Fall in Love… With Belted Coats


It’s easy to look frumpy during the winter when you’re hidden beneath layers upon layers of clothing. But you don’t have to be a fashion victim just because the mercury dropped. Instead, take a cue from Burberry Prosum and Diane von Furstenberg and belt that bulky coat of yours! Defined waists are coming back in a major way for 2012, which makes belted coats the perfect transitional piece for this trend. I love the belted look because I think it’s a nice way to create a waist when it’s cold. And I love the understated femininity of the look as well. As a matter of fact, I even designed one for an upcoming Paper Crown collection (stay tuned!).

The belted look can be achieved a couple of ways: Simply cinch your coat or jacket at the waist with your favorite belt or buy a pre-belted (or waist-tie) coat/jacket. You can even work this trend with a closed blazer and cute belt too. The belted coat works for all body types. It’s universally flattering and adds the ultimate chic-factor to drab winter wear. The best part? It’s a cinch!

Here are a few of my favorite belted coats:



Which one is your favorite?

Also, how do you feel about the belted coat look?

XO Lauren

P.S. Want to see what the original cover concept looked like for the first L.A. Candy book? Click here to see the sketch I did (and just found)!

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Photo: Nina Ricci
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  • Lauren Hoffman

    I have quite a few belted coats, I don’t buy coat unless they have a girly shape to them. Nothing worse than being a bundled up, lumpy, shapeless mess!

    Love nails inc. products? Check out my review on their new matte top coat.

    <3 Lauren

  • Sarah Heckle

    LOVE the BB Dakota coat. Bleted coats are a trend I’m loving too!


    Pink + Red outfit – my new outfit post!

  • Sofiya Jee

    Oooh, I love the Topshop coat! Must check it out:))

  • Jasmine Matthews

    I love these coats! I have always had one but never thought I could pull it off since I’m only 5’2 thanks lauren !

  • soupforthegirlysoul

    Oh my goodness I’m in love with the first picture! super super cute!



  • Rosely C

    Love the Military belted coat. Unfortunately where Im from its hot every day of the year. I really think I was made to live in a cold place because I love boots, sweaters, coats. Ill definitely have to relocate lol

  • Melissa Panici

    I love the one on the left! I love the belted coat look:) Thanks Lauren and can’t wait to see your paper crown one! xoxo

  • Megan Smalt

    I LOVE the coat from Urban Outfitters and I CANNOT believe it is only $29.99!



  • Bronwyn Arthurs

    love the vanessa bruno coat! the simplicity of it is gorgeous! belted look is always flattering no matter what your body type is!

  • debora f

    I love this look, the coat with the belt is amazing! great post lauren

  • marissa pawlak

    I really like the Topshop Military Coat. I feel as if belted coats are always the best option. They are very feminine and give women an hour glass figure, which pulls the overall look together and prevents a sloppy look.

  • Karleigh Sergio

    Love the Military coat by Top Shop!!

  • Larissa Wilhelm

    Love the belted jacket trend. Thanks Lauren!


  • samantha karastamatis

    I’m a sucker for belts they do wonders to shapeless coats, tops, dresses… I love the military look, thats me 😉

  • Allison Bland

    I love the yellow one!

  • jennifer madison

    I love the military trend so this weekend i am going to get my coat because i was saving up for it
    Thanks for your blog post lauren

  • Andrea Lenderman

    Im obsessed with belts especially with a fur vest. The top shop military jacket is amazing.

  • Lisa Chang

    I love everything from Top Shop!

  • Shellz

    I like the military coat! Belted coats in general are so chic and trendy!


  • Jennie Raimo

    Love love LOVING the camel coat :)

  • melissa cowie

    i love the topshop military belted coat, your eye for fashion is amazing lauren! i always follow your tips on how to always look good.

  • Kimmy S

    I seriously LOVE this idea! I don’t have a pre-belted coat but now you’ve inspired me to tie one of my own belts onto this black coat I have… LOVED this post!

  • Shanny Shoelace

    Such a great idea to spice up a plain and not to flattering coat! I love the dark green military coat :)

  • Sarah Little

    I love the feminine twist a simple belt can give a dark, edgy look. That Top Shop jacket is perfect! Love the color and leather trim!

  • soupforthegirlysoul

    I agree with all of you, the belt is an amazing touch!



  • Vivien Harmat

    I have a black one and I love it. I bought it when I lived in Hungary but here in Houston I can’t really wear it. It hangs in my closet and I feel sorry for it because I love it. :)

  • Karlea Lewis

    Love the BB Dakota coat <3

  • Monica Cunha

    love belted coats! It is a very polished look!

  • tinamarie

    love the military jacket, but the urban outfitters jacket is amazing. one of my favorite colors is mustard yellow.

  • Ashley Curtin

    So cute! I love that white coat!

  • Stephanie McDonnell

    Ooh, yay! I’m wearing mine today. Black with white polka dots. Picked it up at TJMaxx last year and I get so many compliments on it, it isn’t even funny!


    I loooooove this look! See more looks here- http://ohsoprettythediaries.blogspot.com/search/label/the%20LOOK

  • Rachel Swiatek

    the yellow urban outfitters one is so cute!! and its on sale for $30! but they don’t have the yellow anymore, just the ivory.

  • Lina Logotheti

    LOOVE the camel belted coat!!!

  • Emma Kathleen

    that topshop military coat is gorgeous. These reviews always make me want to buy things!

  • Sana kay

    Loving these coats, no matter what layering will keep you warmer!

  • Kelly Burt

    This look is adorable. LOVE it.

  • Michelle Le

    love the one in the middle!

  • May Zayan

    SO glad this look is in! I’m bringing back my mom’s vintage belted coats from the 70’s :)

  • Danielle B.

    I love the belted coat it really looks cool!!

  • Isabella g.

    yeah it really create a waist! i loved the black coat with some boots hmmmmmmm omg i want it hahahaha its summer here tho.

  • Julia Mezzavilla

    this look is adorable, but its definitely not warm enough for canadian winters 😛

  • Rehana S

    I love belted coats. It adds a more feminine touch

  • Klaudia Klanyi

    I love the yellow coat ^^ it’s pretty :)

  • Connie Lofska

    the 2nd one is my favourite !

    and I ‘ve just bought “”Cinch Waist BSK Coat”” from Bershka and it’s exactly the style that you’re saying !

  • Maria Ige

    I love the camel color coat. Its just classy and it goes well with anything!

  • Amber Phelps

    The yellow coat is my favorite! I love this :)

  • Renos Fy

    love the vanessa bruno coat! the simplicity of it is gorgeous! belted look is always flattering no matter what your body type is!


  • carena klerkx

    Love the belted coats. XO

  • deren demirel

    The green coat is very nicee and style:))

  • Laura Ledesma

    BB dakota is my fav!!!!!

  • karly goins
  • Madalyn Titus

    LOVE LOVE LOVE them all!!!

  • soupforthegirlysoul

    the first jacket is AMAZING!! :)


  • Amanda Pfeifer

    Belted coats are my favorite! They’re all I wear in Winter.

  • Kalie Henry

    I’m loving the belted look. It’s feminine, sophisticated, stylish and accentuates our womanly figures. It’s a great look right now and it’s fun. Love the yellow one for spring or the chocolate one for a night out.

  • Gretta Buckley

    I love the belted look. Its totally adorable! My favorite is the topshop Military coat! It is in one of my fave colors!

  • Catherine Love

    I love the color of the Vanessa Burno coat, however I love the look of the Topshop coat. The belted look not only for coats but for all clothing is so hot right now, and i love it! I am constantly belting my own looks. Its give the body such a hourglass figure. To die for!

  • Gaby Mendez

    I love the bright color coats like the yellow! especially with some neutral colored boots/shoes. The fun scarf can’t be left out, and the hair up in a bun!! lol

  • Jo Taylor

    I had a belted winter coat last year. I was going to get something new this year but knowing it’s bang on trend, I might just update the belt and I’ll be good to go! You’ve possibly just saved me a fortune! Thanks


  • Isabelle Glass

    LOVE the Belted Coat! Perfect way to express individual style!

    I have a gorgeous Collection of Hand dyed belts with snaps. Yea…that’s right…change out the buckle to coordinate with your outfit.

    At http://www.isabelleglass.com, we create oh so pretty fused glass belt buckles to go with our belts. We have narrow 1″” belts to regular size 1 1/2″” belts that work perfectly with the colored cords and jeans…

    Made in America…1 buckle at a time…enjoy, isabelle

  • Annie Jones

    I love all 3 belted coats.they all are Adorable.Recently i brought one Modish & striking cotton trench coat which has amazing waist belt,belted cuff & belt loops.you can wear it at any event to grab the attraction.you can check out here for better Trench coats:http://www.leatherfads.com/modish-and-striking-cotton-trench-coat-2627.aspx


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