Friday Favorites

How are you doing on your New Year’s resolutions? I’m doing pretty well. I sent out thank you notes for the holidays and I am going to organize my closet very soon! (Click here to check out my 2012 resolutions.) Anyway, below are a few of my favorite things from this past week… Enjoy!

Favorite Slim-Down Smoothie (recipe here):


Favorite Workout Video:

Favorite Fashion Tip:


Favorite Fail:

Favorite Look:


What’s your favorite look this week? Share a link to the photo in the comments below!

XO Lauren

P.S. I just posted the next Chic of the Week! Find out if it’s you by clicking here!

P.P.S. Check here for more Friday Favorites!

Photos: Pinterst, Matchbook Mag
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  • Melissa Panici

    OMG I died laughing on the cat!! LOL so funny! Totally agree with that fashion tip. That is such an ugly look. Thanks Lauren!

  • Melissa Panici

    By the way my favorite look just became Beth’s! I love that outfit!!

  • Sarah Heckle

    hahaahhah, I’m sick of that look too! Oh and LOVE that tulle skirt — I always have a soft spot for tulle (tulle and trinkets is my blog!)

  • Lauren Hoffman

    Ugh I despise the Ugg and shorts look! That’s right up there with socks and sandals.

    Check out awesome spring scarves under $30!


  • Karie Obremski

    I’m in love with the workout video! I just had surgery so I can’t do anything strenuous so I am SO ANXIOUS to get back at kick boxing and working out in general!!


  • Amy Breckenridge

    haha i love that fashion tip!! hilarious. happy friday everyone!!!


  • Marisabel Riera Cubillan

    this also is my favorite look

  • Marisabel Riera Cubillan

    this also is my favorite look I love it

  • May Zayan

    Seriously, the short skirt/Uggz combo is spot on – now if only it was enforced by some sort of fashion police here in FL…yikes.

    And hello! Poor kitty! Although the epic sprint into the air was commendable :)

    Thx for a good friday morning laugh! xo

  • Rachel Trampel

    Love that look! Definitely pinned it as Fashion Inspiration! Always look forward to your Friday favorites!

  • erika heming

    The short skirt and uggs trend needs to go somewhere far away and hide forever. I nanny in staten island but im from Long Island.. and I see it all the time when I travel. I think someone forgot to tell them that what they are wearing is a fashion oxymoron. Hello it’s also winter!

  • Morrie Hudiburg

    Love this! I absolutely HATE skirts with Uggs. Good tip :)

  • Christina Moore

    It’s freezing cold here in the Midwest and cozy clothes are a must! I posted my wintry wardrobe favorites earlier this week. Happy Friday, y’all!

  • alexandra b

    My favourite look is on my blog, in my Friday Roundup of my favourite Pinterest finds this week:

  • Lupsie

    lmao that video was hysterical…I watched it 5 times and laughed harder than the first…that cat totally belly-flopped onto the pavement…and what is even funnier is the outstretched paws and spread toes LMAO! Thanks, Lauren, that will keep me laughing all day! <3

  • Megan Goodell

    I love these posts. It’s like a mini pinterest board! :) the cat video makes me expecially happy:)

  • Lydia La Fond

    Slim Down Smoothie! I have been drinking these since the New Year Started =)

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  • Alyse Hobgood

    The fashion tip should include uggs with shorts and uggs with shorts and leggings. Uggs should only be worn with pants. Anything else just does not make sense.

  • soupforthegirlysoul

    ooh that smoothie look sso yummy! I love the bike picture as well!

  • Shannon Cook

    Linda Wagner’s green smoothies have been my go-to breakfast since the new year began! Hoping to slim down and just get healthier :)

  • Sara Sawasaki

    Is it just me or is Workout spelt wrong? Someone didn’t re-read. Lol. See what school has done to me?

  • heatherwhenever

    My “”friday favorite”” place to shop recently is! I’ve gotten a few really cute pieces of jewelry – hoping my husband gets me a few more (Valentine’s Day is approaching!)

  • Reese Edgel

    kitty went boom

  • Karleigh Sergio

    My Favourite look is– (You look great)!

    I really love your favourite fail video! And I agree with your favourite fashion tip!


  • Megan Babin

    the favorite fail was so almost look like he was trying to play out batman lol..i laughed my butt off

  • Lizzie

    OMG I feel so bad for the kitty! There needs to be a follow up video to let us know what happened to him!

    I agree the Ugg with short/skirts combination needs to stop, I feel like it was more popular a couple years ago but even then I thought it was wrong.

    Thanks for the workout video! Definetly going to add it to my routine!

  • Nicole Vaz

    Poor kitty!!!

  • Laura Duijvestijn

    I love Doutzen!!!

    She’s from Holland too! Gooo Doutzen!!

    It’s amazing how quickly she became thin again after she gave birth!

  • Shellz

    lol @ the outfit tip…Looking for a good eyeliner? Check out this post:

  • Tiffani Stuart

    Lol @ “”Stop wearing this Outfit””… That’s hilarious, b/c I was watching Laguna Beach last night & Kristin was wearing that exact outfit! haha.

  • Kelli Landry
  • baylie crank

    Completely love the smoothie. I have been making that. Just a great to get engery too.

    The fashion tip love that. I see so many girls do that and i’ll okay.

    The look just wonderful

  • Kellie Norton

    I remember when Britney Spears started that trend when I was in middle school and I was like “”omg where is my jean skirt and uggs?”” Thank God I have moved on to better style icons :)

  • Christine Rosko

    I have never done the uggs and jean skirt thing. I actually have never owned a pair of uggs before. Maybe it’s a good thing…maybe not. I guess I’ll never know, lol. Please check out my Friday Favorites!

  • Aja Doe

    Adorable skirt on favorite look. This Friday Favorites made me smile, I liked it all Lauren.

  • Monica Castillo

    I always wanted to wear that outfit when I was younger….but I’m glad I didn’t! Here is my favorite outfit this week:

  • Janine B.

    I love the video with the victoria’s secret model. Those are great exercises …Time to get some boxing gloves~~!!!

  • Katie Bettelyoun

    Haha, the cat one is HILARIOUS!

  • Silvia DuVall

    LOL @ the skirt and ugg boots picture. I wear them as chill wear not as an actual outfit.

  • Ciara Strittmather
  • Shelby Stallsmith

    Oh my gosh is the cat okay?!?!

  • Janella Haf

    haha skirt and uggs (: funny would never ever wear that !!

    xo J

  • soupforthegirlysoul

    haha the ugg and skirt thing is SO funny!!! Love it!

  • Natasha Haman

    Love the cat video, my daughter loved it as well! It’s amazing how many girls I see wearing skirts and uggz together, I have never understood it, but love that you posted that! I work at VS and every once and awhile we get a chance to look at all the VS model workouts and they are pretty intense but look like so much fun!

  • Rebecca Soltau

    I made the smoothie this morning for breakfast, and it was so delicious! It’s a little hard to get past the color at first (my boyfriend said it looked like the stuff the girl from the Exorcist *ahem* exuded), but really, it’s better than any ol’ smoothie you’d get at Jamba Juice.

  • Rebecca Kelsey Sampson

    I love that outfit look. So chic!

    Kindness is the best accessory,

  • Miladies bpeinternational

    LOL! I do like friday favourite :)

    Kisses from


  • DesJolie

    I hope the cat is ok!!!!

  • amanda megan

    I did Doutzen’s boxing combo from this video a bunch of times yesterday…and today, i HURT. badly. My whole upper body is killing me! I’ve never been so sore in my life and I’m a D1 cheerleader!

  • heidi kokborg

    I love the outfit! it is so adorable and summerly! :)

  • Stacy Kramer

    I have been making the slim down smoothie the past couple of mornings and it is delicious!

  • Morrie Hudiburg

    Uggs and skirts/shorts are the worst!!

  • Kristen Haddick

    friday favorites are THE best. I totally agree about the UGGS, terrible.

    x kris

  • tinamarie

    i’ve been trying out smoothies lately! never would have thought about spinach. i LOVE to kickbox, definately going to try that mini workout. and i HAVE to agree, uggs are useless.

  • debora f



  • Stacie Grissom

    Omg! I hope that cat is ok! :)

    My latest DIY– how to make a pom pom corsage! :)

  • Meg

    uggs and shorts, absolutely no soooo tacky! Brings me back to the high school days, i was guilty of it

  • Rachel Sawin

    I am always looking for a great smoothie recipe, I can’t wait to try that one! Another one of my favorites is from the Real Girls Kitchen blog and its called the Holy 9. It’s delicious and I drink it almost daily.

  • Petra Zeller

    I think I try the slim-down smoothie :) and I Love your favorite look. Really pretty

    xoxo, Petra

  • liselotte haitsma

    I love so much Doutzen, she is also from Friesland just like me!

  • Emma Kathleen

    I can’t wait to try the green smoothie when I’m not in my dorm anymore. For now I drink the green machine nakeds. They are delicious.

  • Hannah Cole

    I know this is a couple days late, but I just wanted to say your cat videos are my favorite! They are all hysterical and perfect for whichever “”favorite”” you choose to go with it! I’m obsessed with your Friday favorites and look forward to them every week!

  • Sandra Chang
  • Catherine Rosen

    i love all friday favorites! they’re all incredibly inspirational and amazing! and i love linda’s green smoothie recipe!

  • Liz

    I love these Friday Favorites! =)

  • jiturka

    I have watched the video – 25! minutes! jumping! I can’t imagine that. We did 5 minutes endurance at grammar school (and I consider myself beeing really fit in those long gone days) but I felt really exhausted afterwards. Look, she seems tobe catching her breath after few minutes too.

    The smoothie is radioactive green 😀 without the spinach for me please, I’d rather eat it in a salad or cooked. And instead drink yummy bananas with mango only :-)

  • Susanna Hall

    I love the tutu girl on the bike, very fashionable!

  • Rachel Swiatek

    thanks so much for the green smoothie link!! i love having a smoothie in the morning on the way to class, and that recipe is perfect.

  • Sana kay

    I’m loving the smoothie recipe – so delicious!

  • Anna

    This video is Sh*t fashion girls say and I thought of you and Lo. It has GOT to make your next Friday faves! It’s too funny!!

  • radz b

    I just tried the smoothie… and it tastes fantastic :)

  • Morgan Tressler

    The smoothie is delish. :) And that cat video kills me lol!

  • SKL1

    love these favorites!!

  • Sarah Phillips

    thank you so much for sharing Lindas green smoothie! they are now apart of my daily regimen and ive gotten quite a few people hooked as well! love her blog also, thank you again!

  • Emily Ramstetter

    Just made the green smoothie and it is surprisingly yummy! I used a couple handfuls of spinach, a banana, some frozen raspberries, and a little honey. You can taste the spinach slighly but probably only because I know its in there!

  • Perindi Patel

    I have been making the Slim Down Smoothie for a few weeks now and am totally loving it! Its really help to control my diet. This smoothie is appealing as well as delicious. As i am already suffer from aneamia the sources of vitamins and iron i get from this smoothie is very benifical for me! so ive recomended to my friends and collegues who also suffer from this problem as, it increases iron intake! When making this smoothie i decided to add a little twist too it. I added all the ingridients except water, instead of water i added to freshly squeezed oranges giving the smoothie a hint of vitamin C! overall i must say this smoothie was really impressive and i am still continuing to drink it everyday in order to help me as a person to improve mt health and beauty! xxx Love Perindi Patel ( United Kingdom ) :)

  • Emily

    That looks exactly like my cat Milly! Must be that Burmese kitties all have similar personalities – I could definately imagine that happening to her!

    xo Emily @



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