. I find it weird. I am used to debate in such places :-/

  • Sophie Comer

    SPF is important but it’s shown if you use sunscreen with a SPF over 30 it doesn’t work well…

  • Hannah Stretton

    I agree with Brie-Anne Masson clean and clear Morning moisturiser with SPF is absolutely great, plus if you have acne it is not going to clog up your pores as it is a pimple prevention product.

  • Melissa mould

    SPF is great, and smells amazing. i’ve been using a new lipstick recently which is a gorgeous colour, but not sure it has SPF. UK Style Blog

  • Sammy

    I always wear sunscreen, though I forget about wearing it on my hands and other places :( I wrote a beauty post about Hazardous Makeup and Suncreen in the sigma coupon section on my beauty blog once. It’s really scary – all the rays and even chemicals out there we are exposed to! :/

  • Stacie Christopoulos

    I like Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer!


    SPF is so important!~ Do you know the difference between SPF and PA? Read what I learned about it.

  • Leanne

    I’m always panicking about sun damage. I use nothing less the SPF 50 everyday come rain or shine. I’m so glad you’ve posted about it’s damage. Something interesting : an old lady I know has always driven with gloves on and today her hands look not a day older than mine.

    Love from South Africa

  • Charley Galicia

    the only sunscreen i would ever use would be if it was passed by european standards. skin cancer rocketed during the 50’s when sunscreen was introduced– it doubled the chances of getting cancer! so if you are going to put anything on your skin, really read up on the ingredients. better to know and be knowledgable than to just think it’s expensive so it must be good for you.

  • kelly drummond

    Hi Lauren,

    I really look after my skin and always cleanse tone moisturise morning and night, but cannot seem to find a really good SPF oil/cream to wear on top of my moisturiser. The Josie Maran you mention looks perfect but as Im from the UK, I cannot buy it ! Do you know of any great UK equivalents? Or does anybody else know!?


  • Britt

    I use Keihl’s since 1851 Super fluid SPF 50. Its oil free and doesnt make me breakout or clog pores it also sits really well under my makeup. Many people do not understand how useful SPF can be. I always recommend it to all of my friends.

  • Kim Fraser

    I use Aveeno Positively Calming SPF 15 in the winter/spring and then the same product but with SPF 30 once it gets hotter outside. I have a dark complexion so I don’t need too much SPF but I still want to protect myself from photoaging and UVA rays. Sometimes I will also use MaryKay TimeWise Day Solution SPF 25 (It dries very quickly and is so light) when I’m in a rush.

  • Nina Sanderhoff Hansen

    As a pale danish girl SPF is my friend! There is SPF 30 in my BB cream and in the summer months I might add additional sunscreen to my regiment :)

  • Eugenia Ospina

    My favorite is

    It has no grease at all! so leaves your skin ready to put make up on (after 10 mins or so obviously), it will absorb completely so it’s perfect for every type of skin and no pimps-friendly!

  • Beauty Binge

    These are all great ingredients to look for but it’s just as important to have your eye out for ingredients to avoid! SPF can be extremely irritating, especially chemical sunscreens. Watch out for Oxybenzone, which has been called a “”hormone-disrupting”” compound. Mineral is always a safe bet. Hate the ghost look? Try tinted matte COOLA which also acts as a primer. For more beauty advice visit:

  • CarolinaVerbina

    I know your comment was over a year ago, but I had the same problem as well. High SPF lotions usually made my skin greasy and clogged. I started using Coola’s SPF 30 matte tint moisturizer and it’s great. No breakouts, no clogged pores, no grease. Just wanted to share!

  • Wendy S.

    During the winter I love La Prairie’s Day Cream SPF 30. During warmer months, I absolutely love ChantecIlle’s Ultra Sun Protection Sunscreen, after applying their Vital Essence serum which also blocks the sun’s harmful rays. It’s also a primer so it leaves a matte finish! Have you tried Chantecaille? Amazing.

  • Holly N

    Question- Does hand soap/sanitizer take away the sunscreen’s effects? How often should one reuse sunscreen on the hands during the winter? How about for the face/neck? I can’t image reusing the sunscreen over my makeup.

  • Sarah Wayne

    This is really helpful article, i would have never used SPF during winter otherwise.

    Thank you for sharing.




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